Sunday - October 21

Picture-perfect fall day......deep blue skies, no wind and 58 degrees!    The lake and mountains are WOW!!!

We all went to 9:00 Mass at St. Charles in Morganton.    Then to Starbucks/Ingles for coffees and pastries.

These sprinkles are finger-lickin' good!

Sweet Bambi on our way home....

Annette fixed BLT's for lunch and also had egg rolls that we bought after Mass
(fund raiser for Vietnamese family member who had cancer and died this past week).

Annette drove to airport to pick up her Mom who is flying in for 10 days.    Philip flew back to FL for work.    Had a good chat with Brooke who called from Venice - they are having a wonderful time with all the siteseeing and fabulous food!

So good to see Shmoo (aka Judy)...........had baked ziti, salad, garlic toast and wine for supper

What more does a girl need - ipad, phone and of course, her baby
Sweetest little pumpkin

Saturday - October 20

Rainy Saturday morning and chilly....breakfast, got our stuff loaded up and the sheets/towels washed.   Judy came around 11:15 and after going over all the "instructions", Mark and I were on our way to the lake.    Bye bye to 3 of our NC kiddies and now to see 2 more (Luke and Maeve).

Grandpa is reading a Betty Bunny book to Blair.....these are the cutest stories about a little girl (Betty Bunny) who is a "handful" - like someone else we know???

Ryan is here and we had lunch (bean soup with polish sausage) - good soup day.     Philip and Annette left around 1:30 - errands, shopping, dinner - date time!     Maeve went down for a nap, Grandpa took Big Red to Flo and unloaded our stuff.

Luke and Grandma baked cookies (ghosts and pumpkins). 
From Blair to Luke to Maeve - 3 little sweethearts who warm Grandma's heart!
Today is Luke and Maeve's Nana's birthday and she's coming tomorrow from IL for a visit!

Had delicious dinner (Ryan, Mark, me and the kiddos) of baked ziti made by Annette and some leftover pizza, salad and garlic bread + Luke's cookies
Mommy brought Maeve this cute pink vest for the cold weather coming!

Back on Flo now and it's very windy and chilly outdoors....35 by morning!
Nighty Night...

Friday - October 19

Beautiful crisp fall day - 39 when we got up but warmed to 67!    Davis was off to school; the "B's" slept in and Mark and I exercised.    Did some laundry and started packing up our stuff to head back to the lake tomorrow.    Judy will be coming to take over the child-care duty.

Michael and Brooke are having a wonderful time in (Vatican today) and onto Florence tomorrow.    We've texted back 'n forth and Michael called yesterday - love this technology!

Blair asked us this morning if we could go bowling?    So, after lunch, the 4 of us went to Pin Station - 1st time for me to bowl in a very long time.....we played 2 games with bumpers but the scores were not pretty.....Grandpa won the 1st game and I won the 2nd....lots of fun!

 This is her "bowling outfit" - dressed herself and off we go...
The "B's" having a little afternoon beverage at the bowling alley

Davis golfed after school, and then surprise......Mommy and Daddy did face 
time with Blair from Rome.    Great connection and she just chattered away about everything!!!

We had pizza for supper and Davis spent the night with his friend, Ethan.

This girl loves bubble baths!

Thursday - October 18

Beautiful sunny, but chilly day!    Davis was out the door at 7:15 (he has fall break next week).   Blair spent a good night in her fort in our room camping out!   Nan and Joe (cleaning crew) came at 8:15 and rest of us were out the door at 8:30 to Waffle House. 

Grandpa and Brady 
Blair and Grandma

 Good breakfast and then Blair and I took Grandpa and Brady home and they took Big Red to the bowling alley for games (2 for Grandpa and 4 for Brady).   Blair and I went back to town and shopped at Target and then got mani-pedi's - so fun to get some pampering together and she was so good!

Blair with pretty pink nails and lavender toes

On home and started laundry,    Davis came home and then off to the golf course.

Clips in her hair, pretty Ariel dress tied up around her waist and fancy shoes on.....this girl is ready for some action! 
 Here she goes in her "Frozen" jeep and as Grandpa said,  she only knows one speed - 
"Pedal to the Metal"

Speaking of drivers....

So proud of Luke - the newest driver in the family!   Got his license today!!!

Here's "Betty" whipping up some delicious chocolate chip cookies....

We went to the Catawba Country Club for dinner (Davis met us there).  
3 Amigos outside the Club

Wednesday - October 17

Dreary morning with a few sprinkles leftover.....we got the kiddos fed, dressed and Grandpa took Brady and Blair to school.    We exercised, started the laundry and on with the day.    The "B's" only have 1/2 day and then start of their fall break (Davis has his next week).

Mark went into town hoping to get his flu shot, but CVS was out of the vaccine.    I was there yesterday but we decided to not get the shot at same time in case one of us had some sort of reaction and we are on child care duty, so....he went to another CVS, got the shot and we are good to go!

Picked up the "B's" at 11:45 and they are officially on fall break till Monday.     Blair's choice for lunch (McDonalds, of course).     Back home and had a quiet afternoon - I did some more laundry and Brady built a fort for Blair to camp out tonight in our room.   Blair painted her pumpkin on the porch!

Sunny afternoon.    Mark went to Home Depot and got a new wireless garage door keypad and installed as other one went kaput.     Mark took Brady and friend/neighbor, Jake to Confirmation class at St. Joe's.     Jake's Mom brought him home....Mark picked up Olive Garden for dinner.    Blair is camped out in her fort....hope it's a good night for all?

New school pics:


Sweet Blair