Friday - June 30

Last day of can that be?    Bring on July and the big celebration of our nation's birthday!

We went to 8:00 Mass at St. John Neumann, then to Naval Bagels for light breakfast.   I changed clothes, got our bikes out of the car and we were off on the Baltimore/Annapolis (BA) Trail.    It is a lovely paved road thru the woods and goes all the way to Baltimore (27 miles).    We just did a small section as our legs (especially mine) have not quite adjusted back to biking!    We hope to ride every morning while still here as it's so pretty and safe!    Can't beat meeting just an occasional biker, walker, dog, etc., versus people and traffic (no thank you)!
This afternoon we drove to DC and enjoyed walking around The Yards, a very new marina right at the Navy Yards and next to the Washington Nationals baseball stadium.    This will be Terraphobic's new home and Catrina is coming here for a month (July 10-August 10).     The Yards will be much closer for Ryan (he can walk to work if he chooses, although in this heat???)   
 The Metro is just 2 blocks away.
Mark and I met and visited with Kevin, the dockmaster, had a nice lunch at Agua 301 (Mexican) and walked on the very nice, new boardwalk just steps away from the dock.   
  Ryan picked us up after work around 4ish in the truck and off we went to National Harbor.   Parked the truck, got on Terraphobic and enjoyed a 1 hour trip (7 miles) to The Yards.   Most of the trip is in a no wake area and we were going 6-10 knots.    It was extremely windy today and glad to be settled in our slip.  
Bye bye to National Harbor and the Capital Wheel
Welcome to The Yards
Terraphobic's (fear of land) new home
The Captain and his Mama along the way...
Battened down all the hatches on Terraphobic and off again back to National Harbor where we dropped Ryan off who got back in the truck and is now headed to Lake James for the weekend.   We brought Toad back to Annapolis.   There was a big concert on the lawn at the marina.....looks like a fun place to hang out!    Overall, traffic wasn't too bad considering it's the holiday weekend.
We sat on Catrina's bridge with drinks and enjoyed the lovely, breezy evening.   
Have a fun, safe we celebrate the Red, White and Blue and our nation's birthday!

Thursday - June 29

 Another lovely day.....we so enjoyed the nice temps and sunshine while we were gone.    Weather was ideal in WI, IL, NC and now back in MD.
Got all our stuff unpacked and tidied up Catrina.   I went for a good walk (been several days and the ole legs and hips were not quite ready to get back in action - ha)!  Mark drove later and met me at Zu Coffee Shop.    We then got groceries at Giant Food Market and back to Catrina.    
I did some laundry in the afternoon, read and then Mark loaded up the bikes and we did a little riding around the outside of the mall.    Our kids gave Mark some new Bluetooth headsets for Father's Day and we wanted to try them out!   👍

We had Pei Wei for dinner along with leftovers from Lewnes last night! 
The brothers (Connor and Liam) waiting to bat.....Patrick's band sponsors their team

Saw this little ditty on Facebook - how true!
We have a brand new little great niece born to our niece, Alison and Bob this afternoon.  Mark's sister Nancy and Mark are grandparents
  "Eleanor Elizabeth" has a big brother, Michael 6.
Proud Michael with his baby sister

Wednesday - June 28

Happy Anniversary to us..... 

 Celebrating #48
Still enjoying our nomadic lifestyle and looking forward to many more years together!
We left Lake James at 6:50 AM (Mark wanted to beat the DC afternoon rush-hour traffic)!    We arrived back on Catrina at 3:15 and happy to be back in Annapolis!
Thanks so much for the e-cards, texts, e-mails and good wishes for our anniversary!

Lewnes Steakhouse has been in Annapolis since 1921 and although we've driven past here many times, had never tried it (it's usually all about seafood for us in these parts).   We heard from 3 different couples how fantastic it is - and WOW....we totally agree!     A great place to celebrate with wonderful ambiance, service and outstanding ribeye and filet.
Silly kiddies....

Maeve happy to see her Daddy
Brady (2nd from left in front row) and his camp friends posing with Coach K
 (head basketball coach at Duke)
What a thrill!


Tuesday - June 27

Mostly cloudy today till late afternoon and cooler!    Brooke and Blair left around 8 for town and spending the day there (Blair actually went to school).    Mark got Daisy ready to take to storage and later this morning, towed Toad to the storage building, put Daisy away for about 3 weeks and then drove back to the lake.
Annette left for Morganton to run a bunch of errands and we are happy to be here to watch Luke and Maeve.    Drew went to work at 1:00 and Davis has been here all day.
Maeve and Davis
Mark and I enjoyed hanging out with Davis this afternoon and hearing all about the space camp he went to in Huntsville, AL few weeks ago.    Great experience!
Getting a few cute little curls

Hmmmm trying to get the hang of this! 

Grandma and her girls!
Tah dah..there's a big ole world out there!
Chow down time....
So much fun here, but tomorrow we are moving on to Annapolis and Catrina and celebrate #48.
We'll be back in 2 1/2 weeks!!!
Philip and Annette treated us to fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn and green beans +++ a wonderful blueberry torta and ice cream to celebrate our anniversary!

Monday - June 26

A nice day for traveling and we were on the road by 7:50 and arriving at 4:10 at Lake James
 (425 miles).    
Good to be back here, get Daisy settled, yummy dinner of pulled pork sandwiches and sides and then off in the Polaris to see Annette and Philip's new home.   They hope to move in sometime later in July.
Michael is in PA tonight so we won't see him this visit along with Brady who is at Duke for a basketball camp.   Philip is in Dallas and we will see him tomorrow night.   
That's all for tonight!  

Saturday-Sunday, June 25-26

Saturday....beautiful sunny, cool day in Milwaukee and just perfect for a wedding.    After breakfast, I walked on a nice path around our Hilton Garden Inn (huge) and beyond.    We got all gussied up for the wedding and off we went to St. Mary's in Menominee Falls.    It was a lovely ceremony presided by Tom's Uncle David who is the Bishop of Bismarck, ND.
Tommy and Samm cutting their cake

The newlyweds
Mark and I are Tom's Godparents and did the readings and had a nice corsage and boutonniere.    The reception was in the Grand Ballroom where we were staying which makes it so nice.     Between the wedding and reception, we celebrated our niece, Megan's college graduation from Ohio State (last of the 38 grandchildren to graduate)!     Tom and Beth and Aunt Joan provided all kinds of delicious fruits, veggies, dip, cheese, crackers and a big chocolate chip cookie cake.
Cocktails/hors d'oeuvres were served from 5-6 and then a lovely dinner followed by some great toasts (happy and teary-eyed) and then dancing.   Mark and I were the next to last couple on the dance floor for the anniversary dance (one couple was married 50 years).   The DJ was amazed that the floor was packed at 25 years and still 11 couples at 40 years.
Just love these Chamberlain family weddings - so fun to all be together!
Sunday...Up at 6 AM and on the road by 6:40 with lots of stops.....met Bob and Linda in Mendota for
quick visit, then to Gridley to pick up Daisy and Toad and another short visit with Barb and Roger.    Mark drove Miss Daisy towing Toad and I drove the rental car.    Stopped at Menards to pick up some supplies for Philip.    I returned the rental after filling with gas and Anne, Patrick and boys  picked me up at the airport.    We met Mark at CJ's for late breakfast/lunch and so fun to sit and yak with them.    Finally around 2ish we were on our way heading east.
The Campbell Clan
Tonight we are in North Bend, Ohio at the Indian Springs Campground.   We were at this same campground on Halloween, 2015.
We went to Maverick's Firewater Grill in Glendale, IN (we are right on the Indiana/Ohio border) for late supper - good!   And now oh-so-ready-for-bed!
Have a great week!

Friday - June 23

A fun day.....after catching up on sleep, we had a delicious breakfast at Kewpee's which was a favorite from years ago.    Their cube-style American potatoes (just slightly crispy) are sooo good,
This diner-type place has been around for a long time and is full of kewpee dolls.
Just a few of a long wall of kewpee dolls
We drove around downtown, saw more of the painted sailboats - such talent!    Stopped at O and H Bakery, thee place for Kringle (Danish pastry with various fruit or nut fillings).    We've eaten many a kringle over the years and of course, our kids all love them.    So, we walked out the door with 10 for our kids/grandkids (with their respective choices)! 
Then we were off to Milaeger's to pick up a gift (something I meant to do yesterday).     We went to Barnes and Noble and browsed around and then off to Eagle Lake (near Kansasville, WI) to visit Mark's sister, Doris and hubby, Rich in their brand new home.   It is beautiful and after getting the grand tour, we all went down to the dock with drinks, cheese and crackers, sat on the pontoon and chatted away - just a beautiful day!
Rich and Doris in their new kitchen
We left around 3 and settled in our hotel in Milwaukee (also site of reception for Tom and Samm's wedding tomorrow).
Mark and I are Tom's Godparents and we will be doing the readings for the wedding.    We joined the wedding party and parents for the rehearsal at St. Mary's in Menominee Falls followed by the dinner at Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers.
What a unique venue at the ole ballpark (TGI Friday's).     Our private room was behind left field and there were so many people lying on blankets or sleeping bags out in the field and in the stands watching a Star Wars movie on the huge screen.     Beautiful night at the ball park for the rehearsal dinner along with grilled chicken, burgers, all the fixins, salad, baked beans and cookies!
Fun evening and sat with our niece Bridget (Tom's sister) and her husband Adam and had a great visit.     Their first baby is due 3 weeks from today!
Miller Park 

Folks watching Star Wars movie

Tom and Samantha (Samm) with us

Thursday - June 22

The alarm went off at 3:40 AM and we were out of bed, dressed and leaving Terraphobic shortly after 4.    At that hour, it was sooo humid - we took Uber to Reagan Airport and already, so much traffic!  
Sure enjoyed our time with Ryan and nice comfy bed.    We'll see him on July 10th when we return to DC for a month on Catrina.
The capital wheel at night
We were listed on the 6 AM flight to Chicago, but it was oversold and they were asking for 4 people to please give up their seats.    So we figured we would catch the 7 or 8:00 flights as they had more seats.   United flies almost hourly from DC to Chicago.    But, lo and behold, apparently several did not show up, no one had to give up their seats and we stand bys got on!    Tah dah....we landed at O'Hare at 6:45 AM.
Got our rental car, stopped for a quick breakfast and off to Racine.    We have not been here since September, 2010 and what fun driving around seeing all the changes (some good, and many others, not so good with lots of empty storefronts.)    I shopped at Borzynski's and Milaeger's (and did some damage), we checked into our hotel and took a nap (the early hour caught up to us) and then off to have a late lunch at The Yardarm, always a favorite with their wonderful fresh walleye and perch and sand dollar potatoes.    Oh boy..... just as good as we remembered.    We drove around downtown and then parked and walked Reefpoint Marina where we had Sail Catrina for 12 years - sooo many happy memories of all those summer weekends hanging out with 6 other families from Bloomington who made the 3-hour trip every Friday night and then back home Sunday night.
Perch, walleye, sand dollar potatoes and BLT pasta
In years past, Chicago had their cows and Baltimore, its crabs among other cities promoting something in beautiful painted creations.    Here are 2 of this year's sailboats here in Racine...


Wednesday - June 21

Welcome to
And it sure feels like it here in Oxon Hill, MD where we are hanging out on Ryan's boat "Terraphobic" at the
 National Harbor Marina.   
We left Annapolis around 10:30 and just a short little drive here.    Brought our things onboard and then left for Old Alexandria where we were on Catrina in August, 2014.     Walked around that neat historic area, had a delicious lunch at The Blackwall Hitch and then I browsed a bit more.   It was so hot though, so around 2ish we came on back to the boat.
Later this afternoon we walked around the Harbor - what a lovely area, including the big capital wheel right on the dock.  
 $15 to ride this - $13.50 for seniors and military
+ tax
Opened May 23, 2014
Along with some major hotels (Westin, Marriott, Wyndham, etc) there are oodles of restaurants, shops and everything you could possibly need if you lived here - gourmet grocery, medical facilities, cleaners, nail and hair salons, CVS and Walgreens and on and on.  And the building continues!
It's been waaay to long since we saw Ryan and sooo good to see him after work today.    We met at Succotash, a great Southern comfort food place.    Fun catching up and then back to the boat for more chatter.     Sooo many people out and about this pretty evening.    We sat on the back deck of Terraphobic with our wine and enjoyed this brief time with Ryan!
Ryan and Mark walking back to Terraphobic

Ryan and Mama
Tomorrow we are leaving for early flight to Chicago...
Nighty night!

Tuesday - June 20

Nice day to be out and about with a dear friend.     I got a mani/pedi and then met Charlotte for lunch at Brio Tuscan Grille - sooo good.   We browsed the neat shops at Town Centre Parole and had so much fun!
Had iced coffees at Starbucks and sat and chatted some more!
We said our good byes with hugs and a plan to get together when we return from our trip back to the Midwest!   
Charlotte and Pat shopping at Towne Centre
Mark and I enjoyed leftovers from the Severn Inn and Brio.   He had a good day getting more Catrina projects done and a nap!
Did some more packing for our trip.......tomorrow we drive to DC, spend the night with Ryan and then off to our nephew's wedding in Milwaukee with a few stops in between!
Maeve is 11 months today!

Monday - June 19

Well here it is the 19th of June - another month just whizzing by!    It was hot, sunny and windy thru mid afternoon.   I did 3 loads of laundry and helped Mark put on our new wind screen.    Quite a job but with neighbor Mark's help, got it all bolted down and looks great.    Should've replaced a while ago.....
but with boats, there's always something!
Walked in the afternoon, but felt so much better inside Catrina!    Finally the thunderstorm came thru around 4:30 - heavy rain, thunder and lightning!
At 5:30, Mark and Muffie (our PDQ neighbors) met us and away we went in our truck to have dinner at the Severn Inn directly across from the Naval Academy on the Severn River.    We've heard about this place, but our first time and it was wonderful.    Mark and I shared a wedge salad and each of us had the North Carolina Shrimp Pasta - all delicious!
Tomorrow Mark and Muffie continue on with their loop adventures.    We wish them a safe journey and happy memories till we meet again (September in Brewerton, NY) where we both plan to store our boats for the winter.    We sure have enjoyed these new friends and always a treat to compare notes on our PDQ's!

Father's Day - June 18

A perfect sunshiny day for all the dads to celebrate!    We went to 9:00 Mass at St. Mary's in historic downtown Annapolis.     Got a breakfast sandwich to share from the Wet Dog Café and on
back to Catrina.
A leisurely day of reading, napping, and off to Rita's for some yummy custard.
These beautiful blooms are in Mark and Heather's front yard!
Mark and I are remembering our dear ole dad's today
with smiles, grateful
for their love and support but sure missing them 😩
It was hot today and very breezy.    We walked for a bit late afternoon, but then we got glasses wine and sat in the gazebo where we enjoyed the nice breeze out of the sun!
I made BLT's for supper (Mark's favorite)
He enjoyed calls from our kids, texts from Liam and Connor and face time from the grandkids and kids in NC.

Saturday - June 17

 A dreary, cloudy day not sure if it wants to rain or not?    Skies get really dark and then it all passes over us!   It did rain a little overnight.
We walked in the morning after breakfast and then went to the grocery store to pick up some beer and snacks.

Mark and Heather came to spend the afternoon on Catrina.    Mark was flight surgeon (team doctor for Blue Angels with Ryan).    Great couple and so fun to catch up cruising on the Severn River, anchoring out enjoying some good beverages and snacks.  
 The afternoon turned out to be just gorgeous

Mark and Heather
 They invited us to their beautiful home for dinner and wow.....homemade crab cakes, mango salsa, corn on the cob, veggie salad, wine!

We are so blessed to have special friends in Annapolis....
Charlotte and Doug...Mark and Heather!
Liam and Connor's ball team has been scoring runs like crazy and Liam is certainly doing his share hitting lots of triples! 

Have a wonderful day!



Friday - June 16

It's 9:15 Friday evening and we have just returned from our big day driving to Ocean City.    Unfortunately, we did not get to see the Blues perform as there was a low ceiling (they need 1000' and only had 700').    The practice was to start at 3 and they delayed till 4:15 hoping skies would clear.    And they did for a little bit, but #5 Frank went up to check it out and no go....he did a nice flyover from behind and scared the heck out of us as we were not expecting any thrills and chills.
We left this morning at 7:15, stopped in Cambridge and had breakfast at The Black Water.   Picked up our new screen for door we had made at the Cambridge Canvas Co. and mailed a package at the post office.   On our way again arriving in Ocean City around 11.
We parked and walked to the Holiday Inn where the team was staying and picked up our tickets.   We got to see Tyler (#6). Frank (#5), Joe (Public Affairs Officer), and Sam (Maintenance Officer).   It was so good to see these guys and here we are with 2 of them..
Tyler, Mark, Pat, Joe
Pretty hibiscus in Cambridge
Ocean City has a nice boardwalk so we walked for a while, got milk shakes and waited for the show which didn't happen.    Visited with some nice folks who were wanting to see their husband, son, nephew, friend fly with #4 today, but....sure disappointed for them.
Came home thru Delaware and then stopped at "Harry's on the Green" in Denton, MD for nice dinner.     We've been in Denton before with Daisy in 2012.     Harry's was a big ole house and we sat on the porch - I had a grilled pear salad and Thai shrimp;   Mark had pistachio encrusted orange roughy!    Everything was delicious!
Sure hope the weather will be good tomorrow and Sunday for all the fans.    Amazingly when we got inland, it was all clear - the poor visibility (mainly vertical) was out over the ocean.

Thursday - June 15

Not so hot today....walked in the morning and then dug in to do some "deep" cleaning on Catrina (1 room or area a day).      Started in our salon (bedroom) and will keep movin' on!    Mark did some outside waxing.
We walked to the Wet Dog Café here at the marina for lunch.    I went to the pool for about an hour - years ago I was such a sun worshipper, but those days are over!    I sat in the shade and got in the water a few times to keep cool.   It's in the low 80's today versus the 90's we've had past few days.
Mark came to the pool around 3 and said "let's get some ice cream"....yes, that sounds good, so we went to Rita's Custard and had some yummy treats and then drove around some residential areas near the marina.
We had drinks on Catrina's Bridge with Mark and Muffie, our neighbors and talked PDQ, our boating travels, families, etc.    Very nice couple and we wish them a safe, fun journey as they do the Loop/
 Mark and Muffie
Connor, Anne, Liam
Fun week at the Holiday Splash Park in Santa Claus, IN
Now back to home sweet  home
Tomorrow we are off to Ocean City, MD and enjoy the Blue Angels.   It will sure be different not having our boy up in the sky doing his thing.

Wednesday - June 14

It's Flag Day....
Catrina proudly flies Old Glory daily 
So sad for all the turmoil our country is in - non-stop violence and hatred.     How scary that a bunch of guys can't even enjoy an early morning baseball practice without some lunatic running around shooting.  
It was another hot one in Annapolis - I walked 3 different times, read my good book and Mark worked on a few Catrina projects.    We had tacos for lunch and stayed indoors most of the day.
Enjoying my new computer and Mark is almost finished downloading - the pictures are taking f o r e v e r.....I have over 95,000 (since 2003). 

Lots of pretty daisies here at Port Annapolis

 Love these two...

Tonight we met Charlotte and Doug who live here  and have a PDQ like Catrina.    So much fun catching up over an excellent meal at Cooper's Hawk Winery.    We hadn't seen them since January at the PDQ Rendezvous in Stuart.

Charlotte and Doug

Tuesday - June 13

Big day of travel and back on the roads thru rural Maryland!     Blake, the dockmaster, took us to Budget to pick up rental car.    We much appreciated this as too far to ride bikes on very busy streets and the marina has no loaner cars,    But everyone is so friendly here, Blake was happy to take us and we gave him a nice tip!!
We arrived in Deltaville around noon and had lunch at the Café by the Bay (a favorite from previous visits).   We both had the shrimp salad wraps which were delicious along with great Greek pasta salads.    The truck was just down the road and once again, we were back truckin' along with Mark driving the rental from Rhode Island and me in the truck.
Our rental was returned in Fredericksburg, VA (94 miles from Deltaville) and then onto Annapolis.    The traffic around DC was horrendous - stop and go for miles and miles.    So close to Ryan but he was still working, week, we'll get together.    He's off tomorrow after work for 5 days with his brothers and families at Lake James.
We were back on Catrina around 5:30.     Took the dinghy to historic downtown and had dinner at McGarvey's and then walked around a bit.    We had salads (spinach for me and house for Mark with grilled corvina (sea bass) on top.    Good stuff!
I walked around the marina for a bit, but we are both tried and good to be in the cool AC.    It is a beautiful evening in Annapolis.

Monday - June 12

We are in Annapolis!    Yeah......
We left Havre de Grace at 8:45 and cruised 52 miles - it was sooo pleasant out on the water.    But oh-so-hot once we arrived (noonish) and settled in..
Mark checked us in here at Port Annapolis (we left here last September with our brand new engines) and then picked up 2 packages including my new HP computer!    About a week ago, out of the clear blue, mine started acting up - the screen was jerking all over the place and I noticed a small hairline crack in the screen?    WHEN and HOW did that happen?    It's been extremely temperamental and sure not going to improve, so... Mark ordered one thru Amazon and
tah dah
Brand new HP laptop
Today, Annette and Brooke took Luke, Maeve, Brady and Blair to Tweetsie Railroad in Blowing Rock, NC.    I remember Drew, Davis and Brady going there years ago and what fun.    The special attraction going on now is Thomas the Train actually visiting!
Off to see Thomas
When we arrived in our slip, a Catrina twin was docked in front of us.     We met Mark and Muffie from Stuart, FL.    They have sold their home and now nomads and currently doing the loop.    They will be storing "Catalyst" in September at same place Catrina will be in Brewerton, NY.
Mark worked all afternoon downloading my stuff onto new computer!    What a guy.....I would have no idea.
I washed down the boat and we went for a walk this evening - still really warm.
Tomorrow we are renting a car and driving to Deltaville (6 hour round trip) to pick up our truck.    Will be nice to have some wheels while we're here in Annapolis.


Sunday - June 11

BIG news flash.....
Maeve took her first steps last night to her Daddy!!!!  We'll see this little girl on the go in 9 days!!!
We walked to 8:00 Mass at St. Patrick's and then back home for sausage/cheese omelets and English Muffins.    It is a hot 'n sunny day.    Went for a bike ride and then back to cool down.   
 Inside Catrina feels sooo good!
Mark walked to Bomboy for ice cream around 2ish......I did a load of laundry (all caught up now).
3 friends (Sue, Sharon and Connie) and I are headed to NYC in late November.....we've been planning and dreaming and just finalized our air fare, trip insurance, hotel reservations and theater tickets - Hello Dolly with Bette Midler and the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular!
Anne, Patrick, Liam and Connor are camping today thru Thursday in Santa Claus, Indiana.
Walked and rode bikes this evening, but still hot!

We are off to Annapolis tomorrow!   

Saturday - June 10

Warm and sunny today....feels like the good ole summertime with lots of boaters out and about, people strolling downtown, restaurants crowded, etc.
We left Georgetown (or wherever the heck we were past 2 days - ha), got some fuel and on our way around 9ish.    We cruised 20 miles to Havre de Grace a neat little town on the north end of the Chesapeake and just 12 miles from the Pennsylvania border.   We were last here September 5-7, 2014 and still remember good places to eat, the Concord Coffee Co., Joseph's (ladies/men clothing and other misc including a huge children's toy department).
We are settled at Log Pond Marina which is undergoing major construction (expecting new docks in 1 year).     Walked to Bomboy Ice Cream and Chocolate  (2 separate buildings and all homemade and another fond memory).    We had ice cream treats and then walked downtown.    
Had lunch at the Tidewater Grille on the water - delicious and then parted ways with Mark strolling back to the boat while I checked out a few shops.

I did a load of laundry (only 1 washing machine as was the case in Georgetown).    Late afternoon we walked the boardwalk past the marina where we stayed last time we were here     There was a wedding and the couple were saying their vows in front of the lighthouse with bridesmaids in turquoise gowns.     Very pretty and about 75 people in attendance.
  What a grand day for a wedding.

Walked downtown (got in 5.7 miles today) and had wine and meat/cheese tray at the Vineyard (neat place we remember from 3 years ago).

It is a gorgeous evening as we sat on Catrina's bridge sipping some chocolate/raspberry port that we picked up in Cambridge - good stuff!!!

 Sweet Maeve checking if anyone is watching?


Friday - June 9

Nice sun shiny day and low 80's.....we think we're in Georgetown, but every time we check our phones (weather), a different town comes up.......Earleville, Galena, Fredericktown, Still Pond and Georgetown!   Ha.....all little bergs in this neck of the woods..
We had breakfast at the Sassafras Harbor Café and then I did 2 loads of laundry.    Apparently this marina is mainly for weekend boaters who come out in droves as this Friday morning, they were coming aboard their boats with all their food, clothes, etc. for a weekend of fun either here at the marina or heading out.   People from the big cities want to get away from it all and this is certainly the place to be.
Mark rode his bike and I walked.    Met a nice couple from Rising Sun, MD who just retired and they are going to become nomads as they are preparing to put their home on the market.
BLT's for lunch and more walking...
Connor just keeps making some great big catches....

Now, this is a honker Maeve's little scrunched-up smile!
We had appetizers and drinks at the Sassafras Grill (downstairs from where we were last night at the Granary).    They are connected and we had same waitress Sheila both nights.
Walked the docks and amazed that there are more boats from PA and DE than MD.    A few from NJ, too, and found 3 with same name...."Wine Down" with a glass of red wine.
The boys had quite a night at the ole ballpark winning 20-4.    Singles, doubles, triple and Liam had an inside-the-park homerun!  
Sounds like a hot weekend here on the Eastern Shore and where our kids are....the 90's are coming to Bloomington,  Lake James and Washington, DC.

Have a great weekend and stay COOL!