Tuesday - May 21

It's May 21st and we woke up to 45 degrees with a wind chill of 38.   All day long it was chilly (low 50's, windy and of course, no sun)!

We Midstate grads who try to get together once a year (Barb, Jane, Allie and me) planned to meet in Galesburg (our usual spot to gather) today.   Allie is still in Florida (smart girl), Jane was not feeling well today, so I left shortly after 9 and met Barb.

 We had such a fun day despite the weather....shopped at some of the really nice spots and ate at our favorite Landmark Creperie and Cafe.    Delicious spinach bisque and quiche for Barb and 1/2 chicken salad sandwich for me.    We shared  a yummy piece of salted caramel cheesecake.  Cooks and Co. is a wonderful kitchen, gift, floral shop that moved since we were last there - much larger location and just a fun, fun place to browse.    Also checked out Mother Goosebumps - cute children's shop and Four Seasons ladies apparel.    My Mom always enjoyed shopping at their Princeton store (where Annette hails from).    Think this was my 1st time to be in one - I got a new top and then we said our good byes and on home.    A very fun day with my long-time friend, Barb, but missed Jane and Allie!

Barb and Pat

We had wind gusts of 30 mph this afternoon and more rain coming tonight!     But 83 degrees coming tomorrow

We planned to go to Connor's double header tonight but cancelled cause of the cold/wind.    Smart move on coaches part, but Liam had a chance to sub on his friend's team, so......Grandpa and I chose not to venture out on this yucky night!

Proud to hear that Davis was chosen to be a Marshall at graduation - this honor is bestowed on the top 6 juniors in the class.

Had pulled pork sandwiches for supper and just happy to be indoors.....bring the heat on tomorrow!

Monday - May 20

Chilly, cloudy Monday....we were off to town shortly after 7.   I took Mark to McDonalds (our new meeting location on College Avenue), stopped for a Starbucks and then to dentist appointment and consultation on implant I'm getting next week.

Then back to McDonalds to meet the breakfast group.....not sure this new location will work, but better than where we were on Oakland.     Time will tell, but since we nomads are seldom there.....next week they are all coming to Busy Corner for breakfast and then to Kamp Komfort (Memorial Day).

Mark and I ran a few errands and stocked up on wine at Binney's.   On home to Flo....Mark went into town for 2:00 dentist appt.

We met the Monday Night Friends and hubbies (13 of us) at Busy Corner for dinner and pie (to go) and then Ruth, Gerry and Gary (Connie is in Texas) were the diehards who braved the cold, windy night and came back to Kamp Komfort and sat in front of a nice fire that Mark built.    We were cold, so finally, came inside Flo and continued our chatter while listening to Beach Boys songs (compliments of Alexa).    Very fun evening!

Ruth enjoying her pie

Gerry, Ruth, Gary

Nice fire on a chilly night

Meanwhile, it's been HOT in North Carolina...
Maeve on the move..

Sweet Luke missing a tooth

Sunday - May 19

Very windy today - cloudy in the morning, but then the sun came out!   Liam's games were cancelled!

We went to 10:00 Mass at Holy Trinity and then coffee/latte/cranberry muffin at Gloria Jeans and on home.

Caught up on a bunch of e-mails, read, vacuumed out Big Red and just a nice quiet Sunday afternoon.

We picked up pie (each person's favorite) at Busy Corner and then off to the Campbell's.    Patrick grilled ribeyes fore he and Mark and filets for Anne and me.   Yummy and along with a pasta salad, deviled eggs and crescent rolls, we had an awesome dinner topped off with our pie!

Wind is still blowing but maybe has calmed down just a little bit!    Have a great week!

Saturday - May 18

Today started out nice 'n sunny, windy and warm.....we exercised and left for town around 9:15.   Stopped at Starbucks and then while I got a mani pedi, Mark ran some errands.    And then we were off to Pekin for Liam's doubleheader.    As we were heading west, the skies were getting darker and radar was not pretty.    From graduation to baseball player....but that didn't happen today!

Parked, walked to where Anne was sitting, saw a little action from Game 7 (Liam's team), Liam came up to bat, flied out and then..................the heavens opened up.    Everyone grabbed their stuff and scrambled for shelter under the refreshment stand.   The rain was actually coming down sideways.....crazy.    Didn't take long for the officials to call the game and see what tomorrow brings.   Bummer.....it was supposed to be warm, sunny and windy (earlier they had mentioned rain and then took out of the forecast....well, that all proved wrong.)

Said our good byes to Liam and Anne as they headed home and we stopped at Busy Corner (did not know there is one in Pekin - no connection to "our" Busy Corner, but nonetheless, good food, but only 3 pie choices!!!)     Rain kept coming down.....glad to get back to Kamp Komfort.

In the meantime, Patrick was with Connor in Champaign.   It was beautiful there and he played 3 games.    Anne drove over and got to see most of the 2nd game and all of last game.    They won 8-4, tied 6-6 and lost 12-8.    Connor had some good hits and after 3 games, he is exhausted!!!      No rain in Champaign!

Mark and I met Jim and Shelly at Lucca Grill for delicious a la Baldini pizza.    Mark and Jim used to work together and it was so fun to catch up and see wedding pics of their son's recent wedding in Florida.     Hope we can get together when we're all visiting Dallas area in July

Jim, Shelly, Pat, Mark


Friday - May 17

Mark was up and outta here shortly after 6 for Uftring Ford in East Peoria and an oil change in Big Red (7:00 appt.)    Rained during the night and it's cloudy and dreary....again (we just can't seem to get 2 straight days of sun!!!)

We met Jim and Lydia at Busy Corner for lunch.    They were on their way to visit their son, Paul and family near Manitowoc, WI for the weekend.   We had a great visit, took pie-to-go, said our good byes and off they went!     Sure appreciate them wanting us to meet them - of course, Busy Corner was a win - win for all!

Mark, Pat, Lydia, Jim

Big milestone tonight as Liam graduated from Corpus Christi Catholic School......beautiful Mass and 45 graduates celebrated followed by a reception afterwards.    We had Monicals Pizza along with a cookie cake and presents!
The graduate and his family
 Grandma, Graduate, Grandpa 
Auntie Karen (Godmother) and Liam

Congratulations, Liam 
and best wishes for much success and fun at CCHS.