Friday - May 26

Happy Heavenly Birthday to Mark's dad who would've been 96 today!!!    We sure miss him and know he would be so proud of his ever-growing family....
So today was just beautiful with clear blue skies and in the 80's.       Played with the 3 little ones - so much fun and never know what's going to come out of their little mouths!    We went swinging and had a picnic lunch outdoors.
Here's Luke swinging away.    He and Blair took 2-minute turns riding in the swing
Just relaxing on the log after lots of swinging

Spectacular day at Lake James

Blair in deep thought

Big helper feeding Maeve
Brooke's brother Scott and family will be with us at Lake James this weekend.    The adults went to Camp Lake James for a dock party and Grandpa and I are holding down the fort.
Congratulations to our grandchildren who are finished with this school year (except for Brady who has a few days next week) and moving on (Drew, senior; Davis, sophomore; Liam, 7th grade; Brady and Connor, 6th grade, and Luke and Blair, 4-year pre school)
Liam and Connor will be in a brand new junior high at Corpus Christi this fall!
Hope you all have a safe, fun holiday weekend!


Thursday - May 25

We left London at 8:15 - chilly and misty rain.    The rain came down harder as we traveled east but around 10:30, the sun came out.    So pretty driving thru the mountains with everything so lush and green as they've had lots of rain, too.     Unfortunately, the rest of the day was pretty cloudy and cool.
We arrived at Lake James at 12:30.......workers here doing things to the house, Luke and Blair running around and Maeve just smiling away.    Michael worked in his office, Brooke went back o town as Brady is still in school and Mark and Philip were off to Marion to look at some rock for landscaping.    Annette went into town in the afternoon and I was here with the 3 little ones while they napped.    My head is spinning...ha!
The rain started at 4:00.....ugh!   And then the sun came out; rain, sun, rain, sun!    Crazy weather!
Michael, Philip, Annette, Luke, Maeve, Blair, Mark and I went to Slices for dinner.    First time for Michael and us - very good!!!
Mommy and Maeve

Blair loves her Grandpa

Sweet Pea

Luke, Philip, Michael, Blair chowing down
Back home to a nice roaring bonfire!    Life is good at Lake James.   
 They've had 7" of rain since last Saturday!

Wednesday - May 24

"On the road again....just can't wait to be on the road again"!   
That was us this morning as we left Kamp Komfort at 8:45 with Mark driving Daisy pulling Toad and me in the truck.     We stored Daisy and Toad in Gridley in Roger's shed and then
North Carolina, here we come!
An icky day with some fog, very dreary and in the 50's.    But that was just the beginning as the rain came and came and came (sometimes really heavy) all day long! 

We are in London, KY tonight (I drove 2.5 hours) and just 270 miles from this little muffin...

Maeve's little bottom tooth has poked thru!

We went to El Dorado's Mexican Restaurant (hotel's recommendation) and it was sooo good.   Nice crispy, warm chips and yummy salsa, excellent margarita and then an incredible chicken quesadilla.   Not the usual quesadillas but one large one filled with lots of good stuff.....awesome!     Mark loved his beef burritos, so we are 2 stuffed, but happy nomads back here in our hotel tonight.

The rain finally stopped about 1/2 hour before we arrived in London, but more coming tomorrow and lots of storms all around! 

I walked up and down the hallways - trying to get in some steps after sitting all day AND not walking much these past several days with all the rain, cold and wind!

Onward ho to Lake James...

Tuesday - May 23

Mark and I were out Daisy's door by 7:15 with 4 loads of  laundry.   Came into town and while the machines were doing their thing, we went next door to Gloria Jeans for coffee and muffins.     Lots of rain this morning and off and on this afternoon.
Took our clean laundry back to Daisy, put things away and did some more packing.     Came back to town, ran some errands including shopping at the new Gingerbread House and buying a few gifts for our granddaughters' birthdays.   
We took Donna Rae to Baxter's for her 85th birthday.    Great lunch and complimentary gooey butter cake!   Always a treat to be with this dear friend.
The birthday girl and her gooey butter cake/chocolate ice cream/fresh raspberries and blackberries
Took Donna Rae home, I got a mani/pedi and then we picked Connor up from school and on home.    Patrick and Anne are in Chicago today for his doctor appointment.
Connor and I played 2 games of RummiKube with each of us winning a game.
While we were in town today, there was an apparent suicide along I-74 which runs behind Kamp Komfort.   Traffic was backed up for 4 miles.   
Anne and Patrick returned home around 7.   After hugs and goodbyes we came back
to Daisy on this rainy night.  
Our boys with their new summer "do's"!
We'll see them in 1 month and 2 days!
It's been a very fun, fast-paced, calorie-laden 24 days here in central IL.  
  Lots of good times and memories - tomorrow,  moving on to North Carolina and spend
memorial weekend with our other 6 grandchildren!

Monday - May 22

Most of today was nice and sunny (75), but the clouds came in the afternoon and rain coming our way and cooler temps again...
Mark and I drove separately into town - met the breakfast group and then he had some errands and on back to Daisy.    I met Claire in Uptown Normal - we browsed some shops, had a delicious lunch at The Garlic Press and then sat in the warm sunshine at the new Hyatt Place Hotel.
A selfie in Uptown Normal...
As the song says "See you in September"!
Back to Daisy and did more packing up of clothes and stuff to take with us Wednesday.
Met the Monday Night Friends (7) at Mandarin Garden for yummy Chinese and good gabfest.    When I return in September, there will be 2 bridal showers coming up!
It's raining......A G A I N