April 30

Another crazy windy day and storms (possible tornado) are predicted for tonight?   Norma picked me up this morning and we had breakfast at CJ's and then off to therapy.    Anna worked on the shoulder and said I have definitely improved my range of motion from 1 week ago when I was first evaulated!    YEAH!   Still feels like a long ways to go, but....ONE day at a time!
I went with Donna Rae and friends to PEO salad luncheon - sooo much good food + desserts.   Fun to see these gals again...

Mark got a haircut, ran some errands and worked in the garage!   Sure glad to have him HOME!
 Wishing you all a great weekend!    Good-bye April!

April 29

The boaters and their chauffeur (Darrel) arrived home around 4:30 today.    Judy came to pick up Gary and we had a good visit - great to have our guys home and sounds like they really enjoyed themselves!

VERY windy here today and our yard is a mess with several large branches down, sticks, leaves, etc.   I went to lunch at Central Station with Kathy and Claire celebrating Claire's birthday (Saturday)...good food and conversation, topped off with white chocolate fondue with fresh fruit and fried cake!!  YUM!  

We were out of power for about an hour tonight cause of the strong winds!   For some reason, this blog/computer is not letting me upload pictures tonight????    ARRGGHHH!!!    Nite nite!

April 28

Mark, Gary and Darrel are all in Grand Rivers, KY tonight at Green Turtle Bay Marina.    Unfortunately, something is not right with the port (left) engine and after checking everything, changing batteries, using the booster pack, etc., they were finally underway (on one engine) at 11:00   They cruised (slowly at 9 mph) for 43.5 miles arriving at 3:30.  They've used used 60 gallons of fuel the past 2 days.    Mark will talk to the mechanic tomorrow to check the engine and may have Catrina lifted.    Anyway, they are safe and sound and Darrel was there to meet them!   Total mileage from Panama City was 850 miles.   Tonight they are dining at Patti's, a favorite of ours and will be joined by Gary's brother-in-law & sister-in-law (Judy's sister and husband) who live somewhere in Kentucky?    Tomorrow, the guys come HOME!!!

My day strarted with 8:30 therapy which Sigrunn drove me to.   Diane was today's therapist and together we chatted away the 1/2 hour as she moved the arm/shoulder up, down and all around!    Icing for 15 minutes and we were off to Starbucks for coffee and treats - thanks again Sig.

I was home just a bit and Kathy picked me up for Dr. Pegg's visit to see about the concussion/vertigo.   He was very thorough, explained about the crystals/tiny rocks we all have in our ear canal where balance is controlled, etc.  He showed me the diagram of the inner ear and how this all came about!  Well, during the fall one or more of my crystals/rocks or particles came loose and that is causing the spinning around.   Oddly enough....the fractured shoulder and all other discomfort has been on the left side, but this is right side of head that's got stuff where it shouldn't be.    These crystals/rocks have a sticky substance to them and they need to be put back in place.    So, I will be going to the OSF Balance and Dizziness Clinic and they have a method of somehow putting those little suckers where they belong.   One treatment should do the trick!   Should hear in a few days when that is scheduled.  I am so amazed at all the new medical stuff I've learned or first heard about since 8 weeks ago tonight when this all began...

Beautiful spring day - I walked home from the doctor's office and then took another walk in the neighborhood.    One other interesting tidbit from yesterday.....I have been doing "wall climber"  exercises since Florida where I wore a quilted oven mitt  to slide the hand as high as possible pushing under elbow with my right hand.    Jim, yesterday's therapist said to use a paint roller and try "painting" as high as possible!    I've only just begun!!!!!!

April 27

Mark and Gary checked in today from Paris Landing State Park Marina, Paris Landing, Tennessee.  They cruised 140 miles and went thru the Pickwick Lock which came down 55'.   They did have about 15 miles of "rough" waters (not usual for the river) but they were going with the current (downstream) and winds were against the current making for strong waves and unpleasant conditions!  
Interesting house along the way...
Catrina cruising with Tennessee on the left; Mississippi on the right; and Alabama straight ahead

  Paris Landing is at the very southern end of  the Land Between the Lakes (Grand Rivers is at the northern end).   Their gloomy day gave way to sunshine and tomorrow, only 45 miles to their destination of Grand Rivers, KY where they'll leave Catrina.   Mark and friend, Mark return on May 10th to resume the rest of the trip.

Last night at Pickwick Landing, they asked the lady at the marina about a good place for dinner.    She named the restaurant and said this is "Crazy Chicken" night - a buffet full of chicken prepared every which way imaginable.    So, they enjoyed their dinner and all the chicken dishes.    Tonight they are in Paris Landing and the marina lady said "Oh, tonight we have "Crazy Chicken" night"..........ooooooook!   What's with all this "crazy chicken" in Tennessee?   HA!!!

Catrina docked at Paris Landing, Tennessee

I officially started therapy (since I'm home w/the pros) today - Jim was my buddy and what a nice guy - very gentle but we chatted all the while he's moving the arm/shoulder ever so gently up, up higher, higher and straight out and here, there and wherever he could take it without me wincing, making faces, etc.   Actually, it did hurt, but nothing unbearable and overall....felt good to have some movement and he was happy with the range I have at this point.    Definitely still freezing going on, but hoping to correct that with time and therapy.   I was iced down for 20 minutes and then on my way.   

 Judy (Gary's wife) had taken me to the clinic and then we had lunch at Jim's Steakhouse - yummy, delicious, scrumptuous Petite Maurice salads wtih Brittany dressing (local favorite for many years)!
Judy and Pat

Darrel, long-time friend offered his driving services (or whatever) after our accident.....so, he stopped by tonight to pick up our truck and will drive to Green Turtle Bay on Kentucky Lake tomorrow to pick up the boaters.  We are blessed with some truly great friends!!!
  Home on Thursday!

Tomorrow, more therapy and then visit with the neurologist! 

April 26

Congratulations and Happy 7th Anniversary to Anne and Patrick!!!
7 years later on St. George Island, Florida

The boaters had a very good day doing some serious cruising as they covered 101 miles and went thru 6 locks with no delays!  The last lock had an 84' rise!!!  Tonight they are at the Pickwick Landing State Park bordering Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama and now on the Tennessee River.   I enjoyed following their journey via the AIS (automated identification system) showing the route they are on, speed they are going and the actual marker for "Catrina" on the internet - unbelievable what this technology can do!!!

And here's Catrina (pink spot and her route right into slip at marina.)

I had breakfast with the neighbors and always fun catching up (guys at their table; girls at ours).    Went for a walk, did some e-mails, read and now enjoying a nice clean house thanks to Jen and Courtney who came to freshen things up a bit after almost 4 months of neglect!!!   Mama is happy tonight!
Had a nice evening with my Monday Night Friends at Brenda's along with strawberry cobbler and ice cream!   Did my therapy and about ready for Dreamland (hopefully)?

April 25

 The Mississippi Boys stayed put another day and did a bunch of jobs on Catrina on a beautiful Sunday.   Mark went to church and met more folks who all seem to have a connection to one another - he's really enjoyed the "locals".  Tomorrow, they plan to be back underway...

I rode with Anne and the boys to see my Dad at the nursing home.    My brother, Bob and Linda joined us for lunch and then Mark's parents and sister, Karen came for a good afternoon visit.   We had rain driving up and coming back with more expected thru Tuesday!
Anne with Connor and Liam, Grandma C, Karen, Dad and Grandpa C
Grandpa Pete with Connor and Liam and their haphazardly put-on backpacks?
Anne and Grandpa

After the big day, I planned to settle in with my book and have a quiet evening, but Marty, next door and his son, Fred asked if I wanted to join them for dinner at Olive Garden.   We had a great time - good food, wine and chatter!    Good-night!

April 24

Mark and Gary are fine down in Mississippi in the aftermath of all the tragedy and devastation left behind today from the tornadoes.   They are northeast of Yazoo City.    The pictures on the weather channel tonight are so sad and heartbreaking.  Aberdeen did have high winds and heavy rain, so with the Tombigbee River rising, they will stay over another day and hopefully, resume their cruising on Monday.    They are enjoying more southern hospitality!

I walked to the grocery store this morning and otherwise, just read and did some computer stuff.    Anne, Patrick and boys picked me up for 4:00 Mass.    Liam and Connor stayed with me tonight while Mommy and Daddy went out for dinner celebrating their anniversary.    What fun we had!

Acting soooo silly
The boys decided to play a little tune while I was doing my pulley exercises!    Entertainment is great and sure takes my mind off any aches and pains!

I am amazed at how many folks I've talked to who have experienced the floaters in the eyes and are familiar with the vitreous gel diagnosis.    Certainly a new one for me and now we know the "rest of the story"!

Been using the Downey Wrinkle Release to spray away the wrinkles - sure beats ironing (especially when I can't iron).   Annette had told me about this a while ago and it sure does the trick!!!

Several have asked how I'm getting along without Mark.....all is good here thanks to having Anne and Patrick close by along with great friends and neighbors!    But sure will be good to have him back home later this week!

Anne, the boys and I are going to visit my Dad tomorrow - and Mark's parents will be joining us, too!

April 23

Okay.......here's the latest from Aberdeen, Mississippi where the boaters are all tied up and the hatches battened down waiting for storms and a flash flood watch (ugh....not what you want to hear)!     They plan to stay put tomorrow since the weather doesn't sound good and they have several boat jobs to tackle.   Stats for today include traveling 81.6 miles and passing thru 3 locks.    They had an issue with the anchor getting stuck on a tree or whatever but nice tow driver waited for them while they kept circling around and were finally free.    Fuel is $2.99 and Catrina was thirsty (again) taking on 106.3 gallons.   The marina has a courtesy car for them to use and they are 2 miles from Aberdeen which has population of  6,000+ .   

Appreciate the pictures Gary, the photographer is sending and here are some from today's travels...
Not sure what this is, but looked interesting
The Captain snoozin' away.

Enjoyed a wonderful gentle, soaking rain all day long.  Candy (friend and neighbor) took me to therapy evaluation and then we ran some errands.    Lee will be my main therapist and what a place this is.   The building is a former church and now a very impressive therapy center with a huge array of equipment and facilities for folks doing all kinds of therapy for their various needs.    MCO has 12 therapists -  just a tad more than Apalachicola!  
 I have a schedule set up for 3x a week for the next 4 weeks (1/2 hour each).   There is some "freezing" going on in the shoulder - not good, so will really be getting down to the serious "painful" business of having more mobility.   I have several new exercises to do at home, too.

Five friends took Donna Rae out for her birthday lunch at Jesse's Grill (was there earlier this week - really good) and what fun to catch up, laugh and celebrate Donna Rae!

Back:  Sue, Sigrunn and Brenda
Front:   Donna Rae, Pat and Norma

April 22

The boaters put in another long day and last I heard they were grilling brats at an anchorage somewhere on the Tennessee/Tombigbee Waterway (mile marker 277 for you boaters familiar with those parts).   They went thru 2 locks today (9 more to go) and covered 152 miles - those guys are a'truckin!!!!!
Here are a few photos from their travels yesterday.

Cruising past Mobile, Alabama
The white paint indicates how high the water level was from the flood of April 1979
Gary at the helm

Other interesting sites along the way...

I enjoyed a quiet day at home!    Read, did some e-mails, took a walk and stopped to smell the lilacs (hmmm....heavenly).   My big accomplishment today was sitting on the bottom step and bending over to tie my tennies!   Tah Dah!!!!
Arm/shoulder are aching today/tonight - rain is coming and now I'm letting you all know!   HA!    Amazing how that works!!!   Rain will be most welcome, but we sure have had several picture-perfect spring days in a row.   Have some of this springtime beauty in our front yard - love those bleeding hearts.

April 21

Mark just checked in from Sisal, Alabama where he and Gary are settled for the night at Bobby's Fish Camp.    Not much there - just a dock to tie up to and they are rafted off with another boat - no water or electricity.    The lady who runs Bobby's has a restaurant open Thursday thru Sunday.   But since there were 4 guys tonight, she offered to prepare supper and they enjoyed shrimp, fries, cole slaw and hush puppies (with honey)!    Sounds like quite the place.   They went thru their first lock today in Coffeyville, AL with many more to come.    Catrina and crew traveled 138 miles and fuel at Bobby's is $3.15 per gallon.

I'm back from a fun evening with my Sublettian friends - these gals and Bill (a guy Sublettian) traveled from the north, east and west for wonderful Italian dinners/wine at Basta's.    And here we are...

Back:   Mary, Pat, Patty, Ann and Jane
Front:   Kay, Marilyn, Debbi, Anita and Bill

I had lunch with my Exchange Club.  I had thought and hoped with Mark gone, that maybe I would lose a few lbs.since I'm not doing any cooking,    WRONG!!!  Not cooking, but sure eating good!  Oh, but so much fun hanging out and catching up with these friends!  Sigrunn (neighbor) and I went for a walk on a pretty spring afternoon.   Nite nite!

April 20

Okay....first the boaters' adventures.   Mark and Gary had a good day and tonight they are in Fairhope, Alabama.   The traveled 162 miles in 9.5 hours.   They are at the Eastern Shore Marina and filled those diesel tanks with 102 gallons of fuel at $3.07 per gallon!   OUCH!!!!!   CRUNCH!!!   YIKES!!!   We former sailors are still adjusting to this concept of boating!   Ha!

Several have asked exactly where the guys are traveling; so, here are the various waterways/river systems they'll traverse:   Gulf of Mexico/intracoastal waterway to Mobile Bay to the Mobile River to the Tombigbee River to the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway to the Tennessee River to the Ohio River to the Mississippi River to the Illinois River!    Whew....hope I got this all straight!

My day started with a dermatologist appointment at 8:15 which I drove myself to!   Tah...dah!    Not that far to drive and traffic was light.    Nice to have a non-accident related doctor visit and get my routine once-a-year skin check-up and a good report from Dr. Lucy.

My Sublettian friend, Kay and I share the same birthday (2 months ago today).    We enjoyed a long, leisurely lunch at Jesse's Grill in our new Marriott - wow~!   Beautiful place and delicious food!    Sooo much fun catching up with Kay - we go waaaaay back to early grade school days!
Birthday girls
Anne stopped in after work and then I went for a walk and now settled in for the night!

April 19

Gary and Judy picked Mark up this morning and were off to the airport.

Judy and Gary
The boaters off to Florida and the long journey with Catrina

Marty, next-door neighbor took me to breakfast this morning with other neighbors/friends (Monday morning tradition).   Fun to catch up with everyone and then I enjoyed the afternoon - few phone calls setting up appointments, little laundry and of course, therapy!    Yesterday Mark and I went for a little driving test - my first time to hit the streets since we're home.....Dr. had said I could drive if it felt comfortable.     Definitely seems different and not ready to venture on any busy roads, but just quick jaunts to the grocery store, etc. should work!    MRI results were good - no pinched nerve in my neck/spinal column; do have some arthritis and pain/discomfort are trauma from accident!  

Mark and Gary arrived in Panama City at 2, got some provisions at Publix and are settled on Catrina for early departure tomorrow.   

I went to cancer benefit (Relay for Life) at LaTeaDa Tea Room with Kathy and Claire tonight.    Food and entertainment were great - really fun evening and all for a very worthy cause!

April 18

Mark, Ryan and I went to 9:00 Mass and visited w/friends afterwards,,,,then to Kep's for breakfast.   

Ryan left for St. Louis after breakfast - we so enjoyed our short visit and the.time flew by,.   We hope & pray we'll see him again in August for his cousin's wedding - all depends on the Navy's schedule!   He will be based in California for the next 3 years.

Mark and I went for a walk this pretty Sunday afternoon and visited our neighbor, Marty and son Fred.   Good to catch up with them....did some laundry, too.
Here's wishing you all a good week ahead!   I'll keep this blog going with daily updates on what's happening with the boaters, too and their long journey on the river systems.

April 17

Much cooler today, but sunny and soo pretty out with all the lushness of spring!    Leisurely morning and then off to Anne and Patrick's for lunch (yummy cheeseburgers and all the fixin's).  

Uncle Ryan giving the boys a big push!
Ryan, Connor (Simon) and Liam (Theodore) - the boys chipmunk friends!
Liam, Patrick, Anne and Connor

Yesterday our good friends, Gary and Judy stopped by.   Sooo good to see them.   Gary and Mark will be flying to Panama City, FL Monday morning to start the move north with Catrina.

Some have asked about my neurologist appointment - finally got that set for April 28th.   Today the shoulder is really achy...not sure why as the weather isn't the culprit and sounds good for the next several days, so???

Mark and Ryan are grilling steaks tonight - yum!!!   And then, another round of dominoes coming up. 
  Ryan won last night so "revenge" time!   HA!

Late-night results....Ryan and Pat were the winners!

April 16

Rainy morning and Mark and I were off to orthopedic doctor  who said my shoulder is healing well.   More x-rays in 4 weeks.   Bummer that therapy is fully booked till next Friday when I will be evaluated but I'll be continuing for 20 minutes 2x a day at home.

Then to eye doctor and extensive testing, dilation, etc., but that diagnosis is vitreous gel in the retina has broken loose causing floaters and lightning strikes.   The accident probably triggered this, but most likely would've happened in a few years with the "aging process".    And now hearing of more folks who have experienced this - similar symptoms for detached retina.    So.....very thankful for two good appointments today!

Mark and I had pictures taken for church directory and ran a few errands this afternoon.  Turned out to be a very pretty day!

Ryan hasn't been "home" home since Christmas of 2008.    His Mama wishes she could prepare his favorites, but since I'm not doing much of anything in the kitchen.........we met Anne, Liam and Connor at Monical's for pizza (Ryan's choice and must-eat spot when any of our kids are home).    Fun time!
The "Navy" Boys

April 15

Off to St. Margaret's Hospital in Spring Valley this morning....my Dad had a medical procedure which he came thru with flying colors!   And then.....Ryan came and what a joy to see him after 6 1/2 months.    Good visiting was enjoyed by all (my brother Bob and Linda were there, too).
Grandpa and Ryan
Becky loads Dad up to take him back to nursing home as Ryan, Mark and Bob look on.

Mark, Ryan and I are home tonight and all tired, but so good to have our Navy Boy home!!!!   Today is Ryan's 4th anniversary since he joined the Navy.   We ordered Chinese and now going to watch a video Ryan made while onboard the Nimitz.

Lots of blessings to be thankful for tonight!!!!!!!!!

April 14

Mark and I went out for breakfast and then did a Wal-Mart run.    It was another grand day weather-wise.    Got a lot of stuff put away and our neighbor, Larry did some yard work (that made me happy)!   

I had lunch with my Exchange friends and so good to see them and sure appreciated the warm "welcome back".    Tonight at 6:00, I had my MRI - not too bad, but really cold in there even with a warm blanket!    Glad that's over and should have results in a few days.

April 13

Doctor visit today proved to be a real attention getter and that is that this "bod" (Pat's) needs some attention.   Had x-rays of my neck and tomorrow, having MRI.   Also seeing neurologist regarding the concussion, vertigo, etc. and eye doctor for thorough exam (still having floaters and some lightening flashes).   Mark's knee/leg is much better, but depending on how he's doing after these boat trips, he may be getting an MRI, too.    The ole bills are mounting up!!!!

Met good friends, Kathy and Claire at Biaggi's for lunch and catch-up.    Got more stuff put away this afternoon - another very pretty day.  Till tomorrow...

April 12

Beautiful day - getting back in the swing of things by meeting frends/neighbors for breakfast..........lots of hugs and tears from this great bunch!    Mark and I ran a few errands (I'm still not driving) and I got a haircut in the afternoon.

Had a nice evening with some of my Monday Night Friends....hadn't seen some of them since early December.

Mark brought Daisy home (she's been stored in a farmer's machine shed).

Didn't put much of our stuff away today.......there's always tomorrow and the nexy day and day after that etc., etc.    Nite nite

April 11

Woke up to another gorgeous spring day with the sun shining, birds chirping and nature at her prettiest!    We walked to 8:30 Mass at St. Francis de Sales (2 blocks away) and then had delicious breakfast at Etcetera, across the street from "the Egg and I" (complimentary as part of our stay).   And we're off for the last leg of the journey.    The Bradford pear trees were more common the further north we drove....so pretty.    Ate lunch at Ted's Garage in Clinton (after all that phenomenal seafood past 3 1/2 months, our juicy burgers w/all the fixin's really hit the spot).

Arrived home at 3:40 and gradually getting to all our stuff.     It was such a fun winter in Florida despite the cool weather and we are so thankful to be alive and well after our scary accident!    I'm on the mend and  Life IS Good!!!

Will keep this blog going - Tuesday we are off to see the doctor.

April 10

What a glorious day........from Alabama to Tennessee and into Kentucky, the beauty of spring with trees budding out, GREEN grass and flowering trees in abundance was a real treat.

We stopped several times to stretch (better travel day for the shoulder) and soak up the warm sunshine.

Red bud trees were everywhere!
Bountiful blooms near Nashville
Welcome center in Kentucky

We are in Paducah, KY tonight - always enjoyed this charming town and had another great dinner at Max's in the historic downtown area and are now settled at "The Egg and I" Inn in the Lower Arts district of Paducah.    Our host, Carol does gorgeous egg sculpting and has a shop in the lower level of house, so that's where the name comes from.   We are in a suite upstairs (1200 square feet).   I just love these old homes that have been well cared for and kept close to their original condition.  This neighborhood is full of lovely old red brick homes, galleries, condos, etc.    We took a long walk on a perfect spring evening (also to work off some calories)!   
A gallery across the street from our Inn with this neat giraffe in front yard

 It was a good day and now we're both looking forward to tomorrow and

April 9

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Annette, our daughter-in-law.   We hope she has a great day!!!
Annette - the Birthday Girl

Woke up early this morning as Mark and I had to drive back to Apalach for my last therapy session at 9:00.    Said goodbye to the kids but the little guys were all still asleep!
Davis, Brady and Drew sleeping away on Catrina

Mark did laundry while I was at therapy and then we had a good chat with Tom as he wrote out his thoughts and recommendations for my therapy/recovery.    At this point, out of a "5" being the best use of shoulder, I am at "2.5" so.....still a ways to go but as Mark said, I came back from "0".    Tom wants me to have an MRI of spine and neck as I'm still so stiff and just to rule out any other injuries.    It was a sad farewell to Tom and all the staff as we said good-bye with a promise to keep in touch and visit when we are back in the area.     They have been so caring and supportive these past 3 weeks and I will sure miss them!   I had pictures of Tom, Miss Pam and Miss Martha Pearl from one week ago when we went out for dinner, but here's another sweetie....Miss Anastacia
Miss Anastacia (PT aide)
Beautiful azaleas which are in full bloom everywhere!

We arrived back in Panama City just in time to get few more things off Catrina before she was lifted out of water.    The folks at the Lighthouse Marina will do a coat of bottom paint and install a depth gauge over the next 10 days.   Mark and our friend, Gary will return on the 19th to start the journey north.
Catrina lifted out
Mark and workers following Catrina to her new spot on land for 10 days.
We left Panama City around 2:30 (now on central time zone) with a few stops along the way (treat at Baskin Robbins and then walked and got arm out of sling for a bit).    The car trip is definitely more painful and bumpy than on the water!    I mentioned to Tom how very sore I was all day yesterday and he had several patients say the same thing - the rainy weather with fronts coming in, storms and barometric pressure all contribute to big-time achiness!   

Tonight we are in Troy, Alabama and have about 11 hours to home, but planning to stretch it out over the next 2 days - always feels good to stop and stretch!

April 8

We all left Apalachicola this morning around 10:00 onboard Catrina.   
The Water Street Hotel and Marina - great place to be these past 3 weeks.

Had some heavy rain off and on but arrived safely in Panama City Beach 4 hours later (66 miles).   Brooke, the boys and I played dominoes along the way with Davis the big winner.   After settling in at the Lighthouse Marina, Michael and Mark drove our car back to Apalachicola (1 1/2 hour trip) to get Michael's car.  We went to the "Boatyard " (right beside the marina) for delicious dinner and then more dominoes with Drew, the winner.
Met this FDNY fire boat on the intracoastal in St. Andrew's Bay just outside Panama City
Brady, Michael and Davis hanging out watching a movie   Our last night and we're all together on Catrina w/tornado watch posted.