Wednesday - March 29

Another gorgeous day......the boys slept in, I did a load of laundry, Grandpa made pancakes,we organized the car and I played a quick game of RummiKube with the boys - Connor won!
Anne and Patrick came and we all went onboard the Lady Dolphin of Daytona for the 11:00 lunch/cruise (2 hours).   It was full (130 passengers + crew) and just delightful heading north up the Halifax River.    We saw several dolphin playing and for our lunch, we could choose from prime rib, shrimp, turkey or ham (chicken tenders or mac 'n cheese for the kids.)    We adults all had the ham and it was excellent with a brown sugar, blackberry brandy, pineapple sauce, red skinned potatoes, green beans and a roll.    Later they passed around dark or milk chocolates.     This cruise goes out 3x a day always with a meal and cruise + meal is $20.....what a deal!  
And it is usually sold out 3x a day!
They had several door prizes, too, but none of us were lucky today.    After the cruise we all went to Aunt Dee's condo on the 21st floor (she has a view of the Ocean and the Intracoastal).    The Campbell's were in awe of all that beauty!     A friend of Aunt Dee's has an empty garage space, so we will store Toad there until we make arrangements to get her back to IL.

View from Aunt Dee's 21st floor condo
We rode with them back to Catrina, got their chocolate stash and said our good byes - (you know how I hate goodbyes).....we'll see them in 1 month!    So, they went back to the beach for one last afternoon of fun in the sun as they leave tomorrow for home.     We got the bikes and dinghy back on Catrina and preparing for our departure in the morning heading north.
Cruising with Anne and Patrick  
Grandma and Grandpa with the boys

The Campbell Clan

Catrina with 2 fine little men 
Last night we did face time with Luke - he had so much fun giggling with the boys! 
Maeve is enjoying big brother's trucks while he's napping
We've so enjoyed our time in Daytona Beach.   Halifax Harbor has been so friendly and convenient - loved all our walks downtown and happy memories from Sweet Marley's, Stavro's, Zappi's, the Angell-Phelps Chocolate Factory, McK's Irish Pub, Rhokkos's, etc.
 We sure packed in a lot of fun with the boys - beach and pool time, trips downtown, bike riding, dinghy rides, fishing, lots of RummiKube (will miss my little buddies) and today's lunch cruise on the Lady Dolphin.
It was so fun having my cousins and Aunt Dee together on Monday - we will never forget all the laughs as we reminisced from years ago and made new memories!
So long from Daytona Beach....


Tuesday - March 28

Another glorious day....I exercised and then Mark and I ran several errands.   Back to Catrina unloading our stuff, lunch and then off to the beach.     Mark had some boat projects to work on, so I had fun with the Campbells' at the pool and beach all afternoon.     Anne and I played spades the kids were in the pool and Liam and Patrick did the surfboard thing...
Mark came around 4 with his projects complete and ready to roll outta here on Thursday.
Anne and Patrick

Goobers in the pool
Liam the surfer
Connor, the sand designer
Enjoying some rum runners and beer

Sweet Maeve and Mommy
Maeve loves her bath!
The boys are spending the night with us.   We stopped at Starvos Pizza House for dinner (pizza) before going back to boat.    We all played RummiKube with Grandma the winner.    Blair called and we did face time.      Sure miss these little kiddies.
Been a big day with all the sun, water and sand.
Sweet dreams....

Monday - March 27

The boys decided they wanted more beach time today, so Mark took them back to the hotel for pool/beach time at 9:00   He stopped at Publix and then we left around 11:45 to meet the cousins.
It's been a very fun-filled day and it was all about "the cousins" who gathered in Daytona Beach starting with lunch at Aunt Catfish's.   There were 15 of us.
There are 9 cousins on my Mom's side of the family.    Six of them along with spouses and our
 Aunt Dee had so much fun laughing and reminiscing thru the years as kids growing up in northern Illinois.
Anne, Patrick, Liam and Connor came for lunch and then off to the beach.    Ron (brother) and Vicki came from Lakeland and went on home after lunch.    9 came aboard Catrina and sat up on top of the bridge this gorgeous day visiting and having so much fun.
Seven of us went to the Chart House for dinner and shared more memories!    They even had "Welcome Cousins" printed on our menus.   And then it was time to say good bye.....
this was a really special day!
Dave (Tampa); Denny (Punta Gorda and Indiana), Aunt Dee (Daytona Beach), Barb
(Grand Junction, CO), Pat (nomad), Carol (St. Louis), Ron (Lakeland and Illinois)
Aunt Dee is the mother of Dave and Barb: Denny and Carol are siblings; Ron and Pat are siblings.
Denny and Aunt Dee (88 years young)!

Karen and Dave; Deb and Denny

Barb, Mark, Carol


Sunday - March 26

Absolutely gorgeous day......we met the Campbell's for 9:30 Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes  - what a memorable, uplifting joyous celebration with great singing, hand clapping and a very flamboyant Father Philip......this one is for the memory books!!!
The Campbell Clan
Came back to Catrina, changed clothes and later went to the beach.   Patrick and the boys were in the pool - nice pool, tiki bar and of course, the beach!    We brought the boys back with us for the afternoon and overnight sleepover. 
The Lady Dolphin of Daytona
Paddleboat docked right across from Catrina - it goes out 3x  day (11, 2 and 5;00) for 2-hour lunch/dinner cruise.    It is very popular and we plan to do this on Wednesday for lunch!
No luck fishing today for the boys, but we had fun downtown...
2 happy boys turned loose in the Angell-Phelps Chocolate Factory
Connor and the candy stash

Making some moves over dessert and frozen lemonades
at Sweet Marley's
The boys walked back to Catrina with me - snack of apples and peanut butter and then bike ride.
Connor and I played RummiKube (Grandma won), followed by another dinghy ride with Grandpa.

We went downtown to McK's Irish Pub and had their Sunday night special - burgers for $5...delish as we watched he NC/KY basketball game!    Exciting!!!

One more game of RummiKube (Grandma won again)!    The boys (and their Mom and Dad) have not been on Catrina since 2010 (Apalachicola and Ottawa, IL after my accident)!

 We packed in a lot of fun today...
Nighty night!



Saturday - March 25

  • Cloudy and windy in the morning....I exercised, we had breakfast and Mark did some book work. 
  •  Nice surprise to hear from friends, Ed and Fran from Wisconsin.....they were off the cruise ship in Fort Lauderdale and wanted to meet somewhere as they raveled north     "YES", we met at The San Diego Grill (where we met my aunt and cousin yesterday).....good place and close to the interstate for then.    We had another good meal and great visit!
Fran and Ed
The Campbell's came to the boat in the afternoon.     The boys enjoyed the dinghy...
and fishing off the pier

Liam and luck today
Anne and I walked downtown and had some refreshing drinks at Sweet Marley's while the guys were fishing.   And later we all went downtown and had some pizza, stromboli, calzone and ziti at
Starvos!   Good stuff and plenty of leftovers.

Hearty eaters after all the swimming, fishing, dinghy riding, etc.
At 2:30 AM, the fire alarm went off at the kids hotel.    They had to evacuate.    A sprinkler was set off in a room on the 6th floor causing flooding.    The kids are on the 12th floor.