Friday - November 30

We exercised and were off to Iowa City to visit Drew.    We stopped at the Northpark Mall and I got a new dressy winter coat.    We settled in our hotel and then went to Burge Hall where Michael lived back in 1989-90.    So good to see "Drewby" and meet his friends.

Grant, Drew, Nick, Mason 
View of our hotel room from 11th floor

We took Drew to get his car and then to get an oil change.   He drove Big Red all around campus and Iowa City.     Picked up his car, took it back to parking spot and we went to Coralville Mall. is very large and all stores are totally occupied unlike so many malls around the country (especially Bloomington which is like a ghost town)!!!

Back to hotel and had a wonderful dinner at The Vue with awesome view of the downtown.

Drew and his special treat on the house
Chocolate cake with raspberry sauce 
Here we are leaving The Vue....not the best lightning!

We were last in Iowa City 25 years ago for Michael's graduation - December, 1993.    My, how it has changed with with major growth!    

Thursday - November 29

FUN day starting off by meeting Bob and Linda at Starbucks, chatting and then we girls took off and the guys did their thing (Mark had a list of stops).    Linda and I hit several shops and later met Bob and Mark at Destihl for delicious lunch, 

More shopping in Uptown Normal and then back to Eastland.....they left around 4.   Mark made a trip to storage taking some bins back and bringing more back here for sorting....
Linda and Bob

Off to Anne, Patrick, Liam and Connor's to celebrate Mark's bday (November 7th).    So fun to all be together and Anne made a wonderful good ole comfort dinner of sweet 'n sour meatloaf, baked potatoes, corn and peachy frozen salad...topped off with Black Forest cake and ice cream.
Celebrating with Grandpa

Back to Eastland and did some packing......tomorrow we are off to Iowa City, visit Drew and celebrate his birthday which is Saturday.

Wednesday - November 28

A nice sunny day and into the low 30's which felt much better than yesterday.    Just have to be careful walking around parking lots, etc. as there's still plenty of ice/snow!

We exercised and then Mark went to get a haircut.   And when he returned, we were off to the storage unit and spent the time loading up boxes and bins in truck , plus lots of hanging clothes.  Took a break and walked over to Coffee Hound for coffees and an order of avocado toast (very good).  Back to our suite and started in sorting, pitching and putting in piles....

Good stuff!

Ran several errands, had lunch at Fazoli's (this was a popular place for us to eat when we were in Carbondale and Philip and Ryan were at SIU).   Then several years ago, Bloomington got a Fazoli's....I have only been one time and never for Mark,, decided to check it out!    Good!

We are tired tonight but it was a good productive day.    Mark is on a mission and could easily give everything away.....whoaaa.....I do have to keep some dear treasures, but admit soooo much needs to "GO:!!!

We picked the boys up from school and took them home!    So good to see them....When Anne got home from work, took her to Gailey Eye Clinic where Patrick was getting his final check-up after cataract surgery!    She had to drive as his eyes were dilated.

Back to Eastland, had some pizza and just chillin'.

Looking forward to tomorrow when my brother, Bob and Linda come for the storage stuff - just out and about, shopping, lunch and a jolly good time!

Tuesday - November 27

Burrrr......we are back in Bloomington and it's COLD and SNOWY!    Good drive this morning from Marion, stopping for Starbucks in Mattoon and then onto check into Eastland Suites, our home for the next month and where we've spent the past 3 Decembers.

Brought our stuff in from the truck (we have same unit as last year and very convenient with side door where Big Red is parked).    Got things put away and then off to our storage unit and let the fun begin!    We have decided that after 3.5 years of being nomads, we really need to downsize some more and de-clutter.    Lots and lots of bins and so much stuff we haven't even thought about or worn since 2015, so......let's pass it on.    We have a month to donate, pitch, clean out and then use a smaller unit.     We are hoping Ryan will take some of our furniture, too, once he is settled in Memphis.    A daunting task, but we gotta do it (or so Mark says) 😊

So we brought back a bunch of bins and the sorting out has begun!   

Patrick and his band, Jury's Out, have been collecting their tips from shows throughout the year and surpassed last year with a very hefty donation of $15,000 to Home Sweet Home benefiting the homeless with shelter and food.    Soooo proud of him!    He was on the 6:00 news tonight presenting the check!   

Sooo excited to hear and see pics from Jim and Lydia that our shed is "finally" finished in Fort waiting for final inspection!

Got some Christmas decor to add a festive touch to our suite!    Stay warm wherever you are....

Thanksgiving--Monday, November 22-26

Back on the road again and heading to IL for December and Christmas!    Mark and I left Lake James at 9:20 and shared the driving.    We have this agreement that whoever is driving gets to choose the music - today it was country for him and Christmas for me!    It started out so pretty with bright sunshine, but didn't last too long and then some drizzle and very gloomy skies getting down to 33 degrees.    We took the southern route going thru Nashville after checking Cincinnati weather with sleet and snow in forecast for tonight.

We so enjoyed our week in North Carolina and here's what went on...

Thanksgiving - A beautiful morning to wake up to at Lake thankful to be together (missing Anne, Patrick, Liam and Connor) and give thanks as we celebrate this holiday with Michael, Brooke, Drew, Davis, Brady and Blair, Ryan, Philip, Annette, Luke and Maeve,  Dave and Judy (Annette's parents)  Bob and Judy (Brooke's parents), and brother Scott, Leigh, Caroline and Cooper. 

We had a leisurely morning with a light breakfast and then off to the Catawba Country Club for a mammoth delicious feast.    The club is always decorated so beautiful for Christmas....

Back to the lake for afternoon.of kids playing outdoors, boat ride, euchre, etc.    A very pretty sunny day in the upper 50's.

Appetizers galore for dinner, more cards and several watched "Mission Impossible".

Friday -  A fun family day of eating more, cards, games, online shopping, movie and big poker tournament at night won by Annette and Drew.

Saturday - We had over an inch of rain during the night.   The morning started out drizzly and gloomy, but sun came out in the afternoon and a nice end of the day.    Shopping for some, football games, cards and of course, more good eating!    At night we all watched the Family Feud episode featuring my cousin Carol and family from St. Louis....lots of fun!

Sunday - Very foggy this morning....finally cleared as we went to 11:00 Mass at Our Lady of the Angels in Marion, then to Lowe's and on back to the lake.    Everyone scattered back to their homes - Brooke's parents, brother and family, Michael and all.....what a fun, fun weekend!    Drew found out in the afternoon that his flight back to Cedar Rapids was cancelled cause of the big storm (blizzard) in the Midwest.    So, new plan is to fly out Tuesday morning.    Mark, Ryan and I went to Philip and Annette's for dinner - yummy mahi mahi and roasted potatoes.   Said our good byes to Luke, Maeve, Mommy and Daddy and Dave and Judy (they are returning home Tuesday).

Monday - this afternoon, Luke's other grandpa (Pa) launched a rocket he built for Luke and the Morganton Day School students.    It was painted yellow and green (school colors for the Titans) and was a big success with most of the student body enjoying the launch after school.   We traveled 532 miles today and arrived in Marion, IL around 4:15.    We had dinner at the Hideout, a place that looked familiar to both of us.....checked the blog and sure enough, we were here on November 6, 2012 after driving from Pensacola all day.    We had been visiting Ryan and help him settle in his new home.    The Hideout is a great was beautifully decorated for Christmas, the food was wonderful and they had an excellent guy on the piano playing favorites and Christmas tunes.

Here are some memories from our Thanksgiving weekend...
Lake James 
Thanksgiving dinner
Philip, Cooper, Ryan, Davis, Caroline, Leigh, Scott, Michael, Brady, Luke
Blair, Brooke, Maeve, Annette, Bob, Judy, Dave, Drew, Judy B, Pat, Mark 
Making cookies (snowmen and reindeer) with Grandma 
Luke is ready to decorate for Christmas with Mr. Nutcracker
Sweet Maeve 
Blair and Grandma making a family favorite - Magic Marshmallow Crescents
Pretty view of the fire pit 
Miss Moppett  
Enjoying a pretty NC day
Luke and his rocket
Luke, his "Pa" and the "rocket"
The Launch

Makes me sad that we will not be seeing our NC kids/kiddos till Easter (April 21)!
Wow, that's 5 months away😢😢😢😢

Tomorrow, onto Bloomington and dig out the warm woolies!!!

Wednesday - November 21

Beautiful sunny day in NC...this was my view as I wrapped presents this morning...

Lake James

The guys worked on outdoor and garage projects - chilly but calm.    

Our sweet Blair wearing her "Anna" dress!

She and Mommy were off to shop this morning.    Blair has $ from Halloween, so....

Annette, her mom Judy or (Shmoo) and Luke came over in the afternoon.    They've finished off their basement and now waiting for the big screen TV and sectional sofa to be delivered.

Bob and Judy (Brooke's parents), all of Michael's family, Mark and I went to the Black Mountain Ale House for dinner - very good!

I'm taking a break from the blog for a few days....
wishing you and yours a very
We have sooo much ti be thankful for!

Tuesday - November 20

Cloudy start to the day and chilly.   We stopped at Waffle House for breakfast which was very close to our hotel and we were on our way by 8:12.    I drove the first 2 hours and then Mark took over on Interstate 26 which was really busy.    Yesterday, we noticed so many RV's traveling north????    Today, just a few....most of them heading south.

Had a light rain shower and some drizzle off and on in Georgia, but then the sun came out and whoaaaa....enjoyed some beautiful fall color in SC.    Stopped in Landrum, SC for groceries at Ingles and onto the lake.

Great to be back here......settled in with all our stuff, set up my Christmas wrapping station, saw Ryan and read a bit before Blair and Brooke arrived.    Then Drew and Brady arrived after Brady's basketball practice (his Grand Bob is the coach).   Missed Davis as he had a basketball game at night.

Philip, Annette, Luke and Maeve joined us at Las Salsas in Marion for some great margaritas and Mexican fare.    Back to the lake for more visiting, games and finally...................nighty night!

Vicki (sister-in-law) has been transferred to a care clinic in Plant City, FL.    Now to build up her strength and get the rehab for her new knee!!!

Monday - November 19

We left Flo and Fort Myers at 7:40 AM.    Nice day for traveling.  Drove 460 miles (I did 2 hours worth) and glad to be settled in Savannah tonight!

We had breakfast at McDonalds in Punta Gorda; lunch in Green Cove Springs at Sweet Sensations (excellent sandwiches).   Also stopped to pick up our mail and a package as this is where our mail forwarding service is located.

Neither of us were hungry, so we shared 1/2 of my muffaletta sandwich from lunch!    Onto NC tomorrow...330 more miles.

Sunday - November 18

Cloudy most of the day but warm.    Mark exercised and we went to 9:30 Mass at St. Francis Xavier.    Had breakfast at The Oasis and stopped at Dollar store.    Back to Flo and dug in with final packing, loading up Big Red.    So nice to have the shed for extra stuff!

We are ready to roll outta here in the morning - 2-day trip to North Carolina and enjoy Thanksgiving with all our family (except Anne and her crew) 😥; Brooke's family and Annette's parents.

Cleaned out ye ole fridge tonight!    Have a great week....

Saturday - November 17

It was a very good, productive Saturday.....first of all, the news that Vicki, my sister-in-law is improving and now in progressive care was a big relief.   She sat in a chair today and also did some exercises for her new knee.   So thankful to hear this!

The day started out chilly, but the sunshine warmed things up quickly and we had a high of 80..    After breakfast, we were off with me getting a manicure and Mark to Lowe's and Home Depot.    Stopped at Target (bit more Christmas shopping + Starbucks).    Then the hunt was on for outdoor patio dining furniture.    We checked several places and decided on a set - really excited and will be delivered end of December.    Then to the flea market - this place is usually a ZOO, but what a treat today getting a close-up parking spot and just a leisurely walk around with not that many people.    Didn't get anything, but was fun just checking on a few things.,

Had lunch at University Grill.    This place has always been open for lunch (Mark has never eaten here) but at some point, now they don't open till 3.    There were several cars in the parking lot around 1:15 and many people walking in.    There was a large crowd in the private room for lunch after a memorial service.    The hostess and manager  told us we could come in and eat.....had the entire place to ourselves till we were almost finished and then 2 other groups came in.    Good food and this place is a sister to one of our very favorites - The Prawnbroker.

Back to Flo.......................tah dah!    The potty was installed along with the shower nozzle and faucet.    What a surprise..............he came on a Saturday and got that much done - still need the hot water heater, but......this is a start down the home stretch!

Tonight we did laundry, so glad to get that out of the way...

Friday - November 16

A lovely day in Fort Myers with deep blue skies, plenty of sunshine and 70 degrees.     We exercised and Mark emptied out the back of his truck and stored in shed so we don't have to cart all that stuff to NC and IL.     Day 5 - no plumber!

Walked and rode bikes, read and prayed for so many who are having serious health issues.    The prayer list is growing much too fast!

We went to The Hut for dinner.    Sat outside but many were dining indoors cause of the cool weather.   What a difference a few days make!    51 for our overnight low.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday - November 15

After rain during the night and this morning, what a refreshing day with sunshine and 70ish temps.    Nice relief from all the heat and to continue for the next several days.    Opened Flo's windows and with the nice breeze, felt wonderful.

We met friends, Paula and Glen for breakfast at McGregor Cafe - they used to live in Bloomington, but moved to FM several years ago.   Lots to catch up morning!

Paula and Glen

We ran a few errands and then back to Flo.....Day 4 - still no plumber????   He just needs to install the potty, hook up shower, and put in hot water heater.   Everything else is done!

Started organizing our clothes and stuff and what's what to take to NC and then IL.
We ran some errands this afternoon - Lowe's, Home Depot and Target 
(+ an ice cream treat at Culver's).

My sister-in-law, Vicki had knee replacement on Tuesday - today, she is back in the hospital being treated for a blood clot in her leg.    Please say a prayer for her...

Wednesday - November 14

Mark exercised and Edson arrived to start working, so I wasn't able to do "my thing"....I ran several errands and then back home.     Last night the electrician came at 6 and finished at 8:30.    What a trooper.    However, the plumber has just disappeared and hasn't been since Monday when he stopped by for a short time., that's holding things up and getting this job wrapped up!   

Had a brief rain shower and then so steamy!    I exercised in the shed in the cool comfort with AC.   This is "supposed" to be our last day with the 70's coming for the next several days.     Sure looking forward to that!

Went downtown to Cappone's for some yummy pizza, spaghetti and wine.    We sat in the alley outdoors with a fan blowing nearby - very pleasant.    The Amazon boxes started arriving today!!!
Blair and her bunny friend have matching nightgowns!

Tuesday - November 13

Another hot 'n sticky day.....we were excited when Jeff (contractor) stopped by and said electrician and plumber would be finishing up today.   Edson (sub-contractor) does the final touch-up paint and clean-up and tah dah....we'll be done!    WRONG......the electrician and plumber never did come and Edson did as much as he could but waiting on these other guys.....Jeff was frustrated to say the least!     
Our friend, John stopped by to see the progress (or lack of) on the shed.    Actually, a lot had been done since he last saw it.    Mark and I were off to the Peace River Seafood Co. to meet my cousin Denny and Deb for lunch.    They live in Punta Gorda and this place is east of town on Route 17.    Nothing fancy and very OLD FLORIDA, but great food and atmosphere!    So fun to visit with Denny and Deb. 
Deb and Denny

 We are anxious to tune in Friday night at 6 PM (central time) on ABC and watch Denny's sister, Carol and her family on Family Feud.    The Steffan Family....

Back to Flo to check on progress of which there was none and onto Lowe's to spend more $$$.    Did some fertilizing (inserting sticks in a palm tree and the hibiscus plant).    The heat has put them a bit under stress although they are watered frequently so Kevin, our landscaper suggested a bit of plant food! 6:00 tonight, the electrician showed up???    Cannot figure these people out and not sure how he's able to see, but he's here!     Till tomorrow...

Monday - November 12

Whew, another hot one!     We exercised and I walked, rode my bike and worked on computer stuff.  Also did some cleaning on Flo.

Today our vanity/sink were delivered and the electrician, plumber and another construction worker all came!!!    Slowly, but surely.....

This afternoon we picked up Sue and Jerry and took them to the Punta Gorda airport for their flight back to Illinois.    We'll see them in a few weeks....Stopped at Publix for a few groceries.   On home for 1 more bike ride - really pleasant early evening before dark!

Praying for family/friends who are having surgery this week.....

Uncle Ryan visited Luke's kindergarten class today for Veterans Day

Veterans Day - 2018

God Bless our Veterans - past and present
A special thanks to Ryan and our 3 nephews (John, Chris and Nick) for their service

Beautiful Sunday - we started with a walk and then bike ride, breakfast and off to 11:00 Mass at St. Francis Xavier downtown.     Then to Pincher's for lunch with Carol and Roger who came from Punta Gorda.    Looking forward to being together in Bloomington in December and then more fun times in the Sunshine State in 2019.

Roger and Carol

Mark went to Home Depot and I walked around the park this afternoon.   Warm, but a nice breeze.  
  Leftovers for supper!    Have a good week!

Saturday - November 10

We enjoyed a nice leisurely day......exercised, had breakfast, went for a bike ride and mainly stayed indoors - hot 'n sunny.     Hard to believe it's so cold back in Bloomington.

Tonight we picked up Jerry and Sue and off to meet Connie and Steve at Carrabba's - good Italian fare and lots of yakking (we've known these long-time bridge friends since the early 1970's).    Missed Sharon and Harry who will be down here in February/March.   Tonight made our Valentine's Day plans to all be together for our annual celebration of this💘day.

Steve, Connie, Jerry, Sue, Mark, Pa

Friday - November 9

Whew, our thermometer hit 95 today!    At any rate, it was hot, but since they got some snow back in IL and IA, we are not complaining!   Certainly much too early for the white stuff!

We met friends, Sue and Jerry for breakfast at Cracker Barrel .    They are here for 1 week and so good to catch up. 

Jerry and Sue  

 Mark and I ran some errands and back to Flo.    The traffic is something else - (expect that in the winter months), but already, the Snowbirds have ARRIVED!     Took me almost 1 hour to go 18 miles to get my haircut.    But always worth it with Jewel who is so sweet and fun to visit with + a good haircut.     While I was sitting in the chair, they were playing "Grandma Got Rung Over by a Reindeer", "Chestnuts Roasting on the Open Fire" and others...

I bought my Christmas wrapping paper, tags, etc., today and will start wrapping tomorrow - taking gifts to NC for Thanksgiving.

This afternoon we met our new neighbors - Dick and Rita from Massachusetts (+ dog, Rusty).    They have been full timers (RV'ers) for 6 years.    Seem really nice and look forward to getting better acquainted!

We picked John and Beth up at their condo and were off to Fresh Catch on the beach.     This is one of our favorite FL restaurants and again tonight it was top notch,    Great visit with these dear friends and then back to their home for more visiting AND delicious treats from Norman Love Chocolates.    Wow....what a selection of 4 different desserts +++ chocolates.    All were excellent!

Sun setting over Fort Myers Beach and view from our table 
Beth and John 
Delectable desserts
And last but definitely not least - our sweet moppet

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday - November 8

We exercised, had breakfast and then I left to meet Claire for some shopping and lunch.     We were to meet at Anthony's a favorite ladies shop.     There was a sign on the door that they were temporarily closed cause of flooding???     Next door is a nail salon and several people were gathered outside.    I walked over and saw a very wet floor and some standing water.    Claire joined me then and the clerk at Anthony's opened the door and said she was sorry but they would be closed all day.    Someone had left one of the pedicure tubs with running water all night.     The back of Anthony's was flooded!   My oh my......then to Fresh Market - I wanted a coffee.   "Sorry, our espresso machine is not working"!   OOOOkay!!!    But then all good after that with more shoppiong at Bell Tower which is under MAJOR construction and onto a delicious lunch at a new spot - Deep Lagoon!

So fun to be with Claire - hadn't seen one another since May.    Lots to catch up on..

Dining at Deep Lagoon

Jim and Lydia's son Eric and Michelle flew in today from St. Louis.    Good to visit with them this afternoon.   Tonight we all had dinner at Texas Roadhouse.
Pat, Jim, Lydia, Michelle, Eric and Mark

Tomorrow, Jim, Lydia, Eric and Michelle are leaving on an 8-day Caribbean cruise out of
 Fort Lauderdale. 

Tuesday - November 7

H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y
My sweetie is 71 years young today!!!

A great day in sunny Florida to have a birthday!     After breakfast, we took off and ran several errands (Home Depot - more browsing for the shed; Bed, Bath and Beyond and Target).   Then to McAlister's for delicious lunch - hadn't eaten there in a very long time.  

  Home and spent the afternoon catching up on computer stuff and finally got my Christmas shopping kicked off with a few online orders.    We've never been in Florida during October or November, so seeing all the Christmas decor seems strange when it's so hot outside, but this merry season is not that far away.

"Brother" Jim is a very avid walker and is becoming well acquainted with the park and residents.    He's the "walking guy" as some lady is the "bicycle lady".    Mark talked to her and she bikes 25 miles every single day!    Now that's dedication....especially in this heat!

Tonight we dined at The Veranda (one of Fort Myers finest) with Jim and Lydia.    What a wonderful experience - the ambience, service and food were all exceptional.    Mark and I had the Chateaubriand (for 2) - WOW!!!   Topped off with dessert and coffee/tea.    Bursting at the seams!
Lydia, Pat, Mark, Jim

Mark had a great day and so appreciates the phone calls, texts, e-mails and FB messages.    Happy and feeling so blessed here in Fort Myers.

Tuesday - November 6

Another hot 'n sunny day.....we exercised, had breakfast and then left for Venice.    Met my brothers and wives at Dockside Waterfront Grill for lunch - it was very good (so enjoyed my Grouper Reuben again....a FL favorite).

Pat and Mark, Linda and Bob, Vicki and Ron

Drove downtown which is under major construction.....we girls shopped and the guys napped and visited!    Ended the afternoon with frozen key lime pie dipped in chocolate on a stick - sooo good!
A fun time catching up and doing what we do best...."eat 'n shop"!!!

Mark and I stopped at Lowe's to look at some things for our shed and on home.    Grabbed the laundry and off to get that task done.   While the clothes were washing, we went for a walk and ran into Jim and Lydia!    What fun having them here in Cypress Trail.

Thursday-Monday, November 1-5

I'm back in sunny, hot Florida after a whirlwind weekend in Illinois.     Lydia and I flew out of Fort Myers on Thursday morning into Chicago where Theresa (another sister) picked us up.     We went to Mariano's a neat grocery store and picked up goodies to take to sisters weekend.    On to Theresa and Mike's home, settled in and had a great dinner at Tusk (Thai) in Batavia.

Friday morning, Lydia and I spent some time at the Hoek Five Coffee Shop in downtown Wheaton while Theresa and Mike were at the Wheaton Eye Clinic for check-up after Mike's cataract surgery.

After lunch we girls left for sisters weekend.   We have been getting together for 25 years and only missed a few years mainly cause of family weddings.    Stopped in Tinley Park to pick up Doris (sister) and onto Paxton (north of Champaign, IL).    11 of us "sisters" hung out at the beautiful Timber Creek B 'n B which looks like a big red barn.    It was built in 2003 (6 bedrooms) and is so nicely furnished, warm and homey.     The sisters trickled in all afternoon/evening, the food and wine were in abundance as were lots of games, chatter and laughs.

The Sisters (missing Nancy)
Top:   Sharon, Sue, Joan, Theresa,
Karen, Beth, Doris, Marilyn,
Pat, Janet, Lydia

Saturday was such a nice fall day - chilly and crisp, but sunny and no wind.   Theresa, Beth and I walked around the Timber Creek property - so pretty out in the rural countryside.    Great day for a walk.   Then more games, eating, etc.    We all went to 5:00 Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes in Gibson City and then on "home" to roast hot dogs and continue with all the other dishes and wine for our dinner.    This place has a lovely big open BBQ pit/fireplace with lots of comfy furniture, so nice spot to gather and chat.     The oldest of the Chamberlain clan was Carol and today would've been her 72nd birthday.    We toasted her with champagne.    She passed away 26 years ago from MS.

Boy, what a big difference in the weather today versus, it was COLD, WINDY and RAINY.....we girls said our good byes and big thanks to Beth who arranged this very fun weekend with lots of reminiscing and laughs.    She made each of us a memory book of all the sisters memorable past sisters weekends with pictures, etc.    Yikes....hard to believe in just 6 weeks from this coming weekend, we'll be together for our Chamberlain Christmas!

Karen and Janet (2 more sisters) gave me a ride to Bloomington, I picked up a rental car at the airport and then onto the coliseum to watch Liam play hockey.    He scored the first goal and then with the game tied 3-3 and 2 minutes remaining, he scored the winning goal.   Grandma was just cheerin' and hollerin'!!!     Went to lunch with the Campbell's at Tony's Tacos after the game and then I was on my way to Mendota.   

Anne, Liam, Connor and Patrick

My Aunt Marian is 90 today!     She lives at Stonecroft Assisted Living in Mendota and her family had an open house from 2-4 to celebrate.    And what a celebration it was with lots of people coming and going.    I so enjoyed seeing several cousins and other folks from Sublette/Mendota I had not seen in a long time!     I reluctantly said good bye and on my way as with the time change, wanted to get to Theresa's before dark.    The drive was so nasty as rain came beating down and it was even darker than it should've been.    Got to Theresa and Mike's at 5 and so happy to be there and out of the elements.
Pat and the Birthday Girl - 90 years young - Aunt Marian 

We (Mike, Theresa, Lydia and I) went to Francesco's in St. Charles for another great dinner.    Came on home and after lots of chatter, eventually called it a day....

Theresa and Mike

Lydia and I were off to O'Hare, turned the rental car in and then flew back late morning to Fort Myers where our hubbies met us.    So good to see them and although we were gone 5 days, the time flew by so fast.    It is good to be "home sweet home".

Mark and I sat and caught up and then walked around the park.     He and Jim had fun together with a big thank you for helping Mark wax Flo.   Mark took him to The Mix Grill, Cabos Cantina, Ford's Garage and Bennett's donuts. 

Busy week ahead visiting and eating with family and friends!!!    Ready to get back in the groove of this Florida lifestyle!