Thursday - November 15

After rain during the night and this morning, what a refreshing day with sunshine and 70ish temps.    Nice relief from all the heat and to continue for the next several days.    Opened Flo's windows and with the nice breeze, felt wonderful.

We met friends, Paula and Glen for breakfast at McGregor Cafe - they used to live in Bloomington, but moved to FM several years ago.   Lots to catch up morning!

Paula and Glen

We ran a few errands and then back to Flo.....Day 4 - still no plumber????   He just needs to install the potty, hook up shower, and put in hot water heater.   Everything else is done!

Started organizing our clothes and stuff and what's what to take to NC and then IL.
We ran some errands this afternoon - Lowe's, Home Depot and Target 
(+ an ice cream treat at Culver's).

My sister-in-law, Vicki had knee replacement on Tuesday - today, she is back in the hospital being treated for a blood clot in her leg.    Please say a prayer for her...

Wednesday - November 14

Mark exercised and Edson arrived to start working, so I wasn't able to do "my thing"....I ran several errands and then back home.     Last night the electrician came at 6 and finished at 8:30.    What a trooper.    However, the plumber has just disappeared and hasn't been since Monday when he stopped by for a short time., that's holding things up and getting this job wrapped up!   

Had a brief rain shower and then so steamy!    I exercised in the shed in the cool comfort with AC.   This is "supposed" to be our last day with the 70's coming for the next several days.     Sure looking forward to that!

Went downtown to Cappone's for some yummy pizza, spaghetti and wine.    We sat in the alley outdoors with a fan blowing nearby - very pleasant.    The Amazon boxes started arriving today!!!
Blair and her bunny friend have matching nightgowns!

Tuesday - November 13

Another hot 'n sticky day.....we were excited when Jeff (contractor) stopped by and said electrician and plumber would be finishing up today.   Edson (sub-contractor) does the final touch-up paint and clean-up and tah dah....we'll be done!    WRONG......the electrician and plumber never did come and Edson did as much as he could but waiting on these other guys.....Jeff was frustrated to say the least!     
Our friend, John stopped by to see the progress (or lack of) on the shed.    Actually, a lot had been done since he last saw it.    Mark and I were off to the Peace River Seafood Co. to meet my cousin Denny and Deb for lunch.    They live in Punta Gorda and this place is east of town on Route 17.    Nothing fancy and very OLD FLORIDA, but great food and atmosphere!    So fun to visit with Denny and Deb. 
Deb and Denny

 We are anxious to tune in Friday night at 6 PM (central time) on ABC and watch Denny's sister, Carol and her family on Family Feud.    The Steffan Family....

Back to Flo to check on progress of which there was none and onto Lowe's to spend more $$$.    Did some fertilizing (inserting sticks in a palm tree and the hibiscus plant).    The heat has put them a bit under stress although they are watered frequently so Kevin, our landscaper suggested a bit of plant food! 6:00 tonight, the electrician showed up???    Cannot figure these people out and not sure how he's able to see, but he's here!     Till tomorrow...

Monday - November 12

Whew, another hot one!     We exercised and I walked, rode my bike and worked on computer stuff.  Also did some cleaning on Flo.

Today our vanity/sink were delivered and the electrician, plumber and another construction worker all came!!!    Slowly, but surely.....

This afternoon we picked up Sue and Jerry and took them to the Punta Gorda airport for their flight back to Illinois.    We'll see them in a few weeks....Stopped at Publix for a few groceries.   On home for 1 more bike ride - really pleasant early evening before dark!

Praying for family/friends who are having surgery this week.....

Uncle Ryan visited Luke's kindergarten class today for Veterans Day

Veterans Day - 2018

God Bless our Veterans - past and present
A special thanks to Ryan and our 3 nephews (John, Chris and Nick) for their service

Beautiful Sunday - we started with a walk and then bike ride, breakfast and off to 11:00 Mass at St. Francis Xavier downtown.     Then to Pincher's for lunch with Carol and Roger who came from Punta Gorda.    Looking forward to being together in Bloomington in December and then more fun times in the Sunshine State in 2019.

Roger and Carol

Mark went to Home Depot and I walked around the park this afternoon.   Warm, but a nice breeze.  
  Leftovers for supper!    Have a good week!