Tuesday - March 31

Wow....last day of March and what a month it's been!!!    It was a cloudy, gloomy day with the threat of rain but only a few sprinkles.    Read, napped, went for a short walk (wimped out with the 52 degrees and some misty rain)!    We went to mass this afternoon - always enjoy these priests from the Boston archdiocese and their homilies.

Tried to not watch the news so much....depressing and sometimes, who and what do you believe?    Amazing some of the stuff that's out there!!!!     Arghhhh.    Check out these stats....

Soooo depresing?

Played euchre online tonight - Drew and I against Anne and Mark.    We beat them 2 out of 2.    A new fun way to keep us entertained.

Monday - March 30

Hard to believe Mark and I have been here at Lake James for a week.....and unfortunately, the news in our country and world is getting bleaker rather than better. 

Quiet day in the cottage - cooler and no sun, but we did some reorganizing of Big Red and Mark tackled more bookwork.   I did some laundry, read, and sent more e-mails.    Sure have enjoyed hearing from so many folks sharing where they are during this quarantine and how they're doing.

Drew called and has euchre online set up.....looking forward to playing that virtually.

Sat in the driveway keeping my distance and watched Brooke plant some pretty impatiens while we chatted.    She even gave us some for the cottage.

A tiny bit of color added to our front porch - but with rain and warm temps, they will take off!
Gorgeous blooms from Brooke's Mom, Judy in their yard

These little munchkins wanted to visit Grandma today....
Luke, Blair and "Lily"
Thru the window

Went for a walk tonight with Michael and Brooke - keeping our distance

4 years ago today, Mark's Mom (Grandma C) passed away....

Sunday - March 29

Michael joined us in our hike this morning - all was going great till the guys checked radar and rain was imminent!    ARGHHHH....we were able to complete it 1 way but called Brooke to come to our rescue and on home.    Bummer.....of course, shortly after we were back indoors, the sun came out!

Breakfast, showers and on with the day.    Seeing all the tornado damage in Jonesboro, Arkansas - oh my, on top of all folks are going thru these days, now such total destruction of homes and businesses to deal with.    Thankfully, no deaths.

We went to Mass online and after lunch watched the movie "1917".    On my.....very powerful story of 2 British soldiers in World War I  and the unbelievable mission they were asked to do.

The winds picked up this afternoon - whoaaa.....crazy out there!     We sat on the patio and visited with Michael and Drew.

   Finally the winds died down.    Had dinner and then Zoom time with Mark's siblings and some of the spouses - 11 of the 12 siblings (Janet was doing Zoom with her teacher colleagues.)    This is just such a neat way to see one another and keep in touch during this time of crisis.

Spring break - March 29, 2019 in Daytona Beach
Patrick enjoying his boys and their friends

Wishing you a healthy, safe week

Saturday - March 28

Today I was to fly into Bloomington for Monday's pre-measurements before cataract surgery and also a physical and EKG..    Anne and boys were to get home from spring break and we would hang out for a few days!   But, here we are in NC and Anne and boys are back in IL with all the storms.

Mark and I went for a long walk on the trail around 9ish when it was still cool.    Love it!   Hope to make this a daily event.  I fixed ham/cheese omelets and toast and then did laundry, he washed Flo and Big Red.    While the kiddos went for a boat ride and then enjoyed the jet ski (Drew and Brady), we watched from indoors where it was cool and away from all the pollen.   I've never had the allergy problems, but this year, unless we take Zyrtec, we're sneezing up a storm.    The lake was busy today with the warm temps, pontoons, power boats, tubers, jet skiers, etc.

Michael wanted us to take the pontoon out for a little ride - it was great and we met up with Ryan, who arrived back in the forest last night,  Annette and kids and had a good chat bobbing in the water.     Good to see these guys for the 1st time.     Philip will be home tomorrow!

Ryan, Annette, Maeve and Luke 

Michael grilled out tonight - we do our grilling separately!

Grillin' up some good stuff!
Taken thru patio door
  Princess Blair
God is working overtime with His paintbrush!


Friday - March 27

This afternoon North Carolina went on full lockdown till April 30th.    This goes into effect at 5 PM Monday.

It felt good to get some exercise and "spring clean" Flo - open the windows and a good wipedown, scrubbing the floors, etc. 

There are 2 trails near Michael and Philip.   We walked Michael's today - awesome (I should say we walked "part" of it).    Tomorrow, plan to get on the trail earlier in the day as it got pretty warm here (82).

Pope Francis addressed the world today with prayer, homily and blessing all live on FB.    I can't explain how emotional it was reading the many (at one point, over 100,000) posts about praying for those affected by the coronavirus their families, those who have died, the health care workers, etc., etc. from all over the world.    To think this many people were "connected" thru this unbelievable crisis and praying with the Pope.   AWESOME and HUMBLING!

Annette made a run to WalMart for grocery pick up so we 3 gals are good to go for a few more days.    Just needed a 'few" things, but 5 bags later???

A good Friday Lenten meal......grilled cheese and tomato soup.

Beautiful evening.....went for a walk and enjoyed Michael and his boys from afar shooting some baskets.

Enjoy your weekend, stay safe and healthy....