Halloween - 2012

Hope you all had a great Halloween!    We had given out all the candy and doorbell kept on ringing!     Had no idea how many trick or treaters we would have, but there were a bunch!
Another busy, productive day here.    Ryan worked all day; Mark kept plugging away in the garage and I ran some errands and picked up things for the house + lots of laundry!!!   It was 75 and sunny - took another walk around the neighborhood this afternoon.  
Had sweet 'n sour meatloaf for supper and we did face time with Liam and Connor.   Ryan got to see his nephews in costume - "Blue Morph" and "Werewolf".    
John is staying here tonight - his parents will be arriving tomorrow for the weekend festivities of the Blue Angels.    And I'm so excited as I think Jackie, my roommate on the Tiger Cruise will be coming to Pensacola this weekend, too.    She lives in New Orleans and her son Brandon is a pilot here and will soon be moving to Corpus Christi.    Another son, William was in Ryan's squadron in CA..   Jackie is so much fun!
Ryan's new home

Tuesday - October 30

 Mark and I arrived in Pensacola at 10:00 Monday morning – so good to see the boys!    Love Ryan’s new home with so much space, light and airy!
We dug right in with Mark and boys working in garage and I tackled the kitchen.    For a 27-year old bachelor, he sure has a LOT of “stuff”!   
John, a Blue Angel pilot moved in some of his things and will be Ryan’s roommate – nice guy from Kentucky!
The boys and I went to the Naval Exchange for some groceries and a shopping hunt for furniture.    Ryan made a decision on a sectional sofa for his family room.   Home to pick up Mark and off to a delicious dinner at Bone Fish Grill  and early celebration for Mark’s birthday (thank you, Philip), the new baby coming and our Blue Angel .   It was a good first day and we accomplished a lot, but garage is still pretty full.
Lots of thoughts and prayers for the folks in the northeast and all the destruction/devastation caused by Sandy…hard to believe all of that is going on when it’s so sunny and pretty here in western Florida.
 This morning (Tuesday) Ryan was off to work at 5:30 AM…..Mark and I exercised, Philip made a Panera run and we were back at the unpacking.     House is starting to look homey.    I went for a long walk in the neighborhood this afternoon.   It was a beautiful day and fun checking out all the homes and Halloween d├ęcor.    Amazing that here in this part of FL there are so many brick homes, whereas south FL is all stucco.
The boys went shopping this afternoon – new washer and dryer are now going full speed.    I fixed spaghetti for dinner and now just chillin’ after a big day!    Philip is flying home tomorrow – sure gonna miss him!
The boys!

Sunday - October 28

 Sunny greetings from Tennessee on a lovely fall day as we head to Pensacola and a fun week with Ryan.  
Philip is traveling to Pensacola today, too and will be spending a few days there as we help Ryan settle into his new home.   
We’ve kept busy these past 2 weeks having fun times with family and friends, getting our doctor appointments in before the end of the year and enjoying Liam and Connor.   This past Thursday, the boys had ½ day off for conferences, so we took them to the the Rader Pumpkin Farm and Ropp Dairy Farm.   They ran those little legs off with all the activities, playing with the animals, etc.
Yesterday, the Sublettians had a fun lunch and visit at Starved Rock on a gorgeous fall day.   Last night we enjoyed a good potluck with boating friends and then Paul, Kathy, Mark and I gave the program on our river cruise.    (The good eating hasn’t really let up since I last wrote on the blog)!!!!!!
 Amazed at the gas prices as we are always higher than other areas, but today our price back home at $3.09 was by far the best – 2nd best was $3.29 here in Alabama!
Tonight we are in Prattsville, AL and just returned from dinner at Islamorada Fish House – food was very good, but very s l o w service!    Tomorrow……onto our boys in Pensacola!

Sunday - October 14

Hello again…..time to update after more than a 2-week break.... 
Quick recap – we’ve been enjoying our time at home and hanging out with family and friends.    
Our big landscaping project is finished and looks great – looking forward to seeing the plants in bloom next spring/summer.   
  Liam and Connor had 4 days off last weekend for Columbus Day, so we picked them up from school in Daisy on Thursday, the 4th and spent thru Monday at Comlara Park – lots of folks camping and although it was chilly and rainy Friday, we had a ball biking, hiking, and staying inside cozy Daisy with games, books, movies, etc.    Anne and Patrick met us last Sunday night at Green Gables for supper and then back to the campsite for s’mores! 
Hiking thru the woods 
Biking around the park 
The guys all wearing their Lands End shirts 
Patrick and Anne around the fire
Lots of prayers, concern and worry for my sister-in-law, Linda these past few weeks as she has been in 2 hospitals and then to Mayo Clinic for another opinion regarding heart issues.    She is home now and  thankful for the doctors to advise her on a healthy lifestyle. 
 I was in Hermann, MO for 3 days this past week with Kathy and Claire.   We had a ball with fabulous weather, spectacular fall scenery and lots of girl fun!     Hermann is full of wineries, old brick buildings, many B and B’s and inns, restaurants and shops.    Also, Hermann is a popular spot for weddings.    It is on the Missouri River and just as charming as it can be!    It’s definitely a “return” spot to visit.    
Pat, Claire, Kathy at the Stone Hill Winery
And while I was gone, it was Grandparents Day (sorry to miss that fun), but Grandpa went and had a great time visiting the boys classrooms, sitting in on story time, working on the family tree, eating donuts, and shopping at the book fair. 
Grandpa and the boys

Liam and Connor are both on hockey teams now – we enjoyed watching Liam at his first game this weekend – those boys are quite the little skaters. 

Friday night we went to the CCHS Homecoming game and accepted an award for Ryan who was named  a “Distinguished Alumni”!     And speaking of Ryan….our next travels will take us to Pensacola, FL in 2 weeks for about 10 days with our Blue Angel.    We’ll help him settle into his new home (Philip will be there for part of the time), attend the last 2 air shows of the 2012 season and also the Change of Command on November 4th when Ryan officially becomes a Blue Angel!
We went to Anne and Patrick's for dinner tonight - yummy bar-b-que chicken (recipe from Pinterest on Facebook).     Played dominoes and Grandma was "Queen" and here's scary Grandma with the boys!