Wednesday - October 16

This area of eastern Tennessee has been very dry but last night we had a wonderful gentle rain come down all night long!    Made for great sleeping on Flo.   Chilly and dreary all morning - I slept in, Mark made pancakes and bacon and we tidied Flo up a bit and did some correspondence.    Went for a short walk but not liking this weather.....and then, the sun came out around noon - much better!

There was a brisk wind with temps in the 50's - we picked up a few groceries and then visited with our fellow campers in the afternoon.     Bill and Nancy put on a nice wiener roast and Sandy joined us.     Topped off the hot dogs and fixins' with apple crisp and hot cider.

Sandy and Heather
Nancy and Bill 
Jen and Tom  
Pretty Spring Lake

We said our good byes after supper as it was getting colder and we are leaving fairly early tomorrow.    Great fall camping trip with Bill, Nancy, Heather, Tom, Jen, Vince and Sandy!    Till next year!

Today was the ceremony and  dedication of a tree and plaque in memory of Patrick at CCHS - here are some pics taken....

Dedication with Anne and boys looking on... (far right)
CCHS football team 
Planted near baseball field
What a nice tribute!

Tuesday - October 15

The Lukester spent the night on Flo

Mark and Luke met Annette and Maeve at 7:20 this morning and off to school they went.

Philip came to help us with getting Flo off the concrete pad (Brady's basketball court) and onto the gravel (Ryan helped with the set up last Tuesday).    Sure appreciated their help and at 9:30 we were on our way with a quick stop (and call ahead order of coffee, hot tea and breakfast sandwich from Drew's Diner).

Hello from Fairfield Glade, TN and the Spring Lake Campground where we are settled for the next 2 nights with friends from long ago (former boating and then RV connection).

Major back- up just before TN border which involved a semi on its side and cab completely ripped off.    Not a pretty site and hope driver is ok......we don't think another vehicle was involved but a crane, several wreckers and other emergency vehicles on the scene.    That was a 50 minute delay and then closer to our turn off we had another delay of 20 minutes cause of construction.     But we were on no set schedule and got to take back that hour for the central time zone.    We arrived at 2:30 and met our friends who were gathered on the patio - Bill and Nancy from Fairfield Glade, Heather from Crossville and her son Tom and daughter-in-law, Jen (nomads like us and formerly from Iowa City.)  Lots of chatter and then tie to clean up and off we go...

We all left at 4:40 for Vince and Sandy's who live about 10 miles away.     We were together in May and had such a good time - and back again for happy hour on the deck overlooking their lake (drinks and fresh smoked trout on crackers) and then a delicious meal (Rosemary chicken, roasted red potatoes, green beans, bread and topped off with apple crisp and whipped cream.).   We sat around the dining room table and laughed, reminisced, toasted Bill and Charmaine who are so missed this camping trip, and tears for Patrick.    It was a wonderful evening....

Jen, Tom, Sandy, Heather, Nancy, Bill, Mark, Vince

Back to Flo.....nighty night - rain is coming, but so good to be back with these dear friends!

Monday - October 14

Beautiful day in North Carolina.    Annette took Luke to school and Mark and I enjoyed our little overnight guests, Blair and Maeve.......

Good nights sleep on Flo

I did a load of laundry and we had BLT's for lunch at Annette's.   Brooke met her friend Kelly for lunch.    Said our good byes to Brooke and Blair and they went on home to Newton - back to school tomorrow.    The guys arrived home around 4ish from Iowa City.

This afternoon Grandpa and I were "mystery readers" for Luke's class - we read "Here Comes Trouble" and Luke said we did a good job!!!


Luke and Mrs. Chue

We took Luke after school to Ingles for a few groceries for Flo and then home.    Philip was home and the kiddos were very happy to see Daddy after being gone (working and Iowa City guy time) for 8 days.   Annette had a delicious lasagna dinner with salad, garlic toast and stuffed mushrooms.

It was a beautiful evening - enjoyed a nice roaring fire and then brought Luke back to Flo to spend the night.

Tomorrow we are off to Tennessee camping with friends.

Glamour Girl

Sunday - October 13

We are back at Lake James tonight after our fun, family weekend in Omaha.   We were off to Eppley Airport this morning for our noon flight which was delayed but then our crew made up for lost time and actually landed early in Charlotte.     Leaving cool sunny skies in Omaha, we landed in rain and 64 degrees.    Drizzle off and on to Lake James and we went to Annette's where she had made a delicious dinner of grouper, rice, sauteed brussel sprouts and cauliflower.    Brooke and Blair joined us as the guys are all still in Iowa City.

Maeve and Blair are spending the night on Flo.....Maeve's first time.

Grandma's little sweethearts

This handsome dude is ready to play his first hockey game as a Shark - and they won 5-3 with Liam getting 2 assists.

This Hawkeye fan was all ready for last night's game - love his hat!!

Sweet dreams for these little dears
Nighty night!

Saturday - October 12

The sun was shining, the winds died down (for a while) and the temp was only 31 when we got up but warmed up to 58.    It was a great celebration for the Jubilarians (Servants of Mary) celebrating 50 years (3); 60 years (2); 70 years (1); 75 years (1).    We all attended the 11:00 Mass which was beautiful with a packed chapel on the campus of Marian High School and then enjoyed a wonderful brunch and more visiting.

The various siblings trickled away heading home or wherever their travels may take them (Tom and Beth are off to Iceland).     Mark, Theresa, Doris and I stopped at Starbucks for a quick fix and braved the strong winds!   

Spent the afternoon playing cards (Shanghai and Sliva Poker) in the hotel dining room.   Lots of fun with some of the cousins, sisters, and Karen's friends, Pete and Brenda who stopped by - they live in Omaha.    Late evening we walked across the street for sandwiches at Culver's and said our good byes to all....


Lots of family celebrating with Sister Mary

Exciting morning for Liam and Connor - their hockey team won 4-3 with Liam scoring all 4 goals!

Michael, Davis, Brady, Philip and Ryan are in Iowa City with Drew for their annual guy football weekend - Iowa is playing Penn State tonight, but not the outcome we wanted. 

Michael and boys having breakfast this morning in Iowa City at Pullman