Monday - January 16

Good morning from Stuart.....
Dramatic sky at 7 AM today over the St. Lucie River
We left around 9 to pick up our rental car and then ran a few errands.    Back to Catrina to finish packing and we were off to Jupiter for a fun afternoon of browsing some neat shops at Harborside.    Mark had his I-pad, found an ice cream shop and took a little nap.   
We met friends, Bob and Carol Berardelli at 5 at their condo.    They are parents of Leigh Frosch (wife of Tom who helped Ryan move the boat from Charleston to Norfolk and had been Boss of Blue Angels in '14 and '15.)
 We always enjoy being with them and after a tour of their condo and some visiting, we all went to the Hurricane CafĂ© - delicious food and more chatter.

Bob and Carol from Pennsylvania
After dinner we drove to our hotel in Dania Beach near where Philip and Annette used to live.    We have early flight tomorrow to NC and can't wait to see Drew, Davis, Brady and Blair!
Happy Maeve in her new "heart" outfit.

Sunday - January 15

Absolutely beautiful day!    We went to 9:00 Mass at St. Joseph's and so neat to see 2 little girls (probably 10ish) participate as the cantor and reader.   Job well done!
Stopped at our favorite coffee shop, changed clothes and went to the Stuart Boat Show.   It was a great day for strolling around, lots of people there and quite a large show!    We walked the docks oohing and aahing at the boats and checked out all the tents of vendors.    No purchases were made!
This afternoon we took all the carpeting outside and cleaned good with mister and dry cleaner and then vacuumed - then cleaned floors before putting the nice clean carpets back down!
Today would've been Mark's parents' 71st wedding anniversary!
Meant to add this picture yesterday - severe damage from Hurricane Matthew and this yacht has been totaled and settled with insurance company.   It was in the Stuart Yacht boatyard yesterday.    Apparently a sailboat was not tied properly and just continually banged into this boat!    Sad..

Luke wanted to buy a gift for Maeve today (and one for himself) here he is hiding behind his green ? as Maeve looks on with her red one (Carlos in the background)!
Have a safe, healthy, happy week!

Saturday, January 14

We've had a big day at the PDQ (Catrina's manufacturer) Rendezvous here in Stuart.   Around 75 people came for a day of coffee/donuts, seminars, lunch, more seminars (including a very interesting one for the ladies) and then cocktails and Italian dinner!
It was fun to be with our Annapolis friends, Charlotte and Doug who drove up from Marathon.   And met several couples all sharing our mutual ownership of a PDQ, asking questions and sharing our stories.   It was a very enjoyable, informative day...

Pat and Charlotte

Friday - January 13

Sunny, windy and warm today...we headed downtown around 9:15 and had breakfast at our favorite - The Stuart Coffee Company.    Mark went on to get a haircut and I got a manicure.
We met up again and ran a few more errands including buying a bunch of piddlies at Target.    Then on the Manatee Island Bar and Grille where we met these fellow RV folks.    We were together one year ago in Okeechobee at Water's Edge.    So fun to be together again...
Pat, Mark, Gary, Sue, Sue, Jud
We enjoyed catching up on what's been going on with the other RVers we knew and lots of stories to share - serious illnesses, losing a child in a horrible car accident, etc.....
We were with Gary and Sue from Oklahoma at the Fort Worth air show and Sue and Jud from Virginia at the Lynchburg VA show.
Said our good byes and plan to meet again on January 29th on our way to Fort Myers as we are crossing Lake Okeechobee.
The big boat, "Daisy" which we passed 2x coming on the intracoastal is in back of us here in Stuart.   Had a nice chat with the owners yesterday.  
We stopped at Home Depot and got a dehumidifier for Catrina and then back for a nap! 
Went for a walk later!
Nasty ice storm heading across the Midwest......crazy weather
(sooo cold last weekend in Norfolk and yesterday it was 70)!
Anne has a sinus much sickness.    Still have my cough!
Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday - January 12

Philip got home at 1:45 AM (flight delays) and then he and Mark left at 8 for Arcadia to pick up some innard parts of a stove hood/fan for their new kitchen.    Annette and I did laundry and I packed up our car.
After lunch, we said our good byes and drove back to Stuart.    So enjoyed my time with the kids/kiddies and sad that we probably won't see them till April at Lake James (Easter).
We got stuff put away and organized so that stuff we're not using is now in car and Catrina's a little lighter tonight.    Stopped in at the Harborage Yacht Cub for a bite to eat (quesadillas for me and burger for Mark).
So excited that Anne and family will be coming to FL for spring break the end of we can start planning where we'll be and what they want to do!!!
 Kids say the cutest things....last night Luke was having a problem with his I-pad.    He asked Grandpa to fix it and Grandpa had to turn the router off and on....Luke was so excited and said
"problem solved"!!!

Sweet Maeve.....
  slept from 8:45 - 7:30 last night!