Thanksgiving - 2017

Hope you all had a great holiday with too much good eating and so much to be thankful for!
We had a wonderful day starting with 9:00 Mass at Historic St. Pat's, then breakfast at Bob Evans.    We had planned to walk at the mall, but it was closed and LONG line waiting to get into Bergner's door buster opening at 11.    Good grief, now the stores are opening on Thanksgiving to get all those bargains. thank you!    The employees can't even get one day off to be with their families?
We went to Anne and Patrick's at noon - nice afternoon of relaxing, euchre (the guys beat Anne and me 3 out of 5.)   Then the bountiful feast of turkey and all the trimmings!    Everything was sooo good and again, we counted our blessings.
Let all that settle and pie (pumpkin and blueberry) came after.   Anne and I played 2-handed euchre and we did facetime with all the NC kids and kiddies (including Ryan).     Mark and I left around 7 for home with tummies full and smiles for a great day of family fun!
Some nice memories from Thanksgiving 2017


Wednesday - November 22

Beautiful day.....bright sunshine and very little wind - just delightful to be out and about!
Mark took the boys to the dining room for breakfast.    Then I took the boys to run some errands, including storage, the mall (they enjoyed chillers and  I had a "sleigh ride" latte at Gloria Jean's).    Few more errands and back to our suite.    The boys played video games (via phone) with friends. 
Sleepy heads

   Gloria Jean makes a mean cookie crumble/peppermint chiller
Mark, boys and I had wanted to have lunch at The Fort Jesse CafĂ© but long wait, so we went to Uptown Normal and ate at Windy City Wieners which was very good - lots of food choices and Mark and my 1st time.     The boys have eaten here several times.     We each drove separately so Mark took boys back to Eastland and I ran more errands and then got a manicure.
Patrick picked the boys up at 2:30 - sure enjoyed having them stay with us!
We went to see "Wonder" (1st movie for us in a long time).    It was soooo good and highly recommend it.   We can see why Corpus Christi wants the kids to see it!    Great message and bring plenty of Kleenex!
Had a yummy dinner at Mandarin Garden and on home.   
Tonight is Thanksgiving Eve.....looking forward to tomorrow's feast with Anne, Patrick, Liam and Connor with so many blessings to be thankful for!
Wishing you and yours a beautiful and

Tuesday - November 21

A blustery day with cold, biting winds and no sun and some snow flurries this afternoon!  
  We all slept in....yeah!     Then breakfast and off to the mall.    The plan had been for this morning, hang out at the mall and the boys to play at Wacky (new bouncy area where MC Sporting Goods used to be).    But, it is not officially open till Friday, so.....while the guys did their thing, I picked up a few more gifts.
The plan this afternoon was to go see "Wonder" the movie that just came out Friday with great reviews.    But, the boys 6th, 7th and 8th grade classes are going to see it on November 30th.    So, Grandpa took them to Busy Corner for lunch and onto Peoria and visit the Caterpillar Museum.     They had great fun checking all the machinery, using the simulator, etc.

I did laundry while they were gone and then wrapped more gifts.   My phone totally froze up and couldn't do anything including shutting down and then restarting.    I went to AT&T which is close by and a very nice guy fixed me up in no time.   It had frozen apparently from too many internet pages opened (184).    Holy Moly.....was not familiar with how to get rid of all those, but now I know! about panic setting in!    Our phones are certainly a BIG part of our lives for so many things!
Connor beat me in RummiKube, the boys played video games and we had a nice quiet evening here. 
We had nachos, leftovers from Chipotle and pie, of course!
The boys went swimming later on....

Monday - November 20

Another pretty day in central IL - windy and cold, but sunny!   
I had lab work done at 8:40 for upcoming physical.     Had breakfast with the Monday morning bunch and then met Claire and we were off to Eureka and Scottwood Floral for a bit of holiday shopping (sooo many pretties).   We also stopped at The Flower Basket and onto Busy Corner.    This was Claire's first time here and lunch was yummy followed by a shared piece of lemon meringue pie and some pie-to-go!!!

One of the waitresses told us they had orders for 550 pies for Thanksgiving (they are closed that day) and expecting many more; they had 750 last year!!!
Mark picked the boys up at 11:30 and they came here to change clothes and then lunch at Chipotle.    They spent a few hours at their friends, Jack and Drew's home.   Mark picked them up at 3:30.
 Mark took the boys to the 7th and 8th grade basketball games (2 wins) and Anne, Patrick and Connor went for his conference with all his teachers.    Connor got a good report and both boys made the honor roll!!!

Six of the Monday Night Friends met at Famous Dave's - main focus of chatter was upcoming wedding this Saturday for Phillip (Ruth's son) which we all plan to attend!


Sunday - November 19

Cold and windy, but SUNNY all day long!!!    LOVE when the sun shines and makes me happy!
We were off for the boys hockey game which they won 8-6 (Liam scored 2 goals and 1 for Connor).and then to 9:00 Mass at St. Mary's.   Stopped at The Coffee Hound for treats and then ran a few errands (storage and HyVee).
Went to the mall and walked - it's past time to get back at some exercise (Mark does his weights 3x a week, but I've really been slacking off).
Nice quiet few hours (including a nap for me) at home and then we went to the Campbell's for a belated birthday celebration for Mark.    Anne fixed a delicious roast beef  in crock pot (with the 3 seasoning packets) and all the trimmings.    Good night of comfort food and conversation!
Grandpa opening his presents
Patrick and Liam in front of "Touchdown Jesus" at Notre Dame
Mark and I enjoyed hearing about their big day yesterday!
We are looking forward to having the boys stay with us
 tomorrow (1/2 day, and all day Tuesday and Wednesday) for Thanksgiving break!