Monday - February 20

 Absolutely gorgeous day and it's my birthday!!!    Mark and I looked forward to a day of just "us" and we enjoyed it very much!
So many celebrating today including my brother, Bob (75), cousins, Dave, Michelle and Amy, and friends, Kay, Fred, Shelly and Judi !
We have several favorite spots in Fort Myers to have breakfast, so started out by going to  Crave (not open for President's Day)?    Next stop...The Sweet Bean CafĂ© (closed on Mondays), but 3rd time was a go and enjoyed a great meal at The Bistro sitting outdoors.
Then we were off to run a few errands and checked out several RV parks for next year where we might want to be with Daisy for 2 months,,
We found a beautiful park (Cypress Trail) north of here, so we shall see!    It is a fairly new facility and really nice!
We stopped downtown at Scoops on First for some yummy ice cream and back to Catrina.    It was a nice quiet afternoon reading our books and relaxing.
Great chatting with my kids, facetime with Blair, Brady and Brooke and text messages from Luke, Liam and Connor.
Connor has bronchitis - on meds as of this morning and hope he's soon on the med
Maeve is sharing her day with Grandma!
7 months today
We went downtown tonight and walked around - happening place as usual.   We had drinks at The Twisted Vine and then pizza/pasta/chianti at Capone's.     Great ending to a very special birthday!!! 
Thank you for the e-mails, text messages, facebook wishes and phone calls....
đź’— to all!

Sunday - February 19


Our favorite son-in-law doing what he loves!!!
Bright sunshiny Sunday, but 98% humidity after all the rain!    I walked, Mark went to Publix for a few things and turned Catrina's air on!
Maeve had baby oatmeal for the 1st time this morning!
Aaahhh, here's our happy girl (hat and a little wave)
Another perfect day - our friend Paul from Sanibel came aboard.   We visited, had lunch at Pinchers and then nice boat ride.  More visiting, said our good byes but enjoyed our time with him so much.   We reminisced about previous fun times together with Margie, caught up with our kids and grandkids and all the goings on back in Bloomington!
Paul just chillin' on a gorgeous day
Mark and I went to 6:00 Mass at St. Francis Xavier and then settled in for the night!

Saturday - February 18

 Pretty day and off to the McGregor CafĂ© (2.6 miles) on our bikes to meet John and Beth for breakfast.    This is a favorite for all and we sat outside and enjoyed delicious breakfasts (all different)!   Our bikes were locked up and we rode with John and Beth to their home (had a load of laundry in Mark's back pack which they suggested we "come on over after we eat, do some laundry and visit"!)   As always, such a good time hanging out in their lovely home and got a load of laundry washed, dried and folded.    John gave Mark a tour of their condo complex, pool, clubhouse, etc
John and Beth
They took us back to the CafĂ©, we said our good byes and rode back to Catrina.    Around 2ish, the wind picked up and radar did not look good.    We had planned to go to 4:00 Mass (ride our bikes), but thinking we'll wait till tomorrow.     Tonight is the big Edison Parade of Lights.  We've heard so much about this thru the years, but never been.    We didn't want to give up our parking spot here at the marina/restaurant, so that's mainly why we were doing the bike thing today AND getting some exercise.   
Pretty pink flowers near the big gnarled Banyan tree
Luke and Maeve are with Mommy at their other grandparents and here are some new pics...
Mark and I laughed at this - sooo not our happy Maeve....must be the hat?    Ha!

Loves standing and enjoying the sunshine on the pretty porch

Luke is off and running before rocket is launched by Pa and friends
Sorry to hear Connor is not feeling well and running a temp.   Liam won his hockey game this afternoon 9-4 and scored 2 goals!!!
Had some rain around 5:30, but around 6:30, we put on the rain gear grabbed the umbrella and walked downtown for the parade.
.     Although there was some drizzle off and on, there were  huge crowds (expecting 200,000).    We were glad we were on foot and didn't have to bother with parking and all the traffic.   This was the 79th annual parade and a police officer told us he cannot remember a single year where they had rain!!!    We got some iced coffees from The Rebel and tried to figure out where we wanted to watch the parade.
You could get tickets ahead of time online for $10 apiece (all going to the charity of your choice from several to choose from).    And that guaranteed you a chair.   We were behind this large area and just before the parade started, a nice lady came up to us and said they had 2 extra seats that they weren't using and would we like to sit with them?    YES.....
So, we sat next to Steve and Marilyn from Minnesota and thoroughly enjoyed all the festivities, all the decorated floats, many high school bands and on and on it went, followed by a very good fireworks display!
Back to Catrina - big day and so glad we can say we saw the parade!

Friday - February 17

Chilly morning, but warmed up and just gorgeous1    We exercised and our friends, Margaret and Paul from Bloomington (winter in Bonita Springs) came aboard for a fun visit.   We had lunch at Pinchers (great again) and then went out on the river for a delightful afternoon of
cruising and chatting.
Margaret and Paul
Said our good byes and later, walked to Legacy Marina where Paula and Glen were entertaining their boating friends on the dock.   14 boats came this weekend for the Edison Parade of Lights and more coming tomorrow.    We enjoyed meeting several couples and visiting over wine and appetizers.    Around 7:30 when it got much cooler, Glen, Paula, Mark and I walked across the street
to Steve B's (funky place we stopped at before when bike riding).   The others had burgers and I had a brat - all very good.    Said our good byes to Glen and Paula until next year!
Beautiful sunset at Legacy Marina

Glen and Paula
Very fun day with the Nelsons' and Vetters' who just happen to know one another (their daughters were on swim teams together back in high school!)

Thursday - February 16

Cool and dreary for start of the day....we rode bikes down McGregor and then downtown stopping for coffees at The Rebel.    Back to Catrina (5+ miles on the bikes).    
Last night when we were sitting on the boat visiting with our friends and it was sooo windy, Fred noticed something flying past the entry door....Mark grabbed the boat hook (we realized it was our Catrina mat) and tried getting it, but....
Mark thought we would be able to retrieve it today when the tide was low.   But then a diver showed up on the dock to clean the bottom of the tour boat beside us.    He put on his wet suit, jumped in and went down and had it just like that!   Yeah....nice guy who will come to clean Catrina's bottom on March 1st.
Sun came out late morning and another pretty day!
Later this morning we took a drive in the car past several of the tall condos along the route we pass when taking our guests out on Catrina.    Thought it would be fun to have a little more knowledge about interesting sites along the we know a bit more about these places and their price after checking on the internet.   
There are so many interesting things happening in downtown Fort Myers.....yesterday I found a "bartending school"!    Now that was a new one!
We left the boat around 1:45 and ran several errands and then to Sue and Jerry's.   Sat on the patio visiting, drinking wine and then had a wonderful home-cooked meal (Italian Beef, potato salad,
fruit salad, and brownie sundaes)!
It's chilly be 47 by morning (just a little Florida cold spell)!
 Maeve and her Daddy