Tuesday - March 31

Wow....last day of March!   How can that be - 2015 is already 1/4 over!   Another pretty day - love these cool mornings and evenings and then all sunshine during the day!
We exercised (did a little bit lighter set of lifting weights as my shoulder/back area are still sore.)    Sometimes it feels like I have a bunch of stitches and they are pulling apart?   Weird!   Then to 9:30 Mass and ran a few errands.    Met Mike, Theresa, Jim and Lydia for lunch at Reuben's Smokehouse.   Reuben is Mike's nephew and after being in the catering business for several years, he opened this restaurant 1 1/2 years ago.   He smokes his own meat (up to 500#'s a day) and everything we tried was incredibly good!    Definitely will recommend this place to friends.
 Loved the interior, too....fun and funky!
This was our last big hurrah and social engagement in Fort Myers!    What an incredible winter this has been with so much good weather, eating and shopping and enjoying it all with
very dear family and friends!
The siblings:   Jim, Theresa, Mark
The in-laws:  Lydia, Mike, Pat
Stopped at West Marine - wow, what a nice big store and sooo many clothes and shoes.  
 Mark got some new shirts.
Luke is doing his artwork with washable markers
 After supper, we rode bikes up and down the streets of Siesta Bay - lots of empty pads where RV's had been.    We watched "Killing Jesus" which was first broadcast Sunday evening (Palm Sunday) and Mark taped.   Very well done and will be shown on Fox News Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Monday - March 30

Another spectacular day - enjoying these cooler temps till it turns hot again later this week.   We did face time with Blair (she has the sniffles but was still a "Chatty Cathy", went to 9:30 Mass, ran some errands and then met friends, Howard and Linda for lunch at Ford's Garage.   Always fun to catch up with them and of course, lunch was delish sitting in the sunshine!

Linda and Howard
On our way home we stopped at the Lee Healthcare Complex (huge) to mail a package as they have a post office and it's fairly close to Daisy.    Won't go back there again, cause parking was a big issue and service was slow, but what a beautiful medical facility - the huge atrium was full of flowers, a guy playing the baby grand piano, and all kinds of shops!  
Leisurely afternoon of reading and a little catnap!

Sunday - March 29

It's Palm Sunday and a beautiful day in Fort Myers.    We enjoyed our grilled cinnamon toast from the bakery yesterday.    Excellent!   
Last night we went to the Veranda for a wonderful dinner (belated birthday celebration for me).   It's in a rambling lovely older home near downtown Fort Myers and the service, ambiance and food were all top notch!
Mark googled "things you need to do when moving out of your house" - great list and just amazing all the info that's available right at our fingertips.    We should be home now dealing with all this, but first things first and so looking forward to family commitments coming up.   We will get thru this once we are home and kick it in high gear!    In the meantime, there's lots we can do from Daisy with lists, phone calls, setting up dates, checking out this and that!
We went to noon mass at Resurrection Church.     Organized the back of Toad with a bunch of new bins we bought yesterday.
Went to Steve and Connie's at 5 and so pleasant sitting on their patio around the pool drinking wine and visiting.   Then enjoyed great burgers grilled with all the fixin's.    Their grandchildren Braden, 5 and Sawyer, 4 were there, too, and having a sleepover with Mimi and Grandpa.
We'll miss these dear friends till we're back together next winter!
Luke went on an Easter egg hunt today

Friday-Saturday, March 27-28

Friday started out ok.   We went to Mass, the Grind (breakfast) and Target.    Back to Daisy to do  few things and then met Allie and Owen at The Cape Cod Fish Co. for one last lobstah roll.....Owen loved his mussels, too.    Back to Siesta Bay and went to the pavilion to play dominoes.   The skies were threatening, but whoaaa.. the winds picked up, temp dropped and the rain came down and down!    It was chilly and even though we were protected on 2 sides, it was blowing so hard, we were getting wet and cold!    Took protection out of the wind and had a nice chat with a couple and their 3 daughters from Toledo, OH who had just arrived an hour earlier for spring break.    When the rain let up a bit, Mark took the umbrella and went back to Daisy to get jackets for all and brought Owen and Allie's car back.   I won both games of dominoes....wow - a rarity for sure!    The rain came back with a vengeance - what a wet afternoon and evening!
We left around 5 for downtown and dinner at Los Cabos Cantina.   Allie had heard this was a good Mexican place and we had never been.    From the warm cheese queso and salsa/chips, golden margaritas and our entrees (seafood enchiladas and grouper tacos,) absolutely wonderful food and will certainly spread the word on this one!
After dinner we walked in the rain to the Sky Bar above Firestone Grille, but everything was so wet.    We went down 2 floors and sat in the Martini Bar with the beautiful view of the Caloosahatchee River and all the lights (as the rain continued).   Enjoyed our guilty pleasure martinis (chocolate with fresh raspberries).   Very fun day with these dear friends....
Allie and Owen at Las Cabos Cantina 
Waiting for drinks at the Martini Bar
Guilty Pleasures - delish!!!
Brady enjoying his Mexican dessert celebrating #9 
And then there's Davis?    What can I say?
Sure looking forward to next week and spring break with him!
Thinking of all the folks traveling home....we know several who left today....safe travels to all!

Thursday - March 26

Hot, sunny and breezy today!    Mark exercised (I'm holding out on that this week)and giving the bruised ribs/muscles a rest. I got a haircut (Jewel is still out with her very sore, infected tooth), so Sandy, the owner gave me a nice cut and blow-dry.    We were talking about our kids/grandkids (her first grandbaby is coming in July). and she said she's going back to her hometown of Chippewa Falls, WI for family reunion over the 4th of July and will be seeing the Blue Angels!!!
The Blues are in Tuscaloosa, AL this weekend!
Mark met our neighbor this morning.   He and his wife were here when we returned Sunday night and are from Lansing, MI.   She is a 5-year liver cancer survivor!    She goes to a cancer center in Zion, IL for her treatments.   Blessings to her
We had lunch here in the park today - ribs, cole slaw, baked beans and roll for $5....what a deal!
Rode bikes this afternoon and stopped at Publix for a few things.   Mark records our bike paths and mileage on his Bicycle GPS - shocked that we hadn't  ridden since March 1st.
The devastating news today that the co-pilot was responsible for the horrific air crash in the French Alps is just so hard to comprehend!    All those innocent passengers and crew.....
God bless them!
Happy 2nd Birthday to our great niece, Leia 
Birthday Girl
Went for another bike ride this evening thru Palmetto Palms (connected to Siesta Bay).   Saw several cars loaded to the gills and heading home tomorrow!   The mass exodus has begun!!!!!!!1

Wednesday - March 25

Very foggy this morning and everything was saturated!   But a few hours later, the sun was shining brightly and the temp rose to 89.    Mark went to 8:00 Mass and Claire picked me up at 8:40 and we were off to First Watch for breakfast and then a little shopping.    Always fun to be together and won't see her again till we're back home in mid April.
Still have some pain on left side of chest and back, but much better....time will heal all!
Mark's sister Janet went to the orthopedic doctor today - she has a fractured shoulder!    She will be in a sling and healing for 10-12 weeks before they can determine if there was any damage to her
rotator cuff!   Fortunately, she does not need surgery.
More health issues - Mark's Mom had the flu last week - 2 really nasty days and never been so sick.    Heritage Square was on quarantine and just when things were starting to improve, some of the folks are getting it the second time, including the staff!    Yikes......talked to my Aunt Marian today and Stonecroft is also on quarantine.   My cousin, Jim from the Lutheran Home called and told me his 75th birthday party for family and friends had to be cancelled cause of the flu!   
Did laundry this afternoon and read my kindle - enjoying "Girl on the Train"!   Did face time with Brady and Blair tonight - saw the birthday boy's gifts and enjoyed Blair babbling away!

Tuesday - March 24

BRADY is 9 today...
Love this photo of Grandpa and 6-month old Brady
Good student, star athlete, and oozes sweetness
What more could you want?
Went to 9:30 Mass and I dropped Mark off for a haircut and I went to Target.    I was supposed to get a haircut today but Jewel is home with a very sore abscessed tooth waiting to get into dentist.   Rescheduled me for Thursday - she is very hard to get into for an appointment, so happy she can get me in one more time before we leave Fort Myers! 
Mark checked into storage for our stuff once we move out - planning to live onboard Catrina or in Daisy for a while!

Marks siblings, Theresa and Jim came with their spouses around 3 and we played 6-handed euchre (the girls won)!!!    So fun to be together and catch up.     We all went to Cibo for dinner (awesome) This was a new place that had been recommended.   

Lydia about to enjoy her very first chocolate martini
and thinking "I hope I like this"???

Jim, Theresa, Pat
Lydia, Mike, Mark



Monday - March 23

Good Monday to you.....something I did not mention when I did the blog last night was that yesterday when I was getting out of the car in parking lot of my aunt's condo, I stepped on pavement and then did not step on curb which was right there and went flying    My left side got the brunt of it as my 3 little toes are bruised and black 'n blue and my chest is hurting....may have bruised or fractured a rib?   I remember so well the pain when I fell on Catrina in the Bahamas and fractured 3 ribs.     This is not quite as bad, but hurts when I take a deep breath, laugh, cough, sneeze, etc.  Aaaarrghhhh!  
 But also thinking it could've been much worse.    My best friend right now is ibuprofen.
This little miss greeted us this morning...what a way to start our day!
Sweet Pea took a nasty tumble on the pontoon about a week ago and has a boo boo.
She needed stitches, but has been such a trooper about it all!
We went to 9:30 Mass and then to Biscotti for breakfast. 
Mark's sister, Janet called to tell us about her nasty fall yesterday.    Janet is a high school math teacher and was with several of her students yesterday (Sunday) at school working on a special project    She tripped when a shoelace got caught under a chair leg and she went flying..... she seriously damaged her rotator cuff, but won't know all the details till she sees an orthopedic doctor which isn't till Wednesday.    We had a good chat commiserating about our "shoulder" issues.   I sooo feel for her especially since it was her right shoulder and she's not able to do much of anything!   It was my left shoulder back in 2010.
We made lots of lists and phone calls related to the house.   Off to a good start on this big project! 
The rain came around 2 and really poured for awhile - had a lake behind Daisy

Enjoying this slow-paced day - just what we needed after all the travels and go go go and definitely "made some waves"!!!

Nice evening after the rain....we went for a walk and felt so good!    My cold is better, but still coughing.    Time will heal the ribs/muscles, or whatever in the chest area is hurting!


Sunday - March 22

We went to 9:00 Mass at Church of the Epiphany in Port Orange and then picked up my Aunt Dee in Daytona Beach Shores.    Soo good to see her (been at least  2 years).   We had a very good breakfast and visit at Pat's Riverfront Café and then back to her beautiful condo on the 21st floor overlooking both the Atlantic and the Intracoastal Waterway.   WOW....never get tired of that view!  
  Drew was certainly impressed!
Drew with his Great Great Aunt Dee and Grandma

Awesome view from the 21tst floor
And then at 12:15, we were off to the Orlando/Sanford airport - hugs for Drew before he went thru security and so many happy memories of our week with him.   Michael will pick him up at the Greenville/Spartanburg, SC airport.
BIG thanks to Philip, Annette and Luke for their hospitality....Drew and we packed in so much!
Swimming, bowling, playing with Luke and seeing him at swim school, chowing down on Aunt Annette's good cooking, knocking down 3 walls at Uncle Phil's house, the shooting range, Andretti Thrill Park (especially go-karts and mini golf) Kennedy Space Center, Navy Seal Museum, meeting Blake Shelton's pianist at the hotel and seeing Uncle Ryan and the Blues in action +++ getting several autographs and having his picture taken with them.    Whew wee!    
200 miles back to Daisy when we left the airport.   Wanted to stop for late lunch at Crazy Fish in Lake Wales, but they were closed.   So we kept on driving to the Peace River Crab and Seafood Shack (been here before) north of Punta Gorda - closed!   A short distance down the road, we found Ryan's Sports Bar and think this was meant to be!    Good name and good food!
Ryan taking off yesterday.... and the show was underway!
Arrived back on Daisy at 7:15.....unpacked car and happy to be "home".   We covered a lot of territory since we left here on March 11th.    And once we are settled a bit, Mark and I will have some serious chats about all this house business!!!   A lot of decisions coming up!

Saturday- March 21

Hello from Port Orange, FL from the weary, tired air show fans!    We arrived here around 7, took showers and then out for dinner.    Another wonderful day, but unfortunately, towards the end of the show and before the 6 pilots did their formations and maneuvers, (#1 - the Boss) had mechanical problems and had to land.   The other 5 did a quick flyover and that was that....bummer, but hopefully, they will be back up and running tomorrow and thrill the Melbourne fans.
Philip, Luke, Annette, Drew, Mark, Pat, Ryan
Our day started with breakfast at the hotel and then Ryan was off and we got our things packed up and left for the airport around 11:30.    My cousin, Paulette, husband, Marty and friend, Ken were there today and so good to see them.    Paulette and Marty live in Cocoa Beach and Ken flew in from Rockford, IL.
The cousins - Paulette's Mom (Aunt Marian) and my Dad were siblings
Philip, Marty, Paulette, Ken
Grandma, Drewby, Grandpa
Said our good byes to Philip,, Annette and Luke - such a good time with them and we'll be back in about 10 days when Davis flies in for his spring break and we'll celebrate Easter and Luke and Annette's birthdays!
 Nighty night!

Friday - March 20

We all slept well last night but woke up to nasty fog, which   burned off pretty quick and Mark and Drew were off to
Cape Canaveral!
Philip, Annette,, Luke and I had breakfast at the hotel. 

This boy is not camera shy
  Went to the air show practice and met our friends, Allie and Owen.    Mark and Drew returned from a fun time at the Cape and now....let the show begin.    Saw the F-16 ad F-22 in action (talk about LOUD) and then the Blues.    Got most of the show in till they switched to a low-ceiling performance cause of all the cloud cover.   Rained and was cut short just a little bit.

I wanna be Uncle Ryan when I grow up... 
 Allie and Owen - good to have them here with us!
Slept thru the entire show
Played euchre in the lobby, dinner at the Rustic here at hotel and then we all visited with Ryan and just unwound after the big day!

Tomorrow we'll be back at it for the full show!


Thursday - March 19

Our sweet little red head grew up and today...
He's a teenager!!!
how...how did that happen?
Mark, Drew and I left around 10 for Fort Pierce.   We toured the Navy Seal Museum which was interesting, especially seeing all the exercise maneuvers (outdoors) that they have to accomplish in their rigorous training.

Just one of many obstacles Drew performed flawlessly (he made it to the top)
We may have a potential Navy Seal with us?
Lunch at Jersey Mike's in Vero Beach at Drew's suggestion - very good subs and 1st time for Mark and me.
We arrived at the Hilton and enjoyed the Blues practicing from the parking lot.   Philip, Annette and Luke arrived, got settled in and we were off to the Andretti Thrill Park.    What a neat place with all kinds of activities.......go-karts, mini golf, rock climbing, playground for Luke, huge arcade, laser tag, and much more.     The guys did the go-karts and Philip, Annette, Mark and Drew played 18 holes of golf.   Luke and Grandma rode the train, walked around and he loved all the lights and action from the arcade - not many people here and just a very nice, clean place.
 The grandsons having fun with all the video games

Ahhhh...just chillin' at the arcade
The go-kart racers
Went to Chili's for supper and then met Ryan in the hotel for wine and a good visit!
Ryan and his nephews
 Love the picture on my cover page of the Blues flying over Cinderella's Castle - wow!!!
Ryan is on the far left.


Wednesday - March 18

We all slept in this morning....I exercised, Annette and Luke went to swim school and Drew and Grandpa ran some errands.   Later, the big guys went to the shooting range.   Did laundry in the afternoon and packed for the next trip tomorrow.
Another cool pic from El Centro with Fat Albert on the ground...

Ryan is directly over the tower
Put Drew to work demolishing the wood in a closet for another Philip project!
Luke and Grandma went for an afternoon stroll in the neighborhood
It's official!
Had spaghetti pizza tonight and then Philip and Annette went on the hunt for new cell phones.
Mark and Philip enjoyed the pool, Annette, Drew and I played 3-handed euchre and
Luke went nighty night!  
Tomorrow we are off again......heading up the east coast, stopping at the Navy Seal Museum in Fort Pierce and then to Melbourne for the air show this weekend!   
Bring on the Blues!!!

St. Patrick's Day - 2015

Hope you're wearing your green and having a wonderful day...
Drew and I went with Annette and Luke for his swim lesson this morning.
 Luke and his little swim mates
Grandma and Cool Hand Luke
I finally gave up with this cold/cough crud that just won't go away and went to the CVS Minute Clinic and saw a nurse practitioner.  I have an upper respiratory infection, so on a nasal spray and cough medicine.   I feel good, but the head needs some adjustment!    Ha
Mark, Philip and Drew bowled in the afternoon.   Luke took a good nap and Annette and I played some 2-handed euchre that Jim and Lydia taught us - FUN!!!
Enjoyed some pool and hot tub time listening to Irish tunes and drinking green beer (not Drew and Luke) Ha!  
Fun St. Patty's Day in Lake Worth!
Annette prepared a traditional feast with the corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, carrots and cole slaw!    YUMMY!
Mommy and her little Irishman
All decked out with our beads
Drew has really shot up in height passing Uncle Phil and almost caught up to Grandpa
Who is this green-wigged creature?
Mark, Annette, Drew and I played euchre with Annette and Mark winning 2 out of 3 (Drew and I came sooo close)!
And now for a very big news flash - we have SOLD our house!    Super excited and oh-so-much to think about, plan, etc.   The list making has begun - brain is on overload right now!


Monday - March 16

A sunny, warm day in southeast Florida......Mark and Philip ran some errands, I exercised and Annette and Luke did some pool time (working on his swimming skills in between swim school).
We are very excited that our 15-year old grandson, Drew is flying in this afternoon from NC to spend his spring break with us!!!

More pics from the weekend!
Two very dear friends from waaaaay back
Kay and Missy
The 2015 Blue Angel Team
Ryan is on stage (directly under microphone)
The guys hanging out in the pool
Our oldest and youngest grandsons
Looking forward to a fun week ahead with these boys!

March 13-15

Whew what a whirlwind weekend we've had!   Our buttons are all popped and just been on such a high!    Let's go back to Friday when we woke to the Star Spangled Banner as the flag was raised on base.     We met Ryan for breakfast at the Take Five Café and then our busy day was off and running.  
Our home for the weekend - 3005D
Mark and I walked around the base and got the layout figured out where we had to be and when.    Had lunch and then our friends started trickling in.....Bruce and Kay from Chandler, AZ; then Missy and family from Lake Havasu City, AZ, and Earl and Rhea with their friends, Sharon and Stan from Mesa and Scottsdale, AZ.   And then rounding out the bunch were Candy and Jeri from Palm Springs, CA.   We're all here, so let the fun begin!!!
Friday is the best day in our opinion to attend an air show - it's a practice session, but you see the show in its entirety like Saturday and Sunday, but less crowds.    VIP tickets are required.
So......can't describe the thrills, cheers, tears (Mama) and pride Mark and I experienced as we watched our boy soar thru the clear blue skies and the Blue Angels wowed the crowd.   
After the show, we went back to our house, showered, changed clothes and then enjoyed Fun Fest in the evening on base - a thank you to the residents of El Centro for their support of the Blue Angels during their 10 weeks of winter training.
Great food, drinks and fun, along with the introduction of the team, the Navy Seals performing their sky diving skills and the Navy band playing.   Afterwards, Mark and I went to Earl, Rhea, Stan and Sharon's home for drinks and more visiting!    What a day...........
Proud Mom and Dad
Candy, Ryan, Jeri

Kay, Ryan, Bruce

 Rhea, Ryan, Earl
 Missy, Butch and grandsons, Tim and Anthony

Stan, Ryan, Sharon

Navy Seals

 Ryan and #1 pilot - the "Boss"

Anthony and Tim.....what sweet little boys
Saturday-Sunday.... So, today it was non-stop traffic onto the base for the show, and it was REALLY hot with no breeze.    They did have a tent (Blue Angel family and friends) where we could sit for awhile before show time and escape the intense sun. 
Show was awesome and more buttons popping!    Met some really nice folks and enjoyed it all so much!    Had our picture taken with the Blue Angel pilots and then we were off.    Now to deal with the logistics of getting home.     To make a LONG story, we flew the red eye from San Diego to Newark and then I flew onto West Palm arriving at 9 AM.     Mark was on flight one hour after me and in the air for 45 minutes when the Captain announced they were experiencing mechanical problems and going back to Newark.    And waiting for them when they landed were 5 fire trucks - whoaaa...fortunately, smooth landing and 4 hours later, he was back in the skies and arrived in the afternoon.    Flying stand -bye and the 3-hour time difference made for some challenging moments, but we made it!      So we are hanging out in Lake Worth with
Philip, Annette and Luke for a few days.   
  Had some awesome spaghetti for dinner and to bed EARLY (We feel like zombies)!!!
Here are some recent grandchildren pics
Connor and Liam got to meet Bobby Hull, the famous NHL player who was a guest at their recent end-of the-year hockey season banquet
And Brady had an undefeated basketball season!     Way to go......
Brady showing off his trophy as little Sis looks on...