Wednesday - January 31

How can it be the end of January?    2018 is off and running....
We had a busy day starting with yoga for me (Mark lifted his weights - faithfully does this 3x a week).     Missed Sue but she is vacationing in the Keys this week.    Told Miss Belle good-bye and hope we'll do this together again next January!
Mark had some errands in town, so we met for breakfast (bacon/asparagus quiche) at the Brown Cow and then he had more errands, I got a few groceries at Publix and then a mani/pedi.    Back to Daisy and around 12:30 we left for Palm Coast (next to Stuart).    Had lunch at Reuben's a local favorite with big menu, including a list of all kinds of Reubens (Mark had a pastrami and I had a chicken finger Reuben).   Deelish!    We met James who built a beautiful folding table we will install on Catrina.    We saw these at the PDQ Rendezvous and decided that would be a nice addition.
Back to Daisy in time for our last happy hour - good time with all and some of us are leaving tomorrow.....movin' on but hope to be back next year here at Water's Edge.    It's been a really fun month with these folks and then hugs and good bye (hate good byes)!!!
Beautiful full "blue" moon with a big blue circle around it
Fort we come!

Saturday-Tuesday - January 27-30

We are back from a quick, snowy, cold trip up north.....but lots to catch up on the blog so here goes...
Saturday - we were off at 8ish for Stuart with a stop at Jupiter Donuts (1st time this year).    They have thee best donuts and we left there happy and satisfied!    Then onto Stuart Boatyard for the PDQ Owners Rendezvous - an all-day affair of seminars, lunch, cocktails, dinner and enjoying visiting with Charlotte and Doug and meeting new friends, plus seeing others from last year!    It was a fun day, especially the ladies seminar on the boat and hearing ideas on how others decorate, cook, help their Captain, etc.    It was after 9 when we returned to Daisy.
Sunday - left at 9:00 and headed to West Palm Beach and 10:30 Mass at Holy Name of Jesus - what a neat friendly parish and the grounds were spectacular with flowers, lush landscaping and waterfalls.
Drove to The Town Center in Boca Raton and Mark parked himself with I-pad outside Crate and Barrel while I did some browsing/shopping.    This place is gi-normous!   My only purchase was some acrylic glasses for Airstream.
We met Philip who was on break from instructing for late lunch at the Rustic Inn Crab House.    Sat outside on this pretty day along the water and had great meals....
So fun to catch up with him!
Us with Philip
Excellent wedge crab salad
Said our good byes and on to the FLL airport for our flight to Detroit.    It was a "bumpy" ride but we made it (thank you God) and by the time we climbed into bed, it was after 11.
Monday - snow showers were predicted for Detroit and Jackson Center, OH where we were headed, but nothing like waking up to at least 2" on the ground and coming down strong.    We left around 9 and the roads were not good, but had plenty of time, so just took it easy and  2.5 hours later, we arrived at the home of Airstream in the little town of Jackson Center.    Fortunately after about 1.5 hours of icky driving, the snow was less and roads were clearer.  
When we woke up Monday morning
We had lunch at "The Heidout', only restaurant  in town besides Subway.   Good day for soup and their homemade vegetable beef was very good.    And then it was time to go to Airstream.....this is big part of this town (pop. 1400+) and there are blue-roofed buildings all around.     Two other couples were on the tour and Gary, our tour guide had been an Airstream employee since 1961.    Now retired, he does the tours.....we all walked 1/4 mile in the snow to the main plant
and the tour began with ear plugs and goggles.
  Airstream (founded in 1931) has 1000 employees.    Each has their station and just so neat to see them all working away.    We walked and walked seeing how the huge aluminum sheets (which come from Arcola where our brother-in-law, Tom works in the Davenport, Iowa plant) are put together with many rivets and form the outer shell.     And then the shell is lifted onto the chassis and from there it goes thru so many interesting tests,
 (including 45-minute intense water pressure to make sure there are no leaks).    Neat to see the woodworking shop, all the stacks of mattresses, microwaves, refrigerators, awnings,and on and on waiting to be installed.
We located our new "home" and oh my.....they were installing the kitchen cabinets and then counter top/sink.    Later we saw them carry in the pantry!     It should be ready for shipping tomorrow.
It takes 4 days to build an Airstream and they work on all models all the time - not just focus on 1 particular model.    They put out 95 new Airstreams in a week and are hoping to get that # up to 125 soon.
Nomads and new home
We were so impressed with the tour and such a thrill to go inside ours and see it "in the making"!!!
After the tour, we left to drive back to Detroit - still snowing, but not sticking, so roads were good.    Had dinner at The Merriman Street Grill, returned our rental car and then rode shuttle back to hotel and called it a day.....
Tuesday - Up and at 'em at 3:50 AM for our 4:30 shuttle to the airport.    Had a good flight back to Fort Lauderdale and so enjoyed the sunshine waiting for us.   It was 14 when we left Detroit with a wind chill of 1.     Shared a bagel breakfast sandwich and then found Toad and hit the road back to Water's Edge.
We are so glad we made this trip - just fascinating how they put these travel trailers together (as it was when we watched Catrina being built in 1995 in Whitby, Ontario).
We did laundry this afternoon, went to the Brown Cow for ice cream and there was Butch and Joyce (from Champaign, IL) so we sat with them and yakked.....back home and then time for happy hour.    Met some new folks from Tennessee - Herman and Percy, Joe and Pam.   It only got to 62 today and with the strong winds, we stayed indoors at the clubhouse.
Tomorrow is our last day here as we'll be leaving the 1st for Fort Myers.   
3:50 AM wake-up is catching up with us so nighty night!

Friday - January 26

Another very breezy day in Okeechobee    Sue and I did our yoga - last time together as I won't be here on Monday; she won't be here next Wednesday and we leave Okeechobee on Thursday.
My yoga buddie - Sue
Back to Daisy, dropped Sue off, picked Mark up and we went back to town and had breakfast at Pogey's.    My Reuben omelet, home fries and raisin toast were excellent!!    Picked up a few things at CVS and on home.
I rode my bike, took a nap, read - Mark read, took a nap and sat in his truck still going over all the features.    And then...
another fun happy hour
Tomorrow we'll be in Stuart all day at a PDQ (brand of our catamaran) rendezvous with other owners.    Looking forward to seeing Charlotte and Doug!
Maeve is all bundled up for the great outdoors!

Thursday - January 25

 A crazy windy day...mostly sunny but clouds rolled in late afternoon.    We had nowhere to go today and enjoyed just staying put
Carmine and Nicole from New York have an Airstream (different model than ours), but we've enjoyed chatting with them and today went inside to see theirs and compare notes and see where they store their stuff,   
Mark and I are flying to Detroit Sunday and on Monday, driving 2+ hours to Jackson Center, Ohio to tour the Airstream factory.    We should be able to see ours coming down the assembly line in its final stages.   It is to be finished on the 31st.     Getting very excited   😁
Rode my bike around the park and then Mark thought we should go to the rim (around lake) and walk.....whoaaa...."it's SOOOO windy". but we did and yes, it was windy.   I walked and he visited with the lockmaster? some steps but not even close to 10,000.   
 Such a bummer that biking does not record any steps!
Michael and family (all 6) have been sick with the flu this week.....this stuff is so scary and not to be taken lightly!    They were all on antibiotics and gradually feeling better...

Wednesday - January 24

Thinking of my Dad today - 6 years ago he passed away.    Mark's Dad died 5 years ago on the 9th.    What 2 wonderful men who we were so privileged to call "Dad", "Grandpa" and Great Grandpa".!!!
Today was spectacular in the weather department - sunny blue skies and temps in the low 70's.    Sue and did our yoga thing, stopped at The Brown Cow for lattes and then on home.    Mark and I loaded up the car with 4 loads of laundry and off to Treasure Island Laundromat.    Got that done and then to "Happy Hour" a very rinky dink old - Florida eatery.    Several of the folks here at Water's Edge have gone there - 1st visit for me and can check that off the list!    Actually, the food was fine and cheap, but just too many other good spots!
Then we made our first appearance at our brand new Dollar General which opened a few days ago.   It's just a few miles from here and sure beats going all the way into town for a few groceries, etc.    Picked up a few things, walked up and down the nice clean, organized aisles and then on home.   Everyone here has been so excited for this to open!
Happy hour and catching up with everyone telling what they did today and update on Judy (who had additional surgery after her trip to the ER by ambulance Monday night) - we sure feel for her and the long recovery ahead.    Mazzi is doing well and should not need any further treatment except for taking out the 25 staples.
Maeve's latest reading material....that's Grandma's girl!!

This girl loves to chat on the phone(s)!!!  

Tuesday - January 23

A fun day in Florida - no sunshine and windy, but around 76 degrees.   We left at 10ish for Fort Pierce and met friends from Bloomington, Tom and Mary Carol.   They drove down from Vero Beach and we had a wonderful lunch at The Original Tiki Bar and Restaurant by the marina.   So fun to catch up on our families, look at pictures and share news from back home.
After lunch we walked downtown and shopped at the General Store and Rosslow's
 (beautiful clothing, accessories, gifts and baby store).    Said our good byes with the plan to get together in May when we return to Bloomington.
Tom and Mary Carol

Mary Carol and I thoroughly enjoyed our coconut shrimp mango salad
Ran a few errands and then back to Okeechobee just in time for happy hour...
where this prim and proper dude joined us 

Sibling love

I was thinking about some milestones in our family coming this year.....

Liam becomes a teenager on February 4th
Davis is 16 on March 19th and getting his license
Luke (April 8th) and Blair (July 19th) will be 5 this year and starting kindergarten
Drew will graduate from high school on May 25th
Michael and Brooke will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary September 19th
Anne and Patrick's 15th anniversary will be April 26th
And even Grandma has a big birthday coming soon....

Monday - January 22

A beautiful sunny day here at Water's Edge.    Sue and I did yoga and then Mark and I had a nice relaxing day doing various stuff, reading, biking, and napping!
But our little park has been very lively here starting last night when a big dog attacked a small dog and viciously bit Mazzi who required 25 stitches around her neck and may need additional surgery.     The owners of the big dog left the park today and headed home to PA - of course, they feel terrible and are paying for Mazzi's expenses, but just a tragic incident and we are all rooting for Mazzi.
Then tonight while several of us were at happy hour, our friend Judy who had surgery last Thursday and came home from the hospital last night was having severe pain and other symptoms.    She was taken to hospital by rescue squad and that's all we know at this point but keeping her in our prayers.  
Mark and I talked to Judy this morning and she was in good spirits but lying low.....
So many dealing with health issues.....
As our friend Charlotte's doctor says.... 4 most important words to remember
Eat less; Exercise more

Sunday - January 21

Cloudy most of the day till later in the afternoon brought on the sunshine.    We went to 10:30 Mass at Sacred Heart and then quick trip to WalMart.     Met Beth and John who drove from Fort Myers and Charlotte and Doug who came from Stuart for lunch at Lightsey's.    As always, soo fun to be together with these good friends over yummy drinks and delicious food.    We sat and visited 3 1/2 hours on the screened-in porch.    Looking forward to all being together again in Fort Myers.
John, Beth, Mark, Pat, Charlotte and Doug
Sweet potato encrusted tile fish with key lime glaze, collard greens and hush puppies.
hmm, hmm!

Back to Daisy and walked around the park, visited with some neighbors and called it a day!

Liam and Connor served mass this morning with Father Doug
(our former pastor at Holy Trinity and now retired) at St. Joseph Hospital

 Wishing you a safe, healthy week ahead!

Saturday - January 20

Miss Maeve is 18 months can that be!    She is such a happy girl!

A quick sip and then with purse over the shoulder, she's ready to go....
Strange happenings today with friends.....starting with our friend Doug in Stuart having to go to the ER with high blood pressure and other scary symptoms.    He is back home and all tests came back fine!    Judy, here at Water's Edge was taken to the ER at 3 AM this morning and had surgery for an intestinal blockage.    And 2 others (Sue and Butch) have some nasty colds/coughs!!!
Mark worked on loading and organizing the back of the truck (loves the new bed slide).    We decided to drive to Stuart late morning and be there for Charlotte if she needed anything.    They were back home so we didn't see them.    We had lunch at Luna and then ran a few errands.
Tomorrow the plan is still to meet in Okeechobee for lunch with Beth and John coming from Fort Myers and Charlotte and Doug driving from Stuart.
Liam and Connor won their hockey game late this afternoon 7-4 and both boys scored a goal.

Friday - January 19

Busy full day....I rode with Sue to yoga and Mark picked me up at 9 in the truck and we were off to Bradenton (2 hrs. 20 min).     We had the new truck bed slider installed and while the guys at Line X were doing that, my brothers and wives drove from Lakeland, picked us up and off to Bradenton Beach for an excellent lunch at The Beach House.    We sat outside but with vinyl curtains down and heaters on, it was very pleasant.    Afterwards we sat on the patio in the warm sun and it felt so good after all the cold these past few days! 
Brothers Bob and Ron
The girls....Vicki, Pat, Linda 
Said our good byes and they left for home as drove back to Okeechobee.    Mark is happy with his new slide and will have fun loading it up with all his stuff!    It will hold 2000 lbs.
Mark's new toy!
This girl loves her hats and possibly a future as a model with that pose?

Enjoy your weekend and the warmer weather!

Thursday - January 18

We woke up to 31 degrees with a wind chill of 24.....but oh-so-much colder with snow (NC) where our kids are in IL,  NC and DC.
We left around 9 for Stuart and had a delightful day with Bob and Carol (their son-in-law, Tom was #1 (Boss) of the Blue Angels in 2014-15 when Ryan was narrator and then flew #6.
Bob and Carol live in PA and winter in Jupiter.

Carol and Bob
We had coffee and muffins at the Stuart Coffee Co, sat and visited and then Carol and I took off and did some shopping.    Around 1ish we went to Sewell's Point for yummy lunch at The Prawnbroker and more shopping.    The guys sat outside in the sunshine at Josephine's. 
Said our good byes and hope to see them again this winter somewhere, sometime.    Back on Daisy at 6:30 and hunkered down on another chilly night!     Had soup for supper!
Sweet Maeve in new outfit from her Great Auntie Lydia

Wednesday - January 17

Sunny, breezy and 71 today.    Sue and I were off to yoga, stopped at the Brown Cow for skinny vanilla lattes and then she dropped me off at Posh for some pampering.    I got a haircut and manicure by Allyson.    Mark picked me up afterwards and we went to Publix and on home.
Some of the residents here at Water's Edge took it upon themselves to spiff up our front entrance to the clubhouse.....painted chairs and some new landscaping!!!

Big thanks to Sue, Sue, Nancy, Gary, Jud, Jerry and Glen
At 4:00 we all traipsed to the fire pit with our stuff (chairs, hot dog sticks, beverages and dish to pass) for a Water's Edge Wiener Roast - annual January tradition.    Great fun visiting with everyone (31) and enjoying so much good food.     I took desserts
 (walnut brownies, lemon bars and mini chocolate eclairs).
The sky tonight was spectacular and here are a few pics...

 It was the perfect evening for a big bonfire, friendship, food and fun!     Okeechobee is to be down to 31 by morning....burrrr....

Monday-Tuesday, January 15-16

We are back on Daisy as I start to write this around 3:00 this afternoon.    Fun 1 1/2 days in Stuart....
Monday.....Sue and I did yoga, came home, changed clothes and off to Stuart.    Mark and I had coffee/latte and a cranberry muffin waiting for our friends to arrive from Fort Myers.    We gals hit the shops downtown, met the guys for lunch at The Boathouse - it was crazy windy and chilly!    We sat upstairs (indoors) overlooking the water and as always, lunch was great!
More shopping in the afternoon, the guys checked into the Hampton and then we joined them late afternoon.    We had wanted to sit in the Courtyard at The Blue Door and have a glass of wine, but not in this weather!     We went to dinner (raining now) at Sailor's Return (another favorite).  
Sue, Pat, Brenda

Pat, Mark, Jerry
  They went back to hotel and we left for Hutchinson's Island and spent the night with Charlotte and Doug.    Sat and visited till 10ish and then time to call it a day!
Tuesday - breakfast, more visiting and then good bye.......looking forward to Sunday when Charlotte and Doug will be back in Okeechobee along with friends from Fort Myers (John and Beth)!   
Doug and Charlotte
Picked the girls up at the Hampton and we were off to Sewell's Point for more shopping.     The guys met us for lunch at Josephine's - excellent and then said our good byes.    We'll see Sue and Jerry in Fort Myers, but May till we see Pat and Brenda.
They went on south to Wellington to visit our friend Susie.   We came back to Daisy, unpacked, etc.
Brenda, Pat, Sue, Jerry
We went to Happy Hour, met Ray and Pat from Toledo and then back to Daisy for leftovers!
Maeve loves her baby
This little lady is ready for the outdoors - hat, sweater and purse...what more does a girl need.
Snow is heading to NC.....Luke and Maeve will be happy.     Their Grandma Shmoo is visiting now and having so much fun!

Sunday - January 14

Despite a chilly start to the day, we had breezy sunshine all day.    Much too windy to ride bikes on the rim, so after walking some here in the park, we loaded up the bikes and went into town thinking we would be more protected....but going into the wind....not fun and downright burrrr....
Stopped at DQ for a treat and then back home.   I walked some more and in the sun out of the wind, I actually took off my jacket!    Snow in the forecast for the folks back in IL.
Liam and Connor won their hockey game this morning 8-4 with both boys getting a hat trick (3 goals apiece).    Their Great Auntie Karen was there to watch all the action.
We went to happy hour and then I walked some more.....chilly, but got in my steps!
Tomorrow we are going back to Stuart and looking forward to 2 days with friends from IL and
Fort Myers which were cancelled last week.
Sunset over Lake Okeechobee

Liam (10) and Connor (8) on the ice

Saturday - January 13

Today started out so nice....sunny blue skies and upper 60's.     We had a leisurely morning and then around 10, we took the bikes to the rim (biking/walking area) around the lake and rode for the first time in eons.    I walked part of the way, too.
Back to Daisy for lunch, a quick power nap and wow....what a change in the weather.   No more sun, winds picked up, temperature dropped and sun was gone!!!
We gathered the laundry and took off around 2:30 so glad to have that out of the way.    Then to 4:30 Mass at Sacred Heart and finally a light supper at Lightsey's.
Our "Dapper Little Dude' who was featured last night with his suit 'n tie has strep.....feel so bad for him and hopefully with meds, he'll be good to go very soon. 

 The 6th grade Corpus Christi Saints won their basketball tournament today in Eureka.   
 They had to play 4 games and came from behind to win the last 2.

The cute guy in black just happens to be the team manager

Friday - January 12

A pretty start to the day and Sue and I were off to yoga.     Came home, changed clothes and Mark and I left around 9:45 for Stuart.     We stopped at Target and then met friends, Charlotte and Doug at The Boathouse downtown for delicious lunch on the deck with the warm sunshine (got to 84) and very breezy.    They invited us to see their condo (January home).    It's on Hutchinson Island and lovely overlooking the Atlantic - fun to watch the surfers riding the waves!    Had a nice visit and then said our good byes and planning to come back Monday (and hoping our friends from IL/Fort Myers will all be healthy and can reschedule their trip).
Stopped at CVS and then the sprinkles started....few showers on our way back to Daisy and then a good rain after we arrived home.
Mark took a nap and I read.    Later we played some cards and just a good night to stay put!
It's sure turned cold again back in IL......we are to be in the 60's next week!!! 
Our Dapper Little Dude
Pre-school - 2017-18

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday - Januay 11

This was the nicest day since we arrived in Florida - 80 degrees, sunshine, no wind and those deep blue skies!!!
Our plans to go to Stuart today/tomorrow fell thru as friend Pat (visiting Fort Myers from IL) woke up this morning with the flu.     So.....hoping to reschedule for next week.
I walked, Mark did some piddlies on Daisy and then late morning we went into town.   Had lunch at Lunkers (new place for us - good!) and then to Publix for some groceries.
Heard today that our Airstream is in production in Ohio but won't be ready for shipping to Tampa till the 26th!    Arghhhh!    Oh well, we'll get it when we get it!
After such a nice day, the clouds rolled in and shortly after 3:00, the heavens opened up!    For about 15 minutes it poured!!!    Then the sun came out, I walked some more and we all enjoyed happy hour and lots of chatter.
Had leftovers from lunch for supper.

Wednesday - January 10

Warm day with off and on sunshine.    Sue and I were off at 7:30 to do yoga.     Gathered our things for little trip we're taking tomorrow and packed a bag.    Mark went into town with a big list of errands.   I walked and read.

Late afternoon the clouds rolled in, it got dark and lots of rumbling, but not a drop although we heard it poured in Okeechobee (10 miles to the north).

Last Thursday was the first day of a big fishing tournament here at Lake Okeechobee with over 500 participating and a top prize of $105,000.     Two fishermen per boat and at some time that day when the weather was stormy and water was very rough, one of the boats hit a large wave and one of the men was thrown overboard.    There has been a massive search for 6 days and today, his body was found several miles away near Clewiston.   The other fisherman was able to get to land safely,     This has been such a huge and heartbreaking story here in the Okeechobee area.    Nicholas Kahler (38 on January 1) served in the Army and flew Blackhawk helicopters in the first year of the Iraq war (2003).  He is survived by his wife and young daughter.

So sad reading and seeing pictures about the horrific mudslides in Montecito.    My cousin Barb and husband Chris have a home there and are in the midst of it all......

Night settling in at Water's Edge

Tomorrow we are off to Stuart.....friends (Pat and Brenda, Sue and Jerry) are coming from Fort Myers for 2 days of shopping, eating and fun!    Mark and I will be staying with friends, Charlotte and Doug tomorrow night.     Be back at the blog on Friday!

Tuesday - January 9

Nice leisurely morning as the rain started and just kept coming down for about an hour.    It was warm and humid rest of the day but minimal sunshine.    I walked off and on and got in my steps.    So proud of Anne who has consecutively gotten her 10,000 steps for the past "57" days!    That is quite an accomplishment as she has a desk job but still finds the time to walk with her busy lifestyle! 
Played some cards this afternoon and read our books.
Happy hour, a simple supper of ham and cheese omelets with toast and that was our day!

Monday - January 8

Mostly cloudy today but got to 74 so that felt really good!    Sue Hawkins and I did yoga at the Natural Fitness Center in town - been 2 years since either of us did this, so.....some of our maneuvers were not pretty, but we got it done!     Miss Belle, our instructor is still there and such a dear - makes you feel so welcome and keeps stressing to do only what you can do and we're not being judged.    She is a snowbird from southern IL and will be 81 in March.
Back to the park and went walking....been a long time since I've gotten my 10,000 steps.    At noon, 5 of us gals went into town (shopping at Bealls Outlet and lunch at Parrot Island).   Both successful and fun! 

RV friends from around the country enjoying a delicious lunch!
Sue H (Oklahoma/nomad); Joyce (Illinois); Judy (Michigan); Sue K (Virginia); Pat (Florida/nomad)
Took a short nap, was rejuvenated and back to the walking till I got my goal.   Happy Hour under the tiki hut, dinner of leftovers and a quiet night on Daisy completed the day!
Mark was off to town early this morning with a bunch of errands and then phone calls and just a very good day for him accomplishing a lot!  

 Maeve is not into little bows or barrettes but loves her headbands!

Sunday - January 7

A sunny breezy day in the mid 60's.    We went to 7:30 Mass at Sacred Heart and had planned to do laundry, but the laundromat we always went to is no more.....and the 2 coffee shops are not open on, got a quick bite at Dunkin Donuts and checked out 2 other laundromats and will be coming back.
Feast of the Epiphany
Back to Daisy and got out rest of our stuff to sort and put away!    So at this point, we are in pretty good shape and look forward to getting more clothes out later this week when warmer weather rolls around.
We had 19 miles on the truck when we picked it up in East Peoria.    After the big trip down here from IL, we had 1,462 miles.
Friends, Charlotte and Doug from Annapolis (they have a PDQ like Catrina) are spending January in Stuart.    They drove to Okeechobee today and we had such a nice visit and lunch at Lightsey's - sat on their screened-in patio (this used to be a bank building).    Had a great lunch (sweet potato encrusted grouper with key-lime glaze and catfish fillet sandwich) and so good to be with them.    Went on a little tour of Okeechobee and then back to Daisy and sat in the clubhouse for more visiting.    Look forward to seeing them again sometime this month.
Doug and Charlotte
Mark and I did 4 loads of laundry and apparently late Sunday afternoon/evening is the time to do this task as I had the entire place to myself while Mark ran a few errands.

Saturday - January 6

Sunny and 27 when we left Lake City at 7:00.    Stopped for quick breakfast and back on the road!    We took the FL turnpike off I-75 as we were headed to West Palm!   Ahhhh 65 sunny wonderful degrees!    Picked up Toad at the airport and then we both drove to a car wash where we got truck and car a much-needed cleaning (especially the truck with all the salt)!
Stopped in Indiantown and had a very good lunch at the Seminole Inn, a very old unique hotel and restaurant.    Just 16 miles from Water's Edge and would definitely go back!
Finally, we arrived at Water's Edge and spent time unloading stuff we brought from storage, cleaning out car and starting to settle in.   Ready to stay put after all the travel down both I-95 from North Carolina and then I-75 from Illinois.
Nice 'n clean

Tonight 11 of us RV'ers went to The Speckled Perch for dinner.    We were there 2 years ago and it specializes in steak - no fish!    Good food and a fun time.   They put us around the horseshoe bar and it was great + met new folks, Ann and Tom from Cincinnati.

Cameron, Luke, Logan - 3 little stairsteps
Classmate buddies at Logan's birthday party today

Silly Maeve

Friday - January 5

A big day of travel (600 miles) and glad to be in Lake City, FL tonight!    We left Brentwood around 7:30 this morning and I drove 5.5 hours (some in the morning, some this afternoon).    We are enjoying the truck and Mark is trying to still figure out all the different electronics, safety features, etc.
Driving thru Alabama, there were so many rock cliffs of frozen ice this morning!  

 Beautiful frozen waterfalls
Tomorrow onto the West Palm airport to get Toad and then finally.....
Okeechobee and Daisy!!!

Enjoy your weekend and looking forward to warmer temps.

Wednesday-Thursday, January 3-4

We nomads have had quite the travel adventures since I updated the blog.   Here's how yesterday unfolded:
Wednesday....we left for West Palm Beach airport around 9 AM.    Came upon a very serious accident about 5 miles from airport.   Pray there were no fatalities, but both cars were seriously damaged.    We had been driving thru some heavy rain at the time and came to complete stop for
 30 minutes

We had planned to both fly standby on United but the airport was very busy and there were delayed flights and uh oh.....not looking good as the board said our flight was delayed 1 hour and then 2 hours and even more.  It all started with leaving Chicago late cause of snow showers.     West Palm had fog and later, strong winds, so flight was diverted to Miami.    So.......Mark flew Spirit later in the afternoon and I was able to get on United but left almost 4 hours later than planned.    

There was a confrontation at our gate between a disgruntled passenger and the sheriff + 2 other United employees.    Not sure but don't think he was allowed to board our flight!  

And I've never seen so many dogs at an airport and several were barking, so....there was plenty of activity while waiting.    We were in different terminals for most of the waiting time.
 Initially we were to land at 3 PM, had planned to get our rental car and drive to Bloomington, take the Campbell's out for dinner and spend the night.    But....

We arrived at O'Hare about 1/2 hour apart and Mark's sister, Karen was there as she had flown in from San Francisco.    So, instead of driving to Bloomington, we gave Karen a ride to Dixon (her friend was planning to pick her up so this saved her a trip on a very cold night coming from Rochelle).    We enjoyed the ride catching up with "Auntie" Karen and stopped at the DeKalb Oasis for supper and finally arrived in Dixon for the night at 9.    We were really tired but thankful we both made it.    At one point, I was going to drive back to Daisy and Mark would go on to IL and then have to drive truck back by himself.    But standby and United came thru!
So......enjoyed a good night's sleep but bummed we missed visiting with Anne, Patrick,
 Liam and Connor.

Thursday...we left Auntie's at 7 AM on another very cold morning.    Despite the brutal temps, it was beautiful with all the snowy fields, pinkish sky and snow-covered IL river.   We stopped in Princeton (where Annette is from) for quick breakfast and onto East Peoria.   While Mark dealt with John, salesman and Chris, finance guy, I took our rental car back to Hertz and then Ubered back to
Uftring Ford.

Sat in the truck with John going over all the bells and whistles and finally 2.5 hours later, we were on our way to Bloomington.    Picked up the boys and off to storage where they were very good helpers getting our stuff loaded into truck.    I debated (very briefly) leaving my ear muffs, gloves and scarf in storage but way, not in this brutal cold!!  The boys were our very first passengers.    Stopped at Jimmy John's for lunch, took Liam and Connor home and tah dah, at 1:15, were heading south.

With all the salt on the roads, our pretty ruby red truck didn't stay "red" very long - what a mess but that's how all the vehicles look and still much too cold to wash
(car washes not even open these days).

Loved riding and checking out all the features while Mark drove and then I drove 1.5 hours and he did the same.    

Tonight we are in Brentwood, TN and it's 15 degrees.    We drove till 7:30.    Had a light dinner at hotel and happy to be in for the night!!! 

New truck with Grandpa and boys inside our storage unit (before all the salt)

Chowin' down on Jimmy John's

 Precious baby girl with new hairpiece

Tuesday - January 2

A drizzly dreary day in Okeechobee.  Gosh these winter temps are unbelievable day after day.    8 this morning in North Carolina where our kids are and Michael and Brooke were without power for a few hours this morning.    Ryan's boat is surrounded by ice in DC.

Mark was getting cabin fever so we drove into town (10 miles) and did a little shopping and had lunch at Pogeys (very good).

Back to Daisy for a nap, reading and packing for our trip back to IL tomorrow,

Some statistics for we nomads from 2017...
Here's where we spent our nights...

 120 on Daisy
158 on Catrina
51 in hotels
36 with family
20 car rentals

This beautiful sliding barn door is a new creation by Philip separating laundry room from kitchen
He is quite the craftsman!

Tomorrow we fly back to Chicago and the bitter cold!


New Year's Day - 2018

We hope you had a fun celebration last night ringing in 2018, or like us, were sound asleep!
We started the year off with 9:00 Mass at Sacred Heart in Okeechobee.    It was in English and French with all the music in French - beautiful.    The sanctuary was beautifully decorated with lots and lots of red poinsettias and tiny white lights interspersed among the petals!
We went to The Lakeside Grill for yummy breakfast and then a quick Wal Mart run.
I walked around the park a few times - mostly cloudy with sprinkles off and on.   Sure feel for the folks back in Bloomington and around a big part of the nation as the brutal cold continues!
We moved "Happy Hour" indoors at the club house versus sitting in the wind and chilly temps late afternoon at the Tiki Hut.    Met new folks, Butch and Joyce from Champaign, IL.

Our last few weeks of living on Daisy.... 

 Miss Daisy