November 30

We awoke this morning to a "Winter Wonderland" - although they predicted 5-7", we got around 4" with more to come overnight. Here are some photos of the first snowfall of the season!


Happy Thanksgiving to all........what fun we had starting this morning with Liam and Connor who had spent the night! Here are several pics of our day... The boys watching Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade (Connor with his "Thomas the Train" hat)
Liam is helping stir the ingredients for pumpkin pie
Connor helps add the sugar...
Anne, Patrick, Liam and Connor
"TOM" the Turkey
Anne and her guitar-strummin' boys
Grandma, Grandpa and snuggly grandsons in their snowman jammies at the end of a big day
And our day ended with all of us using the webcam and seeing and chatting with the rest of the family in North Carolina!!!!

November 23

This week was filled with lots of cleaning, organizing and catching up on the homefront. We also visited our parents, started decorating for the holidays, enjoyed the grandsons and set up a webcam with the NC grandsons. Here are some highlights: Liam and Connor spent Thursday night and here they are Friday morning watching cartoons before breakfast
Connor loves his toaster struedel and blueberries
Connor playing "his" guitar (spatula)
Sweet Liam
A bit of the mess of boxes and stuff all over the house getting ready for

November 18

We are home!!!!! Beautiful sunny, cold day for traveling...
Passed this semi of Christmas trees going somewhere? Yesterday turkeys, today, trees!Ahhhhh...can't beat that fresh evergreen scent! Settling in after running a few errands and getting some groceries!

November 17

Today we leave NC and head for home...Saying good-bye to Drew and Davis as they leave for school
And sweet Brady is off to his pre school...sure had 5 days of FUN with these little guys!We are leaving Daisy in NC for ther next 6 weeks - Mark and Michael discuss what's all involved if and when they take Daisy on a little camping trip. That's snow on the mountain top in NC (about 20 miles east of TN)
Passed 2 semi trucks of turkeys waiting (but not wanting) to be set on someone's Thanksgiving table???
Snow flurries in Kentucky this afternoon and tonight we are staying in Dry Ridge. Forecast is for snow during the night. It's COLD (in the 20's) & WINDY.
After a month of great traveling to WI, IL, FL, TX and NC, we'll be HOME SWEET HOME tomorrow. Time to get out the warm sweaters, winter coats, gloves, etc.....and start preparing for the holidays! Despite however far we may roam, "There's no place like Home".

November 16

It's a beautiful, sunny Sunday in North Carolina. We went to church and here are some pictures of our last day with the boys!"Preppie" Brady
Drew, Brady and Davis after church
Let's hear it for the"NAVY"
You've met the boys - now, here's the rest of the family...Pippi and Penney
Bailey and Katie
And Michael and Brooke - relaxed and refreshed after a great vacation in San Francisco and Napa Valley celebrating their 10th anniversary!

November 15

Our Saturday started out rainy and windy; we loaded the boys up on Daisy and picked up their Gram and Grand-Bob for a fun outing to Lake James. As we were driving around the lake, we saw a plane land on the water! The sun came out and it was a beautiful day! Brady and Drew running in the sand at the lake
The 3 "Mousketeers"
Back to Daisy after leaving Lake James State Park
Lunch at Wendy's
Gram and Grand-Bob
Brady is all tuckered out on the ride home

November 14

Friday highlights with the boys
Drew finishing his milk and then off to school - GO HAWKEYES!!!!Brady wearing Thomas shirt holding plush Thomas Brady sits in Elmo chair reading Thomas book
Brady has his Thomas backpack packed for camping out on DaisyGrandpa and Brady making fruit pies over the open fire after we roasted hot dogs!Spending the night on Daisy and here's the guys all watching the liftoff of the
space shuttle "Endeavor"

November 13

Rainy, dreary day in NC, but had fun playing indoors Brady is obsessed with "Thomas" - videos, books, stuffed toys and his little riding train
Davis with "Ewok" (best monster friend)

November 12

Good Wednesday morning and off to school we go...Davis (1st grade) and Drew (3rd grade)Grandpa, Brady and I went to town for a few errands and shopping Brady playing with his toys!
Davis in his new room!

Davis read Grandma a story at bedtime and now reading all about "Bad Kitty"

November 11

Happy Veteran's Day - no school for the boys today! Just had a leisurely day of settling in and enjoying another pretty day. We arrived in North Carolina at 5:00 last night. Michael is home from his travels and he and Brooke will be taking off EARLY tomorrow for San Francisco and celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary!

Here's our little "Heartbreaker" Brady...........what a delightful little boy!!!