Father's Day - 2018

to all the Dads celebrating today.
Mark and I are thinking of our Dads and lots of memories...
 A special Father's Day wish for this guy who is a great dad to Michael, Anne, Philip and Ryan and such a fun Grandpa to Drew, Davis, Brady, Blair, Liam, Connor, Luke and Maeve.

And a Happy Father's Day and thank you to Michael, Philip and Patrick for giving us
 8 special blessings! 
We left the boat at 8:10 and drove to Corning, NY, (1 hour) and home of the Corning Glass Museum.    We had heard this was a "must see" if/when we're in these parts and oh my....it was just fabulous and mind-blowing (like glass blowing).    We watched Dane and Bob design a penguin from a tiny little blob of sand/metal.    
Dane and Bob working away

Beautiful crystal bowls and plates thru the years
This Tiffany punch bowl set (largest in the world) along with 40 cups was designed in 1904 and purchased by a couple for $3,000.    It was only discovered recently in the attic of their home and now on display at the museum
Imagine the value today?

Glass window
Stained glass

Chihuly glass
Thinking back to all the corning ware, pyrex, etc. we all had/have in our kitchens.....but this is a whole different ballgame.   There was a special glass made and was a "mistake" and sat on a shelf for 67 years.    That glass is now what
We walked around and oohed and aahed at all the various forms of glass, where it came from down thru the years and so much more.    It is a beautifully designed facility and so glad we got to experience this place on yet another gorgeous ride southwest (only 12 miles from Pennsylvania).
Had a little snack in the café before we left and on back to Ithaca.    Mark dropped me off at The Ithaca Bakery and Café (since 1910) and he took our rental back to Enterprise (2 blocks away).    We had a delicious lunch at this unique place full of wonderful pastries, sandwiches, salads and gourmet foods.    We ubered back to Catrina.

It is HOT today and upper 90's coming tomorrow!   It's the good ole summertime in upstate NY.    Thinking of Anne and boys in all the heat and Liam play ball in St. Louis this weekend.   
Liam's team was 2-2

We've met 2 nice couples since we've been cruising - Vic and Bette from Michigan and John and Louise (everyone calls her "Weezie" like on the Jeffersons) from Pennsylvania.    Ran into Vic and Bette 2x and hope to see all these folks somewhere again on the water. 

 Catrina at the Allan Treman Marina in Ithaca

Mark talked to Anne, Patrick, Michael, Philip and Ryan and did facetime with Annette and Maeve.

We sure have enjoyed our time in Ithaca and all the beauty here in the Finger Lakes region.    But tomorrow, we're movin' on...

Saturday - June 16

We nomads had a fun and productive day.    Left home at 7:30 (another glorious day) and drove to Baldwinsville (70 miles).    We took the scenic route (89) along Cayuga Lake past many farms, vineyards, wineries and hills on both sides of the lake.   It was neat to pass some landmarks we had seen by water just yesterday.    Beautiful!!!
We stopped at Shamballa and saw Emmett and picked up my retainer (essix) that Dr. Shapiro had made for me (just in case something should happen to my new filling and I might be far from a dentist)!    Since we had no real place to have them mail it and they are closed today, we said just take it to Emmett (everyone knows Emmett and Shamballa is just a few doors from the dentist's office.).    Gotta love these small towns.    So it was waiting for me and we enjoyed chatting with him, got our coffees and 2 muffins and then on our way.   
 Next stop was Brewerton (12 miles) - while I did laundry, Mark went to Winter Harbor to get some things off Flo.    We had a list of things we wanted or needed and found all but 1 item.
Back to help me load up the clean clothes and then headed back to Ithaca.  
Checked our trusty Trip Advisor for best Cortland, NY restaurants and the #2 listed is "Doug's Fish Fry" - sounded good, so stopped there for lunch and great choice.    Very casual, walk-to-the-counter and order and a busy place.   Mark had the fish lunch special (haddock) and I had a lobster roll.    All yummy   Doug has a food truck where he sells all his good stuff and if it's a charitable event, he gives a percentage of the proceeds to that charity.   In the past 8 years he has donated $550,000!
A real "feel-good" story!   
Doug's Fish Fry
Finally back to Ithaca and Mark took me to get a pedicure and he went back to Catrina and unloaded the laundry.    After he picked me up, we stopped at Wegman's - wow!    What a fabulous store (much bigger and better than Whole Foods).   Michael had told us about these stores a few years ago, but since they are not in the Midwest or Florida....this was our first visit!    Could've spent hours in there!  We stopped back on the boat afterwards, changed clothes and off to 4:30 Mass at
Immaculate Conception.    
Immaculate Conception

After Mass Mark suggested we check out the Ithaca Commons - just a few blocks away downtown.   It's 3-4 blocks of pedestrian walkway (street is closed off to all vehicles).    We went about 1/2 way.   Such a pretty night but it did get to 89 today!
Got the laundry put away and just settled in..
Some interesting tidbits about the Finger Lakes...
there are 11 lakes but only 2 are accessible from the Erie Canal by boat.
Seneca Lake is the deepest (600+ feet) with Watkins Glen at the south end 
Cayuga Lake is the longest with Ithaca at the south end
Both have breathtaking views from land or water - very hilly country with many vineyards, wineries and farms.   So lucky to be able to enjoy this beauty from land and water.

Friday - June 15

Beautiful day as we left Seneca Falls at 7:45. 
Passed the Trinity Episcopal Church as we're leaving town
 Two locks and 41 miles later we were at the Allan Treman Marina in Cass Park in Ithaca.   What a pretty place...…
Ithaca is at the south end of Cayuga Lake and home of Cornell University (one of the Ivy League Colleges).    We rode our bikes (great biking path from here at the marina into town) and had lunch at CTB (Collegetown Bagels).    We were riding past the Cayuga Wellness Center and came across the board on the sidewalk for this little café - excellent sandwiches.
I rode back to Catrina and Mark rode to Enterprise, folded up the bike and came on back with a gray Nissan SUV with Maryland plates.    I rinsed off Catrina and then we were off to explore the area.   Lots of waterfalls around here and we drove 8 miles out of town to see the tallest single-drop waterfall east of the Rocky Mountains.  
Taughannock Falls
At 215', this cascade is 3 stories taller than Niagara Falls
We drove to Cornell University and at the Herbert Johnson Art Museum, we walked around the 5th floor which was all windows overlooking Cayuga Lake and Ithaca - beautiful!    The campus is full of old structures of rock, stone and brick.   The current tuition rate for Cornell is $70,000 per year.
Some other waterfalls we saw....
Triphammer Falls
Ithaca Falls
Beautiful gorge in Ithaca

More adventures coming tomorrow!


Thursday - June 14

Flag Day 2018 

Proud to fly Old Glory
Cool sunny start to the day here in Seneca Falls.   Washed Catrina's windows and went for a bike ride.   It is crazy windy today - 20 mph with gusts at 30.    We rode thru an old residential area with huge, lovely historic homes.    Stopped at Bee's Café - Mark had a coffee and muffin -
pills and water for me.
Back to Catrina and Mark did some de-cluttering.   Amazing whether you have a home, boat, or RV, where oh where does all the stuff come from?   
Leftover Chinese for lunch, read, napped and then rode bikes.   Such a pretty day...
Tonight was "Music in the Park" series here in Seneca Falls.    The park is very near where Catrina is docked.    They also have 2 food trucks - one serving Spanish/Caribbean Cuisine (Abuela's Kitchen) and the other, all kinds of ice cream concoctions.   We had Cuban sandwiches - excellent.    The music was young teen musicians performing individually.    Nice crowd
Abuela's Kitchen
Tomorrow we are heading to Cayuga Lake and Ithaca for the weekend.

Wednesday - June 13

Rained during the night and the forecast was for rain all day....so, we thought we would stay put another day in Watkins Glen.   Then we heard strong winds from the north for Thursday (the day we planned to leave).    This morning, the forecast and radar showed most of the rain had ended.  We left at 8:20 and cruised on Seneca Lake and then the Cayuga/Seneca Canal and arrived back in Seneca Falls around noonish.    Had just a little shower as we were coming in, but the sun came out and a nice, warm afternoon.
My entourage of pills has begun.      I talked to the nurse today and she assured me those #'s were correct - therapeutic dosage.    My nurse friend, Frannie said to be sure and eat with each dose of the ibuprofen.    And Annette says to drink lots of water.    This is for 1 week and then report back to PA.
We played dice, euchre and spades this afternoon.....Mark picked up Chinese for supper (it was good but nothing compares to Mandarin Garden in Bloomington) and then a light rain shower passed thru.

Since we are to have strong winds tomorrow, we are staying here till Friday.    We had to be out of Watkins Glen Village Marina by Friday as they are having a big festival including a cardboard boat race which will bring thousands to town!
Awe.....Maeve loves her cousin, Davis