Monday - July 31

Cannot believe it's the last day of July...........we were up and packing and organizing our stuff to take with us in the truck.    Good-byes and hugs to all and away we went with Mark driving Miss Daisy pulling Toad and me in the truck.   Stopped at Allison's in Morganton for breakfast and then put Daisy and Toad in storage.
Trucking along on another spectacular day (after all the heat and humidity, we've been having much cooler less humid sunny days).    I helped with the driving for 2 hours.
What a busy, crazy, fun 2 weeks.......Maeve is really going to town with her walking starting Saturday....she just took off!
We'll be back in 6 weeks for more visiting and pick up Daisy and Toad and return to IL for 2 weeks.

Here's some more memories

 Cousin hug

 Davis and Maeve playing with
the magnetic tiles

Going to miss these 3

A bunch of boys on the trampoline
 We arrived in DC at The Yards at 6:30.    It was 93 but with the lower humidity (43%) did not seem so bad!     We unloaded all our stuff on Catrina, parked the truck and left for a celebratory drink and dinner at "Due South", a southern comfort food restaurant that is just a short jaunt.    Excellent (Mark had Carolina trout with spinach/cream cheese stuffing) and I had a watermelon, tomato, mozzarella salad - yummy.   Then we splurged and shared bread pudding with warm caramel, bourbon sauce and ice cream!!!    Oink, oink!

Tomorrow we'll get back to exercising/walking/biking and watching the calorie count as these past 2 weeks have been vacation much good cooking by Annette and Brooke!

After dinner we went for a nice walk past the Nationals ballpark along the Anacostia River - it is a beautiful evening!     The unpacking will have to wait till tomorrow.    We are tired!


Saturday-Sunday, July 29-30

Liam and Connor are back in IL with happy memories for all from a fun busy 5 days of cousin fun!
Mark and I took them to Charlotte for 10:00 flight and they arrived at O'Hare before we got back to the lake!     Impressed with how United handles their unaccompanied minors with great concern for safety from the moment they left us in Charlotte till they were reunited with their parents in Chicago.
Enjoying Cinnabons before their flight

Up, up and away - Chicago, here we come!
Stopped to see Philip, Annette, Luke and Maeve's new home -
(1st time I had seen it since it's totally done).
It is beautiful!
Love it....
A busy weekend of packing and unpacking for
Annette with Brooke and the guys pitching in big time!
Grandma held down the fort with the little ones!
Brooke's parents, Bob and Judy came Saturday for the afternoon/evening.    Kids swam, Mark and I took Liam, Connor and Brady to 5:00 Mass in Morganton and then picked up Mountain Burrito(Mexican) for dinner - awesome!    Played more euchre and off to bed for our early departure this morning.
Annette's parents arrive this evening from IL for 2 weeks!    
 They will so enjoy Luke and Maeve and the new home!
Tomorrow we'll put Daisy and Toad in storage and drive truck back to DC.    We'll be there about 10 days and looking forward to 4 of Mark's sisters coming for a week to see the DC sites.    However, no time with Ryan till after the 8th as he's leaving tomorrow afternoon for Australia for 8 days!

Friday - July 28

Packing, laundry, cleaning, euchre, swimming, eating......on and on it goes.
I stayed with the 3 little ones while they napped and rest of the gang was at the new house helping with boxes and getting ready for start of move-in tomorrow.     Earlier Michael took all the boys + Blair to the camp for swimming and lunch.
Philip flew back to Fort Lauderdale yesterday for work, so.....with all this extra manpower (Liam and Connor), we're all pitching in!    Many hands make light work!   But moving is such a chore !!!
Had another downpour this afternoon - these hot humid days sure bring on the rain and thunderstorms!
Maeve is taking little steps by herself here and there, but not ready to take off just yet!

The "guys" (best buds) playing "kids" poker on Daisy

Miss Priss in her sassy braid (a rarity but so cute)!

Thursday - July 27

A cloudy morning and rainy afternoon.    Brooke and Annette took Blair and Luke to Asheville for a few hours of fun at the Mountain Play Lounge.    They had a ball.
I stayed with Maeve and helped Michael with moving some stuff while she napped.    The campers arrived home at 1 and they had a great time, too.
Played cards in the afternoon and Davis, Brady, Liam and Connor went to the camp.
Running off lots of excess energy at the Play Lounge

Grandpa and Blair have some popcorn before bedtime 
Connor is so good with Maeve
Liam and Jinx
"Mom and Dad, can we please get a good ole dog like Jinx"???
Annette and I beat Drew and Brooke in 2 games of euchre!


Wednesday - July 26

Cloudy day but warm.....Mark, Michael, Philip, Drew and Davis were off early to load up furniture and empty last of stuff in storage unit into trailer.
Grandpa, Davis, Liam, Connor and Brady left for Steele Creek in Daisy pulling Toad around 11:00.   The guys are camping overnight and enjoying all the fun water/mini golf activities there.  Annette and Philip met with their builder at 11.   Brooke took Luke and Blair to the Camp to swim and have lunch with friends.    Maeve and I stayed home while she napped and Drew and I played 2-handed euchre.    We've been playing lots of cards these 2 weeks!
Michael and Drew drove up to Steele Creek for a few hours this afternoon.
Sweet granddaughters in their jammies
Watching Daisy leave and then onto swimming
and staying out of mischief!
Tonight we went to Slices Bistro on the Marion Golf Course.    Michael, Brooke, Drew, Blair, Philip, Annette, Luke, Maeve and me.   
Then home to play more euchre!   

Tuesday - July 25

 3 men starting their day with donuts and milk!
These guys spent the night on Daisy with Grandpa and then helped Uncle Phil and Grandpa move lots of boxes from trailer into basement of new house.
This household was off and running in all directions....Michael, Drew and Davis played golf, Brooke took Blair to her friend, Leah's house for a playdate, Annette did laundry and packed and I entertained Luke while Maeve napped.

A bottle of water (can be empty) makes the best toy!   Maeve loves the crinkly sound
After all that hard work of moving boxes, the boys enjoyed the lake and some tubing time with Grandpa and Uncle Phil. 
Jumpin' on the trampoline
brothers against brothers

Art d├ęcor with wine charms
Burgers and wings on the green egg compliments of Philip while Brooke and Annette whipped up more good sides for another yummy supper.
This is one lively household!


Monday - July 24

After a fun week with mostly little girls, we are switching to the boys as Liam and Connor arrived around 4:45.  Mark, Davis and Brady met Patrick and boys in Cincinnati at 9:45 this morning.    Mark and NC boys drove to Lexington, KY yesterday.
Everyone off and running today.....Philip and Luke went to Greenville/Spartanburg to get new tires on car and shop at Costco.    Annette was out furniture shopping.   Drew went to work and Brooke ran errands in the afternoon.    Michael is on vacation this week and plenty of things to do around here.   I had Blair and Maeve.
So, we are looking forward to a fun 5 days with Liam and Connor.    They were here just a few minutes and had their swim trunks on and off to the lake, riding the paparazzi, jumping on the trampoline, etc.!  
Liam, Connor and Davis
The cousin fun has begun!

Sunday - July 23

What a whirlwind, partying fun week with family!    We celebrated 3 birthdays, ate so much, the little cousins enjoyed each other with plenty of mayhem and Linda and I enjoyed a day in Black Mountain and Asheville.   Here are a few memories... 
Maeve is a big girl of one and looking so sweet in her new dress from Great Aunt Linda
 and Cousin Jennifer

Tah dah....these 2 fire fighters are pretending to be
Aunt Brooke and Uncle Michael

Blair getting her first mani-pedi on her 4th birthday

Jake, Jennifer, Leia and Kaylee

Bob and Linda enjoying a Friday night cruise on Lake James
Liam and Connor served Mass at a wedding in St. Louis Friday night

Thursday - July 20

Fun day celebrating Maeve's 1st birthday with a trip to Camp Lake James, birthday cake and presents!
 Our sweet birthday girl - sun was so bright and hot today!
Party time
All the party guests wearing hats!

Princess Maeve


Wednesday - July 19

Celebrating Blair's birthday with family arriving (Bob, Linda, Jake, Jennifer, Leia and Kaylee) and then Bob and Judy for a big party with great food, cupcakes, desserts, presents, etc.
More pics and details to bed!
Our sweet, sassy, loveable Blair
Party time with cousins, Leia and Luke
Till tomorrow...


Tuesday - July 18

Here's the birthday girl partying tonight with
Davis, Brady, Maeve, Drew, Blair and Luke
Brooke and Annette left around 8:30 for a fun girls getaway in Charlotte.    Grandpa and I held down the fort.....he and Drew took all the kids to the camp for swimming and lunch.   I stayed home with Maeve.
Naps for Luke and Blair followed by mini popsicles and Klondike  bars.    Play time on Daisy with Brady and Davis. 
Michael is working in New York.   Philip is back in Florida working.
Sarah (Drew's girlfriend) is here with us a few days, too.
Mark took his truck in yesterday for a 50,000 mile check-up and got a haircut.    Back today to pick it up.
Annette made orange chicken with rice, green beans and salad.
A good day was had by all!

Monday - July 17

The 3 big boys were off to Mimosa for a golf tournament.   Brooke and Blair went into town for groceries,  Michael flew to New York and our friends, Bill and Charmaine from Linville came for a visit, boat ride and lunch at the Camp.  
We had such a good time and will see them in February when we are camping in Florida at the
Cypress Trail RV Resort.
Charmaine and Bill
Philip, Annette and kids went to Morganton and ordered some furniture.    We took Bill and Charmaine to see P and A's new home and then said our good byes.
Brady won his age division today - 11 and under!
 Congrats to our great little golfer!

The kiddies are doing their make-up routine on Brooke!

Daddy is off to work and will miss his sweetie's 1st birthday

This is big birthday week here at the lake....
tomorrow, Brooke; Wednesday, Blair and Thursday, Maeve


Sunday - July 16

Hot sunny the kiddies fed and dressed this morning; their parents arrived home around 12:30  after a very fun time in Asheville.  
We had lunch and then a fun afternoon on the dock close to the water with a long pontoon ride.   

Ryan is back in DC and we've been enjoying all the awesome pics of the military wedding at Notre Dame for his friend, John and Mary this past Friday.
Luke is all ready for a Sunday in and on the water

Annette and her sweet girl
Grandpa and Maeve

Brooke and Blair having a chip (pringles) party

Grandma and Maeve
 Auntie Brooke and Maeve

Grandpa taking a little spin on the jet ski

Annette and Brooke prepared another delicious dinner with Philip grilling bison hot dogs and brats.

Everyone is weary and tired tonight after all the sun and water.

Have a great week!

Graham Kagan Jennison

Congratulations to our niece Bridget and Adam who welcomed their first baby on Friday (Graham shares his birthday with Connor).    Mark's sister Janet is Graham's Grandma (1st grandbaby)


Saturday - July 15

Luke and Brady spent last night on Daisy.............and today, up and going with this busy household.   I did laundry all afternoon.    The 3 boys went golfing in the afternoon and Michael, Brooke, Philip and Annette went to Asheville for a little getaway and overnight stay,
Daddy and his Princess

The NC golfers
Brady 11; Davis 15 and Drew 17
Asheville bound
Blair and Grandpa reading on a rainy Saturday afternoon
Total sweetness
Brady has been teaching Luke some games on his phone
Kids in Asheville having fun!