Sunday - May 16

 Wow - the month of May is 1/2 over!     Blair stayed overnight on Flo - she's something!    Chatty Cathy but her vocabulary is amazing and never know what she has to say!!!    We had waffles and sausage for breakfast, Blair went back to her house with all her stuff and Mark and I tidied up Flo.

Waking up bright and perky

Went to Mass via Boston with Father Frank Silva who is celebrating his 45th year in the priesthood today.

Davis and Brady golfed today - it was mostly cloudy with a high of 73.    Michael, Brooke and Blair went to the Camp in the afternoon and Mark and I walked the trails - been awhile since we've been on hills (Cypress Trail and Kamp Komfort are very flat)!   But we did 3 miles and came home to Flo and took a nap!    Along the way we came across more neat painted ones from last year

And beautiful Mountain Laurel thru the woods

Doing a craft project on Flo

Swinging away

The guys chillin' on the porch

Annette and Brooke made a delicious dinner for all tonight - just missing Drew, Anne, Liam and Connor.    Ham, baked beans, green beans, warm potato salad and deviled eggs.

Zoom with 9 siblings - missing Theresa, Janet and Sharon.

Connor and Brady are now clear to get their Pfizer vaccine (12-15 year olds).     Brady is set to get his tomorrow afternoon after taking an AP Computer Science exam.

Enjoy your week!

Saturday - May 15

 Big day for our grandchildren as they made their First Communion at St. Charles Borromeo in Morganton.

We were off to 10:00 Mass and 10 children were in today's class (2 other celebrations Thursday and Friday evening).    The sun was shining down on these angelic, precious children.

Here are a few pics with more coming later as they had a photographer who took oodles for each family.

Blair, Ivy, Miles, Max, Luke

Annette, Luke, Maeve, Philip

Brooke, Blair, Michael

Blair with her brothers, Brady and Davis - missing Drew!
Cupcake cake

We changed clothes after church and off to the Camp for lunch, cake, cards, swimming and other activities.   It was such a pretty day and got warmer than predicted (mid 70's).    

On back to Michael's for dinner (Stromboli's and pizza from Roma's), gift opening 

Grandma's Girls

Gift time

Six years ago today, Mark and I closed on 1922 East Jackson and officially became Nomads!

Friday - May 14

Cloudy today and 64.    Mark and I were off to Morganton around 8ish and stopped at The Grind for coffee and pastries.    I sat and read while he got a haircut close by.     He then took me for my man-pedi appt. at Nails R Us and he ran some errands including getting Big Red washed and buying some coffee pods.    We stopped at Philip and Annette's - he had gotten home from work (Fort Lauderdale) late last night.

On home.    Davis helped Mark level Flo - she was a little tilted and now we are on an even keel!   I did 3 loads of laundry.    We also did a short walk along the road.

Davis inserting tire locking chock (usually my job)

The sun came out around 2ish and warmed up nicely

5 years ago today we had our big "Chamberlain Family and Friends" at Blue Angels air show in St. Louis.   What a fun, but chilly and windy day watching #5 do his thing!

May 14, 2016

Blair played on Flo after school.   The rain started around 4 and really cooled off.   At 5, we all went to the Camp for cards (euchre with Ryan, Brooke, Philip, Michael, Brady and Mark).    Fun and pretty much evened out with the winners/losers!

Good supper and fun to see the kids' friends and meet new ones!    Nice heaters but then we moved away from the music and after last game, Grandpa and I came on back to Flo.....getting darn chilly!

Princess Maeve

    The Lukester

Brady and Davis
Beauty at Camp Lake James

Never tire of this Lake James beauty



Thursday - May 13

Congrats to Liam with his homerun ball!

Liam hit his 1st homerun tonight - 340' out of the park!!!!    YEAH  Liam!!!!

Another chilly start to the day - (the 30's is just too darn cold for May)!!!   But the sun was shining and we were on our way leaving Fort Chiswell at 8:15.

Virginia is such a beautiful state with the mountains, valleys and endless trees.    We did a quick stop in Newton/Conover (near where Michael and all used to live) - no gas but did have diesel.    We were going to get a donut (Dunkin donuts express was in Pilot truck stop).     No who makes them did not come to work today!     Decided to have lunch at Drew's Diner which is always good and brought back a double bacon cheeseburger for Michael.    Their sign outside said "HELP WANTED....ASAP"
So many businesses are short of help.    After the pandemic, folks are finding they make more with their unemployment checks than pay checks!!!    Arghhhh

We got Flo settled at Michael's (we'll spend 1/2 the time here and other 1/2 at Philip's).    Chatted with Michael and then delivered some things to Annette, saw their new paved driveway and on back to Flo.   It is just a beautiful spring day - 68 and deep blue skies.    Good day for hiking and look forward to getting back at that - maybe tomorrow?

Brooke, Davis, Brady and Blair are back and so good to see them.    Blair finished her homework on Flo; Davis will be starting his internship on Monday.    Along with Brady's golf achievements, he was named "Coaches' Choice" for basketball"!!!

We all went to Root & Vine for dinner - Blair had dance lesson and then joined us!    Great dinner and so fun to be together!

Wednesday - May 12

Hello from Fort Chiswell, VA.....we arrived here at 3:15 on a pretty, but cool day for traveling.   I was thankful I did not have to drive on all the curvy roads.    Mark took Highway 33 out of Columbus which proved to be a very good expressway with little traffic.   It was when we were in eastern OH, WV and VA that we hit all the winding roads but very pretty countryside with a zillion shades of green in the springtime.    We also went thru 2 long tunnels (always think of Princess Diana and the paparazzi chasing her in the tunnel).    Our last "experience" was not pleasant - in 2016 when we had a blowout on Daisy as we were driving thru this same tunnel - scary as it sounded like gunshots!

Today was our longest day with 340 miles and glad to take a break in Beckley, WV - walk and Starbucks!

We stayed at Fort Chiswell in 2007 and also nearby in Max Meadows in 2016 and 2018.   

Michael reports about the very serious "shortage of gas" disaster in NC.    No problem in VA but Big Red uses diesel and at first, that was not affected, but apparently a shortage of that, too.  We saw the long lines at the stations on the news and latest report is that 28% of NC stations are dry.     Apparently not an issue in Fort Myers.

So proud of Brady who has become quite the very good golfer and only a freshman on his high school team.    He was named to the 11-member team ALL-NWFAC squad.   He just missed qualifying for regionals.

Lake James - here we come!    154 miles!