Tuesday - April 30

As I start to write this (1:45), it is raining cats and dogs......after all the prediction from yesterday and radar showing it was coming....it has arrived!!!   The guys are out running errands.  Luke is napping and Annette and I are just relaxing with computer, I-pad, phones and dozing off and on (Grandma)
Makes me sad that tomorrow we leave Luke and family - what a fun, special 10 days this has been.   And really bummed that it will be 6 weeks till we see them again.    Mark and I are driving home (Philip has been using our truck all winter) - 18 hour drive not counting stops - ugh!

I got a manicure this afternoon and quick stop at Target.    Finished packing and loaded up the truck!

Gave Luke his bath on the lanai and after dinner, played one final game of dominoes (Philip won) - what a great tournament we had!    {Philip said he would get back to us with the final stats).

Had good chats with Michael and Brooke today....

And so......we'll say our good byes tonight before we go to bed (Grandma may be doing one more feeding before leaving).     2 more sweet photos of our little guy.

Luke loves his jungle pad and toys wearing his monkey onesie
Nighty Night to all

Happy May Day tomorrow.....and Happy Birthday to my dear friend, Claire!!!


Monday - April 29

Cloudy most of the day and big chance of rain all week....radar showed rain coming, but nothing yet?
Goofy morning here - Grandma was still in her jammies at 1:00, Luke was just hanging out wide awake, Mommy ran some errands and got big-boy bottles as Luke is now taking 5 oz.    What a good eater (he's definitely in the right family).   HA!!!!   Getting so big, we've already had to put a few of his  newborn clothes away (some of them were never worn)!!!
Annette and Philip got out and about this afternoon.....Luke and Grandma took a nap.    Our time with Luke is winding down, but I don't want to think about that!!!

Ryan called - he's doing ok, just working on projects around the house and also things with the Blue Angels, although so much still unknown! 
Luke and Daddy
Little Dumplin'
Grandma won TWICE at dominoes tonight!!!

Sunday - April 28

Luke had a good night going 5.5 hours.     Annette and I went to 11:30 Mass and what a joyous celebration with the youth choir doing another spectacular performance!!!   After church, we got a few groceries at Publix and home for lunch.  
Guys worked on their projects and even Grandma got in on the act of pulling weeds in driveway (they have a big, circular brick one) and then Mark put in new sand, spread, and smooth out and tah tah....after 3 days, job is done and looks GREAT!!!!    Philip had a bunch of jobs for his Dad and this was the biggie so everyone happy tonight!
Luke was awake with Mommy on the lanai when we did face time with Auntie Anne, Uncle Patrick and cousins.....then bath time and a good nap outdoors.    you just can't beat this FL weather!!!

Special Mommy and Baby time
The guys cooling down after a good days' work!
After dinner, we had some red wine, dark chocolate and dominoes - doesn't get any better...
Philip and Annette have continually beaten us!    Aarghhh...revenge coming tomorrow night?

Saturday - April 27

Beautiful day - abundant sunshine, breezy, and 84.    Our sweet Luke has been on a schedule of  sleeping 6-7 hours in the evening and then wants to eat every 3 hours during the night!    Grandma was kind of a zombie this morning, but a good nap helped immensely (Mommy got one, too).
Grandpa changed the diaper and did the first morning feeding
The guys worked on their projects (sanding driveway, counter top) plus mowed and trimmed the lawn. 
Grandma and Mommy are having fun trying on my new outfits
Hmmm.....hold on a minute while I try and figure this out!
Liam and Connor won their hockey game this morning 3-2....yeah!   Liam was goalie!
Mark and Philip went to 4:30 Mass at St. Therese.    Philip and I ran to Target to get a few groceries and we grilled out brats and had a nice picnic supper on the lanai while Luke enjoyed his swing and listened to pretty music!
We all played dominoes

Grandma just loves to cuddle Luke


Friday - April 26

Happy 10th Anniversary Anne and Patrick
So many happy memories of their beautiful spring wedding on April 26, 2003   And what a wonderful family life they've created with their beautiful boys, Liam and Connor!
Another fun day in Florida and big event with the first REAL bath for Luke in his little tub outside on the lanai.    He loved it and didn't fuss one bit! 
1st bath
And total bliss afterwards
  Miss Susie came to visit and was here for the first tubby time, a great visit, lunch (Mexican) from the truck up the street that is authentic and serves daily - sooo good 
Susie and Luke 
The guys worked on projects (Philip in garage with new counter top and Mark filling in sand on the brick driveway.
Grandma and Luke took a nap and the guys took a late afternoon swim.   It is sooo pretty out today!
Luke's cousin, Leia from the Chicago area called him this afternoon to do face time - what fun!   Leia was wide awake, but Luke had just finished his bottle and was very sleepy! 
After dinner we played dominoes with Annette really trouncing us! 

Thursday - April 25

Another good day with the BABY.........Luke has been getting his baths outdoors on the lanai!   He loves the warm sunshine!  
The guys got some jobs done around the house (Mark installed new lights under the kitchen cabinets and Philip worked on his long-term kitchen bar/counter area.)
Philip and Annette had a date night - 1st night out since Luke arrived.   They went out for dinner and then to the infant CPR class at the hospital.  Grandpa and I will babysit!
New Mom and Dad going out on the town! 
Future aviator?
Sweet little bottom
The guys just hangin' out
Cuddling with Grandma after a full tummy
New picture for the nursery from Grandma and Grandpa


Wednesday - April 24

Warm, sunny day and after some good sleeping in between feedings, we were up and exercised.   Mark and Philip ran some errands.   Luke slept most of the morning and Annette and I caught up on e-mails.

Daddy Philip hung some nice shelves in Luke's room, Mommy took a long nap and Grandpa, Luke and I just hung out,   Love folding Luke's tiny little clothes.   Annette and I went to Publix late this afternoon and had a little photo session.... 
Sleeping sweetie
and then wide awake....
Was a good day topped off with great dinner of lasagna, salad, bread, wine and assorted desserts
 (key lime pie, turtle pie and tuxedo cake)!!!

Monday-Tuesday, April 22-23

Monday - Left for Chicago at 8:30 stopping at the Wishing Well in Odell for breakfast.    Uneventful flight to Fort Lauderdale where our truck was waiting (Annette's parents left it there when they flew home Saturday).    Instead of warm sunshine greeting us, it was pouring down rain most of the way to Lake Worth.    But then, just before we arrived at Luke's house, the sun came out.......our sweet boy was waiting for us!   Had Panera for supper and just enjoyed being back here with Philip, Annette and Baby Luke.    All of us enjoyed the hot tub, except for Annette and Luke who hung out with us on the lanai.
Luke had been to the doctor in the morning and is now in the 75% for weight and height!   He sure loves to eat and frequently!!!
Tuesday - I did the nighttime feedings so back to bed around 9 for a nap!     Luke's great aunt and uncle (Ron and Vicki) came to visit - had a yummy lunch and then visited all afternoon while Luke slept and/or ate!
Going to bed early tonight cause ya never know when the little one will wake up!
Great Auntie Vicki and Luke

Saturday - Sunday, April 20-21

April 21, 2013
Liam's First Holy Communion
Congratulations Liam
Liam, Mommy, Daddy and Connor
Liam and Godparents (Auntie Karen and Uncle Peter)
Liam and Great Grandma
Liam, Grandma and Grandpa
Liam with Uncle Peter, Aunt Susan, twin cousins, Michael and Danny

Grandpa and his boy....
Sunday - Mark and I spent 1/2 hour picking up gumballs and the yard looks great till we look up in the tree and see how many more of those suckers are left to fall!   UGH!    Oh well, it was good to get some fresh air and exercise.  
   Liam's First Communion was at 2:00 and so special to have his Great Grandma, Godparents (Auntie Karen and Uncle Peter), Aunt Susan, cousins, Danny and Michael, Mommy, Daddy, Connor and us there to share in this very special day.    After Mass we all partied at Liam's house with a wonderful Italian dinner,  beautiful cake and presents!   
 The sun was shining down on these precious children all day long!
Saturday -  a very leisurely day......although the sun came and went, it was chilly with a high of 46.   Connor spent an hour with us in the morning while Liam and Anne were at First Communion practice.

Exercised, read, packed for FL and our return to Luke on Monday, read, and that was about it until we picked up Ed and Donna Rae at 5:30.    Had planned to have dinner at Outback, but folks were waiting outside the door, so onto Chili's and same thing.   Lots of folks out eating this Saturday night.    Ended up at Bob Evans for some good comfort food.   Back here for dominoes (Donna Rae and I were the "queens") and then enjoyed some turtle pie.

Keeping the victims and all those injured in Boston and Texas this week along with their families in our prayers for healing, comfort and peace...
Tomorrow (Monday) we are off to FL and 10 days with Luke and family!    Sooo excited to see our sweet baby....

Friday - Apil 19

We've been watching plenty of TV coverage today and so saddened by all the events in Boston.  Just so unbelievable and hoping this ends soon for the residents and America.   
Truly impressed and thankful how our FBI and police got this puzzle to unravel to identify these brothers and start putting the pieces together!
Very chilly (37)  and windy (a "raw" wind as my Dad would say).   We've had snow flurries off and on and around 5:00, the snow really came down briefly and then turned to sleet!    Mark and I went to 8:00 Mass this morning which was for my Dad.    Made another batch of cream puffs.   I got a haircut and then spent the afternoon with the PEO gals for our dessert/meeting.  
  The cream puffs were a big hit!
Mark and I had a great Italian dinner and Chianti at Beningo's.
Watching the news and just heard they got him!!!    Bless all these dedicated people who got the job done!    Wishing all Bostonians a restful, peaceful night's sleep!    And now hopefully, they can question this awful person and find out "Why"???

Thursday - April 18

Rain, rain, so much rain.......we've had almost 5.5" this week so far, but sounds like it's much worse north of here with lots of flooding!    We have a big lake in our backyard for the 2nd time this week!
Sue came over this morning and we made 3 batches of cream puffs for our PEO dessert/meeting tomorrow.    She will make the pudding and we'll sprinkle powdered sugar and then drizzle chocolate on top - wah lah!!!!   Yummy dessert - we hope???
Met some boating friends at Panera this afternoon for 2.5 hour visit as Fran and Ed were in town visiting from Sturgeon Bay, WI.....great fun catching up with them and the rest.
Good night to be in - rain has stopped for now, but radar shows more coming.
Sooo sad about the explosion, destruction and loss of life in Texas....what a tragic week for our country!

Wednesday - April 17

Dreary day and radar looks ominous with all the heavy rain and storms coming as I start writing this at 2 PM.     Exercised this morning and then Mark and I went to 8:15 Mass for his Dad.    (Yesterday we hung pretty spring baskets of flowers on his Dad's and my parents' graves when we were up north).    Mark came on home and Claire, Kathy and I had breakfast and lots of chatter at
The Coffee Hound.   
Our new refrigerator was delivered late this morning - got it all wiped out, loaded up and ready for business!    I had Exchange lunch with very interesting speaker - an FBI agent!    Among many things he discussed, he also enlightened us a little on the Boston Bombing, although, still so much unknown about the awful person(s) who did this horrific act with tons of stuff to sort thru for evidence, DNA, etc., etc.

Had yummy Chinese dinner at Mandarin Garden with the Sublettians, but a very small group tonight.    Deb, Marilyn and her friend, Carol and myself.   Small but cozy and of course, just fun being together!    Hadn't seen them since December!    Had some rain but lots more on the way!

Tuesday - April 16

We had 2" of rain overnight....and another dreary day.    We left home at 8:00 for a day of visiting family, starting with Bob and Linda.    Had pastries, coffee and tea and main discussion, of course, was our new grandchildren!!!    Then onto Dixon and lunch with Mark's Mom - she's doing well after her surgery.   We had lunch at Arthur's Deli and Mark did some odd jobs around the house.    Off to Stonecroft to see my Aunt Marian - some of the residents were playing bingo, so....we joined them for several games (Aunt Marian passed around the basket for the winners to choose a small candy bar)    She and Mark both won.     We went to her apartment to visit and then off to see my cousin, Jim at the Lutheran Home.   Always fun to visit Jim.  
I've been chilly all day (this is not flip flop weather)....lots of rain coming our way!
Forgot to mention that yesterday we started the day with our little Luke and his Daddy calling us and doing face time.    They were sitting on the lanai listening to the birds...soooo fun!
Luke had his 1-week check-up yesterday and now weighs 8 lbs. 10 oz.    He's doing great.   Today Annette had her check-up and she is doing well!

Monday - April 15

Rainy, cool  Monday......wet week ahead!   After our beautiful Sunday, the flowers and trees must be so confused?  
Exercised and then breakfast with the neighbors.   Glad to hear our Norma had surgery this morning in a Tampa hospital and doing well.    She should be home tomorrow!  Did some laundry and got a pedicure!
Been watching the TV coverage this afternoon about events in Boston......and to attack the Boston Marathon with all these top-notch athletes???   Makes me sick...
Had a very nice evening at LaTeaDa Tea Room and cancer benefit - wonderful food, prizes and just a fun girls night out with Anita, Claire and Margie.    AND all $ going to the cancer society.    Rainy night and good to be back home! 

Sunday - April 14

After a dreary start to the day, the sun came out this afternoon, it warmed up to 73 degrees and wah lah.....folks were out and about with the kiddies, strollers, dogs, etc.     Anne, Liam and Connor came over and we raked more gumballs and leaves - yard looks good for now AND....daffodils are blooming, trees are budding out, tulip trees and forsythia in bloom!   Yeah.....it's springtime in central IL.   Could have rain the next 4 days with temps in the 60's before we're back down in the 50's again....
Went to Anne and Patrick's for dominoes (I was the Queen) and cookout!    Boys played baseball in the yard.....ahhh, what a day!
And tonight I got the nicest surprise when Jackie, my Tiger Cruise roommate called from Metarie, LA.    She had seen on my facebook page (first postings tonight) about the cancelation of the Blue Angels shows and our Baby Luke's arrival.    She wanted to know Ryan's status (still don't know) and we caught up on her 2 Navy pilot sons.   Such fun chatting with her.....she's a gem!

Saturday - April 13

Dreary and cold in the morning and then tah dah....the sun came out, but only in the 50's!     Exercised and finished unpacking.     I went to a bridal shower/luncheon at Biaggi's for Kassie (Brenda's daughter) who is getting married June 9th in Florida.    It was lovely with good food, friends, presents and girl fun!
Mark and I went to 4:30 Mass, then to Bob Evans (I did not eat after that bountiful lunch) and finally Wal-Mart for a few things.    It is chilly out tonight!
Proud of our Brady tonight whose soccer team won the championship game this morning!!!
Congratulations Brady

Friday - April 12

We were up at 4:30 AM and left with Philip taking us to the Fort Lauderdale airport at 5.    It was a rough night for Luke - very fussy from his procedure and eating schedule was all goofy.      Having a better day today and now eating 3 oz. !    Sure miss that little fella.....can't wait to go back in about 10 days!!!

Good flight to Chicago and then drove to Villa Park to meet our new great niece, Leia, her mommy, Jennifer and Grandma and Grandpa (Bob and Linda).    We had a great visit, delicious lunch and Leia is adorable!
Leia Onalee
Got home around 4:30 - back to cold, wind and NO sun!    At least the grass did turn green, but where oh where is spring?
  Daddy and Luke
Last night as we were taking some  photos of Luke, our camera conked out????    Not good, but Mark ordered one from Amazon and it was here when we got home today - now that's service!    Gotta love that Amazon!

Thursday - April 11

Beautiful day to  bring Luke home.....he was circumcised and then wait and wait and wait some more for all the paper work.    We grandparents were home doing laundry, planning dinner, getting everything "ready" and at 12:30 they arrived.

Luke enjoying his new bed
Philip is such a hands-on Dad.....changing, burping, feeding, swaddling!!!
Luke and Mommy slept.....Daddy and Grandpa Mark ran a few errands.

Annette is doing much better today but still in major lack of sleep mode.    Took a short nap and then wanted to play dominoes - whoooaaaaa - what a trooper!    Luke even joined us at the table for a bit.

Cuddle time
Had a yummy picnic supper of cheeseburgers, sweet potato fries, baked beans,
 deviled eggs and key lime pie!!!
Did face time with Anne, Patrick, Liam and Connor and first time to meet their new
 nephew and cousin!
Tomorrow this Grandma and Grandpa fly home....not ready to leave this little guy, but he'll be in good hands with his other grandparents and we'll be back very soon!
What a fun time we've had with our sweet Luke

Wednesday - April 10

Exercised, breakfast and off to see Luke.    He and family had a good day....sent Daddy home to sleep.    Along with cuddling, the rest of us read, did computer stuff, made phone calls and walked with Annette.
Ate lunch out in the warm sunshine - tomorrow Luke will be circumcised and later.....home sweet home!

Dave, Judy, Mark and I went to Flanigan's for a great meal and then quick trip back to hospital and on home.    Annette is soo tired.   

Not sure about all these pictures my Grandma is taking....sticking my tongue out on this one!    HA...

Tuesday - April 9

Happy Birthday Annette....................
the celebrating continues!
  New baby yesterday and  Mommy's birthday today!
The best birthday present ever....
We've had another big day at the hospital enjoying Luke.  Philip is spending the nights with Annette and although there is no nursery here, the nurses were kind to keep Luke with them from 11-5 last night so the kids could get some sleep   
This morning the photographer came around for a little photo shoot - great pics of our boy who was so cooperative and alert!
We had a little party of red velvet cupcakes and Bluebell Homemade Vanilla ice cream and presents for the birthday girl tonight. 
 Last night we heard from Ryan that the entire season of the Blue Angels has been canceled.    What a huge loss   Along with our deep disappointment of not seeing Ryan and the Blues perform, cannot imagine the devastating effect this will have across the country for all the communities who will lose so much revenue from all the canceled air shows.    Just a big blow to our country and military!     Ryan does not know where the pilots and all the Blue Angel personnel  will be going or what they'll be doing.    I am so bummed that our kids and grandsons will not be seeing them this year....please don't get me started!!!   Not a happy Mama right now and when
 Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!!!
Meant to tell you that our family (kids, grandsons, Judy, Dave, Mark and I) were in a pool ($1 each)for who would guess closest to Luke's birth weight.    The numbers ranged from 6 lbs. 9 oz. to 8 lbs. 13 oz. but Brooke and Annette hit it right on.....8 lbs. 8 oz.
Sweet baby boy 

Luke's Birthday - Monday - April 8

Our new grandson, Luke David arrived today at 12:26 PM in Wellington, FL.    Philip and Annette are the proud parents and we grandparents Judy, Dave (their first) Mark and I (our 6th grandson) are so excited with this beautiful, healthy, blessing from heaven.
Luke weighed 8 lbs. 8 oz and is 20.5" long.   Spent most of the day at the hospital and so happy to be here and part of this blessed event.

Sweet Baby Luke

The new little family

God is sooo good and we are very thankful for this beautiful gift "fresh from heaven" as one friend wrote today!   AMEN!
Thanks so much for all the well wishes!

Sunday - April 7

Leisurely Sunday in southeast FL......nice weather, yummy breakfast prepared by Annette (blueberry streusel  French toast w/strawberries and blueberries), eggs and sausage.    Played 2 games of dominoes with Philip and I as winners.     He has made this impressive spreadsheet for running tally of all our games played, total points scored, etc.   
Philip and Annette went to hospital in the afternoon for her lab work.    Judy (Shmoo) and I read, and Mark put together the last of the Adirondack chairs and enjoyed Jimmy Johns sandwiches for lunch.
Updates on family health concerns:
Mark's Mom had all her stitches removed Friday and is to go back in one month.    Let the healing begin in earnest!
Karen, my cousin has completed her radiation and chemo and praying for good results on MRI and other tests!

Played some corn holing this afternoon - we girls beat the beat the guys and then Philip and Annette beat us in the couples tournament!

Good dinner of bean soup with kielbasa sausage and fresh bread.....(snacking in between, too....we are all good eaters!!!)

Annette won at dominoes.    We did face time with Michael and family!   All very excited about tomorrow and baby's arrival!

The night before....

Saturday - April 6

We were up early this morning (like 3:40 AM) and left at 4:15 for Chicago and our flight to West Palm.    Flight was good and we arrived at 12:20 with Philip waiting for us.    Good to be back in the land of warm sunshine, palm trees, etc......
Mark put together some new Adirondack chairs that the kids got....will be great on the lanai.   Went to 4:30 Mass at St. Therese and on home for dominoes.....overall, played 3 games with Annette winning 2 and Philip, 1.   Had a great spaghetti dinner!
Unfortunately, Annette's parents flight was delayed so they did not arrive till 9:30 tonight!    But we're all together and looking forward to fun times as we await the arrival of our grandbaby!

Friday - April 5

Started the day lifting our weights and then I went to Sue's where we plotted and planned bridal shower with Pat (caterer - not me) we are having in May for Kassie (Brenda's daughter).    Got a lot of things discussed and plans are underway with a delicious menu (luncheon) in the works.  
  Met Claire and Kathy at Biaggi's for lunch and catch up.
Home for the rest of the day to finish packing.............yup....we Nomads are leaving again.    This trip will take us back to FL awaiting the birth of Philip and Annette's first baby (our 6th grandson)!   We are so excited and will be flying from O'Hare tomorrow morning!
Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday-Thursday, April 3-4

Wednesday...Still chilly - 50, but the sun was shining all day long.    We exercised, I did some laundry and cleaning, ran some errands and then went to lunch with Exchange Club.    Mark and I both took it easy in the afternoon - naps, reading and computer stuff.    Both of us are trying sooo hard to get and stay healthy!

Thursday....ahhh, getting a tad warmer each day and up to 57 today!     I had a dentist appointment, then home to pick up Mark and we ran several errands.   Home for lunch and I went for a manicure and this afternoon, raked some more gumballs!!!   Still BUNCHES up there in that Sweet Gum tree yet to fall....
Tonight I had a great time with Kathy and Anne.....we went to "Menopause, the Musical" and it was sooo fun!    I had seen it several years ago in Chicago and enjoyed this performance just as much or more!    Had tears running down my cheeks and laughed all night long.   Although Anne is among the younger set (several in her age group there, though), she really enjoyed it, too! 

Tuesday - April 2

Mark decided it was time to get out of the house, so......we met Patrick at 8:00 Mass which was for my Mom and then he treated us to goodies at The Coffee Hound.    Mark and I then went to vote, he took me home and he ran a few errands.
He feels better, but still coughing.   We canceled our plans for tonight - dinner out and then dessert/dominoes here with Ed and Donna Rae.
I had lunch with the boating gals - just 4 of us (some are still vacationing) at Jim's Steak House.    Fun catching up with everyone!
Well.....it's official!   Ryan called tonight and said all practices and demonstrations for the Blue Angels have been suspended indefinitely.    
 I can't describe the disappointment and frustration I'm feeling regarding this decision.    While I'm well aware "something" has to be done to control this spending and mess our country is in, suspending the Blue Angels seems really drastic (of course, I'm a bit partial)

Monday - April 1

Very pretty day......I went to breakfast with the neighbors this morning - everyone back together after winter travels except Mark.    Left him home to recuperate - feeling a "little" better today, but lying low for a while.   I ran some errands, home for lunch and then outdoors to do some more raking.   The sun is deceiving.....it is windy and makes the air feel "raw", a favorite expression my
Dad used to say....."Ooooh, looks nice out, but that wind is "RAW"!!!  Lots of sticks and of course, the ever present gumballs which continue to fall....

I met the Monday Night Gals at Los Portillo's for some good Mexican fare, a margarita and then Marsha surprised us with a delicious pie......new recipe "Frozen Strawberry Margarita Pie"

Mark has been resting all day....let's hope tomorrow is the turn around!
Today would've been my Mom's 94th birthday........can't believe it's almost 4 years since
she's been gone!    How excited she would've been with one new baby here and 2 more coming to our family soon!