Saturday-Monday, June 28-30

Hello from Oxford, Maryland on a hot and sunny summer day!    Arrived here around 6:15 last night after a wonderful stay at the Welsh Hills B and B near Granville celebrating our
45th wedding anniversary.
The weekend started with Anne, Patrick, Liam and Connor stopping by Saturday morning (with a Starbucks treat for her Mama - thank you, Anne) to say good-bye and then they were off to Liam's ballgame.   We left home at 8:30, stopped at Panera for a quick breakfast and after driving thru some very heavy rain here and there, we arrived at our destination.   The Blue Angels were in Dayton this weekend, so thought maybe we would get a glimpse or "hear" them as we passed by, but no luck. 
Granville is such a charming town with beautiful old homes, lovely landscaping and all decked out for the 4th with many homeowners proudly flying Old Glory and/or decorated with the  red, white and blue bunting!
A few miles away in the rolling hills of central Ohio, there stands the Welsh Hills Inn! about a really private getaway - the home, the setting (15 lush acres of hills, trees, flowers, etc.), Bobbi and Jeff, the innkeepers - everything, just delightful.    Bobbi gave us a tour, inside and out and then Mark and I left for Granville and 5:00 Mass at St. Edward the Confessor.
There were 2 other couples staying at the inn (one celebrating their 13th anniversary and newlyweds who arrived from their wedding reception later that evening).    We were the only ones having dinner at the inn and what a treat!
    We sat outside under the wide overhang of the wrap-around porch, overlooking the meadow with fresh flowers, candlelight and soft music.   3 deer came strolling close by!  
Memorable anniversary dinner
  Dinner was very very very good with beautiful presentation!  Along with appetizers and salads...
Seasoned for 48-hours in a sesame-teriyaki marinade - flank steak with fresh asparagus

Dessert was custard with fresh strawberries infused with Grand Marnier.
Sunday we enjoyed a fabulous breakfast prepared by Jeff, wrote in the guest book, took some pictures and left around 10 - long trip ahead (8+ hours).
Scrumptious oat/nutty French Toast topped with raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries topped with whipped cream w/cinnamon and warm maple syrup and bacon
Jeff and Bobbi - the PERFECT host and hostess

Just before leaving this magical place with hopes of returning someday (and staying longer)!
The Longaberger Basket Company headquarters in Newark, OH is just 10 miles from the
Welsh Hills Inn.   Drove past this as we were leaving the area...
Unloaded a few bags and then walked to Schooner's for crab cake sandwich!    Felt so good to stretch the legs after all that sitting!
Good to be back on Catrina and are settled in.    Monday morning, we exercised, I walked to the market for a few groceries and Mark got things stored away on the truck.    After lunch, we walked to the Highlands Creamery for ice cream - good stuff!     
News flash:  Blair is walking!!!
and here's picture of our aspiring little golfers...
Connor and Liam
The hydrangeas are in full bloom all over Oxford - wow!!!! 
   Ours were just starting to bloom back home
Tomorrow we're leaving for Baltimore with a few stops along the way.    Looking forward to their 4th of July celebration in the Inner Harbor.

Friday - June 27

Hot 'n sunny........Mark ran errands and I did more spiffing of the house and got the laundry caught up!   Dotty (realtor) and Adam (photographer) came at 9.   Adam was here 3 1/2 hours taking photos inside and out.    I did some packing as we leave tomorrow morning!    Whew.....we will be ready to get outta here as the past few weeks have been crazy, but as always, great to be
Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary and we're off to a B and B in Ohio.    Sunday, onto Catrina in Oxford, MD for about 10 days.   
I ran some errands in the afternoon and got a manicure.     
Went to Tony Roma's for dinner and celebrated with friends Wayne and Myrna.  
 Yesterday was their 55th wedding anniversary and tomorrow is our 45th!  
So much fun......
Myrna and Wayne
 Taking a few days off from blogging....
Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday - June 26

Beautiful day - did some cleaning and spiffed things up a bit.    Mark ran errands and carried out more stuff for recycle and/or garbage.    We met friends, Don and Sheila at Medici for lunch - great food and visit.   Lots to catch up with (families, RV travel, etc., etc.)

Don and Sheila
This afternoon we carted more stuff out to the garage, cleaned out some drawers, shelves, closets, nooks and crannies.
Our friends Allie and Owen were in town for a visitation so stopped in for a nice visit   So good to see is their 21st wedding anniversary!
Happy Anniversary Allie and Owen
Nice supper on the porch and just unwinding tonight.   Pat and Brenda stopped in for a short visit!

Wednesday - June 25

Tired, tired, oh-so tired tonight after another day of sorting thru pictures galore.    Yesterday I said there were hundreds - let's change that to "THOUSANDS"!    Along with my photos, I'm going thru my parents pics, too,and there are sooooooooo many!    Overwhelming!!!!!   However, it has been somewhat fun going down memory lane...
We exercised this morning, I had lunch with Exchange Club, Mark got a haircut and worked in his garages.     Bob, the window man, came and washed the east side windows - he is the best!    Anne and Patrick had him earlier this week!   Nothing like a clear, sparkly window when the sun shines!
This afternoon we took a break and visited  Ron our longtime friend and family barber for Mark and the boys    He is now at a senior center, but overall, looking and feeling good!
Ron, the barber and one of his long-time former customers
After we left Ron, we took a large bag of soft rags, towels and flannel sheets to the Humane Society for their critters.     They were very grateful!
Wish I could put videos on the blog - tonight Blair was in the bathtub and quacking
 like her little ducky!

Tuesday - June 24

Nice day and no rain as that's been almost a daily occurrence!    We made more waves around here, but basement and garages look good.   Now sorting thru several bins and boxes that had been my parents stuff including hundreds of pictures ('m not kidding) from waaaaay back and sooo many are not identified, a good start on that today!     I should have gone thru this a few years ago, but one of those tasks I just kept putting off.
I met the central IL Sublettians for lunch at Gill Street and had so much fun.   Jane's husband, Joe and 3 grandchildren joined us, we ate outdoors and just had a very enjoyable lunch/visit!
Back:   Marilyn, Pat, Sydney, Debbi
Front:  Jane, Cora Jane, Evan, Joe
So,,,our big news today was that Dotty, our realtor came and we signed on several dotted lines and our house is going on the market next Tuesday, July 1st.    Along with the garage sale, we are downsizing and will wander between Catrina and Daisy eventually settling in FL (east coast).   We plan to spend spring and fall here in town, so probably be around as much as we usually are!   And enjoy our family here
Our heads are in a whirl with organizing and getting things ship shape inside and outside before we leave Saturday for about 10 days!   
Philip, Annette and Luke

Pretty pink astilbe in full bloom

Monday - June 23

Up early to exercise (something we did not do all last week, but figured we were getting enough with all the trips up and down the basement).   Met the neighbors for breakfast.   Dug into the basement (almost got it back in order) and love all the extra space!   Why oh why didn't we do this years ago - CLEAN out and DE-CLUTTER???
Took some things to Anne, including some chocolate-covered strawberries for helping with the sale - she returns to work 1/2 days today for rest of week.
Mark had a bunch of stuff (mainly wood) on a huge pile in backyard that was free!    He got rid of a lot, but rest he is taking to the Habitat Restore and will deliver tomorrow (closed Mondays).   He did take other leftovers to Home Sweet Home Mission.
Mark, Patrick and the boys went to Gridley to check with our friend, Roger about keeping Elsie in Roger's storage shed.    Then they enjoyed Green Gables for supper,
I entertained the Monday Night Friends - we had pork tacos, pasta salad, fruit salad and chocolate lava cake (with ice cream and cherries) Black Forest Cake...yummy!    Thanks to Ruth, Linda and Jody for helping with the food - everything was delicious!
Monday Night Friends
Nadine, Linda, Jody, Brenda, Ruth, Sue, Tamara, Pat
(Missing:   Marsha, Connie, Donna)
Ruth got this cute little gardening buddy for her "BIG" birthday coming July 8th

Sunday - June 22

Went to 8:00 Mass, Bob Evans for breakfast and Meijer's for a few groceries.   Anne, Patrick and boys came over and picked up some of their things including our 9' Christmas tree which is now theirs!   
Just amazes us what folks buy at garage sales - the stuff you "wonder" if you should even put out sells!      And the nicer stuff (still priced cheaply) well...we still have it!   
Worked in the basement and garages and oohing and aahing over all the extra room!

Tonight we had dinner with  Darla and Kim along with their husbands, Mike and Steve.    Last fall, we met Darla and Kim on the Windstar cruise from Barcelona to Lisbon and had so much fun.   And found out that we were almost "neighbors" (well, they live in the country about 15 miles west of us, but when you're in Spain....that's mighty close)!   We had so much fun dining at Destihl and catching up!    We all grew up on the farm and lots of chatter about that +++ our Dads (Steve, Darla and mine) all raised Hereford cattle AND Steve's Dad also had Holstein cattle like Mark's Dad.)

The skies grew really black, the wind picked up and Mark and I got home before the heavy rain hit!   Radar is not pretty....

Darla, Pat, Kim

Steve, Mark, Mike
Happy Luke

Saturday - June 20

Alleluia......the sale is over and another good day!   We are exhausted, but happy that our hard work paid off and once again, so appreciate the help of Liam, Connor and Anne.  Starting at noon, we told customers that everything was 1/2 price!   And by golly, they gathered more stuff in their arms!
The Annual Garden Walk (11 homes) was this weekend and a home across the street and another one around the corner were on the tour - that traffic helped us, too, as those folks stopped in as they were walking or driving by.
We got everything back in garage and what was left, boxed up (will finish that tomorrow) and all this just before a storm came thru with thunder, lightning and rain around 4:30.   Sorry to hear the Milwaukee air show (Blue Angels) was canceled today as we knew friends who were planning to be there!
Anne took Connor to his baseball game and Liam stayed with us.   They are all home now - will be quiet here tonight after a week with the munchkins!
The $$$ takers and also Goobers!
The Princess was out on the dock this morning at Lake James

Friday - June 120

Wow......first day of sale is over and very successful!     We had a steady stream of folks coming thru all day and the guys really cleaned out Mark's garage!    We are happy campers tonight and tomorrow, we'll go at it again!
REALLY appreciate Anne being here to sit and take $ and I could meander around.    And also my friend, Marsha who came early this morning and helped carry stuff out to driveway and then helped with sales!
Sign is out and we are almost ready for business....soon as garage door goes up!
Sweet little dresses of Anne's that her Grandma Ruth made.
First Communion and flower girl for her aunts' weddings - all sold (some little girls will have fun playing dress up)

Our very good helpers
Anne and Marsha

The boys helping a customer carry away his purchases
One thing about a garage sale -you get to visit with old friends and neighbors who stop by!   Great to see some folks we had not seen in ages and catch up!
Late last night the heavens opened up BIG time with lots of thunder, lightning and 1" of rain - but we were so thankful to have beautiful weather all day today!  
Tomorrow...back at this again!!!
Nighty Night!

Thursday - June 19

Another day of the same ole, same ole and we are exhausted (especially hard working in this heat)!    Anyway, tomorrow and Saturday - sale days 8-3 (come on over and check it all out)!   
 Almost everything but the kitchen sink!
Boys helped out with stuff and watched the World's Cup Soccer games.  Anne was here for a few hours and Mark and I just kept plugging away.   Soo appreciate all the  help.
Green Gables for supper - yum!!!
New picture of our little Miss
Blair is 11 months today
Cool-hand Luke


Wednesday - June 18

Another hot one and we Nomads are oh so ready to get this sale over with - too darn much work!    But, on the bright side, we have surely cleared out a lot (with plenty more for probably another sale as I haven't even touched the Christmas stuff.).   Mark says "NO way"!!!   
 And for those who know me, well......that's another story as far as just how much Christmas décor I have accumulated over the years!!!
So, our day started with breakfast, a little weed pulling and then the boys and I were off to pick up Anne and take her to a hair appointment.    She was happy to get out of the house.    While she was getting all spiffy with her new "do", the boys and I ran several errands and then picked her up, got lunch at McDonalds and took them home.    I had lunch with my Exchange Club.    This month of June, we are giving out several awards and today was all about a choosing a high school student who has overcome adversity and gone onto graduate from high school (sometimes under extreme issues).    The girl who was chosen gave a wonderful talk (she is from Africa and came to America in 2006 when she was 10 years old)!     Excellent choice and certainly wish her all the best as she pursues her dreams.
Last week, we honored a member of the community who consistently flies the American flag (Proudly We Hail)....our club is all about Americanism (patriotism), youth programs, community service and our main focus - Prevention of Child Abuse.
While the boys were at their house, they went thru a bunch of books and brought over to add to the sale.   I picked them up after lunch.
Mark spent the day with his Mom and sister, Karen in Dixon.   He drove thru some nasty storms, but nothing for us - just very hot and humid!

Tuesday - June 17

Hot and sticky - especially working in the garages!    Priced more stuff, hauled out more stuff and enjoyed a nice lunch with my sister-in-law, Linda and her friend, Sue who came to "shop" and then we ate at A. Renee downtown!
Went to the boys ballgames at night with Patrick who is Connor's assistant coach.   Very windy and dusty out on the ole ball fields!  
Anne is feeling good!    Glad she can have some good R and R as she recovers this week - worked out well for all of us as we are surely enjoying the boys (and keeping them busy)!

Tired folks tonight is what we are!!!

Monday - June 16

BIG day and very productive....first of all, Anne's surgery went well!   She was at hospital at 6 AM and home by 9:15.    Can't beat that and now resting and the boys will hang out with us all week.  She's off work one week and then 1/2 days the next week. 
Can't praise Liam and Connor enough for all the help today with pricing stuff and just good little Doobies! 
Mark helped Patrick get the RV ready for storage and they took it away till the
first big trip coming in July.  
Some friends stopped by to "shop" and bought a few treasures.
Patrick took the boys to Connor's baseball practice.   Brenda picked me up and we went to
Mandarin Garden for fun, yummy dinner with the Monday Night Friends!

Father's Day - 2014

to all the Dads out there and hope you've had a nice relaxing, "do-what-you-want-to-do" kind of day!
Missing our Dads so much this Father's Day
Father Doug, Mark's Dad (Harland), my Dad (Pete)
So thankful for Mark and his wonderful relationship with our kids   And special thoughts and thanks to Michael, Philip and Patrick for being such awesome "Daddies" to our grandchildren!
God Bless You All!
We've been busy little beavers all day long starting with the morning arrival of Liam and Connor after their first night's sleep on Elsie!    They all slept well and just a bit excited with their new
"home away from home!"
Mark and I joined them in our bathrobes and with our coffee cups out on Elsie to open Dad/Grandpa gifts!   Then off to 10:00 Mass.   Patrick and Liam brought fried chicken and all the trimmings home for lunch on the porch.    And then..................we dug in to start the carting out of stuff to the garage!    Patrick and Connor went to his ballgame and then returned to pitch right back in!    We sooo appreciated all the help!   
Later in the afternoon, Mark, Anne and Patrick went to Wal-Mart with their list for Elsie!   Mark is as excited as the kids with their new purchase!    They will have so much fun!!!
We are all tired tonight - the boys are spending this week with us as Anne is having surgery tomorrow ++++ they will be helping with our stuff, pricing, etc.
Patrick opening his gifts

Grandpa getting hugs and gifts from the boys

Grilling out pork chops and ribs tonight and all the fixin's for a picnic on the porch!
Have a wonderful week....

Saturday - June 14

Happy Flag Day !
Flying old Glory
Another very pretty day and a busy one!    Mark and I were up early!  I got a haircut and then off to Kathy's for the bridal shower/luncheon 4 friends and I were giving for Ruth (Claire's daughter).    It was so much girl fun with 22 relatives/friends of Ruth's to come together and shower her with best wishes, great food, catered by Pat  (not me) and lovely gifts!
Elaine (G                Elaine (Groom's Mom); Ruth (Bride); Claire (Bride's Mom) Claire (Bride's Mom)

  Hostesses and Bride:
 Jacki, Pat, Ruth, Patty, Mary, Kathy
Liam had a doubleheader tonight - I took him to the first game and Anne was at the 2nd game (which they won 17-5................yeah, 1st win of the season).   Patrick, Mark and Connor were at our house going over all the mechanics and ins and outs of Elsie!    Here's that story...
Anne, Patrick and boys are just a bit excited today as they took possession of their 32' RV.    What fun they will have!
Introducing "Elsie" (L - Liam and C - Connor)~    Pretty clever, eh?
Elsie is 6' longer than Daisy
Just a little bit of excitement here in our driveway tonight! 
Here they are all ready to spend their first night in their new "home"!!! 

 Another spectacular sunset at Lake James taken by our Drew!!!

Friday - June 13

Absolutely gorgeous day.......we exercised and I met the 4 other gals giving bridal shower tomorrow at Kathy's for final set-up and check our lists!
Home for a bit and then lunch with the BBB (Babies, Books, Bridge) Friends at Destihl.   Five of us had a great time - hadn't been together since last October!   We missed Cathy and Holly.
Roofers came today to tear off old shingles on our back garage and all is ready to put on new roof tomorrow.  
Mark did a bunch more gathering - just never ends!     Kitchen is cleared out and now focused on the basement!   Borrowed some big tables from our neighbor and tomorrow, may start hauling out to garage (after the shower/luncheon)!
We went to grocery store and picked up a few things including a bottle of wine.   Had a nice dinner and wine on the porch this lovely evening!    One of my friends at lunch today discussed some serious health issues she's having - really puts into perspective how very important our health is and my stressing about a garage sale, downsizing, etc., etc., is so very minimal!!!
Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday - June 12

Up early this morning (5:15) to see the Florida crew off - Mark took them to the airport and Luke did very well on his first flight!
Batman slept well in his Great Grandpa Pete's 97-year old crib
Early morning bottle with Daddy...
Productive day in the house and garages.   We'll soon be ready to start hauling out stuff, pricing
 and  setting up in garage!  
I enjoyed some pampering this afternoon with a manicure/pedicure.
Met Roger and Carol at Baxter's for delicious dinner and then back to their home for wonderful chocolate/creamy gooey, yummy pie and coffee!    Great visit and catch-up with what's been going on with each other since we were together in Florida!

Wednesday - June 11

Dreary, cool day......we exercised and got some more stuff out for garage sale.   I had lunch with Exchange Club!

Dave and Judy brought Philip, Annette and Luke to our house in late afternoon.   Mark picked up Avanti's and we had supper on the porch!    Dave and Judy left around 7:30.
 Tomorrow morning the Florida crew returns home!    This was a nice unexpected treat having
 them with us tonight!

Judy, Dave, Luke, Annette, Philip

Come on Luke.....take a few steps!
Grandpa and I are sure going to miss you, sweet Luke!

Tuesday - June 10

It's been raining all day long - a wonderful, gentle soaking rain that is perfect for the farmers, our yards and landscaping.    I had my mammogram this morning and then off to pick up fresh centerpiece and enjoyed a very fun special luncheon.
Back in early December, Sue and I bid on a luncheon for 8 at a silent auction benefiting PEO.   She and I could each invite 3 friends and it was donated by 5 of our PEO gourmet chef members.     The date was chosen 6 months ago and today was the day.    Sue had us at her home; she set her beautiful table, I added the flowers and then the chefs arrived with everything else starting with wine and appetizer, salad, entrée and dessert.  
Everything was wonderful with beautiful presentation!
The chefs (Sue, Karla, Sue Ellen and Nancy)
Carol helped, too, but was out of town

The lucky recipients
Back....Kathy, Sue, Diane
Brenda, Claire, Donna Rae, Pat, Jae Lynn
Tomorrow we are going to have a little unexpected visitor.    Luke will be back with his Mommy and Daddy to spend the night and then fly home on Thursday morning!   Can't wait!
Anne stopped in this evening - the boys are at Vacation Bible School this week!

Monday - June 9

Started the day exercising and then breakfast with the neighbors.     Mark worked in the garages and hauled out bunches of stuff.   I had lunch with 4 gals (we are giving a bridal shower on Saturday so last-minute details to go over) at Lancaster's.
Ran a few errands and later this afternoon, Mark and I gave blood at the American Red Cross.    I had dinner in the Beer Garden at Schooners with 6 Monday Night Friends! 
Had a good chat with Ryan today....

Sunday - June 8

Such a pretty day after another 2"of rain overnight - everything is very fresh and temps are to be in the 70's all week long!
We went to 9:00 Mass at St. Mary's - beautiful choir and love Father Ric as we celebrated the
feast of Pentecost.
Stopped at Coffee Hound for treats/coffee to go and then home to change and dig in with the
de-cluttering.   Mark is concentrating on his 2 garages and I worked upstairs in the bedrooms, closets, drawers, etc.    Made some good waves today!
Went to the boys baseball games late this afternoon  - the sun disappeared and with the breeze, it was actually chilly at the ole ballpark!
And are our catchers...

Have a great week!

Saturday - June 7

We've had a very enjoyable day.......Anne and Patrick picked up the boys at 8:45 - hugs and kisses for Luke and after they left,  we hopped in the car and headed north!    

Liam, Anne, Connor, Luke and his Godfather (Uncle Patrick)

Grandpa, Grandma and the boys
Mark, Luke and I stopped at the farm where I grew up in Sublette and met my brothers, wives, niece, Jennifer and Leia and my nephew, David, Ashley, Caden and Emerie.   We took a bunch of pics and Bob posed with the little ones on his tractors (this "B' is 70 years old)!!!

Great Uncle Bob and Luke

Ashley and Emerie, Jennifer and Leia, Mark and Luke

Caden and Emerie, Luke, Leia
After we left the farm, we all drove to Ron and Vicki's for lunch and more visiting, pictures
and enjoy the little people!
My brothers and I with some of our grandchildren
Pat and Luke, Ron, Emerie and Caden, Bob and Leia
Mark, Luke and I left for Dixon to pick up his Mom (Great Grandma Ruth) and then to Princeton where Luke's Nana and Grandpa Dave live and where Luke will stay the next few days till Mommy and Daddy return.    We had such a nice visit and delicious ice cream cake.    Said our good byes to sweet Luke and back to Dixon for dinner at the Shamrock Inn and then took Great Grandma home.
Rained very hard on our way back tonight - happy to be home safe 'n sound!
It was a very fun day with family!
 Mark and I so enjoyed these past 2 weeks having quality time with all 7 of our grandchildren!