May 31

Happy Memorial Day....hope you had a great day?    Big news is that boaters (Mark and Bill) are off and anchored near Smithfield (small island) about 30 miles from Green Turtle Bay.   They had strong current and some rainy, windy conditions, but did get thru the first lock without a problem and tomorrow.......big day of around 110 miles.

I helped pass out flags with my Exchange Club at the Memorial Day parade - Giveakidaflagtowave was a rousing success - huge crowd on this sunny Monday morning.

The first 2 flags I passed out were to my little buddies, Liam and Connor who were at the start of the parade route.
Grandma and her little Navy boys
My fellow Exchanite members

Ran some errands after the parade and then a thunderstorm rolled thru in the early afternoon.   I went to Anne and Patrick's at 3 and we sat on the new porch and visited.   Anne's long-time friend, Donna was there and so good to catch up with her.    We had delicious chicken on the grill, cole slaw, baked beans and deviled eggs.
Here's the boys enjoying patriotic cake and ice cream
Donna and Anne

After supper, Anne, the boys and I went for a walk around the lake - beautiful evening!
The boys stopped at the playground...
These 2 had been pretending they were dinosaurs (Connor was a baby; Liam, a grown-up) and then they got to sit on the dinosaur at the park!!!
GREAT holiday fun!!!

May 30

Sunny Sunday and already 75 degrees at 8 AM.  I went for a long walk, did my exercises and then Liam and Connor arrived (Anne and Patrick are working today).    We had a fun day of playing indoors and outdoors, lunch, almost a 3-hour nap and then a walk and ice cream.
The big bouncy ball next to Daisy
Showing off their Lego creations
On the porch by pretty flowers
Watching family photos on Grandma's digital picture frame

After the boys left, I made myself  a salad and then walked again (had a brief shower, but only made things more humid!) 

Mark, Bill and Catrina hope to leave tomorrow afternoon (still hearing about long waits at the locks)?

May 29

Hot, sunny Saturday - temps soared to 90!    Mark left at 8:30 for Grand Rivers, so we sure hope and pray this 3rd time is the charm to get Catrina moved up north.    I did piddly odd jobs around the house, some laundry, pulled some weeds and caught up on e-mails.

Went to 4:30 Mass with Anne and the boys and then to their house for Avanti's Italian....yum!    The boys and I walked all around the lake and played at the park - a good jaunt (they should sleep well tonight)!

Hope your Memorial Day weekend is off to a good start - enjoy!!!

May 27-28

Mark took me to the train Thursday morning and off to chicago I went for 2 days of "Girlie Fun" with Linda and Vicki and celebrate Vicki's birthday!    Our trains all arrived around the same time, we caught a cab and checked into our room at the Seneca Hotel (great location across from Water Tower).    Had a nice lunch at Cheesecake Factory and then browsed around Water Tower most of the afternoon.

Back to our room to change clothes, grab a cab and onto Lincoln Park where we had a wonderful dinner at Mona Ami Gabi . 
Vicki opening up a present at the Seneca
Enjoyed a very good dinner (skate - mild white fish)
Vicki with her surprise dessert which she shared - yummy!!!

And then to "Million Dollar Quartet" featuring the music of Elvis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis at the Apollo Theater in Lincoln Park.  It was wonderful (2nd time for Linda and I to enjoy this delightful musical)!!!   
Arrived at the theater early - here's Vicki and Linda - front and center seats!!!!   If you get a chance to see "Million Dollar Quartet" - do it!   All based on a true story that took place 12/4/56 when these 4 entertainers came together for the one and only time!

Stopped back at Francesca's Cafe in our hotel for a martini and then got our jammies on and sat and yakked and yakked.

Friday................absolutely gorgeous day.  enjoyed breakfast at the hotel and then strolled Michigan Avenue, stopping at Borders and Crate & Barrel.   Took a cab downtown and browsed some more at Macy's, and then another lunch winner at The Park Grill (outdoors) in Millennium Park.    Back to the hotel, grabbed our bags and off to Union are the girls just before entering the train station!   FUN 2 days in the windy city!
Vicki and Linda

May 26

Happy Birthday to Mark's Dad who is 89 years young today!!!
Dad/Grandpa C

I started the day off at therapy with Jim and he took me to a new machine in another part of the clinic.   This was an upper body cycle and from there we went in a cubicle with curtains and I teased him that now I could scream and shout and yell and whatever as it was more private and he laughed and said "'s soundproof, too!"   Well, that wasn't quite the case, but it was a different setting from being out in the open with all the other patients and therapists doing their thing.     It was not so bad today and as usual, we just yakked and yakked (I love my therapists - they are just the best folks - Lee, Diane and Jim)!!!   There are so many familiar faces day in and day out and everyone has a "story" about why they're there!    And then, always new faces on the scene - what a place!    Physical therapy is a whole different world and certainly not one I was familiar with, but as the days go on and on, I continue to be so amazed at all the wonderful things accomplished here!

I ran some errands (nice to be driving again on the less-traveled streets), and then Mark and I went to my Exchange club meeting/luncheon where he was guest speaker giving a talk/slide show on his boat delivery on the various rivers and.....waiting to continue the journey???   

Mark doing his spiel on "boat delivery from FL to KY"

 Afterwards, we ran more errands, came home and I pulled some weeds (one-handed) and we had a good chat with the "Birthday Boy"!!!    We enjoyed a really nice dinner at Cafe Italia and chose 3 kinds of delicious gelato and took to Anne, Patrick, Liam, Connor and Mary (Patrick's Mom).   Sat out on their new 3-seasons room which is under construction, but coming down the home stretch!   They will love it!!!

Anne and Patrick in front of their new addition
Connor and Liam in their playhouse!

Tomorrow I'm off to Chicago on the train and meeting my 2 sisters-in-law for 2 days of  "girl fun".   Be back on the blog after that!!!

May 25

Sunny, warm day and darn car wouldn't start as I was ready to leave for therapy, so called Mark who was out and about.   He came and took me to Jim (therapist) and then checked out the battery and long story short...needed a new one which was still under warranty and replaced at no charge and no paperwork so I should be good to go!!

Back to was extremely painful and thought I would pass out a couple of times!   Jim gave me a few more exercises to do at home to try and move that arm (when it's bent at albow) forward and backward!    WHEW.......excruciating!!!!   But...that's the way it is!!!

Home to do a little laundry and watched the tree trimmer guys come and give one of our trees a big cleaning out of dead stuff and branches that were close to power lines, etc.   Three times within the past 6 weeks, we've lost large branches from this tree.   And $750 later, we have a finely trimmed tree!!!

I ran some errands before meeting the BBB Friends at CJ's for lunch.    We all played bridge (with our hubbies) for many years and now our main focus is "BABIES (grand), BOOKS and BRIDGE" (a distant third since several of us haven't kept up with it!)    After lunch we exchanged our books and took home a bag of more good reads till we meet again.   We missed you Holly!

So much fun to catch up with these gals....share our books, pictures, etc.
BBB Girls
Karen, Cathy, Pat, Sue, Sharon and Ruth

AND....Mark has a plan for moving Catrina.   He's driving to Grand Rivers on Saturday and get things in order.   On Monday, our friend, Bill from TN and a long-time boater with many river travel experiences, will be Mark's crew and they plan to take off Monday afternoon.evening.   All of these plans are barring any more heavy rains, etc., etc.  

May 24

HOT, HOT cousin, Sublettian friend and classmate thru grade/high school, Jane, came to pick me up for therapy this morning at 8:15 (she lives an hour away).    Jim did "his" thing on the shoulder, I grabbed my ice pack and Janie and I were on our way to visit my Dad at the nursing home and then took him to lunch along with other Sublettians/friends!     What a fun time and here we are...
Back:  Carole, Joyce, Anita, Pat, Sheila, Diane, Jane
Front:  Aunt Marian (Dad's sister), Dad, Chuck, Lola and Rita

After lunch, we visited with Dad back at the nursing home and also a classmate of Jane's and mine (grade school/high school) who unfortunately had a stroke in 2000 and been a resident of the home for a year.   Bugsie is such a fun guy and we had a great visit with he and his wife, Irene.
Irene and Bugsie
Jane and Dad

Mark needed some lawn mower parts in Eureka, so we met him on the way home and then Janie could be on her way and not have so far to travel - thanks dear cuz, friend, etc., etc. for such a nice day and being my chauffeur!

May 23

Woke up to a hot sunny Sunday morning - expecting to break a record today in Grand Rivers!    Went to 8:00 Mass at St. Anthony of Padua and then to Dockers (at the marina) for breakfast.    Tidied up Catrina, visited with some of our neighbors and left around 10:45.    Green Turtle Bay is really nice marina, but just too darn far to travel for the weekend (at least while I'm having therapy).    So, the hope is that Mark will be able to leave later this week and has a serious prospect (crew) in mind.....few others really wanted to, but either bad timing or already had plans for the holiday weekend.

We arrived home at 4:45 and were met by mark's parents and sister Karen who had just been to St. Louis for the weekend.   Anne and the boys came over to turn on our air and open the house - had good visit with them and have since done the unpacking and just settling in.   It sure was a nice get away weekend on the water!   Tomorrow, back to therapy and then going to visit Dad (my cousin and fellow Sublettian, Jane will be taking me)!

May 22

Beautiful day - all blue skies and 85!    Mark did some jobs on Catrina and I did a little shopping in downtown Grand Rivers (neat shops including the "Pink Tractor".)
Cute girlie boutique
The old waterwheel (gristmill) at Patti's Settlement

We took Catrina out on the lake and it was sooo nice and good to be back on the water along with so many others - there were fishing boats, ski boats, pontoons, sailboats, houseboats, big yachts, jet skies, etc.   Everyone out and about this first really perfect day to start the season!    We anchored out, had lunch, took a nap, read and then just leisurely cruised back to Green Turtle Marina.

There are several boats here that along with their owners, want to head north, but have been delayed cause of the river levels.   We had a nice chat with Brian and Jackie from Minnesota who've been "stranded" here for almost 2 weeks

Catrina nestled in among the bigger yachts

We had a nice dinner (including hot chocolate lava cake w/ice cream) at the Commonwealth Yacht Club and then took a long walk attempting to "walk off" all those calories?

Mark is hoping to leave later next week and wonders if anyone out there would like to crew with him on Catrina????   We're really sorry it didn't work out for our friend, Mark from NC to be part of this leg of the journey - all the rain has really botched up everyone's plans!!!

May 21

Hello from Catrina at Green Turtle Bay Marina on Lake Barkley on the Cumberland River in Grand Rivers, KY.    After a rainy morning at home (therapy with Lee and lunch with friend, Martha at Olive Garden), we left at 1:00 and arrived at 6:15.

It is a beautiful evening and so calm - water is clean and levels are 5' from where they need to be.    But still a mess on the MS and IL Rivers.    We went for a walk and could really check out this pretty marina (unlike 2 weeks ago when much of this area was under water).

Looking forward to 85, sunny degrees tomorrow and taking Catrina out on the lake!   Wishing you all a great weekend!

May 20

Greetings on a wet Thursday - been getting a lot of rain most of the day and more predicted!    So.....the hope and plan and dream of moving Catrina is not going to happen.    Mark talked to Fern Hoppe again today and got her assessment of the river - NOT good and levels probably won't be going down for another week or so.    The St. Louis port is still closed and they were getting heavy rain (Kentucky, too).

We are leaving tomorrow afternoon for Grand Rivers - little getaway to check on Catrina, etc.    We enjoyed a nice quiet day at home - alleluia!   NO eating out for me - imagine that!   I cooked a nice dinner tonight (good comfort food) - sweet & sour meatloaf, baked potatoes and fresh fruit!   I'm graduatlly finding my way around the kitchen again!    HA!

I've got a new exercise to strengthen the arm/shoulder taking a 3' long large dowel rod and stretching it over my head as far as it will go while lying on the floor.    Hope this finds you high and dry wherever you are...looking forward to 80 and 90 degrees this weekend!

May 19

Beautiful outside all day long!    Up and going with the boys, had breakfast and off to Nancy's with Grandpa while I went to therapy (drove myself all over today - "back in the saddle again"!!!)    Diane worked on the shoulder - she is such a nice gal, but today for the first time, the tears trickled out.    We just kept on a chattering, but it hurt sooo bad.   She takes my left arm way up over my head (or as far as it will go for now) and then bends the arm at my elbow towards the inside and then outside AND...........that's when the killer pain came and tears!     But "no pain, no gain"!!!    I'm sure there will be plenty more tears before this is all over. 

I then drove to Starbucks for a treat; got a manicure and off to Exchange lunch.   Home in the afternoon and enjoyed a short walk and read.    Mark is gathering his things to take to the boat and hoping to leave Friday morning and then Sunday or Monday, actually head out on Catrina (praying for no significant rainfall).

Tonight the Sublettians (central and northern contingent) met for dinner at Jesse's Grill and so enjoyed the usual non-stop chatter and the good food.   We are all from the same home town, went to school together and our families were all  friends/neighbors.

We were honored to have a special guest with us tonight - 4-month old Quentin, grandson of Ann

Sweet Baby Quentin
The Sublettians
Jane, Pat, Debbi, Joyce, Carole, Kayla (Debbi's daughter), Marilyn, Ann and Katie (Ann's daughter)
Quentin was sleeping away...

May 18

Woke up to brilliant sunshine today; however, it didn't last long as rest of the day was cloudy, very windy and cool!    Mark took the boys to Nancy (sitter) and I met Brenda for breakfast and catch-up at Panera.  

With me in the driver's seat, Mark and I went to my appointment with Charlotte (Wonder Woman) at the Balance & Dizziness Center and after one more treatment, she proclaimed me free of BPPV (Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo)!     I can't say enough about this wonderful facility for all they can do for dizziness/balance problems/vertigo, etc.    My rocks are back in place and I'm sooo thankful! 

  Afterwards, we went to Meijer's for a few groceries.   Took a nap after lunch on this dreary day and then tah dah....Liam and Connor arrived.   Patrick visited for a bit and then enjoyed grilled chicken, potatoes and salad.

Relieved and happy that Philip made it to CA and he and Ryan are settling in on the new RV and been out shopping for all the piddlies!    Took about 48 hours for the trip from St. Louis - now that's truckin'!!!

Boys are having some ice cream with strawberries, then brush their teeth, quick story and off to Dreamland!  

May 17

Rain Rain....go away, come again in about 2 weeks????    We've been socked in with another inch + of the wet stuff since last night, today and tonight!!!   Not going to be moving Catrina anytime soon - lots of stuff floating in the rivers and Mark had a good chat with Fern from Hoppie's Marina on the Mississippi about 20 miles south of St. Louis.   The gist of their conversation is to "stay put" as conditions are not good or safe and St. Louis Harbor is closed to pleasure boats!

While I was with Diane in therapy today, Mark  ran some errands.  Then we met the neighbors for breakfast.    Brenda and I had same time appointments for hair cuts at same place, so she picked me up and we got a bit of pampering with our new "do's.

Liam and Connor came at 5 and will have a sleepover the next 2 nights - Anne is in Indianapolis on business and Patrick goes to work at 6:30, so.....good situation for all!    Mark and I took them to Monical's for pizza  and 19 of us from the Monday Night Friends group all enjoyed a fun evening (girls, guys and a few grandchildren)!    The 11 gals in my Monday Night Friends group have 42 grandchildren - wow!!!
Liam and Connor enjoying their suckers from Monical's!

May 16

Sunday morning we were off to church, then Bob Evans for breakfast (I had their new "biscuit bowl" - delish) and finally to Wal-Mart for piddlies.   Came home and changed clothes and off to see my Dad.    He is doing good!     Went to visit Ron (brother) and Vicki and enjoyed a yummy cook-out!!!  

Threatened rain off and on, but hoping it holds off for awhile and these river levels and all the crud floating by settles down.    Mark will make some phone calls tomorrow to get the latest upate and thoughts on those in the know!     Two weeks from tomorrow the Peoria Lock is shut down, so....time to get moving, BUT only IF and WHEN it's safe!!!

Ryan is back in CA tonight and Philip is heading west with the 5th Wheel!

May 15

Mark is HOME!!!!!   He and Ryan got the delivery of RV back to St. Louis.   So, he's had a lot of travel time past 2 days and brief reprieve from watching river levels!

Rainy and cool  - Liam and Connor spent the afternoon here taking naps and playing!    I read and did computer stuff.       Lots to catch up with Mark, so........bye for now!

May 14

Marty picked me up this morning and we had breakfast at I-Hop and then he took me to therapy with Lee who did lots of measurements and wrote up a progress report for me to take to Dr. Novotny (orthopedic doctor).    That visit followed therapy and after another set of x-rays were taken, Dr. said to keep up the 3x per week therapy for another 6 weeks and then he'll see me and we'll re-evaulate.    My range of motion is going well (numbers are much better than when I started; however, far from where they need to be).   So........will keep pluggin' along with a few new exercises to do at home and he especially wants me working more with the range of motion (pulleys and wall climbers - paint rollers) versus the strengthening which will come later.

Lots of neighbors were out and about today planting flowers, mowing their yards, etc.   Candy had planted some of my flowers while we were in NC last weekend and today, did the flower box - looks sooo pretty!   I am so blessed with GREAT neighbors/friends!!!!!

Tonight, Marty, Candy, Norma and I went to Cheeks and had their awesome cheeseburgers and enjoyed Patrick's (son-in-law) singing, and playing the keyboard and guitar!   We all really enjoyed the evening with lots of laughs and chatter!

This afternoon, Mark met Ryan who flew in from CA and they are off to pick up Ryan's new 5th Wheel near Cincinnati.    After checking it all out in the morning, Mark will follow Ryan as they truck back to St. Louis where the 5th Wheel will be when Philip arrives Sunday and starts the journey to CA.   Ryan has to be back Sunday, so he's flying to CA and will be waiting for his new "home" to arrive.   Never a dull moment in our family!!!

Not much change with the river levels - Mark plans to be home sometime in the next few days; in the meantime another glitch in the travel plans came when we read about the Peoria Lock closing to pleasure boaters June 1 - August 29 for maintenance!     Whew....not an easy task getting Catrina up in these parts!

May 13

Had a torrential rainstorm this morning at 8:00 - 1/2" in 15 minutes!    Could've been worse as we had flash flood warnings and chance of rain all day.    Afternoon was sunny and warm! 

Mark is hanging out at Turtle Bay Marina - did things with the engines, had Catrina lifted out and new props put on, etc.    He's keeping close eye on all the river levels...wait and see at this point!

I did laundry, tidied up a bit around the house and Kathy took me for a pedicure this afternoon.    At 5:00, our Monday morning breakfast group (some neighbors; all friends) went to Swinger's to celebrate Norma's birthday - FUN and DELICIOUS....especially with 1/2 price hors d'oeuvres!

Pat, Norma, Ken, Sigrunn, Brenda, Ed, Donna Rae, Pat, Jerry and Sue

May 12

Rainy, cool morning and then a beautiful sunny afternoon - didn't get the storms predicted; but, those could come tonight or tomorrow?    Mark left for Grand Rivers, KY this morning and he's settled on  Catrina.    He has lots of jobs and things to do before this big trip, but sounds like that will be delayed.   He called Mark W in NC and told him not to come (he was planning the big trip from NC to KY tomorrow) as the river levels are not good on the Mississippi (St. Charles had 3" of rain past few days).    So.....we'll see what tomorrow brings?    The good news is that Mark and Catrina are in a safe, secure place.

Claire took me to therapy (Diane) - Lee and Diane were happy to hear my rocks were put back in place!Kathy came to pick me up around noon and we went to get Liam from his sitter and off to school (Anne and Patrick had conflicts and glad I could help out)!    Quiet afternoon of computer stuff and reading.    Ed came to pick me up and had a nice dinner with he and Donna Rae at their retirement home.   Their daughter, Judy stopped by after dinner and she brought me home - always a treat to see her!

May 11

Big day starting with Claire picking me up and meeting Anita and Kathy at CJ's for breakfast.   Claire took me to therapy (Lee) and really hurt big time.    It's been 6 days since the "pros" did their thing and even though I was doing exercises 3x a day, was also traveling over the weekend, and the ole shoulder was very tight and stiff.    So, I have more things to do at home and will just be working working working to get "unfrozen" (shudder every time I hear that word "frozen" and what it means with a shoulder injury)!!!

Then, Mark and I were off to the Balance and Dizziness Center where Charlotte (physical therapist) and Crystal (aide) did several exercises with my head and eyes.   I wore heavy very dark tight-fitting goggles and the whole time, Charlotte is looking at my eyes on her computer screen which tells the whole story.    She knew immediately when I was dizzy or things were spinning (so did I)!!!     But after lying down and doing some head movements (3 x), she was satisfied that the rocks/crystals were back where they belong.   She showed me a plastic ear with all the internal parts and explained how this all came about!    She wants to see me next Tuesday for follow-up and make sure I'm having no more vertigo.    I told her she was "Wonder Woman" and gave her a big hug!    This facility was quite something and oh-so-many folks dealing with various issues related to balance and dizziness.

Some interesting tidbits about this office visit....I was told to wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing and soft-soled shoes; NO makeup; no eating or drinking for 2 hours prior to test; no caffeine, alcohol, and avoid several medications the day of.

Mark and I went to Ming's for dinner (pigged out on all-you-can-eat Chinese) and now getting some things ready for him to leave in the morning for Kentucky (hoping to depart with Catrina on Friday IF water levels are satisfactory and safe to travel).

I'm doing my last set of exercises and then off to LaLaLand - really dragging tonight!

May 10

We are home.....uneventful trip and tonight we're getting rain, thunder and lightning!   Found a big branch on our garage which fell on top of power lines.    This same tree had another large branch fall on garage about a week ago - had power company out and then tree service people!    This tree has had a rough spring!    Fortunately, hasn't affected our power.

Tomorrow...back to therapy and also 2 hour-15 minute appointment at the Balance and Dizziness Center - will let you know how that goes???

May 8-9

  Saturday was Davis's First Communion at St.Aloysius and what a special beautiful day it was!!!   We celebrated with Davis's other grandparents, Bob and Judy and Philip.  After Mass we all enjoyed the day with games and good are some highlights!
Davis, Brady and Drew
Davis with his Godfather, Uncle Phil
Sweet Davis and his cake
Quite a stash of cash and nice presents

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mom's.    We went to Mass, out for lunch at Salsarita's.   I had good chats with Anne, Ryan and Annette.   We spent a delightful afternoon boating on Lake James.  Beautiful lake with clear water and mountains and trees in grand splendor!   Bob and Judy joined us, too and here are some memories...

Mama and two of her boys
Michael & Philip
Brooke and Judy
Grandma and 3 little darlin's

It was a great family weekend in North Carolina.   Mark and I said our good-byes and are heading home.  Tonight we are in Caryville, Tennessee.  

May 7

What a big day!    First of all...........HAPPY 5th ANNIVERSARY
 to Philip and Annette

The anniversary couple

Drew and Davis were off to school this morning; Brooke, Brady and Grandma left for ther Lazy 5 Ranch about an hour away for a field trip with Brady's classmates!   Wow....this was quite the place with zebras, giraffes, rhinocerous, lots of goats, ostriches, lambs, cows, and very chunky pot-bellied pigs.   After wandering around, we had a picnic lunch and then enjoyed a hayrack ride past many animals we could feed.   Here are a few of the many pics Grandma took...
Brady and Brooke checking out all the goats
Brady feeds Mr. Giraffe
Brady and friend, Nate
On the hayrack ride - very warm, sunny, dusty day on the ranch!

Mark and his boys launched Michael's boat today and enjoyed a ride and lunch on Lake James!

Back home to shower and do exercises (I packed my pulleys, paint roller, etc., for the trip, but Michael had a brand new paint roller all ready for me, so Brady has been helping Grandma "paint" the walls!)
We all went to Dos Amigos for great Mexican dinner and then to Drew's ballgame which they lost 5-4 at the very end!

May 6

Hello from North Carolina where today sure felt like summer...........91 sunny degrees!    We were up and at 'em at 4:40 AM and on the road at 5:02.     Nice day for traveling, but sad to drive thru Nashville and saw first hand some of the devastation (drove past the Opryland Hotel and the Opry Mills Shopping Center).    It will be a long time till those folks are back in business.    So sad to hear about the loss of life and so many homes just swept away.

Arrived at Michael and Brooke's at 3:30 and Philip was here and of course, Drew, Davis and Brady.    After a delicious dinner of ribs/potatoes/asparagus, we all went to Davis's game.   He was the catcher and hit the ball good, but was caught.    And then after 3 innings, the hevens opened up (this was a surprise as one minute, we are sitting in the hot sun; then a few drops and finally, whoaaaa....major downpour.)    The game was eventually cancelled.
Davis as the catcher for the Startown Optimists
Uncle Phil and Davis
Sweet Brady

May 5

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!     Had therapy this morning with Lee and thanked him for giving me some samples (Bio-freeze) yesterday cause my shoulder was hurting big time the night before and had trouble sleeping!    This stuff worked great *rubbing into shoulder" and along with 2 Tylenol, enjoyed a GOOD night's sleep!   Lee and I talked boats, vacations, families, etc., etc., etc......

Afterwards, Mark and I went to visit our friend, Brenda who is recovering from surgery.   He dropped me off to have lunch with Exchange Club and at 1:00, picked me up and we were on our way.    Five hours later, we were in Grand Rivers, KY and onboard Catrina.    Certainly a lot of water out of its banks and several boats have been moved to our dock (only one with electricity now).    Mark says things look a lot different than when he, Gary and Darrel left last Thursday!   

We each had a great salad at Patti's and then shared a piece of chocolate meringue pie (mile-high meringue - actually 7-8" according to the menu) and oh-so-delicious!!!

Going to bed soon as we want to leave early tomorrow for the 500 mile drive to see the grandsons!!!!

May 4

Mark took me to therapy with Lee at 8:30.   He was pleased with the progress I made from the first time I saw him 11 days ago.   Tom, a high school senior was observing today.   He plans to study physical therapy in college and was getting a first-hand review of what goes on in this very busy place.   Tom's Mother is an occupational therapist at the clinic.

After therapy, Mark took me for a manicure and then Bed, Bath & Beyond to shop a bit.   Carol picked me up and off to Biaggi's with the boating friends (several canceled), but those of us there sure had fun and delicious lunch.   They seated us in the back room - so chatter away we did!!!
Aubree, Barb, Carol, Kathy, Pat and Judy
Aubree with Grandma Barb - what a delightful little girl who enjoyed lunch out with the big girls today!!!

 Carol brought me home and I  started packing as Mark told me the change in plans.    We are driving to North Carolina and leaving tomorrow afternoon.    We had originally planned to fly - going to see Michael, Brooke and boys and celebrate Davis's First Communion this weekend. 

Mark's plans for moving Catrina are temporarily on hold with all the flooding on the rivers.    We are driving to Grand Rivers, KY and stay on the boat tomorrow night and check things out after all the rain.    Flooding on the Cumberland River, too, but nothing like Nashville.   How sad....

Ed and Donna Rae invited us for wine/snacks and then we had dinner at their retirement home.    Afterwards, Mark and I did our Alaska talk for several of the residents.    We enjoyed this nice bunch of folks and the evening ended with Q & A and refreshments.  
Kathy (activities director) and Donna Rae

May 3

Beautiful Monday in May....Mark took me to therapy with Diane and he ran errands the 45 minutes I was there.   We then browsed around Barnes and Noble.    Met some long-time friends at Jesse's Grill for lunch and great visit.    Cheryl is from my hometown and she, Allie and I went to Midstate College together.    We celebrated Allie's retirement and we girls had so much fun yakkin' away while Mark and Owen (Allie's husband) talked travel,, retirement, boating, etc., etc.

 Cheryl, Owen, Allie, Pat and Mark

I got a new sling and feels more comfy and not pulling on my neck (such a fashion statement I'm creating with this lovely wide waist band featuring two additional bands (elbow and wrist) all fastened and secured with velcro and in "goes with everything" white!!!   I don't have to wear at home (feels good to let the arm hang down), but supposed to wear the new sling when I'm out in public - lets folks see me (can't miss with this) and also a security/comfort feature!

May 1-2

Happy May Day.....Been a busy weekend here starting with Liam and Connor coming Saturday for a few hours.    Grandpa and I took them to Niepagan Nursery and picked out pretty flowers for Grandma and a beautiful hanging basket for their Mommy for Mother's Day.     Miss Candy (our neighbor) who works there helped us with our selection and will help with the planting of our pretties!   What a friend!!!     We then visited Donna Rae and Ed and finally picked up Happy Meals and on home.   Anne picked the boys up at 4 (Liam does not feel good and has slight temp).

Mark and I had dinner at the Ozark House with Barb, Roger, Paul and Kathy.    Great meal and fun catching up (had not seen Barb and Roger since Florida).   Rained overnight and the shoulder is hurting - not one of my better nights for sleeping!

Sunday morning we went to Wal-Mart before 10:00 Mass.    Home for a nap and then we thoroughly enjoyed the Habitat for Humanity concert at Second Presbyterian church.    This is the 13th annual (been several years since we've been) and it was so soo wonderful with all the singing and special tribute to the veterans of World War II and the Korean War.    Stopped at Schooners for supper and now home and settled in.    Liam and Connor both have strep throat.....oh dear....