Tuesday - June 18

We left St. Johnsville at 8:03, cruised 48 miles, went thru 8 locks (no big delays) and arrived at Scotia Landing (near Schenectady) at 1:30.     We had cool cloudy conditions and a little rain (just north of some nasty stuff),

Catrina is only boat docked here at the landing.....we are across the street from Collins Park - wow.....huge pretty spot of many baseball diamonds, basketball and tennis courts, splash pad for the kiddies, fishing pond, and best of all, a very nice paved walking/biking path all around the park!    3 civic organizations have taken an area to sponsor (Kiwanis, Lions and Rotary)   Hats off to the folks in Scotia Village for an awesome sports park!

I walked in the park and Mark rode his bike and was in search of an ATM.    Felt good to have some steps in.

Earlier after we arrived we walked to Jumpin Jacks Drive-In, an ole timey walk-up spot with many picnic tables and lots of food/drink choices.    We enjoyed a late lunch....also building next door has all the ice cream concoctions for Jumpin Jack.

 Very popular place

Pretty flowers in Collins Park

The sun came out late afternoon and it warmed up to 77.    Felt darn good!!!    Tonight we walked/biked around the park again and oh my.............it was packed with several ballgames, volleyball games, tennis matches, etc.    Baseball is going strong here in upstate NY

 Just one of many games happening tonight at Collins Park

Since we're here in Scotia Village, this is as far on the eastern Erie we plan to go....tomorrow we'll head back west.    So many Loopers again today from all over the country.    Tomorrow we'll be going in the same direction.

Such a pretty evening and the kayakers are out and this unique, impressive attraction....

6 water skiers (3 couples)  - great entertainment and skill!

Nighty night from Scotia Landing

Monday - June 17

Jackets on, jackets off - that's how today went as it was warm in the sun and cool in the shade.    At least that's how it was on the water.    After settling in at St. Johnsville, it was time to bring out the shorts and sandals.

We left Ilion at 10:04 after exercising and Mark taking his bike downtown for some gallon jugs of water and bread.   We cruised 20 miles thru 3 locks, one that was 40', the deepest lock on the Erie Canal.    It took an hour to get thru that - 7 boats were going west and had to raft up.   We've passed so many boats going west (Loopers) and we are just moseying along heading east and hitting some of the towns we did not stop at in 2011 when we were doing the Loop or 2017 when we returned from FL.

One thing I meant to mention about Ilion was that it is home to Remington Arms, once the largest gun maker in the country.     It has fallen on hard times with lack of gun sales and 200 of their employees were recently furloughed.    This place is ginormous!!!   There are over 3500 employees at 6 locations.

After tying up here at the St. Johnsville Marina adjacent to the RV campground. we checked in and I walked and Mark rode his bike downtown (too hilly for me) with Stewart's as our destination and some good ice cream.     Mark had butter pecan and death by chocolate; my choice was peanut butter pandemonium - all excellent!    Walked around downtown but not much here - very sad.    Back to Catrina and read.    Such a spectacular day but may not see the sun now till Saturday.    Crazy weather....   We remember 1 year ago doing the western Erie Canal and it was sooo hot!    Sure not the case this year - cool and WET!!!

Some pics from today:

Beautiful Mohawk Valley 
 The Captain of my ship
A canal cruise ship with many school-age children coming thru the lock 
Lock 17 - deepest on the Erie at 40' and here are the 7 boats that were in before us (including a PDQ down 40' from where we were standing above).   Waited an hour and then our turn!
 Unique rock formations near Lock 17 where we waited...

Lots of pretty hanging baskets for sale in the RV park and only $10.   Since we'll be leaving Catrina in a few weeks, no one to give them some TLC while we're gone, so no sale from us.

Chinese leftovers for supper and just enjoyed this pretty evening here in St. Johnsville.

Mark and I were wondering if there was "anywhere" in the US that "needed" rain?    We knew SC was very dry but Charleston had some bad flooding last week, so.....good ole Google told us that there are some some dry areas in Seattle, Georgia and parts of South Carolina.     Wish we could share with these folks!    New York is hurting with flooding, marinas closed, etc.

Father's Day - 2019

"H A P P Y   F A T H E R 'S   D A Y"
This Dad and Grandpa is a happy camper sitting
on his boat
 (a few days ago)!   

Mark and I are remembering our dear Dads, and cherishing the happy memories!

And a very happy day to Michael, Philip and Patrick with a big thank you for the 8 grandchildren they blessed us with!

It's a rainy day here (all day long) and we just hibernated the day away with good books, laptops, I-pads, naps, etc.    Eggs, sausage and bagels for breakfast and then Mark walked up to Voss' (in the rain, right by Catrina) for lunch-to-go - excellent ham and pork
 BBQ sandwiches.

Amazing to see the die-hard fishermen/women out there in the rain with their hooded sweatshirts and big umbrellas along the shores of the Erie Canal.

Thankful Drew is back from his month in Italy - he enjoyed his 2 classes at Cimba University and also toured Florence, Tuscany, Rome and Barcelona!!!  
  Great experience and memories!

Liam's game last night was cancelled cause of nasty weather.   His team lost 2 games today, so 1-2 for the tournament.

We had some Italian leftovers for dinner.....been checking the canal and the debris that is floating all over again today.    Makes us think twice about resuming the cruising tomorrow?

Mark sure enjoyed the phone calls, texts and face time with his 
kids and grandkids today!!!

Hoping for a "drier" week!    Enjoy yours!

Saturday - June 15

Beautiful bright sunny morning and what a difference a day makes.   We set aside the fleece jackets, sweatshirts, rain coats and gloves and enjoyed the ride to Ilion (pronounced  "ill e on").    Because of all the rain, there was a lot of debris to dodge including may large logs.   We went thru 1 lock which had logs to dodge, too.    Ilion is a village in the Mohawk Valley with a population of around 8,050.

We were settled along the wall (fuel, pump out, laundry and park-like area here, plus a walk-up restaurant - Voss' with many choices of sandwiches, ice cream, etc.)   And it is also an RV park with mostly seasonal folks with a few passing thru.   It is a happening place here along the canal with  people fishing, kiddies playing and many enjoying the park and enjoying lunch at the picnic tables.

After lunch (Mark had a tuna melt and fries from Voss' and I finished off my leftovers from yesterday (grilled cheese with spinach and artichokes), we took the bikes downtown to check it out - Mark went into the True Value hardware and we rode around the town and back to Catrina.    Took short naps, read, etc. 

Rain is coming, so we walked rather than biked to 4:00 Mass at Annunciation only to get there and everything dark and empty.    A couple and their son came wondering what was going on as this is when they usually go to Mass (4 on Saturdays......or 11 on Sundays).    We knelt down, said some prayers and another man came in and wondered why there was no Mass?    The sign out front says "4:00 Saturday" as does the website and sign in back of church???    So.....this nice man offered to pick us up for 5:30 mass at Blessed Sacrament in Mohawk, a few miles away.    We had some sprinkles as we were leaving church,

Mark and I stopped at Main Moon for some Chinese-to-go and walked back to Catrina.     At 5:15, Dale came to marina and away we went to Blessed Sacrament - a newer, very modern church - looked more like an auditorium?     A little boy, Griffin made his First Communion.   

Dale offered to drive around and show us a few sites here in Ilion.    This Mohawk Valley region is very depressed and we sure saw evidence of that when we were in Ilion and outside the city limits.

 Dale and his wife live in Charlottesville, VA, have 4 children and 4 grandchildren.    He loves to golf and comes up to Ilion (his hometown) to visit his daughter, help with 2 of the grandchildren and play golf.    He is a young 84 years old and such a nice man.    We drove all around and then back to Catrina.     Our Chinese was waiting and enjoyed dinner (not as good as Mandarin Garden, though)!

The rain started shortly after we got home.....

Davis wake surfing at Lake James today - wow!    That takes some talent!

Liam, his family and teammates are in Bettendorf, Iowa this weekend for a 20-team tournament.    They won last night and were to play at 8:15 tonight but with rain delay, now pushed back to 9:10 start. 


Flag Day - 2019

God Bless America

Rainy morning and only in the 50's.    We debated staying here another day or moving on 10 miles to Ilion.    Finally decided to stay put and go see the town.   With the wind and chilly temps, it was 52 degrees, so....we put on fleece jackets, hooded sweatshirts, rain gear and gloves and off we went to downtown Utica 

Utica was established in 1832 and the 10th largest
city in New York with a population of 62, 235.

Light misty rain but felt good to be out and about.    Stopped at  "Bite Bakery Cafe" in old building with brick walls and wood floors.    They had 2 grilled cheese sandwich specials - both deeelicious (mine was with spinach and artichokes and Mark's had red onion jam).   Also had coffee/latte and Mark had tomato basil soup!    Awesome lunch!

Back to Flo and hunkered down with our books on this dreary day.    The Escape channel on XM has been playing patriotic tunes throughout the day for flag day.   Love it!

Played some 2-handed euchre which he won 2 and 1 for me and then dice which I won.

Later we went for another walk around the marina (really not a marina, just a short wall for boats to tie up along the Erie).

The sun came out around 4 - oh, felt so good!   

 Aqua Vino - no outside dining today!    There is also a banquet facility upstairs.

We had a fabulous dinner (sea bass for me and citrus salmon for Mark) + chocolate lava cake for you know who....and limoncello mascarpone cake for me... yummy!

Mark's favorite

Sweet memory from 7 years ago (June 14, 2012)
Vacation Bible School

Thursday - June 13

Hello from rainy, chilly Utica, NY.     We weren't sure we would be traveling today with all the rain predicted.     It started around 8 AM, but Mark thought we could still move onto Utica (28 miles and 3 locks). as there was going to be a 3-hour break from the rain.    So....we left Sylvan Beach at 9 and on our way with a light misty rain.    All in all, the trip was fine - rained off and on, but then a dry reprieve.   We passed 2 barges and a big dredge along with a few pleasure boats.

  At Lock #20, (last of the day), we were tied up in the lock, gates had closed and ready for our 16' descent. 

   And then the lockmaster appeared and said we would wait for another boat coming....."what"???   Never saw that before that they would open the gates when the other boat wasn't there yet....we were cold and I was not happy....   It was a 50' SeaRay from IL - 2 guys on a boat delivery from Saugatuck, MI to Boston.    They stopped here just before us at the Utica Historical Marina for a short time and then on their way.    The owner did help us tie up!

So we settled in and around 3, the rain started.....we had more delicious leftovers tonight from Sapori's in Brewerton.   And we still have another meal coming....but it is sooo good with the homemade sauce, pasta and huge, fresh shrimp.   Mom and Dad are from Sicily and are the chefs.    Their daughter is waitress.    Needless to say, portions are ginormous!

We are parked in front of Aqua Vino Restaurant (only 1 other boat here tonight) and it is #12 out of 156 Utica restaurants.    We are about 2 miles from the city and downtown.

So all in all, a good day as we were warm, cozy and dry inside Catrina ......and with all the rain coming, did not want to stay in Sylvan Beach where not much was happening (except nighttime)!

Around 7:15, the sun came out - whoaaa...nice, so we put on hooded sweatshirts and rain coats and went for a walk.   Felt good after being on the water all day.   

Wednesday - June 12

Sunny and warm day.    We had breakfast and then went to get a few things off Flo and put other things on,     Later in the morning, Mark put Big Red in storage next to Flo for the summer.   Jim and Bev gave him a ride back to Catrina.

We left Ess Kay around 11:30 - crossed Oneida Lake (22 miles) and arrived in Sylvan Beach at 1:00.    Settled in along the wall (free night....no power or water here).    This is our 3rd visit and we had a late lunch at the Canal View Cafe - very good!     Then a walk to town - not much happening here as I guess it's too early in the season and imagine their weekends are busier.    It has all the carnival rides and vendor booths, etc., but all was quiet today.   Came upon a few places from past visits (ice cream shop, little coffee house, other  restaurants, etc.)    Sleepy little town today.

Cute little coffee house

Back to Catrina for naps and reading and just enjoyed this pretty day.

We rode bikes along the shore past the beach cottages.    Late this afternoon, the action picked up with lots of folks cruising in their cars and/or boats, eating out, and just enjoying the beach and gorgeous day.    Sylvan Beach comes alive at five!!!

We had cocktails on Catrina's bridge watching all the boats cruise by on one side and traffic on the other!    Had some of our leftover shrimp parmesan for supper....sooo good!

Sunset over Oneida Lake

With all the flooding on Lake Ontario, our alternate plan is to cruise the eastern Erie Canal and check out some of the ports we've not visited or return to some favorites.     Hopefully conditions will improve, but from the latest forecast for this area, rain is expected next 6 days.

So sorry to hear the sad news that Kevin Brown, 50 passed away last night.   Kevin was the former basketball coach at CCHS and more recently at Washington High School.     He and Jodi bought Kamp Komfort 1 year ago.     Kevin had glioblastoma (brain cancer) and only diagnosed 10 months ago.

Tuesday - June 11

Cloudy, windy and cool in the morning - we had a leisurely day.   Sausage, eggs and toast and then ran some errands including a haircut for Mark.

The sun came out around noon and oh my...just a very pretty day with deep blue skies and upper 60's.    It was very windy, though!    But what a treat to have the sun and to be back tomorrow before more rain comes.

We went to dinner tonight with Bev and Jim and tried a new spot - Sapori's by Antonio.   This place was recommended by Mike at the Brewerton Diner.   It was wonderful!    We'll definitely be back!

Shrimp Parmesan.......I've had chicken parm, eggplant parm, and veal parm!
This was outstanding!

Jim and Bev

So enjoyed our visit and wish them safe travels and fun adventures as they continue on with their Great Loop trip.

Our 3 little North Carolina sweeties

We plan to take off and start this cruising tomorrow.....

Monday - June 10

We left after breakfast for Oneida Shores and hooked Flo up to Big Red and she's all settled in at Winter Harbor for the summer.    Mark dropped me and the laundry off (+ my good book).   He came on back to Catrina to do some jobs and then picked me and our clean clothes up around 12:45.     We went to the Brewerton Diner and shared a delicious patty melt.

The rain started around 1 and ongoing for the next several hours.     We had planned to go out for dinner with Jim and Bev but scratched those plans with the nasty weather and many places are closed on Mondays.    We'll try again tomorrow night.    The rain continues.....

Sunday - June 9

Off to 9:30 Mass at Sacred Heart in Cicero.    Then to Target with a big list of groceries and piddlies.    While I picked up a few more items at Wegman's, Mark went next door to Home Depot.    Love Wegman's - they are ginormous and have anything and everything! 

Home to Flo, unpacked our stuff, had lunch and gave Catrina a good scrubbing!

Later in the afternoon we went to Rosie's for ice cream and then to Flo.    Finished cleaning and getting inside all spiffy.    Then we cleaned the outside and she's ready for storage tomorrow.

Connor's team played 3 games today and won the championship!!!      He has not struck out all season but that streak came to an end today - after 34 games!    Wow......time to get another one going!

Congratulations to the Renegades
Connor is in front row, 2nd from left

After supper (BLT's and salad), we went for a walk and welcomed friends, Bev and Jim from Marion, NC (near Lake James) back to their boat (we are close by here in the marina).   They will be continuing on doing the Loop.

Tomorrow, rain is back in the forecast.......have a good week and stay safe, healthy, warm and dry!

 It's a sunny, warm, windy Sunday.....tomorrow the rain returns!

Saturday - June 8

Here's our hero......congrats to Connor who hit a home run over the left field fence last night!

Holding a very special souvenir!

We packed up a bunch of stuff and off to Catrina to unload and stow away.    So thankful we've had another gorgeous day to move all our stuff!

I walked around the marina late morning, we had lunch and then I went back to Flo to get the last of our stuff (mainly from fridge/freezer)/

Entrance to marina 
Pretty flowers here at Ess Kay

Tonight we went to Barado's (a favorite here in Brewerton) and had great dinners (filet for Mark and this wonderful margarita shrimp on rice, with fresh asparagus, avocado and candied tomatoes for me)


Sooo many people out and about this gorgeous day - many many fishermen, pleasure boating on pontoons, jet skies, swimming, gardening, etc.    These New Yorkers are long overdue having some nice weather to do fun things and this weekend has been top notch!   

Cool nights (40's) and warm, sunny days  (83 today).

Friday - June 7

Big day starting with breakfast at a favorite - The Brewerton Diner.    After a hearty meal, we were off to Catrina and the launching around 10.

Catrina is floating again......we've been launching boats since 1985!!!

We unloaded some stuff at Riverfront Park (easy access from Big Red to Catrina).     We settled in at Ess-Kay Marina and this is where we'll stay getting everything transferred from Flo and all systems up and operating for the next several days.    Met friends, Karen and Lee from Texas who we were with last fall.   

Came back to Flo and ready to relax with cold beverages and salads for supper.    We had ice cream treats from Rosie's earlier!    😊

I walked in the park when we got back to Flo (made the 10,000 step goal).   The park is really filling up tonight.    People are so happy to have the nice weather and getting out there to enjoy it all.

We had another perfect weather day....   rode our bike rides this evening - still light up here 9:00!

Anne and Liam were to be in Elizabethtown, KY this weekend for a tournament.    They've had so much rain and more in the forecast, so games were cancelled (saturated fields).   

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday - June 6

We remember... 75 years ago
June 6, 1944

Today started out gloomy and cool, but around 11, the sun came out and it was spectacular with deep blue skies and low 70's.    Mark went to the marina to check on Catrina's status (still waiting on final boot stripe - was supposed to be delivered yesterday)!

I went for a long walk, we had lunch and later in the afternoon, took a nice bike ride - been a long time and we are definitely out of shape!    Plenty of paved areas here in the park for walking and biking, so no excuse these next few days.

We had a very good dinner at Frank's Plank Road Cafe - 2nd visit and popular place.

I walked some more when we got back and got in the 10,000 steps plus the bike ride.....I'm on my way!!!

If I had to rate today's weather on a scale of 1-10, 
I would give it a 15!    Absolutely perfect!

Several RV's, campers and tent folks arrived throughout the day for a long weekend!

The plan is to launch Catrina mid morning tomorrow!!!

Wednesday - June 5

Today started out so pretty and fresh after the rain.....with sunny skies and upper 60;s, we went for a long walk - felt so good (been really neglecting the exercise/walking, etc.)     As many times as we've been here at Oneida Shores, had never walked this pretty trail.
Very pleasant walk

We did some more packing of clothes (me) and stuff (Mark) and then at 11, we took off in Big Red on a little road trip.     Drove thru some of the towns we visited on Catrina last summer on the Oswego Canal.    And just like that, the nice day turned very wet!    We drove thru Phoenix (home of the Boat Brats who bring you food, supplies, newspaper, etc.).    Schools are still in session, so no kiddos at the marina.    Onto Fulton and then stopped in Oswego at Connection Point (books/gifts/little cafe) and had coffee/almond latte and shared rhubarb/blackberry pie - excellent.   Life is too short - "eat dessert first"!

So as we drove along, the rain finally tapered off and the sun came out for a little while.    Saw so many pretty flowering bushes....


We arrived in Sodus Point on Lake Ontario.    We plan to leave Catrina here in July while we're gone 18 days.    Catrina will have a 500-hour check-up on her engines.    Well, despite many pics we've seen online about all the flooding on the lake, whew......being up close and personal was really something to see with oodles and oodles of sand bags trying to keep the water from coming into homes.   Sometimes successful....other times, not.   Here are a few pics:

 just one of many homes surrounded by sand bags
 temporary docks on top of submerged docks
 sand bags, so many sandbags and dock under water

Some of the marinas are closed.   Since Lake Ontario is where we had planned to spend the summer, Mark is now rethinking that plan and wait a few weeks till the waters recede.    No problem as we can return to some of our favorites on the Erie Canal.

We stopped in Weedsport for a late lunch/early dinner at Devaney's (a favorite by boat (1x and 2nd visit by land).    Their chipotle chicken quesadillas are sooo fabulous!    Mark had the haddock and it was excellent.

Came out of Devaney's and it was raining cats and dogs and all the way back to Flo (about 40 miles).     We returned at 6 - enjoyed this little getaway.    More rain overnight and then????? promise of 4 days of sunshine!     We saw a little bit of corn popped up but fields are so wet!


Tuesday - June 4

Sunny morning but rainy afternoon and evening here in Brewerton.    We went to "The R Diner" for breakfast and then Mark took me to do the laundry and he came back to Flo.

He got some jobs done in preparation for transferring our stuff from Flo to Catrina which we thought would be launched tomorrow.    They did get the bottom paint done but still working on the boot stripe and needed to order more supplies, so probably closer to Friday for launching?

We ran a few errands in the afternoon including some groceries and on back to Flo as the rain began.
Our campground will be muddier than ever with all the rain coming tonight and throughout tomorrow.

We had a wonderful visit from Drew this afternoon.   He called from the Cimba University campus (north of Venice) where he's taking 2 classes.    He sounded like he was right there with us - enjoying his classes and all the sightseeing he's been doing on the weekends.     Off to Barcelona this weekend.

On a sad note.......the boys have been playing hockey for several years and even before hockey became so big in Bloomington, Joe Olson was Mr. Hockey who was always there as coach, administrator, mentor, friend and knew all the kids (over 350) and parents names.    Joe passed away Friday from a massive heart attack at the age of 60.    Big loss to the hockey community!     And even more ironic, Joe's brother Richard died on Saturday.   He was very big into hockey in Peoria.    The brothers were born on my birthday (February 20) 8 years apart.     How sad....

Liam, Mr. Hockey and Connor
nice memory from a few years ago

Monday - June 3

Beautiful sunny day but cool and breezy.    We left Roundup Lake at 7:50, stopped for diesel and quick breakfast and on our way.    Had lunch in Buffalo at Tim Hortons!    Yeah....happy to be back at Tim's.     Arrived at the Oneida Shores Campground in Brewerton (Flo and Big Red's home till they go into storage) around 3.   It is 58 with 20 mph winds!

Another muddy, wet campground.    Everyone has had so much rain.....supposed to have more today, but fortunately, didn't happen.     Next 2 days, though.

Mark drove over to Winter Harbor to check status of Catrina.....launch date is Wednesday.

Another chilly night - 43.


Sunday - June 2

Nice memory from National Harbor
Washington, DC
Ryan is 34 today!

Hello from Mantua, Ohio (40 miles from Cleveland).    We had a good day of travel (450 miles) with nice sunny skies and cooler temps.   We left Kickapoo State Park at 7:50 and arrived here at the Roundup Lake RV Resort at 4:15 (back on eastern time).

The roads, however were another story - it was a rough drive for poor Flo (and us in Big Red)....we had been complaining about Bloomington streets, but some of the interstates we were on were in terrible shape!!!

Lots of water here in Ohio, too....standing in muddy puddles at the campground.   We got Flo settled and then walked around and lo and behold came upon something new and unique?

We kept hearing dogs barking and saw tents set up and lots of cars, so we checked it out.    Several times during the season, here at Roundup Lake, they have Dog Jumping and Diving competition.   "Duke's K-9 Dash 'N "Splash" 

They are training for national titles jumping for height and distance into the water!

Folks were set up in their tents watching all the action as various dogs jumped into a large pool - lots of shouting and cheering on who could go the farthest?   They had a food booth (Mark had a delicious pulled pork sandwich) and just a different type of how to spend a Sunday afternoon...

Going to get down to 43 overnight...some cooler days ahead as we head to Brewerton, and oh boy.....rain in the forecast next 4 days!

Have a great week ahead...

Saturday - June 1

Warm sunny day and perfect  to be at the ole ballpark.   Liam was lucky to play his games today at the Corncrib,  home of the Cornbelters and on a major-league size field.

Mark and I left Kamp Komfort with Big Red pulling Flo after a great 5-week stay at 8:20 AM.    We watched Liam's first game with Patrick which they lost 5-4.    They also lost the 2nd game but both games, their opponents were boys who just completed their freshmen year.

Batter up Liam!

Anne was with Connor in East Peoria.    They won all 3 of their games!!! 

We were then on our way to Danville and a retirement party tonight for sister-in-law, Beth.

Stopped in Oakwood for lunch and then got settled at the Kickapoo State Park 

We went to 4:00 Mass at St. Mary's in Westville (Mark's sister Joan and Joe were with us)    And then to the Danville Country Club for Beth's retirement party (Beth is wife of Mark's youngest brother, Tom).    She's been teaching for 35 years  chemistry, physics, etc.    What a fun evening with family (10 of Mark's siblings and spouses were there - missing Nancy and Mark).   Great food, visiting, music, etc.   

Our sweet sister-in-law.....congratulations and best wishes for many fun, healthy years of retirement!

Friday - May 31

Gosh, it's the last day of May....2019 is flying by!    Got some things organized on Flo, put the Kringles in freezer and we left for town.    Met Claire at Farm and Fleet and she and I went onto the Mackinaw Tea Room.     We shopped at Garden Gate - beautiful gifts and flowers and then had a delicious lunch - our last hurrah till I'm back in IL this fall.    She brought me back to Kamp Komfort and hugged good bye....
A selfie at Garden Gate Floral and Tea Room at the Depot 

Mark got some things at Farm and Fleet and then on back to Flo.    After I got home, we went into town putting some things away in storage and got Big Red washed.

We met Anne, Patrick, Liam and Connor at Busy Corner for supper and good byes to Anne and Connor.     They are going to Connor's games in East Peoria early tomorrow.. 

The Campbell Clan

Back to Kamp Komfort, hooked up Flo to Big Red and tomorrow morning we'll see Patrick at Liam's game at 9 and then we'll be "back on the road again" to Danville for a retirement party for our sister-in-law.  

These past 5 weeks back in IL have flown by but we've sure packed in lots of fun!    Praying that the rain stops soon (more in tomorrow's forecast) and the farmers can get their crops planted.
   It certainly has been an extremely WET spring.

Praying for the victims and their families after the horrific mass shooting in Virginia Beach this afternoon.    Another horrendous senseless loss of so many innocents.