Saturday - September 29/

Great fall day - cleaned out kitchen cupboards and family room.   The county had its first hazardous waste materials drop off in 5 years, so Mark took a bunch of stuff - long lines, but got rid of someold paint and other cans of this 'n that
Rode bikes on the trail.    Went to our friend, Jeff's visitation and then to Katherine's 30th birthday party (she is Paul and Kathy's daughter) and we visit her when we are in Virginia Beach.
Geat party!
Beautiful fall color in our neighborhood
I'm going to stop the daily blogging while we're home (probably tired of hearing about fall cleaning, bike rides, etc.) ?
Will update once a week or so...

Friday - September 28

Wow....another lovely fall day -a bit nippy, but sunny and clear!     I tackled the living/dining rooms and Mark did Daisy and other outside jobs.    Went for our daily bike ride and stopped at the Coffee Hound for coffee (1 iced, 1 hot and 1 brownie for Mark) and on home!    These rides are becoming a much looked-forward-to daily event.

So sorry to hear today that our long-time boating friend, Jeff passed away - much too early from cancer at age 61.    Jeff's daughter, Lacey (now a doctor) and Ryan are the same age.    Sooo many  memories of when they were small and our families had lots of fun times on the water!   
Had dinner with the Mid Illini (boating) friends at Fiesta Ranchera - fun to see these folks after the long, hot summer and catch up!

Thursday - September 27

Beautiful day......after being Nomads for almost 3 months, both of us are happy to be home and cleaning, sorting, pitching, organizing,etc......Daisy, house, garage, yard, etc.    I finished the upstairs and now moving on down....Mark has Daisy sparkling and not looking at all like the 6 years she will soon be on 10/10.

Took a long bike ride on the trail and then to Swinger's for appetizers/drinks (special 1/2 price and soo good) with Pat, Brenda, Sue and Jerry ++++ enjoyed Patrick entertaining us with his keyboard, guitar and voice!!  Big crowd and good time!

Ryan is in Hawaii and traveling with the Blue Angels.    He's busy, but finding it all very interesting and fun!!!

Wednesday - September 26

Dreary day - cool and cloudy!   I went to 8:15 Mass and then Margie and I had breakfast at Kelly's - my caramel apple muffin was scrumpt-dillyicious!!!    So fun to catch up with Margie and then on home.    I had lunch with Exchange Club and we went for a bike ride in the afternoon (sun came out just a little bit). 
Sorry to hear that Andy Williams passed away....always thought we would get to Branson to see him, but didn't happen!    We did see him in a Christmas concert many years ago - they turned off all the lights and then there he was on stage in his Christmas sweater with all the lights going off and on (on the sweater) and he's singing "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year"...really neat!
Anne told us tonight that Liam and Connor were asked to join a hockey team?   Our little guys are growing up!!!

Tuesday - September 25

Woke up to rain and continued off and on this morning......I was slavin' away cleaning upstairs and packing away some summer clothes and getting fall/winter things out!    Mark spent a big chunk of the day at kitchen table with lots of paper work dealing with all the Medicare stuff - big birthday coming up for him soon!
After lunch we went for bike ride, stopped at Jewel for few groceries and on home.    Sun tried coming out later in the afternoon and warmed up - only in the low 70's.   Anne, Patrick and boys came for supper - bar-b-qued ribs and all the trimmings and nice to be able to eat on the porch - those picnic suppers are winding down for the season!
Patrick and his boys playing some backyard football

Monday - September 24

Another winner in the weather department - Mark and I exercised, then had breakfast with the neighbors and fun to catch up.    Came home and Mark waxed Daisy and I started in with the fall cleaning.....digging in starting with bedrooms and moving furniture and settling the dust!
We  went for a bike ride in the afternoon and then gave blood at the Red Cross.    I met the Monday Night Friends at Avanti's for supper and great to be with this bunch - planning our Christmas gathering!    Holidays are just around the corner!

Sunday - September 23

Today can be summed up in one word - GORGEOUS!!!!    We went to 8:00 Mass, then to Bob Evans for breakfast, Farm and Fleet and Wal-Mart.
Enjoyed a long bike ride on the Constitution Trail - love this biking/walking path and sooo pleasant to be out and about.  Stopped at the Coffee House for a treat and back home    Had chili and cornbread - great comfort food for early fall!
Here's to a happy, safe week for all

Saturday - September 22

This first day of fall was bright and sunny, but very windy and only in the 50's!!!   Tonight it's to get down to 35 with a possible frost warning!!!
Had a fun day with the boys starting with Grandpa taking them to Dunkin Donuts (no Tim Horton's here - boo hoo)!!!    They ran a few errands.     Mark and I exercised, I did some laundry and then we went to Swim America for their lessons.    Gosh this place brought back memories as Ryan took lessons here 20+ years ago!
Had lunch at Steak 'n Shake, ran a few errands and then went to the roller skating rink where Grandpa and the boys spent about 1.5 hours going 'round and 'round (something Mark did a lot growing up).  Grandma decided she wanted to keep arms and legs intact, so watched them for a bit and read.
Connor and I played Sorry, the boys rode bikes and Anne came for supper (Patrick stopped in to see the boys on his way to a gig).    Everyone has now day!
The guys in their moose shirts from Newfoundland off for donuts
Liam, Kayleigh Anne (granddaughter of our neighbor, Marty) and Connor
Having a refreshing drink after all that skating

Friday - September 21

36 years ago today, we became parents of a bouncing baby boy, Philip John and now he's waiting to become a first-time Dad......

The Birthday Boy playing dominoes on Catrina this past 1/14/12 wearing headphones to he didn't have to listen to all the "whining" from the rest of us!!!   Ha!
Mark and I left at 8 for a day of visiting family starting with his parents along with delicious lunch of soup, sandwiches and peach pie.     Then to Mendota to catch up with my sisters-in-law, Linda and Vicki and finally to the Lutheran Home to see my cousin, Jim!   Good seeing everyone on this cool rainy Friday!!!    Saw a beautiful rainbow on our way home - very vivid colors!
Back home and picked up Liam and Connor who are spending the night and tomorrow with us.

Thursday - September 20

These last few days of summer definitely feel like fall!     We exercised and Mark gave Daisy a good scrubbing.    I put more stuff away and continued with the laundry.   Little by little and bit by bit, we are getting our stuff back where it needs to be!!!
 We met with Darin, our landscaper at 1:00 and signed on the dotted line for new landscaping to be put in starting October 1st.    They'll be taking out all the bushes, shrubs, overgrown stuff that's been there 30+ years and the rock and replacing with a brand new, fresh look.   Can't wait.   Been working with Darin since June and plans are finally in place!!!   I ran some errands and enjoyed browsing around our bigger and better Target which added a big grocery section while we were gone this summer - nice!!
Settled in with our laptops and Nooks tonight!    Tomorrow off to visit family up north!

Wednesday - September 19

Fourteen years ago (9/19/98) we were celebrating at Michael and Brooke's wedding in
 North Carolina....

Happy Anniversary, Kiddos!
Beautiful fallish day - sunny, breezy and cool.   More unloading of stuff from Daisy and putting away and tackling the laundry.    I had lunch with Exchange Club and then we enjoyed watching Liam and Connor's hockey practice!
Budding hockey stars
A few facts about our summer travels in the northeast....from the time we left home June 27th, Mark drove Daisy 8,000 miles and we visited 5 provinces and 19 states until our return on September 18.
We spent 80 nights on Daisy and 2 nights in a hotel (Labrador and Nantucket).    We were on 10 ferry rides and as many times as I used "Quaint" and "Charming" to describe something, I just can't think of better words for so much of what we saw!    
Top eating favorites would be:
Best ice cream - COWS in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island
Best Chocolate - Newfoundland chocolates
Best Donuts - Tim Horton's (will never forget that even at 3:00 in the afternoon, there were long lines in the drive-thru)
Thanks for following along with us...

Tuesday - September 18

HOME   - yes, yes, yes    we are HOME and it looks and feels so good!    Windy drive today (155 miles) and started out misty rain (after plenty of rain all day yesterday and last night), but then the sun came out and oh-so-pretty and fresh with temp just reaching 60.    So, arrived at 11:30 (nice to gain that hour back), started unloading Toad and Daisy and visited with Marty (neighbor).
Patrick and the boys stopped by after school – sooo good to see them.    Got a lot put away, but there’s always tomorrow and the next day!!!!
Anne and Patrick invited us for delicious marinated chicken breasts, cole slaw and deviled eggs – sure appreciated that and fun to catch up!
I’ll do a wrap up of our trip soon as we get it all together!   

Monday - September 17

We are in the Wal-Mart parking lot in Brownsburg, Indiana tonight.    Traveled 360 miles today (big day for us) and drove thru some heavy rain!    More is coming tonight!     Stopped in Georgetown, Kentucky at Cracker Barrel for late breakfast.    Got a good supply of groceries here at Wal-Mart, so we'll be all set once we get home!
Anne is doing well with her "new" eyes!!!
We are both so ready to be home and back with family and friends (Liam and Connor....see you very soon), and all the fun "stuff" of fall....good comfort food (ready to get back in the kitchen....know this is a shocker) mums, pumpkins, fall decorations, hot cider, trees erupting in brilliant color and on and on....

Home Sweet Home - were almost there! 

Sunday - September 16

Hi all.....we are back traveling after a GREAT weekend in NC at Lake James!     The Fox Inn Campground is our home tonight as it was waaaay back on June 28th (our anniversary) when we started all this travel with Liam and Connor.    Soon as we drove in, we remembered the pool and how good it felt as it was soooo HOT!
So, to back track....
Friday afternoon we met Michael, Davis and Brady in Conover - the boys came aboard Daisy and we left for Lake James and met Brooke.    Michael went to Drew's soccer game.    Beautiful evening on the water and their new lake home is wonderful!   We all took off in the boat (also, friends - Thad, Amy, Katie and Lindsey) and had dinner on the patio at "The Marina".   It was sooo pleasant sitting there listening to the music and catching up over great drinks and food.
Saturday was picture perfect - sunny and low 80's.   Michael, Brooke, Brady and I went for a walk in the neighborhood and then back to house to pack a picnic lunch and off in the boat we went.    Drew and Davis rode in the tube and it was a great day on the water.    Had planned to go out for dinner, but just decided to stay "home" and built a big bonfire and enjoyed the end to a super day...
 (last weekend of summer)
Drew and Davis could ride the tube FOREVER....just like their Dad used to do!!!
Our NC boys...
Drew, Davis and Brady
All lined up on the dock
Grandpa chillin' by the fire
 Brady spent Friday and Saturday nights on Daisy....woke up to a rainy Sunday.   We all went to 11:00 Mass at Our Lady of the Angels in Marion and then to "Moondoggy's" for fun lunch at a 50's diner.   Mark and Davis finished the fort they started building yesterday in the woods - even has a doggie door for Jinx, the dog!  
Moondoggy's Diner in Marion, NC
The fort
Said our good-byes (I hate good-byes) - not sure when we'll see these little folks again???   We were "back on the road" at 2:30 and here we are in Clinton, TN.

Fall color in North Carolina

Thursday - September 13

Beautiful day for driving thru beautiful Virginia.....left around 9, stopped at The Pink Cadillac Diner for lunch (3 rooms full of Elvis paraphernalia).     Arrived in Salem at 2:00, got Daisy settled at the Dixie Caverns Campground and we took Toad to run some errands......a manicure for me, a haircut for Mark, a quick stop at Kroger.   

Good lunch spot in
Natural Bridge, Virginia

My cousin Clarine and husband Bert live in Roanoke and we've always our enjoyed our previous (4) visits with them when we are in this area.    Had dinner with them at their lovely new home along with their daughter, Karli and boyfriend, Will.    So much fun catching up!!!
Will, Karli, Bert, Clarine
Tomorrow we are off to see the NC grandsons - we'll meet Michael at 3 to pick up Brady and Davis; he's going to Drew's soccer game and then onto Lake James where Brooke will be!   Can't wait.   Be back on the blog in a few days....

Wednesday - September 12

Love these cool mornings and evenings with warm sunshine in between!    I-81 has some really "rough" roads and sooo many semi trucks.   We came upon a bad accident - semi was lying on its side - the trailer had opened and beer kegs and cartons spilled onto grass.     Hope and pray the driver is ok, but did not look good.    The scenery thru Pennsylvania is beautiful with so many rolling hills and farm country!
We stopped in Carlisle, PA (home of the big auto shows, swap meets, etc.) - I got a pedicure, Mark went to Target and then we had lunch at Cracker Barrel.    Most of the day we were in PA, 10 miles in MD and then to Falling Waters, WV for the night.   Arrived here at 3, exercised, walked around the park and just enjoyed another pretty, clear, cool evening.
Very happy and very thankful to report that all the surgeries this week were successful!    Next up is our Anne who is having Lasik surgery this Friday......bye bye to 25+ years of contacts!!!

Tomorrow we are off to Roanoke, VA for visit with my cousin, Clarine and family!    And then to NC for a fun weekend with Michael, Brooke, Drew, Davis and Brady!  

Tuesday - September 11

 Thoughts and prayers for those who died 11 years ago today….God bless them and their families.   
  We woke up to 41 degrees and frost on the picnic table this morning….yikes – it’s time to head south!   Mark fixed Maine blueberry pancakes with Vermont maple syrup – YUMMY!     
We left Woodford around 9:30 – a spectacular day for driving thru spectacular scenery in western Vermont and then eastern New York – oh my!   
Pretty farm in New York
The temp did warm up to 71.   Beautiful landscape in these parts – upstate NY is so so awesome.   Stopped at Bennington Pottery which has been around for a long time – really neat stuff!    We had lunch at The Farmhouse at Emmons in Oneonta, NY – excellent food in a neat old farmhouse.  
Good spot for lunch
Yesterday I talked about things I really like and appreciate in these small towns (food-wise), but so much more like the beautiful old churches, homes, inns and B and B’s some dating back to the 1600-1700’s.    And then all that old, quaint architecture, the flowers blooming, the flags waving, etc.    Of course, if a town is on the water, that's even more special (Mark will agree with his one)!  There are many “Norman Rockwell” scenes here in the northeast.
We drove 220 miles thru very scenic country and arrived at the Lackawanna State Park, 10 miles north of Scranton, PA around 4:00.   It was lovely and so peaceful as we walked 2.5 miles seeing signs that summer is winding down....the pool has been drained, no tents or campfires and few RV's.    Weekends will be busy, but nothing like the good ole summertime.    This fresh air, quietness and fall nip can't be beat - I love this time of year AND these wonderful state parks!
Lake Lackawanna

Monday - September 10

Woke up to clear, beautiful skies and Mark telling me "Let's go to Vermont"!!!!   Well, what the heck, why not?   As he pointed out, these northeastern states are so close to one another and we would just duck into the southwest corner of Vermont and tah dah....cross off another state for Daisy and pick up some yummy maple syrup!    But first things first.....exercised, went for a bike ride (love this Rocky Neck Park) and then left around 10:45.   And along the way, the temps dropped and the clouds moved in.
Drove thru CT and MA and into the Berkshires - beautiful area and they are to MA as the Catskills are to NY and the Poconos to PA.   
Pretty scenery along the way
Waterfall at Mill Pond here at the campground
We stopped in Bennington, VT - pretty little town of 10,000+.  After checking out soo many small towns this summer, I now have certain criteria that I judge whether it's a good one or so-so.    HA!    Although clothing and gift shops are fun, a neat coffee shop, bookstore, bakery, ice cream and candy/chocolate shop are high on my list and Bennington passed all of these with high marks!!!  
We drove on a bit further to Woodford, Vermont and are staying tonight at the Greenwood Lodge and Campsites on Prospect Mountain, a popular cross-country ski area.  The sun came out and we went for a long walk up some steep hills - whew!!!   The Green Mountains of Vermont are so pretty and can only imagine how spectacular the fall colors will be in a few more weeks.
Today Ryan started his new career as a Blue Angel and the traveling begins!    In the next several weeks he will be in Oceana, VA, Grand Junction, CO, Honolulu, San Francisco, Miramar, CA, Jacksonville Beach, FL, Houston and Pensacola.    He bought a house this past week - Mark and I will help settle him in later this fall!

Sunday - September 9

Hello from Niantic, Connecticut.    Had a very enjoyable day on the Long Island Sound and these neat, old, very charming seaports.
We went to 8:00 Mass at Jesus Saviour and found out it was in Portuguese (the readings and music), and Father was visiting from India, so he gave the blessing in Hindi.    The choir was wonderful (didn't know what they were singing, but beautiful voices and music)!   Came out of church and it was raining, but skies soon cleared.
   I had read about Ma's Donuts in Middletown, RI and how popular they are, etc.     The owner named it after his wife many years ago (Estelle died in 1997).    Along with a big variety of donuts, on Sundays they make Malasadas (round piece of fried dough dipped in sugar and served hot - delish!!!)    Brought our treats back to Daisy, enjoyed and then left.    Stopped in Mystic Seaport, CT - old quaint town that was celebrating "Taste of Mystic" this weekend - very happening place.   Years ago when we started boating, we would get the catalog from Mystic Seaport and so much neat stuff for boats.   Always thought I wanted to go there someday, and it was a fun place to explore on a lovely Sunday in September, 2012.     In 1988, Julia Roberts starred in a movie "Mystic Pizza" and a big part was filmed in Mystic and around the area - we passed the restaurant today.
Off to East Lyme/Niantic area where we settled Daisy at the Rocky Neck National Park - beautiful park that is huge and has access to the beach.   We drove to Old Lyme and the Sound Beach and then to Old Saybrook - very neat old town with lovely homes.    Had great lunch on the water at "Fresh Salt" - wedding was there this afternoon - what a pretty setting.   Old Saybrook is the town where Katherine Hepburn grew up and her home (which we could see from a distance across the water) is on the market for $10m.    It was her parents home and Spencer Tracy died there.
Back to Rocky Neck and drove to the beach and walked on the boardwalk on Long Island Sound - sooo pretty.   We saw 3 deer crossing the road in front of us.  This is a lovely area....
Mark was checking over notes and records on travels with Daisy - she has now been in 41 states!    The only ones remaining are:  Oregon, Colorado, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Vermont and Hawaii.     And she has been in 9 Canadian provinces.  She is a well-seasoned traveler!
Need lots of prayers this week for those facing surgery;    My friend, Sue tomorrow; Aunt Marian on Tuesday and Mark's Mom on Wednesday.    Also, for our brother-in-law who has some serious health issues.'s to "THE POWER of PRAYER"!!!  
 Have a great week - stay safe, healthy and happy!

Saturday - September

Newport, Rhode Island......I love this town!!!!    Today was our 4th time to visit and it just keeps getting better!     Lots of good memories including back to 2000 when Mark, Ryan and I were delivering Philip's boat, "Terraphobic" (fear of land) from Boston to Baltimore.
Started the day leaving Dennisport around 8:15 and headed to New Bedford, MA where we toured the whaling museum (New Bedford was the whaling capital of the world) and still a big fishing port.   Walked around the downtown historic district checking a few shops and had some good coffee/latte at The Celtic Coffee House - neat old building converted into coffee shop!!!    And then off to Middletown, Rhode Island where we parked Daisy at the Meadowlark RV Park.    Took off for Newport which is just a few miles away.....had a great lunch on the water at 22 B's on Bowen's Wharf.   It was a warm, sunny, very windy day and lots of folks were out and about.   Bummer we weren't here one weekend later as the Newport Sail and Power Boat Show (one of the biggest in the country) is happening - Mark would've loved that.
So after lunch, we parted ways....Mark off to check boats and a "few" shops and I was in my glory as Newport is full of neat everything imaginable shops!!!     Got a few gifts and then back to Daisy and just enjoying a nice quiet late afternoon/evening reading and doing computer stuff!
Can't believe that by 7:00, it's starting to get dark!     Fall is coming very soon....but weather sure feels like summer!

Thursday-Friday, September 6 and 7

We are back from Nantucket.....both of us absolutely loved this charming, upscale, quaint island!      Took the ferry yesterday morning and rented a car (would've been $200 each way to take Toad) - parking is at a premium so they really don't want more cars coming.    Most folks travel alone or bring their bikes.     Rental car was $60 for 24 hours.    We drove around the island (also looking for a place to stay).   The inns and B and B's do very little advertising as far as a sign out front.     Although some places were full, there were plenty of vacancies (after Labor Day).    We had a lovely room at The Verandah House which part of it dates back to the 1600's.   It was recently renovated to be retro-chic.   Along with all the amenities, we had a lovely view of the water.   Checked in and then drove to Sconset (little town on Nantucket) and had a wonderful lunch at Cliffside!   
I browsed the shops in the afternoon - plenty to check out up and down every alley, narrow brick or cobblestone street, etc.    But soooo pricey!     We had yummy chocolate chip cookies and coffee/tea in late afternoon.     We walked to town (just a few blocks from all the shops/restaurants) and had mussels for the very first time (and they were Prince Edward Island mussels)!     We didn't think we would like them and just had no desire to try, but our waitress last night at the Club Car (old train car) explained how delicious they were (one of their specialties) served with a Thai sauce, so we thought...."why not"?    They were very tasty and we would definitely try again!    Walked around the town - just so peaceful and a beautiful evening!
Started Friday off with a 3-course Continental breakfast....assorted pastries, fresh pineapple/slices with kiwi and blueberry sauce around edge of plate and Mark had granola and I had a raspberry yogurt crepe.    We drove to Bartlett's Farm, huge area out in the country where they grow all the produce and have livestock.     The upscale grocery was fun to browse (along with gorgeous flower bouquets which they grow, too).    We stopped at Cisco Beach - beautiful and totally deserted!    This has a lovely residential area nearby.     We turned in the rental car, had some yummy sandwiches (and bought some doughnut muffins for breakfast) at Provisions.     Brought the ferry back (1 hour trip) to Hyannis and drove 10 miles to Dennisport.     It was in the low 80's today.....exercised late this afternoon, cleaned and organized Toad, did 3 loads of laundry and walked to the beach - probably our last time to see the ocean on this trip!  
So.....if you've never been, put Nantucket on your "bucket list".    All the homes are covered in cedar siding and the salt air gives them the grey color.    From the tiny little cottages to the huge mansions on the sea and all those lovely homes in between.....just makes for such a neat, natural look all around!    Their beaches are so pristine!   The flowers are abundant in flower boxes and the gardens.    There are no chains but a big variety of shopping and eateries to choose from!    We fell in love with this lovely part of the east coast and hope to visit again someday!
The Verandah House
Down a narrow street
Cisco Beach
A Nantucket home
And of course, the flowers....

Wednesday - September 5

It rained all night long....we were off in Toad around 7:20 and it was drizzly.   We stopped at Dunkin Donuts for donuts/coffee to go and took off for the Kancamagus Highway.    It was about a 30 mile drive to get there and the higher we went in elevation, the foggier and rain came off and on.    The town of Lincoln, NH is full of resorts - beautiful places to hang out during the peak fall season or winter time skiing.    Although the fall colors are just starting, we could only imagine the beauty when it is in full explosion of vibrant reds, oranges and golds.    What a pretty drive.....we'll add this trip to our bucket list to come back sometime in October.    The mountains and all the - would be truly spectacular.    Originally we had planned to drive this 37 miles and then take the Cog Railway to the top of Mount Washington in the White Mountains...but would not have seen much today!   We drove about 14 miles on the "Kanc" as the locals call it and turned around as visibility was getting worse.    Here are a few scenic spots...
A fellow RVer who has a blog and has traveled extensively around the country listed his favorite places (north, south, east and west) to view the fall colors.  
North.....Bayfield, Wisconsin
South....Chattanooga, Tennessee
East....Maine Coast
West....Oregon Coast
We came back to the campground, hooked up Daisy and left for Cape Cod (185 miles).    Had some nice bright sunshine for several miles.  Stopped in Hingham, MA for lunch at B. Good (Brooke has a good friend with that name).   Really good burgers!   We arrived at Dennisport around 2:30 (drove thru lots of rain after lunch).   Neat old town that has many small homes and cottages with cedar shake siding like this...
We are at Campers Haven RV Resort on the Atlantic which looks angry today!    Rained very hard late afternoon into the evening (no exercising today)!
We are staying here 3 days and tomorrow morning we'll take the ferry (just us) to Nantucket and be back Friday evening.    I'll update the blog after we return!    

Tuesday - September 4

Rain, rain and more rain and a high of 64.   It started sprinkling when we were leaving the campground this morning (just Toad and us) around 9ish.   And then it came heavier and heavier as we drove to Ogunquit (my friend, Patty's daughter, Lisa used to live in New Hampshire and said this was a neat town near the border).    We started off by sharing a blueberry scone (trying to get as many Maine blueberry treats in as possible) along with our coffee and tea at "The Backyard"  Then I took off for the shops - very nice little town and crowds were definitely down (maybe cause of the rain, but also it's after Labor Day).    We were there about 2 hours and then back to Kennebunkport.....this town is just sooo neat!
We drove out Ocean Drive past spectacular homes (must've been 10,000+ square feet....maybe 15,0000 - looked like hotels).    And then we were at Walker Point where George and Barbara Bush have their summer home.    This Bush Compound has been in the family for over a century and has several other homes on the point with the biggie at the tip.    They have s security booth at start of driveway  Here's photo I took.  It was raining, foggy and with the rocky  coastline....this is "so Maine"!!!

The Bush summer home
in Kennebunkport
Rocky coastline of Maine
at Walker Point
Came back to Salty Acres and got Daisy and off we went as the rained kept coming down.    We drove around 120 miles to New Hampton, New Hampshire.    Lisa also suggested we drive the Kancamagus Highway (37 miles of beauty). would not have been very pretty with the rain.    We are at the Twin Tamarack Campground and it is probably the prettiest setting Daisy has been in since we started this trip.     Surrounded by trees with a brooke running behind us.    Hopefully tomorrow I can get some pictures.
The plan is to take Toad on that pretty drive north of here but 90% chance of rain tomorrow?    Wonder if this is Isaac's leftovers???
We had soup and BLT's for supper!    Feels good to hunker down in Daisy tonight as the rain continues to fall...!
Our boys have arrived safely in Pensacola!!!

Monday - September 3

Labor Day 2012 - beautiful sunshine and low 70's made for more great shopping.    You are probably wondering (especially the guys) "How can she possibly shop so much"?    Not a problem.....and although I've bought things to help the Maine economy (and tackling my Christmas list), there's a lot of browsing, too.   Mark is so good about stopping and he walks down by the water, checks out the boats, stops by a bookstore or other guy place (hardware store), reads, etc.    He's the best!!!!
Along the way today...
 We stopped at Miss Wiscasset Diner on the outskirts of Wiscasset for breakfast.
The sign says it all!
 I had blueberry pancakes and Mark had an "egg in a hole" - egg fried in middle of piece of bread which had been cut out, along with sausage and potatoes.   We were both happy campers when we left!    Off to Freeport, home of L. L. Bean.    Neat little town but hard to find a spot to park Daisy.    Ended up in the high school parking lot (schools start tomorrow) and walked a few blocks.    Along with several buildings for L.L. Bean which all smell like fresh pine, Freeeport has several outlet stores and a bunch are in their own separate building with neat architecture.   Enjoyed strolling around here.
In 1982 McDonalds wanted to purchase an old historic home, tear down and build a restaurant....well, the zoning commision said "NO way" and residents were up in arms... so McDonalds remodeled the old home and it is now in a very prime location and doing well even occasinally serving lobster rolls or blueberry milkshakes.
Side view of McDonalds in Freeport, Maine on  9/3/12
and then how it looks in the wintertime....
pretty impressive, eh???
We left Freeport and drove to Portland - whoaaa...back in the big city (66,000) and after stopping at Whole Foods, we parked Daisy in a church lot and took Toad to Old Port (historic area of Portland down by the water).    It was very quaint.....some touristy stuff, but overall....many others that were just "my kind of shop".     They even had a store called "Nomads".   I was in one shop and "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" came on.....yikes, its only September 3rd!!!  Spent a few hours in Old Port and then moved on.
  Highway 1 in Maine is just one little town after another and not that far apart.    You could easily spend weeks up here if you wanted to visit each or get out and explore the countryside.    We remember talking to the RV guy from Arizona (only other person we've seen exercising).    He and his wife had just spent 5 weeks in Maine and now on their way to the maritime provinces.   Maine has so many beautiful old inns and B and B's, pottery shops, antiques, flowers, and the roadside stands now have their pumpkins, mums, etc., on display big time!
From Portland we drove 30 miles to the Salty Acres Campground, 4 miles northeast of Kennebunkport.   We settled Daisy in, exercised (too chilly this morning), cleaned up and drove into the very upscale, beautiful town of Kennebunkport.     Of course, sooo many shops, restaurants, etc.......all new stuff to explore and check out!    We had a wonderful dinner at Alisson's (Mark had the lobster and I went for a peach salsa burger - one of their signature dishes with deviled egg potato salad).
Nothing quite like fresh Maine lobster
   After so much seafood for weeks, a burger sounded good and it was a winner as was my bluetini (blueberry martini with 5 floating blueberries).    We drove around and saw sooo many enormous, old, gorgeous homes (lots of red, white and blue flying today), huge yachts, and just $$$$ signs wherever we looked!    Going back tomorrow as shops were closing around 5ish.
Although a lot of tourists come to New England in the fall, their really busy season is summer.   After Labor Day, traffic and the occupancy at inns, motels and campgrounds slows down, shorter hours for shops, etc., we were told! 
One more thing about Maine (love this state)....they've come up with clever names for some of their businesses...
"Mainly Meat on Main"
"Mainly Music"
"The Maine Grind"
and their sales tax is only 5% versus 15% in Canada!
Dunkin Donuts are everywhere, too (headquartered in Boston), but have not seen a Tim Horton's since we arrived back in Maine.....there are some in the states, so maybe one final "Tim fix" coming up?
Enough rambling from's our  IL grandsons enjoying the Labor Day parade.   Hope you all had a great holiday!
Connor and Liam - proud little Americans!!!

Sunday - September 2

Sunday started out beautiful - blue skies and 60ish.    Hooked Toad up to Daisy and we were off to Ellsworth for 8:00 Mass at St. Joseph.    Had breakfast (those blueberries were awesome) and then the clouds came on strong???  Came down Highway 1 along the coast and the heavens opened up big time?    What the heck - today was supposed to be a carbon copy of yesterday?    Wrong,.... it rained and rained.   We passed thru several little towns and would've stopped in Camden (very neat with lots of people walking in the rain ducking in and out of shops) and men walking around in period costume.   Traffic was backed up big time and trying to find a parking place for Daisy......not gonna happen.    So, we kept on going to our destination of the Shore Hills Campground in Boothbay, checked in and took off for Boothbay Harbor.

The rain stopped just before arriving at the campground (102 miles), but temp was only 59.    Boothbay Harbor is such a charming little town - lots of people but not as crowded as Bar Harbor.   We started off with a fantastic lunch at McSeagull's (I had a Bloody Mary and haddock Reuben - deeeelish.    Mark had the fish and chips).    Off to check out the shops and had so much fun - not as many touristy ones, but very nice gift, home decor and clothing.   

Boats at  Boothbay Harbor 
Back to Daisy around 4:00 - sun came out at 5:00 and it was a beautiful evening for a walk around the park!    LOTS of folks here from all around the country and lots of campfires going......definitely a nip in the air!

Our traveling pilots are in Houston tonight!
Hope you have a fun, relaxing, safe Labor Day

Saturday - September 1

Welcome September and definitely feels like fall up here in beautiful Maine.    We drove into Ellsworth this morning and rode our bikes 9 miles on the Sunrise Trail (actually goes 85 miles to Calais).    Talked to a couple from Portland area who are doing about 30 miles per day this weekend, stopping at B and B's the next 2 nights - what fun!   But we nomads are no where near 30 miles!!!   Whew!  
My biking buddy taking a break along the trail
Deep blue skies and mid 70's
Came back into Ellsworth and had blueberry pie alamode for our lunch at the Riverside Cafe that was absolutely scrumptious!!!!   This was Mark's idea - his very favorite pie has always been blueberry!    And of course, I was right there with him enjoying every last little bite!

Oink Oink
This is Blueberry Land and everything imaginable is related to blueberries or lobster!    You can buy all kinds of clothing, jams, jellies, coffees, teas, chocolates, ice cream, pie and many other desserts, kitchen towels, potholders, soap and on and on....
Blueberries are very healthy and one of the best food items you can eat.....not sure where  pie ranks in the "health" category, but boy-oh-boy,  sooo yummy!   The berries up here are much smaller than we're used to from Michigan.
 Maine is the only state in the country to grow their berries in low-to-the-ground bushes.
BERRY tasty!
Mark read and I walked around Ellsworth - charming little town with some very nice shops (not touristy at all).    Traffic is really bad today - everyone going to Bar Harbor.
The last time we were in Maine was late August, 1973 after the wedding of Mark's brother Jim to Lydia.     It's good to be back in "Vacationland" which is it's claim to fame! .
Jim and Lydia just received ownership of their brand new RV a few days ago and Jim and Mark have had fun e-mailing back and forth!    Looking forward to traveling together down the road! 
I had a good chat with Beth (sister-in-law) last night. She and Tom (Mark's brother) vacationed in Maine a few weeks ago, so fun comparing notes and her recommendations of what's ahead down the coast.
We went for an early supper at Gateway Lunt's Lobster Pound for delicious lobster rolls and cole slaw!    These Lobster Pounds are a long-time Maine tradition (where you  pick, they cook, and you eat at picnic tables in a very casual, rustic setting).   We met a lady from Maryland who winters in Marathon, FL.   She and her family have been coming to Maine for 30+ years.    They have an RV, boat and are pilots, so....we had lots to talk about
Stopped at a roadside stand for a quart of blueberries....will be good on our cereal tomorrow!!!    Two more weeks left for the season!