December 31

Happy New Year's Eve to all...we are settled in at the Holiday Inn Express in Clarksville, TN. after enjoying a delicious Mexican dinner.

As we reflect back on 2008, there's much to be thankful for............farewell to a great year and looking forward to 2009 and creating more memories. God Bless You All...

December 30

Started the day with breakfast at The Coffee Hound and celebrated my friend, Kathy's birthday... Claire, Kathy, Sydney (granddaughter), Elizabeth (daughter) and Pat
Grandpa and I say goodbye to Liam and Connor as tomorrow we are off to NC to see Michael, Brooke and the boys AND....Daisy!

December 29

Busy day of putting away ALL the Christmas - ALLELUIA!!!!!
The REAL "Reason for the Season" - the birth of our Savior,
Jesus Christ
More highlights of our 2008 Christmas

Neat shirts from Michael, Brooke and the boys - our 4 kids (as small children) and 5 grandsons

Philip and his airplane (with Santa & Reindeer) appetizer plate

Anne opening gift with Patrick and Mark looking on

Philip giving CPR to "Talking Elmo" Ryan in fine form at Wii bowling

December 28

It's a bright, sunshiny Sunday...........after Mass and visiting Mom and Dad at Stonecroft, we had breakfast with Annette's parents at Ziggie's and then Annette went home with them and we took Ryan and Philip to Chicago
Here we are....eating AGAIN...........Philip, Annette, Judy, Dave, Ryan, Pat & Mark

Spent a few hours in the afternoon putting away more Christmas! Wonderful dinner at Biaggi's with our good friends, Paul and Kathy, Barb and Roger. We'll meet again in Florida in February

December 27

We've been having wacky weather - after all the brutal cold, it was 64, rainy and windy!!! Enjoyed a wonderful Christmas gathering with my family at my brother Bob and Linda's home.Mom and Dad enjoying bountiful feast Great Grandma with Connor and Liam enjoying the very special playing cards (wedding picture of she and Grandpa) from Philip and AnnetteConnor and Liam opening their giftsMy family loves to play's Annette, Jennifer, Ryan, me, Mom and Dad playing 6-handed euchre!Pretty girls in pink - Anne and Annette
Front - Pat, Bob, Linda, Dad, Liam
Back - Jason, Mark, Mom, Jennifer, Anne, Connor, Patrick, Ryan, Philip and Annette

Thanks for a great Christmas celebration, Bob and Linda

December 26

On a foggy "day after Christmas", these busy little elves helped to take down all my decorations. Their help was so much appreciated as I have ALOT of Christmas stuff!Judy (Shmoo), Mark, Annette and Dave undo the big tree!
Annette and her Dad untrim the Snowman tree

And then it was time for FUN.....we all went to Anne and Patrick's for delicious Italian Beef, pizza, and Wii bowling!
We girls are having some post-Christmas cheer!
The guys hanging out...
Annette and parents ready for Wii bowling (love your hat, Shmoo)!Connor's new "Thomas" bike from Santa""Cool" Liam on his new SpiderMan bike from Santa Liam and Connor with their new Elmo Restaurant - they prepared and served us some goodies!
Liam is ready to entertain us!
Uncle Ryan and Liam "goofing off". It was a great night of family fun - thanks so much Anne, Patrick, Liam and Connor!


It was a merry, happy, fun Christmas on Jackson Street!Back row- Ryan, Dave and Judy (Annette's parents), Anne, Patrick, Connor, Annette, Philip
Front row - Mark, Pat, Mary (Patrick's Mother), and Liam
In the evening after the presents had been opened, cards and dominoes played and we had eaten till we could eat no more........we saw our kids/grandsons on the webcam out in North Carolina! It was a GRAND Christmas!

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve to all... The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...
Our "Family" collection of Byers Carolers
Our Christmas Tree

December 23

HAPPY 91st BIRTHDAY, DadReady for cake! Opening presents!

Spent the day in the kitchen preparing goodies for Christmas dinner and wrapped the LAST gift. Mark, Ryan and I played Shanghai at night won by Mark!

December 22

We left for home at 8:15 this morning.....sunny, very cold, but no wind! Everything was sparkly with all the ice, but roads and visibility were CLEAR! What a difference a day makes!
Icy view from the interstateFun evening at Biaggi's for dinner and yakkin' away with my long-time friend, Patty who is in town from Florida visiting family. She's having quite a time adjusting to this dreadful COLD as we all are!!!!

December 21

On a brutally cold, windy day, we are off to celebrate the 91st birthday of Pat's Dad....We were in a horrible whiteout and hit from behind by another truck and then pushed into a guardrail. Here's some of the damage to our truck.
And here's Mark with ice pack on his forehead which hit the steering wheel. After checking in at police department and hospital, we were off to celebrate with Dad and very grateful the accident wasn't any worse.
Here we are celebrating with the "Birthday Boy"....Mom, Pat, Ryan, Mark, Philip and Annette Dad at 91 (on the 23rd)We spent the night at the Comfort Inn as the weather is still horrendous. Enjoyed some wine and a game of dominoes (won by the injured Mark)!!!

December 20

On a cold, snowy night, we celebrated Christmas with all of Mark's family - 90 strong (with several missing). It was a fun time as always catching up with everyone and attending Mass together, enjoying a great dinner and then opening gifts!Anne, Patrick, Liam and Connor The throngs lining up to EAT! My BEAUTIFUL knitted afghan from Mark's sister, Sue - a real treasure!!! And these two (Mark's parents) are responsible for all this!!!! We all had a grand time!

December 19

We awoke to an ice storm this morning - everything is coated with 1/2 " of ice Very treacherous out driving or walking and thousands are without power!
Mark stands on icy driveway cleaning up the many branches that fell.
Uncle Ryan hanging out with his nephews

December 18

We enjoyed dinner, visiting and catching up with good neighbors/friends Meet Marty, Angie, Donna Rae and Ed

December 17

Welcome home, Ryan............Ryan doing "his thing" at the computer! So good to have him HOME!

December 16

Had a nice evening with Candy, our friend and neighbor...........Liam and Connor are spending the night, so got to join in the Christmas fun!Candy, Connor, Liam

December 15

Bitterly cold morning here, but warm and cozy inside CJ's where I met long-time friends for breakfast. Donna Rae and Paula (front); Kathy, Lucy and Pat (back)
Spent a few hours this afternoon visiting my friend, Barb and meeting her sweet granddaughter, Aubree Nicole
Sooo cold tonight (8 degrees with a wind chill of -12). Mark is ready to head for the warm
sunshine of Florida!