Easter Sunday - 2013

Hope you all had a beautiful Easter......ours started on a bummer note with Mark waking up with a cold/sore throat.   He did not go to church....Anne and family picked me up for 10:00 Mass and it was thee most beautiful, joyous celebration with the church decorated with all the white lilies and other white flowers, phenomenal choir along with trumpets, saxophones, trombones, flutes, drums, cymbals.....oh my!   They were sooo awesome, along with Father Doug's homily and a standing room only crowd.
Dapper little boys
Liam and Connor came here for an egg hunt afterwards and I went to their house later in the afternoon.    Grandpa stayed home and slept.    Connor, Anne and I played dominoes (Anne was Queen) and then enjoyed a delicious ham dinner with all the trimmings.    Did face time with all the kids and grandsons - NC, FL and FL.
Boys and their Bunny cake
Packed up dinner and brought home to Mark.   He enjoyed it, but still not up to par!    Hopefully, lots of water, rest and his cold meds will get over this crud ASAP.

Saturday - March 30

We were up and exercising and then out the door at 8:30.   Stopped at the bakery for some good Easter sugar cookies and on our way to Dixon to spend the day with Mark's Mom.    Karen (youngest) and Mark (oldest) sorted thru more file cabinets, Mark updated some things on the computer, etc.     After lunch, Karen and I went to Hallmark to pick up a few things.
"Mom" is recovering from her surgery and overall, doing well....just very tired and we so hope after her appointment next week, she's on her way to total healing and full recovery!
Wishing you many blessings for a very
H A P P Y   E A S T E R!!!

Friday - March 29

Very pretty day and almost felt balmy (mid 50's).    The boys slept in till 7:30 (Liam) and 8 (Connor).    After breakfast, Grandpa took them to the bakery for some treats.   We had a busy day of coloring and decorating eggs.    They were very BIG helpers to Grandpa as they picked up and raked bunches of gum balls.   Grandpa paid them well for their efforts.    Gumballs are everywhere and unfortunately, still a jillion to fall from the tree!   UGH!

Waiting for the eggs to turn

Pretty Easter eggs 
Gumballs are everywhere in our yard, neighbors' yards and on the street 
The rakers - still some patches of snow, so will be at this again and when the rest fall....
We played dominoes this afternoon with Grandma, the Domino Queen!
The DQ and her humble servants - HA!!!
Patrick picked them up at 3:30 and they were off to a movie.   Mark and I went shopping for a new fridge, bought one and then to Mandarin Garden for delicious shrimp entrees and Crab Rangoon!

Thursday - March 28

Beautiful sunny day (45)!   After exercising, I was off to a doctor appointment and then ran some errands and enjoyed using some gift cards I had gotten for Christmas!   Felt good to be out in the fresh air and the snow is melting big time!
Mark's Mom is home from hospital and will be returning for follow-up visit on April 4th.

Liam and Connor will be here tomorrow and we're going to color eggs.   While I was at the store today, I picked up one of the Paas coloring kits.....whoaaa, what happened to just the solid colored pretty eggs?    Now there are oodles of themes to choose from?    Grandma got the "sports" box, so hope they are happy with that!    We haven't been home for Easter in a few years, so maybe I'm behind the times and all these choices have been out there?

Went to Mass for Holy Thursday and then the boys came home with us for a sleepover!


Wednesday - March 27

Beautiful clear, crisp, chilly day, but the sun felt sooo good and when the sun is shining, it just makes you feel better, puts a bounce in your step, and lifts your spirits!!!!
Mark and I went to Mass, then to Coffee Hound and finally to Meijer's where we spent $271 on groceries "just like that"!!!   Ah.....but a full fridge and well-stocked cupboards is nice!    Also stopped at Target and the meat market.
Mark's Mom came thru her surgery and fortunately, they did not have to do any skin grafting.   She will be in the hospital overnight.

Got out some bunnies and springy pretties to brighten up the house!

Heard on the radio this afternoon that some system is hanging over Greenland making our weather much cooler than normal and it will be mid April till it really warms up!!!
 Anne, Liam and Connor came for supper.....bar-b-qued pork chops, baked potatoes, corn, applesauce, spinach salad, cupcakes and ice cream!   After not doing much cooking for 3 months, felt good to be back at it!

Tuesday - March 26

Congratulations to Jake and Jennifer (niece) on the birth of their first child this morning at 7:05.....
Leia Onalee  weighed 7 lbs., 3 oz. and is 20" long.    She is the first grandchild for my brother Bob and Linda!!!    Welcome to the family, Leia!
Jake, Jennifer and Leia (lay-ah)

Proud Grandpa and first grandbaby
Mark and I went to 8:00 Mass and came home to dig in to all our stuff.     Exercised, did some laundry  and just feels good to stay indoors out of the cold and snow!    These bods have not acclimated to this big change in the weather just yet!!!   HA!
Mark's Mom is having her reconstructive surgery tomorrow at 10:30 and hopefully she is "coming down the home stretch"!!

Mark had eye appointment this afternoon to check his floater....all is good!
 The boys came over for a few hours - we ordered pizza for supper.   Grandma is going to fill the fridge and cupboards tomorrow - pretty spare pickins' around here!

Monday - March 25

Had breakfast with Bob and Linda and off we went, the closer to home, the more snow!    7" of the white stuff!    Yuck!    Checking the 10-day forecast, the high is to be only 54 with most days in the 40's!   Here's what HOME SWEET HOME looked like upon our return!
Snowy homecoming
Did some unpacking, went out for lunch and despite the weather, it IS good to be home.    After being gone for 3 months, the calendars still say December and the clocks needed to be moved up an hour!   
Patrick, Liam and Connor came over this afternoon - the boys are on spring break!   Sooo good to see them and hear all about what's going on - they went to a Chicago Bulls game Saturday night and what a neat experience!
Da Boys
Mark's Mom had her surgery today and is back home tonight - Wednesday, back to Iowa City and hopefully, this will be her last procedure!    She sure has been a trooper through all this!

Saturday-Sunday, March 23-24

What a whirlwind weekend we've had starting Saturday morning when we left Florida City and headed to the Blue Angels show in Key West arriving at 9:45.    Ryan met us at the Marriott and we had a quick 10-minute visit before he met some folks connected to the air show,.     Sooo good to see him. 

Proud Mom 
Proud Dad

   We drove to the Naval Air Station (Boca Chica), parked the car and walked to the airfield.    It was a gorgeous day with clear blue skies, breezy and hot!    
We walked around the grounds checking out the vendors, food, planes and just people watching.    The air show started at 11, and the Blues performed at 2:30.    Ryan did a great job as narrator......

Ryan announcing the show
The Blues soaring thru the sky
Budweiser was a sponsor for the air show and an added attraction was
The Clydesdales
Had our picture taken with the pilots after the show, said good bye to Ryan and started the long trip back....stayed with Philip and Annette and so good to finally crawl in bed - long day, but soo fun and so glad we were able to see Ryan in action and enjoy the Blue Angels!!!
It's Sunday and............................tah dah...............
Brady is SEVEN today!!!
Happy Birthday, Sweetie
We Nomads were up very early (4:30) to return rental car and then fly out of West Palm Beach airport.   Whoaaa.....a blast of cold air hit us when we walked off the plane in Chicago.    Took the bus to Rockford where we picked up our car - Mark's sister, Janet and Mike have been using our car this winter.    Good to see them and we were off, stopping in Rochelle for lunch - burr....it is COLD with strong winds and snow flurries.      We are expected to get 7-8" of snow at home!    UGH UGH UGH!     What oh what is happening to spring?    
Stopped in Dixon to visit Mark's Mom - she is doing well, but seems so different not having "Dad" here sitting in his chair and visiting.      "Mom" mentioned that she heard on the news that they may be firing "Puxatony Phil" out in Pennsylvania as he had predicted an "EARLY" spring!   HA!  Tomorrow "Mom" goes to Iowa City for more surgery - sending lots of prayers with her.
Next stop was at Bob (brother) and Linda's home.    It doesn't get much better than this (well....other than palm trees, 80 degrees and sunshine)!    But here we are nice and cozy.....
Roaring fire, glass of wine and a pretty bouquet of  daffodils

View outside on a snowy evening
Had good pizza and wine and fun catching up - a night to be indoors and out of the elements!

Friday - March 22

We were up and at'em early to finish packing and then Catrina was lifted out and settled in the boat yard at Sea Love on Ponce Inlet for the next 2 months.

Mark helping prepare Catrina for lift out
And there she goes....
We picked up our rental car and off we went to New Smyrna Beach to meet 2 couple friends from back home.   These folks do not know one another and live about 150 miles apart, but Mark and I realized a few years ago that they have grandsons who are best of friends back in IL.....very small world!!! 

Arnie and Faye, Mary Ann and Lou
Had a great lunch and so fun catching up with everyone - ate at The Grille at Riverside on the water.
Said our good byes with a promise to meet again next year.   And we were off to Lake Worth to see Philip and Annette.   Their friends, Jeff, Ryan, and darling girls, Taylor (21 months) and Maddie (6 months) were visiting from Houston for a few days.    Jeff and Ryan became engaged on Catrina a few years ago.......neat couple and now very neat family.
Jeff and Maddie; Ryan and Taylor
We enjoyed visiting and Grandma (me) cuddling sweet little happy Maddie.   We played 7 rounds of dominoes and then it was time to hit the road again as we had a few hours ahead of us and don't like driving in the dark.   So.....tonight we are in Florida City and had dinner at Applebees with Mark enjoying his favorite dessert (triple chocolate meltdown - also known as lava cake).   Tomorrow.....Key West, here we come and can't wait to see Ryan and the Blue Angels do their thing!!!

Just heard that Mark's Mom will be having more surgery for her melanoma on Monday, followed by reconstructive surgery, hopefully on Tuesday.

Thursday - March 21

On our way at 7:30     So nice to have both engines working good and able to cruise faster!

I read a bunch, packed up a few things, and enjoyed the sunshine, although only 61 out here on the water.   
We cruised 8 hours and 113 miles and tonight we're in Ponce Inlet (near Daytona Beach).   Lots of salt to wash off Catrina and then my Aunt Dee came aboard for a beer and good chat!    We walked to "Down the Hatch" for dinner - so fun catching up!    Said our good byes and hope to see her when we return in May,
Aunt Dee
Ponce Inlet Lighthouse - tallest in Florida
Tomorrow morning we are having Catrina lifted out and stored in the boatyard for 2 months.   But before we go home, we're taking a little car trip (415 miles) to Key West for the Southernmost Air Show and seeing Ryan and the Blue Angels in their first 2013 show and Ryan's debut as narrator.    Not sure what's going to happen with all the budget cuts, so since we were "in the area", decided "let's do it"!!!!      Planning to fly home Sunday.....

Wednesday - March 20

Hello from Vero Beach......tah dah!    On our way again with engines purring away!      Russ was here at 7:20 to do his thing, we did a test run and at 2:35, we were pulling away from Hinckley Boat Yard and saying bye bye to Stuart.
Happy Spring
 We keep getting asked "Why are you coming home" or "Don't be in any rush to get home"!     It was 18 this morning and overnight low of 12 coming!!!     Cold, windy, dreary stuff just hangs on and Mother Nature is not paying one bit of attention to the calendar!
It was really good to be back cruising....a 10-minute walk took us to the Riverside Cafe for delicious dinner - recommended by a dockhand!   Now settled in for the night with early morning departure planned and onto Daytona Beach!!!


Tuesday - March 19

Davis and his pal, Jinx
Our grandson is 11 years old today!!!
We arrived in Stuart and back on Catrina at 2:00.   Two technicians were working on the port engine(have been mistakenly calling them "mechanics"), but that's what they called themselves in Marathon, so......just so clueless about all this mechanical/technical jargon!
Today is the Feast of St. Joseph and Mark and I went to 8:30 Mass (Father had a great homily on St. Joseph AND also today is the inauguration of Pope Francis).     Mark ran errands, Philip had a dentist appointment and Annette had a doctor appointment.    I did laundry and finished packing up our stuff.   Philip took us back to Stuart, we had lunch at Manatee Island, said our goodbyes and soooo looking forward to returning in a few weeks for baby's arrival!!!!

So we are in Stuart tonight and hope to be on our way soon?   Philip will be using our truck for the next few months!   Went for a long walk outside the boat yard here at Hinckley - it is a beautiful evening and good to be back on Catrina.   We sooo enjoyed our time in Lake Worth with Philip and Annette - missing our games of dominoes tonight!!!

We did face time with the birthday boy - fun!

Monday - March 18

Diagnosis is in on Catrina.......the head gasket was not installed properly in Marathon one year ago and so.......getting some new nuts and bolts, reinstalling and the service manager says we'll be ready to go on Thursday morning.     And then we'll be dealing with the Marathon folks......stay tuned!!!!!!     AAARRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Did some laundry today, Mark ran a few errands, Annette and I got pedicures and then did a little shopping.    Mark, Annette and I played 3-handed euchre and after delicious "comfort" supper of meatloaf, garlic mashed potatoes, corn and salad, we played 2 games of dominoes with Mark and Annette, the winners.   It started raining around 5 and has been coming down all evening - great soaking rain!    Supposed to be in the 80's next several days.
Tomorrow....back to Stuart and stay on the boat while they put it back together!


St. Patrick's Day - 2013

Hope you all had a fun
St. Patrick's Day......
Annette prepared a delicious breakfast of French toast, bacon and sausage    We went to 9:30 Mass at St. Therese de Lisieux and had quite a celebration in honor of Pope Francis!    There were 11 spectacular large yellow/white (mostly roses) arrangements on the altar and as always, the music here is phenomenal!    With all our travels, this adult and also their youth choir (2 weeks ago) are by far, thee very best!!!
Went to the storage shed and got out some baby equipment, empty bins, etc., and ready to pack up a few more things and have everything ready for the little one coming soon!
Mark and I took a long walk and then he picked up a few things at Target.   Annette and I played RummiKube.
Ryan and the Blue Angels kicked off their 2013 season this weekend in ElCentro, CA after wrapping up 10 weeks of training.   Next weekend, they'll be in Key West.
Annette and Philip toured the maternity ward at the hospital tonight and then brought home pizza, followed by dominoes won by P and A.

Friday-Saturday, March 15-16

Friday - Philip went back to work today (5 straight days) after enjoying several days off.     Annette and I ran some errands and she bought a cute dress for shower next weekend.    Mark was out and about, too, getting supplies for the kitchen project
Latest update on Catrina is......................................possibly was installed wrong down in Marathon a year ago????   All of this nuts and bolts stuff has to very precise and a little bit off can cause problems, so.... Monday, we'll know for sure (or so they say)???
I went for a long walk in the afternoon - very pretty day and after delicious supper of stuffed salmon and salad, Mark, Annette and I played 3-handed euchre.  I lost big time!
Saturday - Philip was off to work and Mark, Annette and I drove to City Place in West Palm.   While Mark enjoyed a treat at Starbucks, Annette and I exchanged some baby clothes for bigger sizes at Macy's.    Then off to Stuart and another very good lunch at King Neptune.    Stopped by Catrina and picked up a few things and on home.

Annette and I played some RummiKube and Mark did some tax work.    Then we tackled the nursery and rearranged some of the furniture - we like this new set up better!!!!
  All we need is the baby!

Did face time with Michael and Davis out on Lake James - warmer there than here today!

Had yummy Bubba Burgers on the grill and then played 2 games of dominoes - we girls were the champs!   

Have a fun St. Paddy's Day!!!


Thursday - March 14

Beautiful clear blue skies today with a high of 70 and breezy.     Mark left early for Stuart and after talking to mechanics and head honchos, went to 7:30 Mass at St. Andrew.   Still NO diagnosis on Catrina.....so, we'll be hanging around into next week!   Been discussing our options of how much traveling we'll do with Catrina before going home, all the insurance issues (hurricane season is coming), etc., etc.    We have to be home by the 26th for dr. appointments and then Easter just a few days later.... 
I went to 8:30 Mass at St. Therese de Lisieux and after breakfast, Annette and I went to Buy Buy Baby (what a store), Bed, Bath and Beyond and Costco where we bought some fun summertime, colorful bowls, glasses, for their lanai.    Home with all our stuff and after putting groceries away, we and the guys went to Chris' Taverna for a delicious Greek lunch.    Annette and I sat around the pool and read (I took a little nap) and the guys worked more on their kitchen project.
The kids went to the pediatrician's office for a tour late this afternoon.   Coming down the home stretch till their little guy arrives!!!
Played 2 games of dominoes with Annette and me the winners!    Enjoyed some Tuxedo cake after the games!    Good stuff from Costco!

Tuesday - Wednesday, March 12-13

Had a fun day yesterday (Tuesday) with Barb and Roger visiting.    They drove 3 hours from Bonita Springs and we spent the day playing lots of dominoes (Mark won ALL 3 games), bean bag toss, eating and just chatting the day away.    Mark and Philip picked up some great Mexican fare for lunch and Annette prepared a delicious lasagna dinner with salad, bread, wine and topped off with
 key lime pie!   
Annette, Philip, Pat, Mark, Barb, Roger
Philip and Annette
Great Host and Hostess
 Mark's Mom's surgery was successful, but still waiting for pathology report which could take a week or more and then determine next step for treatment.
Mark, Philip and I enjoyed the hot tub for a little while before bedtime!
Wednesday - exercised and did some laundry.    Mark and Philip went to Lowe's and been working on a new bar/island area for kitchen!   Amazed and so proud of Philip's carpentry skills!!!
Philip and Mark doing their thing in the kitchen
Philip just chillin' in the pool at the end of the day
Annette and I took a short nap by the pool this afternoon.   She got a massage and I caught up with computer stuff and read.    Just heard the news.....
We have a new pope - Alleluia!!!
May God bless you with a long, healthy tenure as you lead Catholics around the world!
Enjoyed the hot tub and then a great dinner of leftovers!    Played dominoes with Philip and Annette, the winners!!!

Monday - March 11

Early start to the day as we were up and ready for the mechanic to arrive.   Russ came on board and did all kinds of testing and then we took her for a test drive.   Of course, it was not a quick fix, so....more tests needed (first have to get  special tool for the compression).     Mark met with Clint and Tony and went over things and they will be in touch when they know something?
Mark and I went to Pirate's Loft for lunch and then were on our way to Lake Worth.    Stopped for a few things at the Wellington mall and good to be back in our "2nd" Florida home.     Annette prepared wonderful dinner of corned beef and cabbage with potatoes and carrots!   Delish!    Played dominoes with Philip and Mark the winners.
Enjoyed the hot tub and did face time with Anne, Patrick, Liam and Connor.

Sunday - March 10

Gotta love this daylight savings time.....7:30 here and still light!   Yes!!!     Spring is getting closer...
Turned out to be a beautiful evening after a very cloudy day.    We went for a long walk this morning around the neighborhood.    I delivered the dinghy (all by myself) to the Hinckley Boat Yard (1/2 mile away) and Mark drove the truck there to meet me, so......ready for tomorrow.     Both of us came back to Catrina in the dinghy and then went for another long walk!
Around 5:30 we left Mariner Cay and moved Catrina to Hinckley.....all settled in this pretty night as the sun is setting.
Mark will talk with the mechanics in the morning then off to Lake Worth to spend a few days with Philip and Annette....bring on the dominoes, bean bag toss, pool/hot tub time, etc.

Saturday - March 9

More clouds than sun today.....we checked out the Harbor Bay area that was recommended by a store clerk downtown a few days ago.   I thought she said "Harborview" and we could not find, but Mark persevered (what a guy)!    It was definitely worth it as this area of shops in Sewall Point were wonderful - I had a great time looking at clothes, home decor, etc.    Mark hung out at Dunkin Donuts with his I-pad.

Back to Catrina and got the dinghy ready for a little jaunt around Mariner Cay - nice to view the homes from the water and all the boats - so many boats!    We had lunch at Manatee Island - another winner and felt so good sitting in the sunshine (much cooler out on the water).    Went for a long bike ride including Sandsprit Park and then "home" to change clothes and go to 4:00 Mass at St. Andrew.
Did face time with Michael and family while they were on their boat in Lake James - how neat was that?     They were cruising along in NC and we are here on our boat in FL!  
 Gotta love this technology!!!
Don't forget to move your clocks ahead tonight!

Friday - March 8

Beautiful day in Stuart - not a cloud in the sky and 72, breezy degrees!     After exercising and breakfast, we dug in with Mark tackling the outside of Catrina with a good scrubbing.   I took over the inside decluttering, cleaning out cabinets, drawers, etc.    We both feel much better that we have a nice clean boat inside and out!!!!    And then time to play again.......Stuart is only 15,000+ people and the downtown has that small town feel with all the cute shops, cafes, etc.; but it is connected to several other towns and when you are out and about, it's like a huge city with everything you could want!       Had another delicious lunch at Shrimpers.     Sooo many places to eat close by the marina.   Then off to Target, Total Wine and West Marine.
Back to Catrina for a bit and then put on our walking shoes and went for a long trek around the neighborhood - so many lovely homes (all on the water) and tomorrow, planning to take the dinghy and see view them from the other side!
Stuart is offering some fine entertainment.    Sunday night Johnny Mathis is coming to town - Mark tried to get tickets, but all sold out.    And Regis Philbin is coming the 16th, but we hope to be outta here by then?
Update on our eyes....Mark's is all cleared up and there's just a wee bit of red in mine, so.....we are
"almost" there!

Thursday - March 7

A nice morning on the water and then driving around and checking out this new area.     We moved Catrina from Sunset Bay this morning and are now at Mariner Cay - a very nice gated community with lovely homes and marina.    We plan to be here the next 4 nights before the mechanics take a look at Catrina's port engine Monday morning.    Mariner Cay is very close to Hinckley Boat Yard where we'll move to Monday.    Yesterday Mark rode his bike 6 miles to get the truck and move to Sunset Bay.    Today, he moved the truck and then took a taxi back to the boat before we were on our way
We had a late lunch at Pirate's Loft in Pirate's Cove - very good tuna/bacon wrap and fish 'n chips with Asian sauce - hmmmm!
Then we were off  - Port St. Lucie, Jensen Beach and Fort Pierce and Stuart.    We were back in Jensen Beach for 5:30 Mass at St. Martin de Porres and finally on "home"!
Here's photo taken last night from our table at Sailor's Return

Wednesday - March 6

We were up early and Annette fixed us delicious French toast and sausage.    Left at 7:30 for Stuart and watched as Catrina was launched with fresh bottom paint!    It was sunny and so pretty when we left Lake Worth, but cool and very cloudy in Stuart and then it started to rain!!!!!     We left for an anchorage and exercised and then got settled at Sunset Bay Marina .    We love this place and the restaurant (Sailor's Return).     Last time we were here was March 10, 2012 with Ryan, Philip and Annette.
Mark rode his bike back to the Stuart Yacht Yard to get truck and return here to Sunset Bay.   I walked downtown - about 1/2 mile.    This is a great town.......marina was finished in 2009 and then a great boardwalk from marina to downtown along the St. Lucie River makes for a nice walking/biking path.    Just a few years ago, there were many abandoned stores, but since we've been coming here (3 years), it has become one of our favorite places to boat, shop, eat, etc.    The downtown area is full of wonderful shops, coffee cafe, ice cream, and many restaurants.    The sun came out and it was a gorgeous day for strolling around.     Back to Catrina and so nice to have all the windows open and fresh breeze blowing thru.    
Had dinner at Sailor's Return - another favorite!!!!     Seafood chowder, beet salad, sea bass........
all wonderful!!!!!
The plan had been to leave Stuart today and head on up the east coast.   But we need to have our port engine checked.    At certain speeds, it is spurting anti-freeze; this is slowing us down and so, while here, we are having a mechanic check it out.   Unfortunately, they can't get to it till Monday.    Not a bad place to be "stuck".......we are just 45 minutes from Philip and Annette, we have the truck, etc., so will scope out the area and on Monday, planning to drive back to Lake Worth and spend a few more days with P and A.


Tuesday - March 5

Beautiful day in southeast FL and the warm sunshine felt so good after the chilly past few days!     We are sooo spoiled by this FL winter weather!     Mark took off for Stuart and the boat early.    Philip went to work, Annette had a doctor appointment and then we did some laundry.     Took some baby outfits back to Macy's for larger size and then we met Susie at First Watch for delicious lunch.

First Watch
So good to catch up with my good friend and former neighbor.    We came back to house and sat on the lanai and chatted away.  

Pat, Susie, Annette

  After Susie left, Annette and I went for massages....oh my!    This was an early Mother's Day Day gift for me and what a treat!!!
We had wonderful dinner at Pei Wei and then back for dominoes with Philip and Annette the winners!

Monday - March 4

It was 39 in Lake Worth this morning...burrrr.    Mark took off early for Stuart and was there when they lifted Catrina out of the water.    They will be doing sone fiberglass work and bottom paint.
I exercised and then Annette and I took off for Sunny Isles Beach to visit my cousin, Karen.    Today starts the 2nd week of her treatments - we enjoyed our visit and hope and pray for her recovery!     We left at 12:30 as it was time for she and Marvin to go for her 2:00 treatment.

Pat. Karen. Annette
Annette and I had lunch at great Thai place on Hollywood Beach and walked a bit....beautiful day, but cool.   

Mommy-to-be at the beach
Check out those BLUE skies

 We then drove to the Boca Raton Town Center for some retail therapy (this was all about Annette today......but of course, I was more than happy to tag along)!!!    Ha Ha...  We walked around this huge shopping center and then stopped at Green Wise (upscale version of Publix) for a few groceries for dinner.    

We played dominoes (I won.....so we each have won a game)!!!    Annette fixed a monster cookie (chocolate chip cookie baked in a skillet, topped with ice cream, hot fudge, whip cream and cherry......wowie kazowie!!!!)

Saturday-Sunday, March 2-3

HAPPY BIRTHDAY today to Mark's Mom.......may she have many more happy, healthy years!

The Birthday Girl - 87 years young!!!
To back track a bit.......Mark and I got Catrina delivered to the Stuart Yacht Yard yesterday after cruising from Clewiston (54 miles and 2 locks).   It was rough crossing Lake Okeechobee but then smooth sailing on the St. Lucie Canal.    Greg, a neighbor and head of  Stuart Yacht Yard and his wife gave Mark a ride to the car rental place.    We loaded up the car and then gave Catrina a good scrubbing and rinsing of all the dirt and salt.
These rowers followed us in Catrina's wake as we were coming into our last lock. 
Arrived in Lake Worth at 4:00 - so good to see the kids and talk "baby" talk!     We played dominoes (Mark was the winner) and they had a wonderful "birthday" dinner for me.....delicious ribs and shrimp all topped off with a "Tuxedo" cake - yummy!!!!   
My birthday cake 
   They gave me a darling pair of shoes with interchangeable wide straps!   And then Grandma and Grandpa just happened to have some special gifts for their baby-to-be Luke
Turtle clock for baby's nursery
Sunday.....Mark and Philip left early for Fort Myers to pick up our truck which was at the airport and turned in rental car.     They went to 9:15 Mass and then visited Sue and Jerry!   
Annette and I had a leisurely morning, sleeping in, breakfast and then 11:30 Mass.    They have the most phenomenal choir/band at their church (St. Therese de Lisieux) - wow!!!!    Came back home and changed clothes and off to Bedner's Farmers Market to get some goodies for dinner tonight.
Mark and Philip returned at 3:00.   Leisurely afternoon, but staying indoors - it's chilly and windy here today!    Delicious dinner of salmon, shrimp, asparagus, salad AND more of that scrumptious tuxedo cake.    Played 2 games of dominoes after dinner with Philip and Annette, the winners!
Tonight marks the 3rd anniversary of our accident in St. Pete - shoulder is doing fine!!!

Friday - March 1

Wow....March has arrived - 2013 is off and running!!!     We left at 6:40 this morning from downtown Fort Myers and the majority of the day was cool and cloudy - just a small bit of sunshine.    We cruised 70 miles in 8.5 hours and went thru 3 locks on the Caloosahatchee River.
We arrived in Clewiston at 3:00 and Little Man was here waiting to greet us and help dock Catrina   This "Little Man" as everyone calls him has been a fixture at the Roland and Maryann Martin Marina for years and boaters are all familiar with him.   He's funny and small (little man) but is there ready and willing to help with whatever!!!    We remember this place so well from one year ago - March 9th when we were passing thru.    Maryann is the buyer for the ship's store and this marina in Clewiston has to be thee best ever for wonderful women's clothing, shoes, etc.    I sure had fun shopping AGAIN.....and helping this FL economy!
We went to the Tiki Bar and Grill here at the marina - always good food and tonight we had excellent fish chowder,  shrimp and swai fish tacos (new fish for us but delicious).    Good to be hunkered down this chilly night on Catrina.    Supposed to be in the 40's overnight and 60's' the next few days!
While we were on the water today "Gotta Smile" passed us.     Mark first met Brian and Jackie in Green Turtle Bay on Kentucky Lake in 2010.   And then we saw them this past summer in Portsmouth, VA.    Mark and Brian had a nice chat over the VHF radio.    They are from Minnesota.

I'm starting to see the whites of my eyes again....slowly the redness is going away.    Meant to mention that our FL eye doctor had asked if we took aspirin....."Yes, always took 1 baby aspirin a day, but in October, switched to one every other day as our Dr. felt that was sufficient."    Well....supposedly the latest findings are showing that aspirin could be causing broken blood vessels in the eye????    Hmmm....    She had us discontinue the aspirin till this all clears up.....so, do we go back on it for our hearts or avoid cause this could be the culprit of the red eyes????    What to do what to do???    Mark has appointment with his eye doctor at home for the end of March to check his floater.
Tomorrow we cross Lake Okeechobee to Stuart and so looking forward to spending some time with Philip and Annette while Catrina has some maintenance done.
In honor of Dr. Seuss'  109th birthday.tomorrow
Liam, Connor and classmates wore silly hats related to his wonderful stories!