Sunday - April 30

They say April showers bring May flowers and that is the case today with so much rain, strong winds and 54 degrees.     We left at 8:30 this morning and saw so much water standing in the fields in IN and IL.    Mark's brother, Tom met us at The Beef House for lunch - fun to catch up with him and a great place o eat.    It was VERY busy, too, despite the ugly weather.
We are thankful as it could've been worse with all that was predicted. We are settled at Kamp Komfort (our "home" in this neck of the woods for the next 24 days). 

Outside Daisy's window this morning - Mama Duck leading the way with babies and Daddy Duck following?
We are looking forward to the next few weeks and fun times with family and friends.    Planning to pack in as much time with Liam and Connor and other socializing as possible!!!
Bye bye April and bring on the beautiful month of May

Saturday - April 29

Hello from Georgetown, KY.    Mark and I left Lake James round 8:50 AM.   He was driving Miss Daisy and I was in the truck.    Beautiful day for traveling.....stopped in at rest stop in KY for lunch on Daisy and then just kept on truckin'.    Since our car (Toad) is still in Daytona Beach and we can't tow the truck, I'm far so good.    A bit concerned about tomorrow's weather which sounds awful with heavy rain, storms, flooding, etc.  
Friday night - heading to the boat.
Maeve loves "hanging out" with Mommy
(way too complicated for Grandma)

Bath time for our happy girl

Saying bye bye to Maeve for almost 4 weeks.
 We are at Whispering Hills Campground near Georgetown, KY.    We've been here a few times and most recent was July 30, 2015 with Brady.....remember him using the pool as it was HOT!
We walked around the park and then to 6:00 Mass at St. John.     It was First Communion for 25 little ones all dressed in their finery.    And they baptized 2 little brothers, Nicholas and Benjamin.   Afterwards we went downtown and had a great dinner at Fava, a little diner that has been around since 1910......#1 restaurant in Georgetown according to Trip Advisor.    Sure gets our vote - great food and service!
Pretty view here at park from our back window
Tomorrow - Kamp Komfort, here we come!!!

Friday - April 28

So proud of Connor (on right) serving Mass for first time at Holy Trinity.
Here he is with his friend Gavin taken Thursday, April 27.
It's been a whirlwind week here in North Carolina and now my friends are back home in Bloomington and McKinney, TX.
Quick recap of our week's activities.....]
Monday - Picked the girls up around 4ish.    Stopped in Morganton for dinner at Root and Vine.   Mark had some errands and visited with Brooke's parents, Bob and Judy. 
 Onto the lake and settled in.
Tuesday - Asheville, breakfast at Tupelo Honey CafĂ©, shopping at Tops Shoes and the French Broad Chocolate Lounge.   Then toured the Biltmore and gardens,  High Tea at the Inn on Biltmore Estates, wine tasting at Antler Village and on home.   Enjoyed a nice campfire with Philip, Annette, Luke and Maeve sipping wine on a beautiful evening and then we girls sat on the porch with another nice fire.
Wednesday - perfect weather for a leisurely day relaxing with a trip to see Philip and Annette's new home, Camp Lake James for lunch and then boat ride around the lake,   Michael, Brooke and Blair joined us and for lunch and stayed for dinner (carry out from Roma's).    Sat on the porch and enjoyed another memorable, beautiful day!
Thursday - We gals let around 9:30 for Black Mountain.    What a darling little town about 40 minutes west of here.    We started with a stop at The Dripolator for coffee and then browsed the cute shops topped off with a fabulous lunch at The Verandah.    Rainy afternoon and back around 4:30.    Mark left in the car to run some errands.   Philip is working today thru Sunday.
Brought dinner home from the Verandah (Carolina bar-b-que, slaw, beans, corn on he cob and then desserts from the Dripolator.    Everything delicious!    Kathy, Claire and I played euchre first with Mark and then Annette.
Friday - We left at 7:45 for Charlotte and Kathy and Claire's flights back to Texas and Illinois.   I got the laundry done and after the Newton gang arrived (except for Drew) late afternoon, we went for a boat ride.    Beautiful evening on Lake James.
Tomorrow Mark and I start the long trek back to Bloomington.    Looking forward to seeing family and friends for most of May.
Here are a few pics from the past few days!    My friends are back home safe 'n sound.   What a fun girls getaway we had!!!
Beautiful blooms at the Biltmore

High tea at Biltmore

Luke and Blair at Camp Lake James
Claire, Kathy, Pat at the Camp

Boating on Lake James with my buddies 

Sweet Maeve

Wednesday - April 26

 Congratulations on #14.
LOVE you two...
Having so much fun with Kathy and Claire....been to the Biltmore for tour of the house, winery and High Tea at the Inn on Biltmore Estates.    We've been on the boat, lunch at Camp Lake James, and just relaxing.    Tomorrow off to Black Mountain for a day of shopping and lunch!

Sunday - April 23

What a wet, miserable day......rained during the night and today and tonight.    We left Caney Creek at 7:30 and off to 8:30 Mass at St. John Neumann in Farragut, TN.    We went to Mass here one year ago  (beautiful church in a very upscale neighborhood) but today was really chilly inside.
Had breakfast at Einstein Bagels and then to Costco.     The rain just kept coming down.   Stopped at Black Mountain to check out the town and get a bite to eat at the Dripolator (cute coffee shop) which was packed.   Brought our goodies back to Daisy and then to Ingles for a few more groceries.
Finally got to Lake James around 4ish.....glad to be here as the rain continues!
Tomorrow my friends Claire (Peoria) and Kathy (Dallas) are flying into Charlotte for some good "girlfriend fun" here at Lake James.    We are going to Asheville and tour the Biltmore, High Tea, relax at Lake James and then Black Mountain!
I'm taking a break from the blog for a few days!  
Have a great week...
Grandma is so happy to be back with her sweet Maeve

Mommy with her little darlins'
Nice catch, Connor at Old Farm  Lakes

Saturday - April 22

Hello from very wet Caney Creek.    We had lots of rain overnight - good sleeping on Daisy as it pounded down on the roof.  Heather, Cardy and I were able to walk this morning but not for long as the sprinkles started and then heavy stuff.
Bill, Nancy and our friend Sandy arrived around 11 and the rain stopped as our picnic began.    Sandy and Vince boated with the rest of us way back when.   She and Vince do not have an RV but sure was good to see her.    Vince had another commitment so was not able to join us.   We were in the very nice Pavilion close to our RV's and Mark and Bill W built a nice fire which felt so good.    We had pulled pork sandwiches, potato salad, baked beans, fruit, cookies, chocolate mint brownies , etc.
Bill and Nancy

Charmaine, Bill and Ty

Sandy, Heather and Cardy
After lunch we sat around the fire and yakked the afternoon away with wine and margaritas.    Bill, Nancy and Sandy left at 4:30 and rest of us cleaned up, skedaddled back to our RV's.   Mark and I played Spades and then another round of heavy rain.
It's been such a fun weekend with these dear friends and tomorrow we'll be on our way with plans to do this again next year - April in beautiful Caney Creek.
Rain, rain, so much rain - flash flood warning, severe thunderstorm...the whole shebang!
Prom tonight for University Christian High School....
our Drewby is all grown up!
Sarah and Drew

Friday - April 21

Today started out just beautiful - Heather, Charmaine and I (+ Cardy, Heather's dog) went for a walk.    Tidied up Daisy and Bill and Nancy arrived around 10:45.    We all drove to Ten Mile, TN and lunch at the Crow's Nest - good food at the Blue Springs Marina.    On our way back it rained hard and continued a while.    Bill and Nancy dropped us off and went on home.
Mark and I played cards in the afternoon, took a nap and Heather, Cardy and I walked again.    Bill, Charmaine and Heather came on Daisy for Happy Hour - 3 hours of visiting and then more rain off and on - very heavy at times.
Our track star - Connor

Thursday - April 20

Maeve is 9 months today!     Miss her!
Heather,  Charmaine and I walked around part of the park (it is quite large).   We had some sunshine but also clouds and not as warm as they had predicted.     Bill and Nancy arrived at 10:30 and around 11:15, we all drove to Kingston for lunch at Kittrell's Kitchen.
Good stuff, especially the onion rings + burgers, tuna and chicken salad sandwiches.
Off to Oak Ridge and the American Museum of Science and Energy.     Oak Ridge is where the uranium was obtained in the Manhattan project developing the atomic bomb.    Since Mark and I recently finished reading "Killing of the Rising Sun", it was extra special touring this well-done museum and the movie beforehand
Bill and Charmaine didn't get to do the tour as they had to take their RV in for some diagnostic testing before warranty work is done next Tuesday.   They arrived back at the campground around 5ish and rest of us got back at 4:30.
Bill and Nancy headed home to Fairfield Glade and we enjoyed wine and visiting on Bill and Charmaine's RV.
We had our leftovers from last night (rigatoni and Stromboli) and I then I went for a walk.
It is a beautiful evening!
Tranquil Caney Creek

Wednesday - April 19

Rainy morning and cool.     Annette fixed breakfast sandwiches and at 10, Mark and I left in Daisy for Harriman, TN (4+ hours) and the Caney Creek RV Resort.    It is a beautiful park with LOTS of RV's and nice trees, paved walking areas, etc.(we were here exactly 1 year ago after the Knoxville air show).
Other than some nasty pea soup fog before Asheville, the trip was good and we stopped at a rest stop near Dandridge for lunch.
We are spending the next few days with Bill and Charmaine who came from Linville, NC, Bill and Nancy from Fairfield Glade, TN who are just 30 miles away and driving over as they are waiting for their new RV to be finished (end of April), and Heather from Crossville, TN.   Heather's husband John passed away last July and we so admire her for continuing on with the RV lifestyle.    All of these friends were boaters at one time and how we all met.    We all go way back
(at least 30+ years of friendship).
Charmaine, Bill, Bill, Nancy, Heather and part of Mark
Today turned out to be sunny and warm....good to catch up and then the million dollar question "Where are we going for dinner"?    it's the same whether we're boating or camping!    Since we don't have Toad (still in Daytona Beach), we are now towing so rode with Bill and Nancy (Heather, too) and had a great dinner at Gondolier's.   
Looking forward to hanging out with these friends in this beautiful setting for a few days and of course, so good to be back on Daisy.

Tuesday - April 18

It was a rainy, dreary, cool day at Lake James.    Michael and Davis left around 8 to go back to Hickory - Davis had an orthodontist appointment and then back to school.   .Mark and I left around 9 for Morganton.    We both got haircuts and I got a manicure/pedicure.   Stopped at Ingles for groceries we'll need tomorrow thru Sunday as we're going camping and meeting friends at Caney Creek TN (west of Knoxville).
Philip and Annette went to Black Mountain and Asheville furniture shopping for their new home.    We watched Luke and Maeve.    Brooke and Blair went on home after her nap.
Did some more organizing of stuff and putting groceries away on Daisy. we go in Daisy - Tennessee, here we come!
Maeve in pink and green
Switching the channels

Blair is "interviewing" Grandpa with bunches of questions!

Daddy and his girl

Monday - April 17

We had a nice day.......Michael Brooke, Drew and Davis left around 8:30 for NC State in Raleigh for a college visit.   Mark and I were holding down the fort with Blair,    Brady left this morning with his other grandparents and cousin Cooper for Myrtle Beach (spring break).
Luke did not feel good most of the day and had a fever.   I did laundry, Blair and I worked on Daisy putting our stuff away, we danced, she played with her new cupcake play doh and took a nice long nap.    Then, Grandpa, Blair and I were off to Morganton and the movie "Boss Baby" - really cute and Mark and I giggled a few times!    We think Brady, Liam and Connor would really like it....Blair was a little young, but she hung in there and watched it all.
We went to Moon Dogs Pizza for supper and met Michael, Brooke and Davis who got back from Raleigh just before us.    Good pizza and catch up on their day which they all enjoyed.
Sat on the porch with a nice fire, wine and good chatting with the kids!
A good day.

Sweet Pea

At the movie....Grandpa enjoying his popcorn and coke while Blair is mesmerized
 Luke is feeling much better tonight!

Easter - 2017

Beautiful Easter in North Carolina.......Mark and I went to 9:00 Mass at St. Charles Borromeo.     Others went at 11.    The little ones colored eggs.   Light lunch and enjoyed the grandkids opening presents and their Easter basket goodies.      After naps, Luke and Blair went on an egg hunt....
They are on such a high!
Some went for a boat ride in the afternoon and this evening we had a good ole Southern Bar-b-que dinner with all the fixin's - delish!     We did face time with Anne, Patrick, Liam, Connor and Ryan.    The guys got in a poker game, Luke opened his gifts and then cake and ice cream!
Big day for all...especially the little tykes!
Pretty pink/black dress and leggings for her 1st Easter
Grandpa and Blair hanging out on the porch
The Girls
The B's coloring some eggs

After gathering the eggs...
Luke, Brady, Blair, Cooper 

Luke tearing into his presents
Happy Birthday, Luke
Winding down....
Handsome Illinois grandsons
We missed them!
Hope you all had a great day with your families!


Saturday - April 15

Great day for a hike and that's what Michael and I did.....First of all, he and Mark went to Drew's Diner for breakfast.   Then around 9ish, Michael and I drove to this new trail that is being developed with a park and so many amenities.    We hiked thru Fonta Flora for 4.64 miles (11,000+ steps).    it was soo pretty walking thru all the woodsy areas and then spectacular views of the mountains and water.     It was awesome!  
The hikers
We met the others at Camp Lake James where they were serving an Easter brunch followed by egg hunt!    Fun time for all.   Back home to put the little ones down for naps and some of us (Drew, his girlfriend, Sarah, Philip, Davis, Michael and I) went on a boat ride - gorgeous day and lots of folks on the water.
Maeve and the Bunny
Luke and the Bunny
Blair wanted NO part of the Bunny
Blair is checking out her stash
Mark and I stayed with the 3 little ones + Brady and Davis while the others + Drew and Sarah went to Mass and then dinner (Drew was their designated driver)!
Michael, Brooke, Drew, Sarah, Philip, Annette

Grandpa and his girls

Wishing you all a very

Friday - April 14

North Carolina in the Springtime......deep blue skies, green grass, flowering trees and bushes, perfect temps, Lake James and mountains!    Ahhh, thank you God for all this beauty! 
Pretty spring blooms
And then here's these two pretty girls.... 
A stylin' Miss Priss

Sweet happy Maeve
Busy around here today with Mark getting Daisy, Philip and Michael launching their boats, girls making good stuff in the kitchen, older boys golfing,  and Grandma enjoying the little ones!
Most of us went for a nice boat ride (pontoon) this afternoon.    Philip gave me a tour of their new home which they hope to move into by late July?   It's really coming along!
Brooke and Annette prepared a wonderful dinner with Michael grilling fish and lots of yummy sides.
Calm, tranquil Lake James
The guys hanging out with their I-phones
Grandpa is chillin with Luke and Maeve