Friday - September 22

We had breakfast and then washed all of Daisy's screens, inside windows and blinds.    Tah dah!    Nice to have that job finished!.    We went into town with atlas and calendar and stopped at Gloria Jean's for coffee and set to work mapping our trip west coming next week.    We will be leaving the 1st and heading to Albuquerque.     There are 6 states that Daisy has not been to - Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Colorado and Oregon.    We plan to hit the first 5 on this trip.
(Obviously, Oregon will be another year, another trip)!
So, we kind of have our route mapped out and where we want to be for most nights.    The Balloon Fest is October 7-15 and we'll be there the 12-15th with Mark's brother Jim and Lydia in their RV.
One of the gals who works at Gloria Jeans painted this neat picture inside.....we love this place as it's between Kamp Komfort and town, plus next door to the laundromat.   
 They make a "mean" pumpkin spice latte among others
Neat chalk mural at Gloria Jean's

 The Lukester

After plotting our trip, we met these good friends at Mandarin Garden for lunch.    We had so many laughs and wonderful visit!
Mark and Pat, Mary Carol and Tom, Nancy and Jim
Back to Daisy this hot Friday afternoon.    Hunkered down in the AC with laptops and books.

I am heartbroken for my friend, Kay in Arizona who lost her husband, Bruce yesterday.   He has had several health issues and was just the nicest guy.    Mark knew Bruce from State Farm and Kay is a Sublettian - we even share the same birthday.

Walked around the park tonight - no breeze - hot 'n sticky!   Lots of RV's coming in...

Tomorrow we are off to Dixon for lunch and visit with 3 of Mark's sisters.   Then to Mendota to visit Bob and Linda, along with some other relatives!    Back to Kamp Komfort on Sunday afternoon.

Thursday - September 21

H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y
41 years ago today, we welcomed our son, Philip John
The Birthday Boy with his sweet Maeve

I stopped in to see Brenda's new hardwood floors and we had a cup of coffee.    Then to storage to put a few things away and to Barnes and Noble for more browsing.

Met Claire at Biaggi's - as always, delicious lunch, wine and chatter.    I won't see Claire till mid November - both of us will be traveling over the next several weeks.

Pretty flowers outside Biaggi's

Mark met a guy here at the park  from Texas.....he and his wife are en route to Albuquerque and the Hot Air Balloon Fest!   Maybe we'll see them there!

We went back to town late afternoon, ran a few errands and then picked the boys up after baseball practice at 6:15.    They chose Portillo's for supper.    This is fairly new in town and was packed!    Good hot dogs and Italian Beef.

Anne and Patrick had a date and went out for dinner.....we took the boys home and now back on Daisy.

Our "Saints" outside  Portillo's

Date night for these two...

Wednesday - September 20

Fall is just a few days away, but it's definitely summertime here in central IL with 94 degrees today and to be in the 90's thru Sunday!
We each went our separate ways this morning - Mark to the Carlock Family Restaurant for his Biscuits and Gravy fix - something he loves but doesn't do very often!    I went to town with 3 loads of laundry.    Visited Donna Rae at Westminster Village where a MAJOR multi-million $ building/remodel project is going on.    WOW....will be so nice when done, but a happening place with men and construction equipment all over.    We had lunch at The Sandwich Shop and then to her apartment for a few hours of just sitting and catching up.    She is such a dear and always enjoy our time together.
Back to Daisy and caught up on e-mails.    I walked around the park (not too much - wimped out with the heat).   Mark grilled cheeseburgers and nice to be "home" tonight!!!
Life is Good with these Happy Campers

Luke's pirate classmates

Tuesday - September 19

19 years ago on this date (September 19, 1998) we were in Morganton, North Carolina celebrating Michael and Brooke's marriage.    19 years on the 19th.....wishing them many more happy, healthy anniversaries!
I left for Bloomington at 8 and met Claire for coffee/pastries at Coffee Hound.    Haven't been together since May, so lots of yakkin to do!

Always a work of art at Coffee Hound....
Delicious pumpkin spice latte and lemon/raspberry muffin
Had more errands and then a little time to spare before my haircut, so went to browse and read at Barnes and Noble.    Got a much-needed new "do" and on back to Daisy.    Mark took off for town with his list of errands.
Forgot to mention that Mark went to the boys baseball game last night in Gibson City which they won 10-0.    This Saturday they are playing in the sectional against Maroa-Forsyth!
Ann picked me up at 4:50 and we were off to Busy Corner to meet with the Sublettians.     There were 5 of the Central IL group, along with Jane and Marilyn's sister-in-law, Judi and her sister, Marilyn and husband George.
As usual a grand time was had by all~
Left side:   Marilyn, Ann, Judi, Marilyn
Right side:   Jane, Pat, Debbi, George
Pretty flowers here at Kamp Komfort

Our little fashionista - off on a mission!
Miss my sweet Maeve!


Monday - September 18

Nice sunny day and we were off separately to meet the Monday Morning breakfast group.    Yesterday was Marty's birthday and he brought yummy treats from Grove Street Bakery.
Mr. Marty - 81 years young!
Good visiting with these folks and then Mark and I each went our separate ways to run errands.    It was good to be out and about in all our old familiar territory.    Sue and I scheduled a mani/pedi at same time and fun doing that with her and seeing Lisa, my favorite nail tech.
We girls just love to be pampered! 

More errands to run later in the afternoon and then to Sue's to see her new bathroom remodel and d├ęcor - gorgeous!     Changed clothes and she and I met Brenda at Sam's to car pool together to Connie's in the country.    Our Monday Night Friends (except for Donna) gathered for a delicious dinner (beef brisket sandwiches, cole slaw, green beans w/bacon).    We were honoring Taylor, Ruth's soon-to-be daughter-in-law.    After opening gifts, we all enjoyed wonderful warm blackberry cobbler and ice cream!    Great evening with great friends!
Connie's beautifully "decorated for fall" table

Ruth - Taylor - Cindy (Taylor's Mom)
Looking forward to the wedding on November 25th 
The rain started as we were coming back to Bloomington and once I was on Daisy, really picked up!
Very glad to be home as radar is not pretty!
Pirate day tomorrow for this guy!