Thursday-Saturday, January 16-18

It's been a busy fun past few days with my brothers and the girls in town.    They arrived around 11 on Thursday.    We girls went to The Veranda for wonderful lunch - beautiful day eating al fresco with lovely music and delish lunch, wine and dessert.    The guys enjoyed their lunch at Izzys downtown,

Scrumptious dessert
Peanut butter fudge pie 
Delightful lunch in the courtyard

We girls then shopped at Peltz Shoes and Wilford and Lee (home decor) and on back to Flo.    We sat on the patio and then off to The Boathouse for another good meal.   

Bob, Linda, Mark, Pat, Vicki, Ron

Friday - we met at Buckingham Farms for delicious breakfasts and then we girls took off down I-75 to Victoria and then Santini Plaza for some power shopping.     We all had good luck and lots of fun .    Grabbed some cold drinks for the trip back to Cypress Trail.    The guys toured Babcock Farms and that was fun and educational.     We girls played RummiKube on the patio with Vicki the winner.     The guys sat outdoors with their I-pads, I-phones, took naps, etc.   We all had drinks and snacks and then  off to The Prawnbroker for another great meal -this is their favorite place to eat when they come to Fort Myers from Lakeland - consistently always good!    Nighty night after a big day!

Mark, Bob, Linda, Pat, Vicki, Ron

Anne and Liam are in Indiana this weekend for a hockey tournament - this Mama was concerned with their traveling with the snow, ice and rain predicted.    They made it just fine and Drew also was there as he was on his way back to Iowa City and start the next semester.    Unfortunately, Liam's team lost 8-0.     Auntie Karen is with Connor.and after his game tomorrow, they are going to Indiana.

Saturday - beautiful and met the kin at their hotel.     We girls walked to Cracker Barrel across the street and the guys decided they wanted Waffle House also across the street.    Our service was VERY slow, but good food and then time for good byes and hugs.    We'll see Bob and Linda in 5 weeks when they return with friends.   And we'll see Ron and Vicki in late March.

Bye bye
Ron, Vicki, Linda, Bob

I did some laundry, read and worked on computer stuff.   We also enjoyed watching Brady play in a basketball tournament in NC.    The team won 40-18 with Brady scoring 9 points and getting 3 assists and 3 steals     What was really neat - Michael is in London and able to watch the game (he is enroute to Johannesburg).   And Connor and Auntie watched from Bloomington!    Gotta love this technology.

Mark feels like a cold may be coming his taking it easy today.   I went for a walk - it is sooo pretty out!

Haven't done much cooking lately....had spaghetti tonight - really hit the spot after all the eating out!

Wednesday - January 15

Sunny and warm.......Mark exercised and I left for a haircut but first a stopped at "The Grind" for my latte and a mini cinnamon roll.    Mark also got his hair cut downtown and hit our favorite "Java House"  and enjoyed a coffee and almond croissant!

Back home and tah was lunch time.    The food truck today was "Firebread" which is delicious - cone-shaped homemade bread (made right here and now) with oils and herbs filled with all kinds of yummy goodness.   

Euchre was cancelled last night as "Elvis" was in the park and performing.   We did not go (Mark's choice), but have since heard it was a fabulous night of Elvis music (1st half) and then everyone else imaginable rest of the evening - 3 hours of non-stop entertainment.    Hoping to get him back in March and hope we can make it!!!

Mark has been working on logistics of flights for several trips we have coming up - ooohhhh...$$$$ when it's around spring break or end-of-the-month.

This afternoon we went to the town meeting for our HOA in the park.   It was very well attended and lasted 1 hour, 45 minutes with many topics discussed.    Later we went to Publix and Dollar Tree picking up some little items for euchre prizes.

Lovely evening and went for a "walk in the park" before darkness set in!

Today would've been Mark's parents 74th wedding anniversary.....I'm sure they are dancing and having a party up there......

My brothers and wives are coming tomorrow for 3 days of fun, shopping, eating, siteseeing, etc., so I'm taking a short break from the blog.


Tuesday - January 14

Sun and clouds (86).    We walked in the park this morning and then I was off to Fancy's to meet Claire and Sue for lunch.    This is a really neat place - good food and fun welcoming Claire back to FL.   

Sue, Pat, Claire

This afternoon/evening we sat on our patio with Rog and Martin and enjoyed a bottle of wine and lots of chatter with our new neighbors.
Martin and Rog

Our arms are a little sore from the shingles shots, but nothing too bad!

Monday - January 13

Busy day for the nomads.....Mark lifted weights, I organized some closets and then we left at 10:15 for Clewiston (1 hr. 10 min trip).     We met our Okeechobee RV friends at Roland Martin's Marina and tiki hut (1/2 way for all of us) and had an awesome lunch and visit.     Miss these dear friends and had fun catching up with what's going on at Water's Edge, their families, etc.     We girls shopped in the wonderful marina boutique - lots of cute clothes and a favorite place.    No purchases for me - Sue H bought a pair of shorts.

Joyce, Pat, Mark, Gary, Jerry, Butch, Jud, Sue K, Sue H and Donna

Joyce and Butch from Illinois
Donna and Jerry from Kentucky
Sue and Jud K from Virginia
Sue and Gary H from Oklahoma

Today was Jerry's birthday!
Here he is enjoying his complimentary lava cake

We're looking forward to seeing them again when we head over their way (Okeechobee/Stuart) in late January.

When we had our yearly check-ups in December, we talked to Dr. Pilcher about getting the shingles shot.....the vaccine has not been available for a long time, but now lots of it and so....we've been asking at CVS when someone would be there to inject us.    Either no one was available when we were there, or they ran out of the vaccine but more coming tomorrow and on and on....after hitting 3 different CVS stores today, we got the shots at the 3rd place along with several others waiting.     We were there 1 hour.....and each shot was $159.48 (Medicare does not pay)!    Ouch!   

While waiting, we visited with Joanne, our neighbor here from Asheville who we also saw at the movie last night.     She was telling that she did not feel good the day after her shingles shot.    Dr. Pilcher had warned us that there could be some icky side effects, so.....we shall see!

The 2nd CVS we went today had a bunch of Christmas wrapping paper at 90%, what a deal!    I didn't really need any as I had a lot left over, but 90% off????    So, I bought 6 large rolls for $3.58.    I can store in the she shed, so, no storage problem!

It was another record-setting day in Fort Myers - 87 when the average this time of year is 74.

Sunday - January 12

Nice sunny day and broke another record today with 87.    More heat coming tomorrow.    We went to 9:30 Mass at St. Francis, then to Starbucks and along the way, saw Patty and Paul from Minnesota who are neighbors around the corner here at Cypress Trail.

Walked around downtown a bit and then to Publix and on home.     Just a nice leisurely Sunday afternoon - we watched the movie "Unplanned" - true story and powerful!!!    Rode bikes and then to the clubhouse for ice cream social - every Sunday night at 6:30 featuring 4 flavors (all homemade) with toppings.    Tonight's were chocolate, vanilla, black cherry and salted caramel!!!   YUM!!!     And then at 7:30, we stayed for popcorn and movie which was "Poms" starring Diane Keaton.    It was very wow, the "never-go-to-movie" nomads saw 2 today!!!   

While we were breaking a record here in Fort Myers today, on January 12th, meanwhile....

Bloomington, IL  - 27
Lake James, NC - 70
Cypress Trail - 87
Uncle Michael and Maeve - check out her expression