June 30

Sunny and in the 60's today! We browsed the shops in downtown Skagway (4 new ships arrived with a new batch of tourists.) We picked up a few groceries, walked back to Daisy for lunch and then at 12:45 left on a 3-hour train trip to White Pass Summit. The gold seekers trekked this route back in 1898 searching for gold - unbelievable what they went thru and we were so in awe as we took off and kept climbing and marveling at all we saw... Our engine Sooo many boarding the train - Skagway has a population of 800+, so with all the new folks in town, this place is exploding! And now, here are just a few of the MANY photos we took today...
Our train going around ther bend Here we go thru the tunnel

Skagway River!
We saw rivers, streams, rapids, waterfalls, gorges, glaciers, a trestle bridge, tunnels and the most BEAUTIFUL scenery from high up crossing into Canada..............

June 29

We arrived in Juneau at 4:15 this morning and since our ferry docks 12 miles from town, we chose to stay sleeping! However, we were up before 6:15 when the ferry pulled out of port. Another rainy morning. Haines was the next port and we walked around just a bit - not much there but the ferry terminal (town is 4 miles away). These towns cater to the cruise ships, so that's where they are docked (in the heart of all the shopping, eating, etc.) The oldest lighthouse in southeast Alaska This was a neat sight....glacier river water comes out to meet the regular sea water. Drastic change in the water color made for an interesting view from the ferry for about 2 miles. We are coming into Skagway and see 4 huge cruise ships Before we left the Columbia, we said good-bye to Lowell and Vivian (former farmers from Nebraska who now live in Fort Myers). Vivian and I met at the laundry room in Bellingham and they are traveling thru Alaska on their RV. We saw them several times on the ferry (they celebrated their 57th anniversary on Saturday) and tonight they are in the same RV park here in Skagway!

We walked to downtown Skagway and were amazed at all the jewely shops - they are EVERYWHERE!!!!! The Red Onion Saloon was an excellent choice for dinner!

Good to be back on Daisy, but we sure enjoyed our 3 days on the Columbia. Met some very nice folks from all over the world (Australia to Germany to just 50 miles from home)!

June 28

Today is our 40th wedding anniversary! We are having a great time on our "cruise" despite another rainy chilly day! We arrived in Alaska around 8 AM and stopped at 3 ports today - Ketchikan, Wrangell and Petersburg. Since it was Sunday, nothing was open in these little towns, but interesting to just walk around, plus it felt good to get some exercise!

Here we are in Columbia's gift shopPretty mountains along the way thru the misty fog Mark standing at entrance off ship in WrangellThe post office in Wrangell and the first totem pole we saw Neat lighthouse Amy is with the Tongass National Park Service and throughout the weekend, gave intersting talks about native wildlife, glaciers, and what to expect, see and do at the various ports. A unique tribal house Huge cargo ship Float plane taking off right in front of our ship. Ketchikan, Wrangell, Petersburg and Juneau are accessible only by water or air. Steve, our purser was a great guy who gave us the opportunity (at Mark's request) to go to the "Bridge" where the captain and crew navigate our journey. What a neat experience to spend an hour with the 3-man crew (all in their early 30's) and see it all from their vantage point with great technology! While on the bridge, I chatted with Steve and learned more about the area, saw a sea otter, whale and we passed many icebergs! FUN!!!

June 27

It's our first full day on Columbia and there are 447 passengers + crew onboard. Mark and I have never been on a cruise and although this doesn't have the frills (or so we've been told) of a big cruise ship, it is very comfortable with plenty of space to roam around, lots of windows to view the pretty scenery and the food is very good! Today is our dear friends/neighbors 50th wedding anniversary!!!Congratulations Marty and Angie And my cousin, Dick's birthday (we just visited he and Darlene a few days ago).
Cheers Dick!
Here's picture of me between rain showers on aft deck. It was a windy, wet and chilly Saturday. No one was out and about much today. We are traveling 36 hours straight after leaving Bellingham thru Canada on the Inland Passage.

June 26

It's Friday and the big day we've been looking forward to has arrived....this afternoon we board the ferry for Alaska! Spent the morning packing, getting Daisy/Toad ready and did 2 more loads of laundry. After getting in line at ferry dock at 11:00, we had 4 hours to "explore" Fairhaven (historic district) and what fun. It's just a few blocks from the ferry and full of neat shops and cafes in old brick buildings! We had a very good lunch at Skylark (charming restaurant with high tin ceilings, brick walls, beautiful woodwork and long wooden bar)
The Bellingham Cruise TerminalOur ferry "Columbia"Stern of "Columbia"Lots of cars/trucks/RV's/motorcycles, etc. ready to board and Toad and I were the very first ones on. After getting Toad parked and checking out our cabin, I stood on top deck and took picture of Daisy coming onboard (2.5 hours later)It was a beautiful 80-degree sunny day when we left and these campers were setting up their tents, sleeping bags, etc. where they would be hanging out next 3 days For those not getting cabin space, this was where they "roughed it" (top deck or Solarium). There were ceiling heaters but it turned out to be a chilly, rainy, windy weekend!
Leaving Bellingham

Our first dinner onboard Columbia and we were seated at Table #40 (thought that was pretty neat as we are celebrating our 40th anniversary this weekend)!

June 25

Rainy and chilly here this morning, but then the sun came out and high of 67. Mark got a haircut, I did 3 loads of laundry and we got a few things at Fred Meyer (the Wal-Mart of this area and Alaska) - very nice stores! This Bellingham RV Park is really nice and here is the office, snack room, laundry, showers, etc., all very clean and nice friendly folks who operate it providing cookies all day long!
Tomorrow we load Daisy and Toad on the ferry (Columbia) at 3:00 and depart at 6:00 for a 3-day trip on the Inland Passage with 6 stops at various ports. We arrive in Skagway Monday afternoon. Hope we can keep in touch along the way...

June 24

Hi all....we drove 6 hours today from Penticton to Bellingham, WA - back in the USA with customs taking 40 minutes. We drove thru heavy rain for big part of the trip, but this area is in dire need as everything is very brown. Bellingham looks like a a neat town and will check it out more tomorrow. We had a great dinner at LaFiamma Wood Fire Pizza and then drove to the ferry terminal to check out where we'll be boarding Daisy, Toad and ourselves Friday afternoon for ALASKA!!!!

June 23

We took Toad to the Honda dealer in Penticton for a brake check and then spent a delightful day with my cousin, Dick and wife, Darlene. They have a lovely home high in the hills with spectacular scenery. Naramata is big wine country, so there are vineyards all around and reminded us so much of Italy and their home/setting was so like the B & B, "Capovento" we stayed at in Tuscany!
Dick and Darlene Beautiful waterfalls in their backyard Sooo picturesque
Darlene overlooking Naramata Bountiful cherry tree. This is big fruit country, too, and many, many cherry, apple, peach, apricot and pear orchards.
Had a wonderful lunch/wine in the sunshine at Hillside Winery.
After a fun trip around the countryside and lunch, we picked up Daisy (brakes are good to go)and then later in the afternoon, back to Dick and Darlene's for delicious supper under the beautiful pergola! What fun to visit and see their "bit" of paradise!

June 22

Hello from Penticton, BC. We just returned from a very good dinner at "The Black Iron" close to our RV park. Drove 180 miles today in rain and saw more flat land with hills/mountains in the distance, but not as much white-knuckle driving for Mark as the past several days. This is big wine country and there are over 86 wineries in the area.Pretty countryside Lake Okanagan is huge and we followed it for many miles until it ends at Penticton. We checked out the town and I got a manicure (Mark wanted a haircut, but most barber shops are closed on Mondays). He gave Daisy a good scrubbing! Beautiful evening after all the rain!
Enjoying all this fresh air and the warm Canadian hospitality. Back to the land of loonies and toonies, kilometers, meters, Tim Horton donuts (a favorite of ours), and vacations here are called being on "holiday". Love all this daylight, too, as at 10:30 at night, it is still light out and then at 5:00 AM, it's light again!!!

June 21

Happy Father's Day to all you Dads out there! After 9:00 Mass at Our Lady of the Rockies and a quick stop for yummy pastries at Evelyn's Coffee Cup, we left Banff. It was rainy and chilly and in the 40's. Drove 180 miles and the sun came out and once again....spectacular scenery as we left the Province of Alberta and now in British Columbia and also the Pacific time zone. Since Mark is away from his kids and grandsons today, thought they would like to see Dear Ole Dad/Grandpa...And Happy Father's Day to our Dads!!!One of many pretty scenes along the way today
Daisy and Toad settled at the Canyon Hot Springs RV Park near (20 miles) Revelstoke, BC

Entrance to the park

Beautiful flowers at the park