Friday - December 14

Very foggy morning....we were off to Gridley and met Barb and Roger at the Common Grounds Cafe and Pie Shop.    This place opened in the past year and our first time to visit.    Dixie, the aunt of the owner has for years been known in the area for her delicious home-cooking, baking, etc.     Years ago, I visited her home several times with friends and enjoyed fabulous lunches.    I had not seen Dixie for a very long time....she is sweet as ever and so glad she was in the cafe this morning and had already made 12 pies!!!
Barb and Roger

Great seeing Barb and Roger over good coffee/latte and biscuits and gravy (Roger), breakfast casserole (Mark), quiche and caramel pecan roll (Barb) and quiche for me.    Sooo good and such a cute place that was a former gas station!   We brought treats home for breakfast tomorrow!

The fog was a little better when we left for Bloomington, but as the afternoon wore on, it got worse and just a very yucky day.   I did 3 loads of laundry and worked on the cards.   Had good chats with my 2 sisters-in-law (Linda and Vicki).    Vicki is doing well after her scary knee replacement episode!

Did a bit more sorting of bins - we are "ALMOST" done......getting giddy about this!!!

Tonight we met John and Teresa for dinner at Baxter's - we were neighbors on Jackson Street over 12 years ago.     What fun to catch up!   Teresa is the head swimming coach at IL Wesleyan and it's been 2 years since we were to

Teresa, John, Pat, Mark

Michael and Ryan are in Jackson Hole this weekend skiing.    Ryan will start training on the 757 in January in Memphis.

Thursday - December 13

Foggy morning as we were off at 8 AM to meet with Larry Strong who was our personal trainer many years ago with weight lifting and strength endurance,.    He was sooo helpful after my shoulder incident and then gave us exercises to do while we're traveling.   We decided it was time for a refresher course and our doctor mentioned some things we should work on (lower body and balance) when we were there Monday for our physicals.

Great to see Larry again - been 6 years and also our friend, former neighbor and Monday morning breakfast buddy, Sigrunn who was there working out, too!    Larry wants to see us again 1 more time to make sure we've got this all figured out!

Quick stops at Panera and CVS and back to Eastland - I changed clothes and Claire picked me up at 9:45 and we had a fun outing shopping and then lunch at our favorite - Biaggi's (forgot a picture - duh!!!!!).     We will be together in Fort Myers this winter.....but till then, enjoyed some holiday cheer and catching up!     Claire dropped me off at therapy for 1:15 session with Donna (one of my favorite therapists from years ago).    We had a lot of yakkin to do while she worked with my shoulder and taught me new stuff.    Mark picked me up, back to Eastland for a bit and then I picked the boys up from school.   It is very yucky out this afternoon with drizzle and fog.    Patrick is playing a private party at Eastland Suites from 3-6.    We could just walk across the parking lot and crash it?    Love his keyboard playing and singing....oldies and Christmas tunes.

Forgot to mention yesterday that Mark had a dermatologist appt. and got a few spots zapped.   He has sold some of his bigger equipment in storage - air compressor and shop vac thru Facebook Marketplace.

I met 5 of my Monday Night Friends for happy hour at Baxter's - great fun over 2 bottles of wine and 4 appetizers!    A whole lot of chatter going on....
Jody, Ruth, Linda, Donna, Pat, Brenda 

Wednesday - December 12

H A P P Y    B I R T H D A Y
Michael and Anne
48 years young

Anne and I had a fun morning starting with treats from Starbucks.    She sorted thru more treasures and then we were off to shop in Uptown Normal followed by a delicious lunch at Destihl.   It was sunny today but very windy!
Fun birthday lunch and shopping

She brought me home and I went thru more pics and she went home to wrap gifts.

I had appt. with Alan, nurse practitioner and then home.

Tonight we met the Campbell's and celebrated with the birthday girl at Lucca....great food and company!

Here we are celebrating Anne and eating....again!

Sooo many memories from 48 years ago - especially the shock and absolute surprise of having 2 babies when we were only expecting one!     What a joy these 2 have been but where oh where have the years gone???

Tuesday - December 11

Bright sunny day....exercised and then off to the dentist and quick stop at Starbucks and back to Eastland.    Worked on cards, bins, etc.    Mark had several errands including stopping at storage and finishing off last of his stuff!    Alleluia....time to celebrate.    Just 3 bins left here to sort thru but mostly pics and other memorabilia.    This is hardest to decide what to do with?????

I was supposed to have an appt. with my urologist but he cancelled as he was involved in a lengthy surgery....tomorrow, I will see his nurse practitioner.

Tonight we met Carol and Roger at Biaggi's for delicious dinner and good visit.    Then to their condo for Bailey's, chocolate cake/peppermint ice cream,  coffee and more chatter!     Great evening!
We'll see them for more fun times in Florida this winter!
Roger, Carol, Pat and Mark

Looking forward to tomorrow and a day of shopping and lunch with my birthday girl.    Anne and Michael celebrate #48 - how can that be???

Monday - December 10

Busy day starting early with our yearly physicals - good reports for both of us!    Then to breakfast with the Monday Morning bunch.    Mark and I came home and worked on bins.    I had an afternoon mammogram and then physical therapy.    Tricia was happy with my progress (result of cortisone and daily therapy).    Shoulder does feel much better!   Here's hoping and praying....

It got up to 35 today and was sunny, but with the wind....chilly!    We spent more time in our cozy little suite surrounded by bins, more bins and even more bins!    We could open a bin shop!    Ha....
BUT the good news is that all to sort thru (except for a few still in storage of Mark's stuff) are now here with us or been taken back to storage!    Definitely have downsized!!!

Brooke's parents patio set in Morganton, NC

Had a good chat with Michael today - just amazing at all their snow; and then they got a lot of rain, too, and tonight getting down to 22, to contend with!!!

We went to happy hour here at Eastland and had a glass of wine and some munchies.    Back to our place for some leftover pizza.    Started working on the cards today.....