Monday - January 21

38 degrees when Diana and I left for yoga....back home to Flo - Mark exercised indoors!    It's windy, too....we left at 10:30 for town and met friends, Ruth and Gerry from back home.    Ruth is one of my Monday Night Friends and she and Jerry were long-time dairy farmers.     They are spending a week in Fort Myers and drove over this morning to see "rural" Florida and all the dairy farms, etc.

We had breakfast/lunch at the Lakeside Grill and then off we went on our little tour of Okeechobee.    Lots and lots of dairy farms.   We stopped at the Brown Cow for ice cream in the afternoon.
Jerry and Ruth

We took them to their hotel around 4-ish and they got settled and we came back to Flo for a bit.    Picked them up at 6 for dinner at Lightsey's - great seafood!    Fun day with these long time friends...


Saturday-Sunday, January 19-20

Soooo proud of Brady who was named the MVP of the Lutheran Classic Basketball Tournament this weekend in Hickory.     Brady is usually the shortest player on the court - he's small but mighty and so enjoy watching him play basketball (or on the soccer field).   He gives his all and puts his heart in the game!     A bit of background (from braggy Grandma),  a few weeks ago Brady got his thumb caught in the car door - OUCH!!!!   Its been very sore, nail finally fell off and then really hurt!!!  When we saw him play Thursday night he just wasn't up to his usual game.   And on top of that, the day before had braces put on, so mouth was very sore.     However, Friday night and Saturday, he came roaring back in true "Brady form" and scored some 3 pointers and 19 points on Saturday 

Whew, this S L O W pace at Okeechobee sure picked up since Wednesday - off to NC, then to Stuart and next few days more fun with friends from back home!

Saturday - Left the hotel at 8:15 and off to all-day rendezvous of PDQ owners at Marina Cay.   It was a gorgeous day with lots of people.    So fun to see Charlotte and Doug who drove up from Marathon.    Also Mark and Muffie who we meet last spring in Annapolis.    And many others we've met over the years plus new faces who just recently purchased a PDQ..    They came from all over the country but a big majority are wintering in Florida.

Coffee and donuts, then seminars  on "Whats New in the Bahamas" and "Maintenance Issues",      Nice lunch in the warm sunshine (sub sandwich, chips and cookie).   Afternoon session was "Getting the most out of your I-pad and apps".   Then the ladies broke away from the guys and we had a session on where our travels have taken us and favorite spots, sharing ideas of things we've done to our boats and then toured one of the PDQ's (always fun to go aboard someone elses boat)!   The guys covered "Techniques to make your PDQ more efficient" and "Whats new in the world of electronics."   Then it was cocktail time followed by delicious Italian dinner and excellent desserts.  It was after 8 when we returned to Flo....we are TIRED!

Hats off to Connor whose hockey team won today 7-1 with Connor scoring 4 goals.....way to go....

Sunday - Rainy during the night and ended around 8.    Very windy.   We picked Diana and Tom up at 9:15 and off to 10:00 Mass at St. Theresa of the Child Jesus in Buckhead Ridge.    Another very neat experience with a friendly priest and congregation.    As we were coming into church, an elderly lady gave everyone a big hug......then Father wished all those having birthdays or anniversaries this week happy wishes and we sang "Happy Birthday" and then he passed out small bouquets of flowers to several of the ladies.   Father complimented the beautiful singing during Mass.....well, he was specifically talking about Diana who has thee most beautiful voice.    Father thanked her again as we left Mass.   Ya gotta love these small town parishes!

Congrats to Liam and his hockey team winning 13-4 and Liam getting a hat trick! 

Happy boy....

  A great weekend for our 3 junior high grandsons!!!

Off to Publix after Mass and we all stocked up.   Brought Tom and Diana back home, we unpacked our perishables and off to St. Cloud (95 miles) to meet Patty and Doug, friends since 1972.    They live in The Villages - what fun yakking away at Crabby Bill's on the water (excellent food).   Had so many laughs and had not seen them since December, 2017 when we were both watching our grandsons practice hockey in Bloomington.

Doug and Patty 
The 4 of us....

I drove back to Okeechobee - still very windy.    Have a great week!

Saturday, Maeve woke up from her nap, wandered into Luke's room, plopped down on his bean bag and fell back asleep!     You can never get too much sleep!!

Friday - January 18

It was foggy in Newton this morning when Mark and I took Brady and Blair to school.    Brooke's tennis match was canceled cause of the fog so we had more time to visit and then said our good byes and off to Asheville.    We'll be back for Easter and babysit while Brooke takes Davis on a college visit Easter Monday.

 Blair with her pink ukulele
Sweet siblings

Good flight from Asheville back to Fort Lauderdale but traffic leaving FLL was horrendous.    Arrived in Stuart around 5:30ish and went downtown to have dinner.....wonderful (pork chop for Mark; salmon for me) at the Osceola Cafe.    And we enjoyed the extra bonus of watching Brady and team play in a tournament in Hickory and broadcast live!    They won 33-20 and he scored 8 pts. 

We are in Stuart tonight since we are going to a PDQ (Catrina's manufacturer) owners' rendezvous with seminars, lunch and dinner tomorrow.   Back to Flo tomorrow night!

Today would've been my parents 80th wedding anniversary.....Congratulations Mom and Dad!

Thursday - January 17

Last night when Mark and I went to bed we found a little heart and turtle (candy and my favorite) for each on our bed "from Luke" sweet!

Off to anther day of kindergarten

Annette made a delicious breakfast casserole and later, she and Philip went for a long walk and Grandma and Maeve had a fun morning playing with her babies, hair and make-up and cooking in her kitchen.

Pretend nap with the babies 
Making pizza with Grandma - pepperoni or mushroom? 
Wah lah....dishing up a double scoop of chocolate and mint chip
Maeve in her pretty pink 'n purple raincoat and umbrella just in time for rain coming this afternoon!

Fruity chicken salad sandwiches for lunch and then Maeve went down (with hugs and kisses) for a nap and grandpa and I left for Newton and more grandchildren fun.   

Grandpa and I surprised Blair and picked her up from school - she was so excited to see us and Mommy had not told her we were coming for a visit!

Sweet Blair

We went to Brady's ballgame which they lost 33-19, but fun to watch and GrandBob is their coach (all 7th graders)
Brady in action 

Yesterday Brady got his braces (for 1 year), so mouth is sore.....we all went to Jason's Deli afterwards 

Brady, Bob, Mark, Blair, Brooke, Judy

Michael is in Boston, so missed him.....

So fun seeing these grandkiddies (Davis, too, but no pic).    Tomorrow, we fly back to FL.    Chilly and raining here...

Wednesday - January 16

Chilly sunny day.....Mark took me to yoga and ran some errands and had breakfast at the "Flight Line Cafe" at the airport.    We heard this was a good place from folks in our park....he was surprised how many people were there and a good new spot!

Soon as I finished yoga,  (9:00), we were on our way to Fort Lauderdale airport.   We breezed thru security (heard stories of LONG lines cause of the shutdown).    No issues here....lunch at Chili's and then a smooth ride with a 20-minute early arrival into Asheville.    Got our rental car and on our way to Lake James arriving shortly after 5:00.

Here we are....

Maeve loves her Grandpa
Luke just hangin' out 
Hmmmm...think this looks like a good one!

Annette fixed a great dinner - grilled chicken, baked potatoes, wedge salad, stuffed mushrooms, blueberry pie and ice cream.   And then we girls beat the guys 2 games in euchre.

So very sorry and sad to hear that our long-time friend and neighbor, Norma passed away today.   What a very special lady she was!

Waters Edge Friends
 Sadie, Joyce, Pat, Sue, Carly - lunch on Monday at Parrott Grill