Sunday - June 30

We so lucked out with our beautiful day with Tom yesterday as today and tomorrow are to have high chance of rain and storms.    In fact, it's raining now and we had hoped to be on our way to Dundalk, but the weather radio came on with prediction of strong winds and heavy rain, so...waiting it out here (12:15 as I start writing this).
We walked to 9:00 Mass in Federal Hill (Holy Cross) and then back to the Sorso Cafe for breakfast.   This little coffee café is located right in our marina and wonderful with all the coffees, pastries, gelato and other lunch items where you can eat inside on the plushy, comfy furniture or outside.    It's been here about 10 years (just after Philip left and how our BIG coffee-drinking son would've loved this place)!    Anyway, on weekends, they make omelets, so Mark and I shared one, ate outside and enjoyed every bite!
Turned in our gate keys and said good-bye to Dawn in the office - what a friendly and sweet and she gave us some gifts to take to the grandsons!!!!       We told her how much we enjoyed our stay and loved this "Yuppie-ville" - sooo many young professionals out and about running, walking their dogs, pushing baby strollers (by the nanny, too) in such a picture perfect setting.  Dawn said "well, you two are just recycled teenagers"!    Had not heard that one before, but sounds good!   When we return in August, we'll probably stay in Fells Point.
The rain stopped and we were on our way around 12:40 and checked into Dundalk around 1 hour later.    The sun came out and it's hot 'n steamy! we begin the task of getting our stuff together and transfer to truck - we'll be gone a month, so.....time to get at it!   Had a quick lunch of whatever was left in fridge as we'll be defrosting and cleaning that out, too.
Well....duh, I realized this morning that my good sun glasses were missing?    Retraced our steps (had a spare pair on yesterday) and thought and hoped they were at Aldo's where we had our anniversary dinner Friday night.    Called them late this afternoon (only open for dinner) and they had them!    So, we drove back to Baltimore (Little Italy) and got them, along with a Wal Mart run for some stuff to prepare Catrina for a month out of the water.
Back to Dundalk and the marina.....went to the Hard Yacht Café (memorable, fun place from 2 years ago) and shared shrimp and hush puppies.   AND, I had my favorite summertime crush!    When in Maryland, drink this drink!!!!!!   When we were coming into the marina earlier this afternoon, a young man and his little girl were waiting on the dock to help us in....he had a drink and I asked him "Is that an orange crush?"   "Sure is"!!!!!    He had his sweet little toddler sit on the dock (along with his orange crush) and he helped tie up our lines!
Getting stuff off boat and into truck to take to NC.......tomorrow morning, they are lifting Catrina out and then we're off to Roanoke, VA to visit my cousin and husband....can't wait!

One more interesting tidbit about we were leaving the harbor today, we passed a large Under Armour plant and sure enough, Baltimore is their global headquarters!    Our family does their part in keeping them in business!!!!

2013 is 1/2!     Looking back over the blog, we sure covered a lot of ground AND water in June!

Have a good week....


Saturday - June 29

 WOW....we've had such a fun day with our nephew and Godson, Tom.   He drove from Arlington, VA (1 hour) this morning and we've been on the go all day long!    After some good chatting and catching up on the boat, we took off for Dundalk (Tom and I in his car and Mark leading the way in our truck).    It's 12 miles away and now the truck is there for when we arrive tomorrow with the boat.
Okay....back to the marina and then set off on foot for the Inner Harbor.   Tom was so impressed with Baltimore and the beauty of the water, buildings, and so much action!!!    We had a great lunch at McCormick and Schmick (his first time to try crab cakes).    We went thru the Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse which was moved into the Inner Harbor in 1988 and is now a museum.   It dates back to 1855.   We browsed around Barnes and Noble which is so unique (it's in an old power plant, so much of the original structure has been retained with all the pipes, exposed ceiling, etc. on 2 levels )   Then back to the throngs.....oh-so-many people out and about this gorgeous Saturday.  
  Walked back to Catrina and went for a boat ride around the Inner Harbor.    What a day to be on the water....warm, sunny, breezy!   PERFECT!
After docking, we walked up to The Barge and Tom and I had an "Orange Crush" - great drink founded in Maryland made with orange vodka, oj and triple sec - DEEElicios and so refreshing!   Mark enjoyed a beer.
Tom left for home around 7:30 - what a special day with a special guy!   Here are some great memories

Great day on the water and first visit to Baltimore

Tom and Uncle Mark
Seven foot Knoll Lighthouse

Cruisin' the Inner Harbor
Tom and Aunt Pat enjoying their Orange Crushes
Our hockey fans with their new shirts celebrating the Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup

Friday - June 28

Happy 44th Anniversary to us! 
Having late afternoon drinks at The Barge just before the storm blew thru
  Wow....the years are just flying by!!!!   Had a great day in the exercising and laundry out of the way this morning and while Mark worked on some boat jobs, I got a manicure and haircut.      Beautiful day here in the Inner Harbor!  
There's a neat bar/grille on a barge at the end of our dock complete with a nice swimming pool.   Went to the bar late this afternoon and while there, the heavens opened up!   Wow....did it ever rain and blow!!!
Walked to the water taxi and then rode to Little Italy - walked several blocks to "Aldo's" for a fabulous dinner!    I had a new fish...."Brazino" excellent, along with a bellini, wine, appetizer, salads, and dessert, (compliments of the house!)   And then....a complimentary glass of lemoncello which they make in house!   DELISH!!!!   This was definitely one for the memory books.
For some reason, the taxi did not come, so....we walked quite a ways on this beautiful evening,finally caught the water taxi, walked some more and here we are - boat sweet boat!
Thanks for the phone calls, e-mails, e-cards and texts - it's been a very special day!
Looking forward to tomorrow when our nephew and Godson, Tom is coming to spend the day.   Tom lives and works in the DC area.

Thursday - June 27

Big day of travel...............took the Light Rail to the airport and had 10:45 flight to Myrtle Beach.   It was neat flying over the intracoastal just before we landed.   We left 5 minutes early and landed 10 minutes early.   We took a cab to the marina, hopped in the truck and we were off....South Carolina, North Carolina (30 miles of heavy rain), Virginia, Maryland (more rain)
Interesting how our various modes of transportation compare in a time frame......Route from Myrtle Beach to Baltimore via Catrina = 2 weeks (at our leisure); Baltimore to Myrtle Beach via Spirit Airlines = 1 hour; Myrtle Beach to Baltimore via truck = 8 hours.
We are back on the boat and so glad, too.....between driving in heavy traffic especially around DC and the heavy rain, it's really good to be "home"!!!  

Wednesday - June 26

Hello from Baltimore.......nice leisurely trip this morning after exercising.    We cruised 51 miles and arrived at noon.    Washed down the boat and then walked to "Little Havana" a favorite from years ago - short jaunt from the Inner Harbor marina and good Cuban and other food.

So many good memories of this "Charm City" from years past.  Philip lived on his boat ("Terraphobic" - fear of land) here in 2000-2001.   Last July, we had a fun time with Drew, Davis and that day and hot again today!
Mark has always been the logistics planner for our travels and sometimes, it gets pretty complicated and challenging, but he always comes thru - might need a Plan A, B, C...but we get to where we need to be.  
  So....Catrina is settled here in the Inner Harbor and tomorrow morning, we are flying to Myrtle Beach to get our truck.   We'll drive it back here (472 miles) and stay till Sunday when we'll take the boat to Dundalk, MD (this is where we had Catrina lifted out 2 years ago when Hurricane Irene was coming).    Monday morning, she'll be lifted out again and stored on land.    We will then take off for Michael and Brooke's near Hickory, NC for a month!
At 5:15 the skies darkened, lots of thunder and lightning and very strong winds.   Sooo glad we were inside Catrina and out of the elements as we had a torrential downpour and storm.
After the storm passed thru, we grabbed our umbrellas and took off for the Inner Harbor (more rain is coming).    Its so fun and pleasant to be here in Baltimore again - love this area.    Started raining and we ducked into the shops and walked around.   Lots of folks out and about.   Stopped at Cheesecake Factory for dessert - yumeee    Coming back to the marina, we walked around Federal Hill past the many row houses - such a neat area.  We walked 7 1/4 miles total!    

Tuesday - June 25

Whew's hot here at the Breezy Point Marina near Chesapeake Beach, MD (town is 5 miles away).    Good day on the water after leaving Norfolk at 6 AM and 10 miles later, we were officially on Chesapeake Bay.     We cruised 131 miles and saw many Navy ships as we left Norfolk and then some mighty big freighters and cargo ships.
Bye bye Norfolk - sure enjoyed our time here

Huge cargo ship carrying cargo containers which are off loaded to the semi's - lots and lots and lots!
Our sweet Luke is reading at 2 months!!!!     Hope he enjoys his books as much as
 Grandma enjoys hers

Monday - June 24

Norfolk is hot 'n steamy today......we exercised, had breakfast and then I walked 3 blocks to the wonderful 3-story MacArthur Center.   Spent 4 hours just browsing, walking around (put some mileage on these legs) and then took a break and read my Nook at Barnes and Noble.     Mark had a bunch of jobs on the boat, plus went on some errands with his bike.
In the afternoon, we walked along the waterfront (very nice) and saw  the Armed Forces Memorial which consists of 20 letters sent from troops to their loved ones, reproduced on cast bronze "paper" that appears to have been scattered by the wind across the riverfront plaza at Town Point Park.  These letters were written by men and women who fought in wars from the American Revolution to the  Persian Gulf War of 1991,     Very moving......
One of the 20 letters....
A US Navy memorial of a sailor coming home and reunited with his wife and son
Don and Joan came onboard Catrina at 5:30 for drinks and snacks - we sat on Catrina's bridge with warm breeze overlooking the naval ships out on the Elizabeth River.   Katherine and Dana arrived at 6:30 and so fun to all be together......Katherine is our friend's Paul and Kathy's daughter and they used to be neighbors back home with Don and Joan..  
  Dana is in the Navy and explained the ships to us.     Said good bye to Joan and Don as they had a meeting at 7.   Walked to The Empire with Katherine and Dana for delicious tapa food topped off by s'mores which we made at our table....everything was sooo good!

Katherine and Dana
S'mores prepared table side!
Tomorrow....Chesapeake we come!

Sunday - June 23

We left the anchorage at 7:30 this morning and although we only had 55 miles, it took us 6 hours cause we waited on 4 bridges to open and had 1 lock to go thru.    But it was a pretty, sunny Sunday and a pleasant day on the water.   
Norfolk, we come!
We are at the Waterside Marina in downtown Norfolk (financial district) and after washing off Catrina (lots of bugs out there), we walked around downtown.    Since we were not able to go to Mass today, we walked 1 mile to the Basilica of Mary, the Immaculate Conception - only to find the doors locked. 
The Basilica of Norfolk
  It was hot out today....but very close by was the McArthur Mall - a beautiful 3-level very cool shopping center with oh-so-many shops.    We got some ice cream, browsed Barnes and Noble and then back to the boat.    I'm planning to go back there tomorrow!
Don and Joan who we knew from back home picked us up at 6:30 and we went to O'Sullivan's  Wharf for excellent seafood dinner and great to visit with them.   They retired to Norfolk about 1 1/2 years ago.
Joan and Don

Saturday - June 22

Rained during the night and we were up and off at 6:05.    Cloudy all morning and a little cool, but waters were calm, so a very pleasant day on the water.    Sun came out this afternoon and we meandered thru Pamlico and Albemarle Sounds, at least 5 rivers and multiple canals and creeks for a total of 129 miles.    We stopped at 3:00 in our anchorage on the North River across from Corolla (Outer Banks), NC.   
The radar showed rain around us, but we lucked out - shortly after we got the anchor set, it did rain, so....glad to be in warm and dry!   Mark grilled out cheeseburgers and enjoying the peace and quiet - no one else around here.    But rain is coming big time, so....we'll batten down the hatches and see what comes!  
Talked to Ryan this afternoon - such a horrible tragedy in Dayton, Ohio with the crash at the air show this afternoon    When we were in Key West in March for the Blue Angels show, they had several other air demonstrations and one was a gal standing on the wing of the plane (called a wing walker).   It was unreal seeing her out there doing various stunts.....Ryan thinks it was that same gal who died today hanging upside down by her feet when the plane went down    She and the pilot died in the fiery crash.
Tomorrow...onto Norfolk (55 miles)

Friday - June 21


We left Beaufort at 9:10 - sure enjoyed our time here and too bad we're not here next weekend as that is their tour of homes/gardens.   Now that would be fun as I sure would love to see what's inside these lovely homes.     Just had 25 miles today, but not the best day on the water with lots of clouds and very strong winds from the northeast.    We stopped at Seagate for fuel and then had the Neuse River ahead of us - rough waters but only for about 4 1/2 miles.    Oriental is our stop today and there's just not much here in this tiny harbor town of 875 - but it has the title of "Sailing Capital of North Carolina" and the Neuse River is the widest river in the USA making for great sailing.
We rinsed the salt off Catrina, had lunch and then walked - whoaaa...the sun came out and it's hot!    We are protected here in the harbor from the strong winds   Found "Nautical Wheelers" a very nice old home full of gifts - fun browsing!   Mark rode his bike to West Marine.  We are docked right in front of the Oriental Marina and Inn...

Late afternoon we walked to the Coffee Bean for ice cream.

Another interesting tidbit....Oriental was originally named Smith's Creek with Lou Midyette as the first postmaster.   Lou's wife, Rebecca found a nameplate washed ashore of a sunken ship named "Oriental"....she liked the sound of the name, so disregarding the towns history, had the town renamed.

In 1960, there were 4 sailboats here in, more than 2,000.    Real estate development is starting to take off and new homes and condos are going up with folks from the Raleigh, Cary, Charlotte areas coming here to their second home for the weekends.

Enjoy YOUR weekend!


Thursday - June 20

A spectacular day in "Bohfert" with clear blue skies, sunshine and breezy.    We got right to the task at hand this morning - Mark scrubbed Catrina and I cleaned inside and got things all tidy!    Then we were off to shop a bit (he got a new pair of boat shoes) and we had lunch at the Dock House (shared a Cajun grouper pita) - yummy!   Then we bought a few things at Taylor's Creek, a gourmet grocery/deli, and brought back to the boat.    At 1:30, we boarded the double decker London-style bus for our 45-minute historical tour of Beaufort.    Learned lots of history and so enjoyed the stories behind the lovely old homes.
Our bus and narrator, Bob
Typical white picket fence surrounding homes in Beaufort.    Their purpose was to keep the livestock in (especially pigs) and if any escaped, they were free game for neighbors to take as their own to slaughter, keeping 1/2 for themselves and giving 1/2 to charity.

After the tour, Mark and I walked thru the old burying ground - we've always been fascinated by the very old gravestones, names, dates, etc.   Sooo many babies and young children.

A father took his daughter to sea in the 1800's and promised her mother he would return her safely.    But the little girl (last name of Slew) died on the ship and he just could not dispose of her overboard (the normal procedure), so he bought a keg of rum from the Captain and buried her inside.   When they returned to Beaufort, the little girl was given a proper burial and to this day, her grave is adorned with flowers, shells, beads, stuffed animals, and other trinkets that children leave after hearing about her fate.
Another interesting fact about this charming town is that it's the 3rd oldest in NC
(Bath is #1 and Edenton, #2) and in 2012, Beaufort's claim to fame was the distinction of being  named the "Coolest Small Town in America".
Speaking of Bath, our neighbors yesterday/last night were Pat (guy) and Gail from Bath who are traveling on their sailboat with their 13-year old grandson from Charlotte.   Fun visiting with them, and talking about places we've both been to and enjoyed
Mark and Barbara  came from New Bern at 5:00 for a great visit (sat on Catrina's bridge and had wine and snacks) and then to The Blue Moon Bistro for a fabulous dinner.   Our friends Glen and Paula who are on their boat traveling ahead of us had eaten here a few weeks ago celebrating their anniversary and gave it a 5* rating.   Yesterday, some gals in a store said "it was theeeee best in Beaufort",    So.....we 4 celebrated our anniversaries (#36 for Mark and Barbara on June 10th and #44 coming up for us on the 28th).   Dinner was very, very good!!!
The Blue Moon is located in the historic Dill House built in 1827

Wednesday - June 19

 Lots of rain during the night!  Luke and his Daddy called this morning - what a fun way to start the day.   Luke was lying in his Boppi Pillow all smiley!    Made my day!!!
We exercised, had breakfast and left around 9:30 for Beaufort.    Had some rain along the way, but only a short jaunt of 10 miles.   We've been to Beaufort (Buefort) SC (between Charleston and Savannah) a few times and love it, but this is out first visit to Beaufort (Bohfort), NC and it's another winner.    Cute shops, friendly southern folks and several restaurant choices.    Had a wonderful lunch at The Beaufort Grocery Co which was recommended by the locals - busy place with neat décor and cute colorful dish towels for napkins!   The Cuban,  Wahoo Wrap with apricot salsa and broccoli salad were excellent!

I hit the shops in the afternoon - misty rain off and on, but nothing to slow me down.   Mark took a nap, we picked up our mail and at 4:15, the sun came out!    Yeah!

Got the laundry done late this afternoon and then walked around this charming town - Front Street is full of shops and restaurants and lovely old homes (many built in the 1700's -they have a plaque showing last name of original owner and year it was built.)   They all have rocking chairs, swings or wicker furniture on their porches (an occasional hammock, too)    Here's  a sample...

Southern beauty
Tomorrow.....time to clean Catrina inside and out!   And looking forward to our friends, Mark and Barbara from New Bern coming for visit and dinner.    We were dock mates in Racine for many years.


Tuesday - June 18

Hello from Spooners Creeek outside  Morehead City, NC.     We are anchored out (surrounded by some lovely homes) in a nice little secluded spot for the night after traveling 102 miles today.   Had not planned on that long a day, but things were going well, so....stopped at Mile Hammock Bay, near Camp LeJeune for lunch (chef salads) and then back on the water.
All day long as we (big part of the time, were going parallel with the Atlantic), we saw every type of home imaginable with every configuration of size, shape and color all along the intracoastal (to her left) and then, off to the right, the big beach homes that went on forever!!!!!!!
We had the threat of rain just before stopping for lunch - looked like we were heading right into a major downpour, but all fizzled out
Congratulations to Mark's sister, Janet and husband, Mike on their 30tgh wedding anniversary today!   Philip was their little ring bearer - seems like yesterday!!!
Mark grilled out Italian sausages tonight - we really enjoy anchoring out - should do it more often!!!
Beautiful June evening here in Spooners Creek

Monday - June 17

Hot, sunny and very breezy today.  Got the exercising out of the way and after breakfast, we were off on our bikes to explore the island.    Rode along many sand dunes, past big beach homes and shopped a bit more at Maritime Market Place.    We stopped at the turtle conservatory, (they have lots of nature activities for the kids) and had a water break at the Pelicatessen (just like a Delicatessen).  A big chunk of the time we were on tree-lined roads, but in the sun, it was hot!    So.....after 11 miles we were back on Catrina, resting and cooling off.   
 Had a yummy mid-afternoon lunch at Mojos' we split a wonderful "grown-up" version of grilled cheese sandwich (how it was listed on the menu)......baked Virginia ham, cheese, bacon, tomato on grilled multi-grain Texas toast.     It was awesome along withh sweet potato fries.    Walked around and enjoyed the refreshing breeze off the Cape Fear River.
There are only 162 full-time residents on this island....the workers and tourists travel over on a ferry which departs from Southport several times a day.   Catrina is docked right across from the ferry terminal.    A large barge carries the truck traffic hauling food and other supplies.
Barge carrying trucks back to Southport after unloading on the island
We had some cards to mail so walked to the post office which is near "Old Baldy" the oldest lighthouse in North Carolina.    Had thought about climbing to the top (108 steps), but then decided "nah", although we sure would have a grand view.    The lighthouse has maintained its original form and location for over 187 years.
Old Baldy 

Late this afternoon, Mark decided he needed a chocolate lava cake fix, so....
oink oink - I had a few bites!   When it's this close to us, how can we pass it up??? 
 REALLY good stuff!
Mojo's - GREAT food and drinks


 to all you Dads out there!
I do believe Mark has had a great Father's Day.......what's not to like about being on his boat on a spectacular day in the Carolinas and docking at Bald Head Island, NC.    I had never heard of this island, but oh's 14 miles of pristine beaches about 3 miles from Southport and full of beautiful homes, a few shops and restaurants.    But the real draw for us to come here was that there is no motorized vehicles (except for the service ones), you can rent golf carts, ride bikes or walk.
We had ham//cheese omelets, fresh berries and toast for breakfast and then we were off around 10:30. arriving here at 2:00. North Myrtle Beach is only a few miles from the NC border and from then on, it was home after home - now we know why folks want to explore the beaches of NC.....beautiful BIG beach houses and they are everywhere!!!!
One thing I forgot to mention yesterday was all the golf courses we passed along the intracoastal in the Myrtle Beach area which boasts at having 250+ courses!
We had a fantastic lunch at Mojo's on the water.....Mark had seafood gumbo and iceberg wedge salad.   I had fresh flounder tacos......but the real surprise was that they had chocolate lava cake on their menu!   WOW..... Mark's very favorite dessert and it was a winner!!!!
We took off on our bikes and checked out this island with its beautiful tree-lined and paved roads.   Rode 5 miles and stopped at 3 fantastic shops and the market which was very cool with lots of specialty foods and wines. the few hours since we've been here, we've  fallen in love with Bald Head Island and planning to stay till Tuesday - tomorrow lots more biking coming up and there's a road following the Atlantic, so......
Mark was talking to a guy who lives here and he said July 4th and on, it is crazy with tourists and no golf carts or bikes are available for rental....glad we're missing all those crowds!
Mark enjoyed phone calls from the kids and grandsons.....thinking back to one year ago and he was with  his Dad.   Mine has been gone for 2 Fathers' Days now.   We sure miss our "Dear ole Dads!!!
Fathers Day - 2012
Went for a walk this evening past the beautiful beach homes and then watched the sunset with a glass of wine  on Catrina's bridge.....oh, what a neat place this is!!!
Sun setting on Bald Head Island
and cheers to a GREAT Dad and Grandpa
Walking the docks at Bald Head
And now for one more treat.... 
Our Cool Dude

Saturday - June 15

Beautiful day in South Carolina.....exercised and then left Osprey Marina  (Catrina's home for past 20 days) and headed to North Myrtle Beach.    Cruised 20 miles past lovely homes and stopped at Barefoot Landing which is a bunch of shops and restaurants that back up to the Intracoastal.    You can dock there for a few hours for $10, so that's what we did....walking around checking out the shops (not many people shopping - maybe they were all at the beach)?   Then  enjoyed a very nice lunch on the water at Greg Norman's Australian Grille, just a short jaunt from Catrina.
Left around 2:30 and cruised another 5 miles to Harbourgate Resort and Marina.    We walked to 5:00 Mass at Our Lady Star of the Sea and total mileage on the legs was 4.5 miles.   I'm enjoying the new app on my Iphone which has an odometer.    
After all the heat from Thursday, the past 2 days have been sooo pleasant and REALLY nice on the water.    There were many jet skiers out today......never fails that these folks and the water skiers like to come across our wake.    Well, today there were some jet skiers in front of us and behind us and zigzagging all around the boat.   And then.............a guy with a little boy (4-5) fell off  - almost in our path and then almost hit by a gal on another jet ski)!!!!   Yikes!
   This is so dangerous, irresponsible and stupid, and scary, but doesn't seem to phase them!

Hope all you Dads have a fantastic day tomorrow. relaxing and doing what-you-want-to-do!!!

Friday - June 14

It's "Flag Day" across America....hope you' flew Old Glory today and every day!!! 
Flying the stars and stripes on back of Catrina 
We are back on Catrina and been busy little beavers this afternoon sorting thru our stuff, putting things away, taking stuff to the truck we don't need, etc., etc.   As hot as yesterday was, today was much least not so sweltering and a nice breeze.   
Really enjoyed our stay in Charleston - lovely room at Charleston Place, fabulous dinner last night  and meant to mention (just to get yours and my mouth watering) what we had for dessert to top off that grand meal..............Pecan pie with caramel/bacon sauce and Lemoncello cake with blueberry compote - my oh my.....both were so incredibly gooey and good.    About the bacon....we've noticed that some desserts on the menu down south include bacon in the mix....our waiter told us last night that's a "southern thing"!    Whatever...sure adds some good old-fashioned flavor!    And then there was the bacon/cheddar/garlic warm biscuits which were so mouth watering!    Check out 82 Queen if/when you re ever in Charleston, but then it seems all the restaurants there are winners!!!    We've had terrific meals there each time we've visited!   LOVE this city!
We left Charleston around 9, stopped in Georgetown and walked around their charming downtown - had really enjoyed our stay here in May.   Then we were off to Osprey Marina and Catrina..    Dropped off some bags, turned on the air, and went out for quick lunch and then grocery run.    And now that our stuff is organized, we are just hangin' out with computers and books.     .

Mark and I laughed about on previous visits to Philip and Annette, we enjoyed the pool, hot tub, bean bag toss, lots of dominoes, etc., etc., it's all about Luke and his schedule!!!!    Don't want to jinx this, but last night our little guy slept from 8:30-5 and then back to sleep from 5:30-8:30!    What a good boy!    It's time he slept thru the night and hoping this is the big turn around?

So we're out of Low Country and moving on north.   Fondest memories of this area would be the friendly people AND the awesome food....fried green tomatoes shrimp 'n grits, corn bread, crab and much more!   Tomorrow, a short run to Barefoot Landing (20 miles) and check out that area.   

Went for a walk this evening - Osprey Marina is really tucked away from it all down a winding tree-lined road.....these goats were in their pasture and came running toward us as we walked by.

Friendly herd of goats

Made a correction in Wednesday's blog....that was GRANDPA feeding Luke....not Grandma!!!!
  But I'm sure you figured that out!   Ha....


Thursday - June 13

Luke was awake and smiling when we left at 7:05 this morning.....wish we could take him with us!    Ha.....what fun on Catrina, but as long as that boy has his formula and bottle, he would be a happy camper anywhere!!
It was like a sauna when we stepped outdoors and very foggy....didn't take long for the sunshine to come on strong.   The highest temp today recorded from the truck was in Georgia at 99 degrees.

Driving along I-95, it was neat being close to some of the little towns we went past or stopped at
along the Intracoastal.  
After 550 miles of travel, we are in Charleston - temperature reading at 96 degrees!   Checked into our room at Charleston Place and then walked around stopping at The Noisy Oyster for a drink and order of Fried Green Tomatoes (yum)!   Checked on a few things and picked up some brochures for when I return in September with my sisters-in-law, Linda and Vicki for our girls getaway to
 Low Country.

Along the ride today I was reading "The Original Wife"" by Dorothea Benton Frank - lots of happenings and familiar areas of Charleston - love it!!!

We took the bicycle carriage to dinner - 2 people ride and "Drew" took us to 82 Queen where we had a very memorable dinner - everything was absolutely wonderful!    Ate here a few years ago and good to be back with top-notch food, ambiance (3 old houses put together with 11 dining rooms) and service!!!    After the heat of the day, it's in the 80's with a nice breeze and enjoyed a very pleasant walk back to our room!

Nitety Nite!!!


Wednesday - June 12

Annette went back to work today - 1st time leaving Luke.   She looked great...

New Mommy back on the job as a drug sales rep 
Grandpa taking the morning feeding  
Happy Baby
Did 4 loads of laundry, ironed and then our friend Susie came to visit Luke and have lunch from Mississippi Sweet Bar-Be-Que which was very good.    Always enjoy her visits and sure miss her as a neighbor back home.
Miss Susie and the little man
Daddy and his "pride 'n joy"
More rain this afternoon.....and also hearing about storms predicted for back home!
Such a simple thing - a ceiling fan....but what entertainment it provides for Luke!
Tomorrow we Nomads will be on our way again.....heading to Charleston and celebrate our wedding anniversary (2 weeks early).
So much fun these past few days and sure will miss the kids and sweet baby Luke - in one month we'll be together again!
Captain Luke with an extra set of arms - ha!    he did not want to tuck them away!!!

Tuesday - June 11

Rain, rain, so much rain here in south Florida!    It poured this morning plus thunder and lightning.    The kids backyard is under water and their pool has been overflowing a few times this past week!
Mark and I exercised and just enjoyed the little guy.    Philip left for work in the wee hours and Mark got a haircut.  Good day for a nap with the rain.....Philip got home around 12:30, we had delicious salads (thanks Annette) for lunch and just hanging out!

New parents sooo enjoying their little boy

Ahhhh....this is the good life
Our Baby Angel 
Mini Blue Angel

Helped Annette this afternoon with some decorations for baby shower/luncheon she's giving
 here on Saturday. 

Luke did face time this afternoon with his cousins, Liam and Connor and Uncle Patrick.    And he and cousin, Leia have been texting!    Life is good with the little people!

Tomorrow is the day Annette goes back to work (part time.....Wed-Fri); she is NOT ready to leave Luke!!!   Glad we are to help out!

Daddy and Luke hanging out


Monday - June 10

Up and going early after a very early wake-up when the smoke detector went off in the hallway at the hotel and took awhile to determine there was nothing wrong, but a malfunction...4:30 AM.....ugh!    But did get back to sleep and then were on our way at 6:40.    Long drive to Luke (550 miles), but worth every minute.     Had a few downpours but overall, a good trip (course, Mark was doing all the driving while I made some phone calls, did e-mails, read and napped!)   We arrived in Lake Worth at 4:15 and here's our sweet Luke!   What a happy boy - he's really changed and filled out those little arms and legs.    Enjoying all his coos and smiles....
Sweet Luke
Grandma is "in her glory"!!!
Had a yummy salmon dinner.  Philip has to be up and at'em EARLY tomorrow, so off to bed.   Mark, Annette and I played 3-handed euchre.

Saturday-Sunday, June 8-9

Good Monday morning....we Nomads were back on the road at 6:40 AM heading to Lake Worth and Luke.....long day of travel ahead of us and we had to move the clocks up an hour!    Had some fog this morning and trying to outrun more nasty weather coming behind us!    Here's a recap of past 2 days with all the wedding festivities AND rain!

Saturday - Whirlwind, fun weekend............we said our good byes to Ryan and John and left Pensacola at 10:00 under bright, sunny skies.    Drove to Destin, parked the truck and walked around ending up at The Candy Maker where Mark had an iced coffee and we sat outside on the deck with a nice breeze.
Now time to walk across the street to the rehearsal luncheon at The Back Porch.    What a fun place - we were upstairs (private room) with open windows overlooking the gulf.    So good to see friends and of course, the bride, Kassie and her family.    Food was excellent and so much - wine/beer, appetizers, sandwiches or full dinners and pink/white cupcakes.

Kassie and Kyle
Brenda (Mother-of-the-Bride) and Kassie (Bride-to-Be)
Sue and Jerry are here for the wedding, too, and after lunch, we 4 said our good-byes and shortly after, Jackie (Tiger Cruise roommate) and her friend, Darryl met us at the Back Porch.   They drove over from Metarie, LA (3+ hours).    We sat on a lower level with the wonderful breeze and enjoyed drinks and lots of chatter and laughs.   Sooo fun to see her and meet Darryl.
Around 5:30, we walked across the street to the Candy Maker and all indulged in a yummy chocolate concoction sitting on the deck

Jerry and Sue enjoying their sweet treats
Darryl and Jackie
Jackie and Pat

  We said our good byes to Jackie and Darryl and then drove to see Brenda and Pat's (parents of the bride) beach house they are renting for s week's vacation coming up.    Their house on Santa Rosa Beach is lovely with 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths and a gorgeous view.   

Good friends at Brenda's beach house
Pat, Brenda, Sue
We had a 30-mile drive to our hotel in DeFuniak Springs, FL - staying at the Hotel DeFuniak, an 11-room boutique hotel with lots of charm and a very friendly proprietor, Tom.      Sat in the library with Sue and Jerry for complimentary wine and snacks and joined by Charlotte and Curt (friends of Pat and Brenda from Dallas) who are here for the wedding.     Have met them a few times, but been several years - great folks!

And's Luke

Hi....I'm 2 months today!
Sunday - today is the destination wedding for Kassie and Kyle and oh icky's been raining all day and just nasty for a beach wedding planned for 6:00 tonight!    BUMMER......they had to decide by noon whether it would be moved indoors at Bentley's-on-the-Bay   

Sue, Jerry Mark and I had a wonderful breakfast (complimentary) oat the hotel f a Belgian waffle with fresh strawberries and blueberries and sausage.   The 4 of us then went to St. Margaret's for 11:00 Mass and then drove around DeFuniak which is a charming little town.....and the rain just kept coming down

Off to church
Back to the hotel and Tom offered us hot drinks and wedding cake which had been brought in from guests who were at a wedding in town yesterday.    How nice and delicious!
It's 2:00 now and the rain is pouring down along with thunder and lightning - such an unusual occurrence in FL having an all-day heavy rain and on Kassie's wedding day!!!!   How ironic that Andrea went across the state with nary a drop in the Panhandle.    Mark checked with the folks at Osprey Marina in Myrtle Beach about  Catrina....all is well!    Had some wind and heavy rain, but nothing significant!    So whatever current system is coming thru today, it looks like it will be hanging around a few days!

Despite all the rain, Kassie and Kyle's wedding was lovely.    It was on the deck under an overhang and then indoor reception at Bentley's-on-the-Bay.     Had lots of fun and here are some highlights...

Beautiful Bride
Bride's Family
Pat and Brenda
Parents of the Bride
Kassie and her Dad - first dance
Whitney Houston's
I will always love you
Mark and I enjoying all the wedding hooopla