Thursday-Sunday, November 27-30

Our big Thanksgiving weekend is winding down – left Pensacola at 12:30 today (866 miles to home).     Traffic on I-65 was very heavy with cars in the ditch and just so many people heading home.    Mark got off the interstate and we drove some 2-lane roads meandering thru the country with NO traffic.   We’ll drive a few hours and then finish up the trip tomorrow.   It’s a very pretty day for traveling with sunshine and 70 degrees.
So many blessings and things to be thankful for as we celebrated on Thursday – Ryan’s home made for a spacious gathering spot to handle all of us, plus the pool and hot tub were put to good use, too.    We missed Anne, Patrick, Liam and Connor………
It was great having Daisy in Ryan’s backyard and Drew, Davis and Brady spent each night onboard.  We ate so much good food (had our turkey dinner and fixins’ catered from The Apple Market), and so enjoyed the grandchildren (Luke and Blair are such little sweeties) played lots of euchre and other games, watched lots of football and on and on.   Our desserts (chocolate pecan pie, key lime pie, apple pie, rum cake (my favorite), chocolate lava cake and chocolate chip cookies) were a BIG hit.  Ryan even got his palm trees strung with lights.
Michael and family left Saturday morning (Michael was not feeling well – bad cold, chills, etc…..) – they made the trip in about 9.5 hours.    Tomorrow Philip Annette and Luke will take a little road trip in Miss Daisy heading back to southeast FL, but doing some camping along the way.   We REALLY appreciate their delivering our "winter" home to southeast FL.
Today we went to 9:00 Mass at St. Paul’s, got our stuff off Daisy, finished packing up Toad, moved Daisy out to driveway and left with happy memories  of our little getaway (almost 3 weeks) in Florida.     Productive time at Ryan’s helping with projects and always good to have that one-on-one time, the Omni Resort fun, our time at the Magic Kingdom and then Thanksgiving!
Tonight we are in Bessemer, AL with 590 miles to go tomorrow!    Stopped for a late lunch in Camden, AL and good to be settled in for the night!
Can't believe it's the last day of November.....bring on the hustle, bustle and fun of December!!!
The NC and FL grandchildren...
Luke, Davis, Blair, Brady, Drew

Grandma and Grandpa with the little darlins' 

Blair loves her Grandpa - attracted to him like a magnet!

  Annette with the little tykes

Philip and Luke just hangin' out...

All the activity of the weekend caught up with Luke and he just clunked out on the couch!

Thanksgiving Eve - 2014

It's been a very busy, fun day here in Pensacola.    Michael and all arrived around 10 and the kids big and small have been enjoying a beautiful day playing bocci ball, corn hole, billiards,, volleyball in the pool, rummikube and a nice walk for Brooke, Annette and me.  Annette made some delicious chicken enchiladas for dinner and we celebrated Mark's birthday with chocolate lava cake and presents!

Grandpa celebrating with Ryan and Blair

Davis helps with the opening of presents
Of course, been feeding our faces all day long!
Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving Day with your families....
Sooo much to be thankful for!    God bless!

Monday-Tuesday, November 24-25

It's Tuesday afternoon as I'm writing this and I'm back in Pensacola with Philip, Annette and Luke (Mark and Ryan)!    We had a nasty day to travel all day from Champions Gate to Pensacola with heavy rain, thunder and lightning and temperatures dropping throughout the day.
But to backtrack....
Monday - we were up early and off to the Magic Kingdom.    Nice, sunny day but sooooooo many people!    Thanksgiving week is a very busy week here at Disney, but this was craaazy!    Michael talked to a park official who said they close the park after 80,000 have entered and he estimated 65,000, but wasn't sure?   Long lines for rides and all, but overall we enjoyed the day and it was all about the kids   Luke and Blair did really well.    And Nanny/Grandma helped out with whatever/whoever needed helping out with!   We only spent 4 hours there but that was enough.   We were all ready to come back to the Omni and hang out at the Lazy River, Infinity Pool, have some more blackberry margaritas, mojito, etc.   The kids had so much fun and it was a great time for we big people, too.   Last night, Brady, Luke, Blair and I stayed put and the others went to David's (resort restaurant) for dinner.
Some highlights of our trip to Disney...
Entering the Magic Kingdom - (Annette, Philip and Luke)
Sweet Blair was such a good girl 

Davis and Brady riding the "People Mover" with Grandma
At the Omni Resort 
Drew taking his little sister around the Lazy River

Brady and Luke at the Infinity Pool

The girls hanging out with their little ones
The boys in front of our villa - Michael and Philip
Tuesday - long travel day leaving at 9 and arriving at 3:30 but nice to gain an hour.   Luke was good with Grandma in the backseat and now he's having fun running around Uncle Ryan's house.  
The North Carolina bunch spent a rainy day at Universal Studios, are in Tallahassee tonight and will be arriving here tomorrow afternoon. 

Uncle Ryan and Luke

Saturday-Sunday - November 22-23

Saturday - Up early and off to the airport with Mark for my 8:00 flight to Orlando on Silver Airways (first time on this small pink-propeller plane).    Philip, Annette and Luke picked me up and we were off.   Arrived at the Omni Resort Villas in Champions Gate about 1/2 hour later.   Our rooms weren't ready so we walked around, had lunch at the Broadway Deli and then Michael and all arrived, the rooms were ready and we started in unloading of all our stuff.       Nice 3-bedroom villa with all the amenities overlooking the golf course and just a short jaunt to the resort.   Weather isn't the best - cool, windy and rainy most of the way, but let the fun begin!!!
Philip, Michael and I went to the wine/cheese tasting at the hotel and then the older kids went to Zen for a nice dinner while Nanny/Grandma and the troops hung out with pizza playing games.    So fun to be together!
The big kids leaving for dinner
Annette, Philip, Michael and Brooke
Sunday -   rainy early and then sunny and 80's.    Michael took Davis and Brady to Lego Land - what fun (this is formerly Cypress Gardens and where Mark and I took Michael, Anne and Philip on Christmas break 1984.    Philip and Drew went to Hollywood Studios.
We girls and Luke enjoyed a leisurely Sunday strolling around the grounds,
Michael, Brady and Davis (the Lego King) at Lego Land
Sweet Blair
The girls and Luke enjoying a great lunch at Crocs, along with blackberry margaritas and a blackberry mojito - delicious
Some of the kids went swimming and then we picked up a bunch of appetizers from Chili's, opened a bottle of wine and played Guesstures - fun evening!

Friday - November 21

Abundant sunshine again today and high of 70.    Mark and I exercised and then went to Daisy to get some more clothes (stopped at Waffle House on the way for breakfast).   Tried their pecan waffle  (Anne's recommendation)!   WINNER!!!!!
Tidied up the house, I used Stainless Steel Spray that cleans and polishes stainless steel appliances.   WOW....good stuff - they look awesome!  Ryan came home around 1:30 and he and Mark got to work on their job list.    They will keep busy while I'm gone these next 4 days.    I got a manicure in the afternoon, went for a walk and then to Publix to get non-perishables for next week and things for the guys to eat this weekend.

Ryan grilled out Italian Sausage and Brats for supper.
Tomorrow morning I fly to Orlando - can't wait to see the kids and kiddies!!!  
 Have a great weekend!

Thursday - November 20

Today was a WINNER in the weather department with 63 degrees, sunny and no wind!   Beautiful!!!
We were up early, went to Panera for breakfast and then home to do a few things.   Later off to Lowe's (Mark) and I browsed around Barnes and Noble.   Then to Publix for some groceries and home.    I vacuumed the car, and we went for a long walk in the neighborhood.    Did some laundry this afternoon and read our good books (Killing Patton - me and NYPD Red #2 - Mark).
Luke loves wearing Daddy's shoes and whatever else he can find!
Tonight we had chicken, cheesy potatoes, peachy frozen salad and green beans and
a nice roaring fire!

Wednesday - November 19

Wow....just can't believe what the folks in Buffalo, NY are dealing with!     All that snow and brutal temps.   Michael is in Rochester, NY and they have snow and the awful cold, but nothing like Buffalo.   The news reports said snow plows are useless - like going up a brick wall!
We were up early to move bed out of the room.    Ryan left at 7; we exercised (indoors today) and carpeting man arrived at 8:30.    I did laundry, made cheesy bubblies (one of our kids favorite appetizers) to put in freezer for next week.   I walked down to "Posh" a salon just 1 block away and made an appointment for a manicure on Friday afternoon.   Pretty day with clear blue skies and temps in the mid 50's.
Mark ran some errands and got his flu shot (finally off the antibiotics).  
Brady has been under the weather with a temp, sore throat and tummy ache - hope he recovers quickly and no one else catches this bug.    Friday afternoon starts their travel for 4-day getaway to Orlando and Disney fun (Michael, Philip and families ++++ me).    Mark and Ryan will hold down the fort and prepare for everyone's arrival next week for the big feast here in Pensacola.
Went for a brisk walk around the neighborhood this afternoon!   We have really been slacking in the walking/biking department this fall!    It is time to get with the program, especially with all the good eating coming up!
Michael, the carpet installer finished at 2 - looks great.   Dad and I got to work putting doors and closet doors back up and then started moving things back that new carpet smell!
Luke and Mommy at the park on a cool day in south Florida
School project for Liam - biography of Walt Disney!    Good job, Liam
Ryan is at a dinner/meeting tonight - we had some good leftovers

Tuesday - November 18

Cold, windy, sunny - that sums up Tuesday!    We left around 8:30 for Daisy to pick up some more stuff, especially "cold" weather clothes (no wearing flip flops these days).    I brought Mark home and I took off for a shopping jaunt to the mall, other shops and also checking on some things for Ryan.   
I did 2 things today that I vowed I would NOT do till after Thanksgiving....
1.   Had a peppermint mocha at Starbucks
2.   Turned on the XM Christmas music in the car while I was out and about
Mark got the carpeting and pad tore up and we carried outdoors and vacuumed the floors.   Ryan is having new carpet installed tomorrow in his 2 guest bedrooms and office.
Chicken tortilla soup (with a little help from Menards), fresh 5-grain Italian bread from Publix and chocolate walnut brownies (also Publix) for supper

Monday - November 17

Thunder, lightning and rain woke us up early this morning......and then the temperatures dropped.    Only in the 40's today with strong winds out of the west.    Sooo cold and snow back home!   UGH UGH UGH !   Tonight and tomorrow will still be cold here and then gradually warming up.     And then there's south FL....talked to Annette today - they were hot 'n steamy - 85 degrees!
Ryan left for work at 7, Mark and I exercised (got our weight bench, weights, etc., set up in the garage) then off to the Waffle House and ran a bunch of errands, some shopping, etc.   Our first stop was the Naval Base where we shopped for Blue Angel paraphernalia (need to expand the wardrobe for when we attend all these air shows the next 2 years)!  We were gone about 4 hours, but accomplished a lot.    Just not fun in and out of car on this blustery day.    Surprised at the crowds out and about, too, on a Monday morning - Hobby Lobby was a zoo with long lines at each register waiting to check out!
Spaghetti, salad and garlic bread sticks for supper - got a nice fire going and the 3 of us are
settled in for the night!!

Sunday - November 16

It as 72 today in Pensacola - no sun, though.   Looks like rain and the colder stuff are on the way with Tuesday only in the 40's.    No complaints as we've heard all about the white stuff back home!
We went to 9:00 Mass at St. Paul's and home to start on our list.....Mark and Ryan are tackling all the sliding glass doors (5 big ones in the house) and taking off the sliding door to do some maintenance, clean good and scrub the tracks.    Mark took off for about 2 hours this afternoon to wash Daisy - she was a mess from that salt in Tennessee.
I went to Publix (good to be back at that very pleasant shopping experience) and then started in cleaning and organizing kitchen cupboards.    His roommate, John (#2 pilot)  has finished his time with the Blue Angels and now moved to CA took his things, some furniture, etc., so just taking an inventory of what's what - actually, Ryan's kitchen is very well equipped - maybe better than mine!   HA....(not kidding)
Twice today the doorbell rang with the US Postal Service delivering a package - on Sunday?    Sure don't have Sunday delivery back home!

I put my cooking skills to work today.....supper was sweet 'n sour meatloaf, baked potatoes, green beans and peachy frozen salad!   We all had hearty appetites.

Enjoyed some hot tub time this evening and watched the Colts/Patriots game.
Congratulations to our friends, Paul and Kathy (now Texas residents) who are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary today!

Saturday - November 15

Hello from Pensacola, Florida......what a treat to step out of Daisy and feel 55 degrees with clear sunny skies.    Felt so gooood!   
We left Meridian at 8 AM and drove 195 miles - it was 25 degrees when we left and kept warming up along the way.   Settled Daisy into Avalon Landing in Milton, FL (9 miles from Ryan's).   We met Ryan at Hurricane's for lunch, back to Daisy to pack up some of our stuff, got very dirty Toad washed and now hanging out with Ryan.   Great to be here - just 2 years ago now we were here helping him settle into his new home and the start of his Blue Angel career.     

So we 3 sat around and plotted our job list for the next week (much more for the guys than me)!    And then decided it all could wait till tomorrow.....we enjoyed the hot tub with glasses of red wine and then ordered a pizza and just enjoyed a nice Saturday evening at home!

Luke and Mommy at the park for a birthday party

Friday - November 14

Holy Moly… was 19 degrees this morning in Sikeston (FIVE degrees colder than predicted) and very    heavy frost on Toad.    We left at 8:00 and just movin’ on down I-55.   We were surprised at all the cotton fields in Missouri.   Saw lots of covered bales, but still fields that have not been harvested.
We were in Missouri, Tennessee, and Mississippi  today    Driving thru Tupelo, MS, we had memories of our visit here in 2007 touring Elvis’ birthplace and then taking shelter in our RV park bathroom (along with other RVers as a tornado was very nearby.)  We well remember the relentless rain that just pounded down on us.   But today is a great day for traveling – cold, but sunny and dry pavement all the way!    Well, that is except for salt brine that we encountered  in Tennessee which sure got Daisy and Toad dirty and full of salt – they will need a good scrubbing for sure when we get to FL.
Truckin’ along today I enjoyed browsing thru some favorite cookbooks I brought on this trip.   I'm planning to make some of Ryan’s favorites this next week…..of course, Mark gave me a hard time and so true that having cookbooks on Daisy is a whole new concept!!!!    Ha…..
Best gas price was $2.56 somewhere in TN.   Highest temp of the day was 45.
We stopped in West Point, MS for lunch on Daisy and ended up driving 380 miles total today.
  The Bonita Lake RV Park is "home" tonight in Meridian, MS.   I took a brisk walk around this hilly park and surprised at the number of RV’s from all around the country – WA, AZ, OK, ME, IN, IL, FL, LA, MS, AL and by far….Texans get the prize for most rigs/cars/trucks here!!!
This happy little bunch of snowman pillows (more of Mama's treasures) is headed to Ryan's home where he can pick and choose for some holiday décor
We are just 3.5 hours from Ryan......
Had supper (soup and sandwiches) on Daisy...going to be another cold night!











Thursday - November 13, it's cold outside!     We exercised, finished loading up the last few things on  Daisy/Toad and left at 9:15 as the snow was gently falling down....let's get going!!!
It was 21 degrees when we left with strong winds, and so very bitter with the wind chill.    We have everything "including" Daisy's kitchen sink with is - ha!!!

Ready to roll....
Stopped in Tamaroa for lunch on Daisy.   
The sun came out around 2:00 - love it!   We arrived at the Hinton RV Park in Sikeston, MO at
3:30 and all settled in....  temp here is 34 and getting down to 25 overnight.
So when in must eat at the famous Lambert's Café - home of the throwed roll.    On November 7, 2003, Ryan and our nephew, David flew Mark and I, Anne and Patrick down here as a surprise for Mark's birthday....what fun!    We've been back one other time and now tonight!    Soo much good food and sooo stuffed.    This place was established in 1942 and still going strong - packed this cold Thursday night.    They bring around all these "pass 'arounds" along with hot huge dinner rolls that the server will thro to you if you need another one from across the room!   Not too many throwed tonight, but did see some good catches.    Other locations for this unique place are the Ozarks and Foley, AL.
Watching the news tonight and hearing about the brutal cold all over the area has been spared...south FL and here's our little man enjoying a nice sunny day with the flowers.
So jealous of your warm sunshine, Luke

Wednesday - November 12

COLD Wednesday in central IL.....can't wait to leave these dreary days behind and head to the sunshine state!!!    I met Anne at 8:45 Mass at school.   Connor did the opening prayer and I got to see and give a hug to my good Sublettian friend, Debbi as she led the children in song playing
Lucy (her guitar)!
Mark got an echocardiogram this morning - he has a valve issue that needs to be checked every few years.   Doing our best to keep these ole bods in ship shape condition.

Around 10:00 it started snowing - ugh.....Daisy is getting a light dusting!    Time to get outta here!   We went to Ropp's Dairy Farm and picked up several kinds of their yummy cheese to take to Florida.

So even with snow flurries and cold temps, we still have some fall beauty in the neighborhood with this pretty tree - doesn't look like it's lost any leaves?
Mark and I both had 2:00 dentist appointments for check-up/cleaning.   And then, tah dah....
I got my new crown!   
Patrick brought the boys over at 4:30 (Anne is working till 7) - their lifestyle and change in hours for both their jobs and juggling schedules with the boys is very challenging!
Hats off to them!
Mark made delicious homemade waffles for supper

Ryan in his new uniform - #6

Veteran's Day - 2014

Ugly day with cold, wind and rain!!!    But today it's all about the Veteran's - those brave men and women who have served and those currently serving our country!    THANK YOU!!     Especially thinking of Ryan and other family and friends - God Bless You All....

So PROUD to be an American and so THANKFUL
for our freedom 
Mark was off to an early dermatologist appointment and ran some errands and got a haircut.    I exercised, wrapped a few more gifts and gathered some recipes to take to Pensacola - Mama is ready to give Ryan some good home cookin'
Met the BBB girls for a yummy lunch at Destihl - been way too long since we'd been together!
The BBB (Babies, Books and Bridge Girls)
Left:   Sue, Ruth, Cathy, Pat, Sharon, Holly, Karen
 Picked Liam and Connor up from school and Patrick came to get them at 4:15.    Trying to get house in some sort of order from all the Christmas treasures  sitting around, etc.     

We had planned to go our for dinner tonight at Beningo's - Mark's birthday celebration cause he's finally feeling good (darn cough just lingers on and on, though),   But we both were busy doing things and pretty soon, it was 7:00 and "nah....too cold to go out" ordered some chicken/spaghetti/salad/garlic bread from Tobins and enjoyed at our kitchen table along with a
glass of wine!  

Monday - November 10

Sunny, windy and in the 60's today.    I picked up Dunkin' Donuts and met the neighbors for breakfast.    We were celebrating Mark's birthday, but the birthday boy was at the doctor for his yearly check-up.    He got a good report and joined us later.    I ran an errand, came home and started  loading more things on Daisy.   Mark exercised (I didn't get that done today).    Went to the Red Cross and donated blood in the afternoon.    
Linda had the MNF's for delicious white bean/chicken chili, along with veggies and dip, corn muffins, etc.   and tah pie ala mode!

Saturday - Sunday, November 8-9

SATURDAY - Slept in, had breakfast and chatted with the family.   Mark still coughing but not as bad - just keeping his distance and no hugs or handshakes this weekend.    There are others here, too, who have colds and not totally up to par.    We drove to Matt and Caroline's home - Matt is a pilot and friend of Philip and Ryan's.    We've been with them a few other times when we've been in the St. Charles area.    They have Lucy, 3 and 6-week old baby girls, Madeline and Samantha.    It was so good to see them (Matt was working, so...just the girls).    I got to cuddle both babies.  Teeny, tiny little sweethearts.

Madeline and Samantha (I think?)

Caroline and her little girls - Samantha, Madeline and Lucy
And here's the Dapper Birthday Boy (67 years and one day later)
Happy Birthday, Sweetie

Wedding was at 2:30 at the Piper Palm House in Tower Grove Park - very pretty setting (arboretum) with the beautiful sunshine streaming in all the windows.   
 Our nephew, Jason married Mary, his long-time girlfriend.
Afterwards we found a Starbucks and had some hot drinks and treats and then off to 5:00 Mass at St. Robert Bellarmine.    Back to the hotel - nice that the reception venue (Heart of St. Charles) is right next door to our hotel.    It's chilly out, but the wind has calmed down.
Mary and Jason
The wedding cake
Jason's sister--in-law, Candi decorated this beautiful red velvet cake - all painted by hand.   Candi and Paul (Jason's brother) are in with her  family bakery/café business (Cravings) in Whitelaw, WI.
SUNDAY - said our good byes to family - fun weekend and last of the 5 weddings for the year!!!    Wishing each of the brides and grooms (Laura and Mike, Cory and Kyle, Ruth and Rusty, Morgan and Ed, Mary and Jason) a long, happy, healthy life together
We had a delicious breakfast at Gingham's, a family restaurant next to the church from last night.    Packed place, but so worth the wait. 
  A beautiful day for traveling, Mark is feeling better (yeah) and we took some rural roads going thru or close to some little bergs we sure had never heard of...
Witt, Irving, Wenonah, Fillmore, Coalton, Schram City, Owaneco, Willeys and Boody.
We got home at 1:45 - unpacked, wrapped some more gifts and met Anne, Patrick Liam and Connor at Bob Evans for Mark's birthday dinner.   Then back to their house for cake, ice cream and presents!
Grandsons and presents

Blowing out the candles....
Our boys had a fun weekend in Pensacola and here they are with the Blues...
Wearing their special gold flight suits for "Homecoming" weekend!
The final countdown and last narration on
November 9, 2014
And after a special ceremony this evening, Ryan is officially the new pilot of #6


Friday - November 7

He started off the day going to Immediate Care at 7 AM and was diagnosed with Sinusitis (sinus infection) and now on Amoxicillin and cough medicine.    Lots of icky stuff going around that just keeps hanging on and on!    Grandpa started his day getting pictures from Luke and Blair wishing him a Happy Birthday!!!
I exercised, packed up the car and we left at  9 with me driving all the way.    Stopped in Kirkwood at friends' suggestion - great shopping and so pleasant walking around on this beautiful, sunny day.   Mark settled in at Kaldi's Coffee Shop with his I-pad.   We met at One 19 Street for really good lunch (the birthday boy doesn't have much of an appetite, though).   Then we were off to St. Charles.   He dropped me off  for more shopping and he checked in at the Comfort Inn (close by).    Back to the hotel at 5 - I'm draggin' and he's resting tonight before all the wedding fun.
I went out for delicious dinner at Tony's Italian here in St. Charles with Mike and Theresa, Tom and Beth, Mike and Janet - fun fun  fun....bur sure missed the birthday boy!!!

Thursday - November 6

Burrr......cold, very windy and dreary with gray skies all day long!    UGH!    Not fun being out and about today.    I got a manicure/pedicure and got Mark hooked up with a cool-mist vaporizer and another day of lying low for him...
Claire and I had lunch at A. Renee (food is sooo good) and lots of chatter.    Anne brought the boys over at 4 and she was off to the dentist.    We had planned to have dinner with them tonight and celebrate Mark's birthday (tomorrow); however, he is taking a rain check and hopefully,
Sunday night?   We did face time with Auntie Annette and Luke.
Worked on our Exchange Club Santa letter campaign (mailing), wrapped some more packages and packed for the wedding weekend.....St. Louis, here we come! 
Liam gets his braces on tomorrow morning!   Brady got his several weeks ago.    They are doing the braces much earlier than used to be.
Sweet, silly, fun boys

Wednesday - November 5

Very pretty day - mid 60's and sunny!    I exercised and ran some errands.   Lunch with Exchange Club and home for a bit before visiting "Aunt" Ginny (almost 102) at Westminster Village and then Ed and Donna Rae.....always enjoy seeing these friends! 
Mark did get out a bit today - think he's getting cabin fever?    His wretched cough continues and
 gets worse at night.


Tuesday - November 4

Election day was dreary and gloomy with some drizzle in the morning.....chilly, too!    Oh's November in IL, so???   Mark left with Daisy at 7:30 to take her in for an oil change and I followed and brought him home.   Then he was off to have blood work done for his physical next week.  
The nurse suggested some new meds (Mucinex D during the day and  Zrytec at night). Daisy was finished later this afternoon, so...she should be good to go with all her innards up and running smoothly for our trip to FL in just 9 days.
Worked on the Christmas stuff - it's everywhere, it's everywhere.    Enjoying the e-mails and texts  going back and forth with our kids about who wants what or mostly, who doesn't want much!
It was nice to hibernate most of the day.....I picked the boys up from school.    Anne worked till 7; Patrick, till 10.   We had lasagna, boys read, played and Liam studied for his science test tomorrow.

Monday - November 3

This Monday started out chilly and very windy, but then the sun came out and temps got in the low 60's, so almost felt balmy!!!    I exercised and then met the neighbors for breakfast.   Mark stayed put - been a good boy resting, drinking lots of water and taking his cold//cough meds.    Hoping this crud goes away soon!   
I did some Christmas shopping - had very good luck, so more to wrap, but I'm on a roll......Mark and I did get the porch furniture covered so one more job to cross off the list.
This afternoon I  finished cleaning Daisy and loaded up more stuff!    It's so handy having her in the driveway right outside the door.
Went with the MNF's to Bob Evans - good home cookin' and always, good chattin'

Sunday - November 2

Burrr....cold morning here, but then the sun shone brightly and it was in and out and 50ish.    Enjoyed the extra hour of sleep but was up early
   Mark stayed home from church - feels yucky!!!    I went to 8:00 Mass and then to Meijer's for some groceries and other piddlies.
Working on the Christmas stuff and spread the ornaments on the dining room table...
Some, but not all....
Anne and Liam came over in the afternoon and took some treasures (not nearly enough - ha)!    They were all supposed to come for dinner tonight, but Mark is not up to par and certainly don't want to spread this stuff around....Anne and Liam kept their distance!    I sent their dinner home with them (sweet 'n sour meatloaf, mashed potatoes, veggies, strawberry salad, rolls, and red velvet cake!)   Mark ate good despite not having much of an appetite.
Luke is so versatile- a few days ago he was the One-eyed Monster and then Batman and now meet...

Farmer Luke
Ryan and the Blue Angels performed their last air show of the season today in Houston.   Next up is their big "homecoming" celebration where Pensacola pulls out all the stoops in welcoming their Blues "home"!     Lots of fun things happening next weekend.....sorry we'll miss it as we'll be in St. Louis for our nephew's wedding (another fun family gathering).  
 But, Michael and Philip will be with Ryan!
 Have a great week!

Saturday - November 1

We are welcomed to November with beautiful clear, crisp weather this Saturday showing off the trees still in their fall glory.    The wild winds from yesterday are gone!!!    Mark is feeling somewhat better and met Patrick to help get "Elsie" (their RV) settled in for the winter and stored in our friend, Roger's big shed.   
I sorted thru a bunch of clothes - more piles of summery things for Daisy and got out heavier sweaters and stuff we'll need for November/December here at home.    And then onto Christmas....oh my always blows my mind when I start in on all this stuff - soooo darn much but so many long-time cherished treasures.    Arranging things on tables, shelves and walls in the basement.    Tomorrow, Mark is going to video me describing the treasures and can then have our kids "fight" over (ha ha) what they want!   The 3 boxes of ornaments will be sorted later.....I yigh yigh!!!
I cleaned more of Daisy in the afternoon.    Just getting started with our Exchange Club Santa Letter campaign, so worked on that and will be sending out letters and or/e-mails in the next week or so.
This is our big $ maker of the year.
And here's our sweet little bumble bee from North Carolina

bzzzzz, here she comes!
We did face time with the NC bunch tonight.    Mark is losing his voice and now has a sore throat.     UGH UGH UGH!!!   It's time for good ole cold season!
Looking forward to an extra hour of sleep tonight!!!