Saturday - February 28

Rain was predicted today, but the morning was nice and pleasant with warmer temps and sunshine.   Mark exercised, I got a manicure and at 11:00, we were picked up by Jane and Nate (Brooke's aunt and uncle) and off to Captiva.
We had not seen them in probably 12-13 years and so fun to visit and catch up over a yummy lunch at The Green Flash.    So pretty there looking out on the water (last time we came here, we were on Catrina in ....a very enjoyable afternoon
Jane and Nate
Mark and I settled in with our books as the skies got darker and around 4:00, the heavens opened up and oh my.......the rain came fast and furious!    They need it badly, so, glad this is happening (especially since we had no place to go anywhere tonight)!   We have a big lake behind Daisy.
Can't believe it's the last day of February!   After all this rain, hope March comes in like a lamb here in Fort Myers while not the case back home where they are expecting 1-3" of snow tonight and then same thing tomorrow.
The rain finally stopped around 7ish - a good downpour for 3 hours!

Friday - February 27

No sun today, windy and in the 60's........but only 12 degrees back home and Mark is more than ready to get out of the tundra!    I had a quiet day on Daisy....exercised, went for a walk, and hunkered down with my laptop and Kindle.

Mark got home at 10:15 - yeah!!!!    He's tired but had a good week and so glad to be "home"!

Nighty Night!   Enjoy your weekend...........

Thursday - February 26

A very dreary, overcast day with occasional sprinkles....Annette, Luke and I went to Publix and walked the aisles - he was so funny taking things off the shelf and arranging them on the floor (store was not busy) or in cart and then putting them all back where they belonged!    He was into the Swiffer liquid cleaner and Dawn dish soap!    Ha.....
Riding in the big "car" cart at Publix
This was fun for a while, but then...he wanted out, and so...
He arranged the Swiffer bottles to his satisfaction
Looking at videos and pictures on Mommy's phone
We got them all packed up and they dropped me off at the McGregor Café on their way out of town.    Sad to see them leave as we've had so much fun these past few days and really glad they could come stay with me while Mark was gone.    Very quiet here on Daisy tonight!

Vicki (Connie's sister), Cathy, Pat, Sue, Connie
Wonderful lunch at the McGregor Cafe 
(Missed you, Sharon)!
I met our old bridge friends for lunch and then we shopped all afternoon.    Always have so much fun together.   I got back to Daisy at 5 - did get more rain later, but nothing significant.
Mark returns home tomorrow night and he's sooo ready to get out of the brutal cold, snow and wind (another 3" last night/today with 17 mph winds)!!!   He's had dinner with Anne and family tonight.
Sweet Pea

Wednesday - February 25

Very cloudy in the morning, but a beautiful afternoon - 77 and sunshine.    We walked around (sometimes strolled) in the park and then went to the Tanger Outlet Mall.   The Farmers' Market was going on and we got Jonez Brothers pulled pork bar-b-que sandwiches to take home with us for lunch - very good.    While Luke napped, Annette and I played rummikube.
After naptime, we went to Lakes Park - Luke had a ball on the big playground, but disappointed the train wasn't running (stopped at 2:00).    This is a beautiful 279 acre nature preserve with lots of birds, nature trails, shelters, boat rides, etc.    We saw 3 turtles swimming around, too. 
Get ready..get set...GO....
Driving the big car while Mommy was shopping

Really infatuated with the headless mannequins

A man on a mission
Walking in the nature preserve at the park with Mommy

Saw this pretty hawk as we were leaving the park
Went to The Lighthouse for dinner - lovely setting on the water (Sanibel Beach Marina) and food was excellent!
Mark had a big day taking his Mom to doctor appointments, got her drivers license renewed and  had lunch together.   He got home this afternoon and now the snow is falling!!!
Nighty night!

Tuesday - February 24

Weatherman totally missed today's forecast - 75 and sunny!   NOT!   It was in the 60's, all clouds and occasional misty rain!   Oh well, no complaints (we know what Grandpa is dealing with back in IL) as we had a fun day starting with an outing to the library on Fort Myers Beach.
Luke loves this library with its glass elevator, fish, turtles, play room, sand sculptures, café and much more!    We met Claire and her daughter, Ruth who walked from their condo to have coffee with us and chat.     FUN!!!!
Annette, Pat, Luke, Claire and Ruth

Fun at the library with all the animals

Back to Daisy for lunch and Luke's nap while Annette and I spent the afternoon playing rummikube.
When Luke woke up around 4, we went to Preppy in Paradise and shopped.    Then to the Cape Cod Fish Company for delicious lobstah roll for Annette and shrimp basket for me.  Their food is soooo good and fresh!
Luke is enjoying his first popsicle compliments of Cape Cod!
Not only does this place put out great food, but their staff are so friendly!
Mark is so cold back home....he had a busy day of errands, doing stuff on the home front, visiting with neighbors and having dinner tonight with Anne, Patrick, Liam and Connor and then...face time with Luke!

Monday - February 23

The heat and sun were back big time today!    We went to 9:30 Mass and then I spiffed up Daisy while Mark did some last-minute jobs and packed.   He left Fort Myers at noon with 82 degrees and flying home to currently 9 degrees.    Buuurrrrr!
Annette and Luke arrived at 2:45.   Sooo good to see them.   We went to Wa-ke Hatchee Park and played
Climbing the mountain to Mommy
Hanging out with Grandma

A selfie at the park
We went to Citrola's for some good Italian hunkered down in Daisy for the night.    Mark arrived home safe 'n sound (10 degrees)!
Mommy and Luke watching a video before bedtime!

Sunday - February 22

Today the folks here in our park put aside their warm coats, ear muffs, etc. and got out the swimsuits and came to the pool in droves!    "Summer" has returned to southwest Florida.
We were at the laundromat before 8:00, went to Publix for some groceries and then to noon Mass at Church of the Resurrection.
Connie and Steve picked us up at 3:30 and we were off to the mini margarita party at Jerry and Sue's lovely home!    Sooo much fun being with our long-time bridge friends.  
 (Some of us go back to the early '70's)

Cathy, Sharon, Sue, Pat, Connie

Don, Harry, Jerry, Mark, Steve

Along with delicious margaritas, we had so much good Mexican fare topped off with
 key lime pie on a stick dipped in chocolate
GREAT party!!!!
And here's the Queen and King of the Mardi Gras party where Mark's Mom lives
Hail to the Queen
Mark is flying home tomorrow - will be de-winterizing our house and his Mom's and meeting with realtor (weather permitting - on the market March 1st)!
Annette and Luke are coming to stay with me on Daisy for a few days - fun times ahead!!!

Saturday - February 21

Sunny, 77 degree day and after exercising and a leisurely morning, we were off to Punta Gorda.   The annual State Farm retiree luncheon was held at the Elks - small crowd this year, but still fun to see old friends and we especially enjoyed visiting with Ron and Lois from Canada over lunch.
And then to the rooftop of the Wyvern Hotel to meet 2 couples (boating friends)     We girls sipped our Pina Coladas and chatted away on this gorgeous afternoon with beautiful views.
Viv, Pat, Carol

Mike, Roger, Mark
Next stop was across the street at Laishley Crab House for dinner - very good and then to Roger and Carol's for dessert where Cy (another long-time boating friend joined us - Marcia is in Colorado skiing)!    Packed in a lot today, but so fun (good friends and good eating)!
The warm weather has returned and even tonight - no wind and so pleasant out!

Friday - February 20

It's my Birthday and I had a wonderful day!    Thanks so much for the phone calls, texts, e-cards, e-mails and facebook posts.   
February 20th is a big day for so many family and friends.....
My brother, Bob, cousins, Michelle, Dave, Judi, and Amy, friends, Kay, Shelly, Ruth and Fred
The Birthday siblings
February 20, 2010

It was 36 when we got up this morning - really chilly for southwest Florida, but so cold all around the country!!    Mark and I went to 9:30 Mass and then to The Grind for breakfast.   Enjoyed a leisurely day of just relaxing on Daisy with my computer and Kindle +++ a good bike ride.   Mark worked on taxes again.   

This modern technology never ceases to amaze me.....woke up this morning, turned on the computer to our GOOGLE page and there was a bunch of cakes, cupcakes, candles, etc., and
"Happy Birthday, Pat"

Anne and boys shouted out Happy Birthday on their way to school

Then face time with Luke
Dapper looking Dude

And this afternoon, face time with Blair
All dolled up in her "Happy" dress and pigtails

When we were riding our bikes this afternoon, saw so many folks bundled up in their fleece (myself included), hoodies and one lady even had furry earmuffs!

This Florida boy from across the state was cold, too!

We went to The Cape Cod Fish Company - packed this Friday night.   Did carry out and brought back our clam chowder and lobstah roll and along with a glass of white wine, made for a delicious birthday dinner!
Enjoy your weekend!


Thursday - February 19

50 years and going strong!

Today is also our friend, Paula's birthday. We met for breakfast and had a good visit over a wonderful meal at McGregor Grill. 

Glen and Paula

The Birthday Girls
Paula today; Pat tomorrow
Stopped at Dollar Tree for a few things and then on home.   Mark got a haircut and then tackled tax stuff which he's been working on past few days.
It's another very windy day, but sunny and did get to 58.    Sure feel for all the people dealing with the brutal cold and snow that just won't go away
We picked Steve and Connie up at 3:30 and off to Don and Cathy's house (17 miles away, but took 1 hour to get there with all the traffic).    A reuniting of our old bridge group from waaaay back - what fun being together again and a BIG thanks to Don and Cathy for the delicious picnic-style supper of good
Midwestern food!
Steve, Mark, Jerry, Harry, Don

Sue, Pat, Sharon, Cathy, Connie
Burrrr.....36 predicted for our overnight low!
Stay warm wherever you are!!!

Wednesday - February 18

Whoops......did the blog yesterday and then forget to post!   Duh....
So, you get to read Tuesday and Wednesday!

WINDEEEEE day here in Fort Myers!     We had some rain during the night and then very cloudy when we went to 9:30 Mass for Ash Wednesday.    Very full church with standing room only.   We ran a few errands and then home and the sun came out!   
We had tomato soup and tuna sandwiches for lunch and then I got a haircut - really like Jewel (my Fort Myers hairdresser - she's just a really sweet gal and like how she cuts my hair).   
It was a productive afternoon getting our closets and drawers organized and the back of
Toad all nice and tidy.
Today Luke went to the dentist for the first time and did very well!
Luke and his new toothbrush
Also Liam got a healthy 10-year check-up today.
Mark's Mom called to tell us that she was Queen of the Mardi Gras party they had at her assisted living yesterday.   All of the residents were given a little candy package and the man and woman who had a chocolate kiss were the King and Queen!!!

Tuesday - February 17

The day started off sunny and breezy, but then the clouds rolled in and it turned cool...Mark and I left round 9:30 and he dropped me off to meet Claire and Kathy.   He went on to get Toad's oil changed.
We girls shopped  and then celebrated my birthday at Cristof's - good wine and lunch on the porch.    A fun outing with good friends and last time for me to see Kathy till mid April in Dallas.
The Mardi Gras parade passed right down Terecero Street where Daisy is parked.   I just missed it, but Mark took several pictures of all the decorated golf carts, folks walking, music, etc.

Mardi Gras parade at Siesta Bay
Our North Carolina boys had a snow/ice day today and probably again tomorrow!  
Monday was Presidents Day, so a short week for them!
Unbelievable weather out east and southeast USA.

Monday - February 16

It's a beautiful Monday and we were off to the beach to pick up Rich and Doris.    First stop was Flippers on Lovers Key for yummy breakfast.    Lots of wind today, so had our jackets, coolers, basket of treats, etc, and rented a pontoon for 4 hours to go cruising on the Back Bay.  
Just a glorious day to be out on the water.   Rich tried fly fishing, but no luck.   Lots of boaters out there today.....this little guy kept hovering over our boat apparently eyeing our fruit and cheese tray?

Soaring thru the sky

Doris and Rich
After we docked the boat and settled up with maria,  Doris and I walked across the street to Santini Plaza and checked out the shops.    The guys enjoyed a beer on the beach and then met us at
The Fish House for delicious dinner!   

Rich, Doris, Pat, Mark
Said our good-byes as they are leaving for home on Wednesday.
We so enjoyed our time together!

Sunday - February 15

Beautiful day in Fort Myers.....we slept in a bit, then to First Watch for yummy breakfast (their cranberry nut pancake is sooooo good - ranks almost up there with the macadamia nut banana pancake I had on Waikiki Beach with Ryan).
Stopped at Costco to replenish our wine supply and a few other things, then to noon Mass at Church of the Resurrection.   Got a few groceries at Publix and on home.
Changed clothes, rested a bit and then rode bikes!
Who are these cowboys?
Tonight our annual Mid Illini Florida winter reunion continued with a very enjoyable evening at Parrot Key followed by the Gatlin show - 15 of us had so much fun reminiscing and being together again + enjoy delicious dinners and then great entertainment!
The Girls
Kathy, Viv, Carol, Marcia, Pat, Carol, Paula, Barb
The guys
Roger, Glen, Mike, Paul, Mike, Mark, Roger

Valentine's Day - 2015

Hope you've had a happy day with your Sweetie and all those you nearest and dearest to you...
Beautiful day with lots of sun, but breezy and chilly.    Still sooo very cold back home and then thinking of the folks in Boston preparing (how do you prepare?) for another storm!
We exercised inside Daisy, did laundry and after lunch went on a long bike ride.  
Met Rich and Doris (Mark's sister) at Fresh Catch Bistro on the beach for a fabulous meal.....we sat outside (with heaters and the vinyl curtains down), and enjoyed a beautiful sunset and very good dinner.    Doris and I also got a long-stemmed red rose!
Doris and Rich

Valentine's Day Sunset

Spiced Pecan and Cranberry Crusted Grouper - AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
After dinner we went to the bar at the Wyndham (where they are staying) for coffee with kaluha and more visiting!

Thursday-Friday, February 12-13

Hi all, we are back from a busy, fun 2 days in Venice/North Port.    Left Thursday morning after breakfast at The Grind (a favorite coffee shop from last year).   Drove to Venice and met Bob,, Linda, Jake, Jennifer and Leia and we girls shopped while the guys had their coffee and sat in the sunshine.
We girls are on a "on a mission"
Leia wearing her "Born to Shop" bib and an orchid in her hair
Lunch at Fin's
Pat, Jake, Leia, Jennifer, Linda, Bob, Mark

Had very tasty lunch at Fin's - long wait, but enjoyed drinks overlooking the beautiful gulf and good visit.   So good to be together.   Said our good-byes (all of the girls did our part to boost the Venice economy) and then Mark and I were off to North Port to see Allie and Owen.    Great to be back at their lovely condo, visit, have some wine, delicious dinner and yak the night away.    We played 2 games of dominoes (both won by Mark).  
Allie and Owen
After a yummy breakfast of butterscotch rolls and fresh fruit, (THANKS for your hospitality, Allie and Owen) we headed back to Venice to spend the day with long-time boating friends from our boating days in Racine.   Bob and Carol have a home in Venice and Mark and Barbara from New Bern, NC are spending the month on Anna Marie Island.   Been the tradition for several years to meet in Venice, catch up and enjoy lunch (Fin's again - very good)!
Mark, Barbara, Carol and Bob
at Sharkey's
We drove out to Casperson Beach - windy and cool, but so pretty...
Casperson Beach

 Mark, Mark, Bob
Pat - Carol - Barbara
All together at the beach
 Stopped at Connie and Steve's with their order for frozen chocolate covered key lime pie and visited  over a glass of wine.   Back to Daisy around 7.
We are tired, but what a fun whirlwind little getaway we had!!!
hope it's full of love and sunshine