New Year's Eve - 2016

 Beautiful sunrise over St. Simons this morning.....and a little brown bag with 2 muffins was sitting on back of boat (1 blueberry and 1 apple cinnamon)!    Thank you Morningstar Marina!

Sunrise over St. Simons
We were underway at 7:45 with a nippy 37 degrees!

Saw damage from Matthew along the way and the Fernandina Beach Marina (stayed here in 2012) is still closed and this is a big facility!

Arrived at Rivers Edge Marina in St. Augustine at 3:00 and settled in.   We did 106 miles today with 13.8 our average speed.   We are 1 mile from downtown so decided to try the restaurant nearby for dinner.....Hurricane Patty's which was a great choice!     They had a special - appetizer (2 choices); entrΓ©e (3 choices) and dessert (2 choices) - all excellent!!!  And hats off to our very good waitress, Dana!    Her mother is a former State Farm agent!

Reminiscing about our 2016 - sooo many wonderful memories and soooo blessed with our family and friends....thank you God!

Tomorrow we will make the trek downtown for Mass.




Friday - December 30

    Beautiful sunny day but chilly when we woke up (41).    As promised, our Krispy Kreme donuts were waiting on the boat compliments of the marina - 6 yummy, warm treats which they do daily for all boaters!    What a nice gesture and much appreciated!  πŸ˜‹
We said our good byes to Ryan and Brooke as we left the dock at 7:55.    They are heading northbound and we're going southbound on the Intracoastal.    So glad we could connect here in Thunderbolt and catch up!    Great fun!!!
Bye bye to these kiddos and wishing them a safe journey.  
Tonight they are in Beaufort and Charleston is their destination tomorrow where they will ring in the New Year.    Brooke will go back to Pensacola on January 2nd and Ryan will have 2 friends join him for next leg of the trip.
The Captain and I arrived on St.  Simon's Island at 2:30  (96 miles) - it is only in the low 50's and breezy with clear blue skies.    But we were warm and cozy with the generator running all day.   Catrina was heavily coated with salt so a good rinsing was in order.  
We are at Morningstar Marina and muffins coming up in the morning!    Yeah....these Georgia folks know the way to our hearts and tummies!  πŸ˜€
I did a load of laundry in this really nice marina with many beautiful big yachts, some shops, a restaurant, hair salon, etc.

Sooo very sorry to hear Maeve and Annette have colds - I am probably the culprit
 who passed mine on.....

This was a good night to stay in.....fixed spaghetti, poured some red wine and hunkered down!
Love seeing the decorated lights on boats.....people are scurrying about with heavy coats, hats, etc.
Hard to believe tomorrow is New Year's how 2016 flew by!

Thursday - December 29

We left Hilton Head at 7:50 this morning - rain was in the forecast and strong winds.    Good trip to Savannah (26 miles).  We are at the Thunderbolt Marina in Thunderbolt, GA - near Savannah.
When we arrived, Brooke and her brother, Jeffery were on the dock to help with lines.    They left early this morning from Winter Park, FL and drove up.    Ryan was driving from DC and arrived around 11.    Jeffery left for Camden, AL and a hunting trip with his brother for the weekend.

 Terraphobic and Catrina meeting for 1st time.
Catrina is just a baby!
Mark and I went to work and gave Catrina a good scrubbing and later, went for a  walk.   The rain held off till around 1:40 and then whaoaa....torrential downpour, but didn't last too long. 
Newest member of the Chamberlain clan
makes the 9th baby born this year (7 boys and 2 girls)

Beckett Patrick McBride
 Another baby (girl) is due in late January!

Cold is better (coughing has picked up a bit, though)!   

Another beautiful sunset here at the marina.    This HUGE (196') yacht is docked nearby and we've been oohing and aahing.    What a beauty from the Cayman Islands and charters up to 12 people for
$425,000 per week.

Terraphobic all decked out for the holidays

We had drinks on Catrina and then walked to Tubby's Tank was packed and much too cold to sit outdoors, so it was to be a 45 minute wait, but more like 2 hours.....arrgghhhh!    Good time for visiting, but we were starving and finally enjoyed our dinners and back to he boats at 10:00.

Here we are at Tubby's Tank House in Thunderbolt, Georgia

Tomorrow we head south and the kiddos are northbound!   It's to be down in the 30's overnight!    Yikes!


Wednesday - December 27

FOG - FOG - FOG ----we hate FOG!    More of that icky stuff this morning but we took off at 8:45.    Wasn't too bad but then got worse and so for about 1 hour 15 minutes, we were in pea soup occasionally seeing land, but not fun!   Radar was our guiding light.    But then tah dah....all clear and smooth sailing!
We cruised along with the dolphins, but no sun today.     Had planned to stop in Beaufort, SC but things were going well, so decided to keep on and tonight we are at the Skull Creek Marina in
Hilton Head.    We did 66 miles this first day arriving at 2:30 and passed by some of the gorgeous homes of this upscale island but also saw damage from Hurricane Matthew.   In fact, some of the marinas are still closed because of Matthew.   Here at Skull Creek, they lost their gas pump dock....1 boat sank and a few had some damage; altogether, not too bad in comparison.
Did a load of laundry and then walked to the Old Fort Pub - wow, beautiful place with fabulous food in a pretty setting with Liam, our server doing an outstanding job!
I had shrimp 'n grits and Mark had the short ribs!
Love being back in Lowcountry!!!
 View from our table
We have a new great nephew born this morning to our niece Nora and husband, Pat.    Welcome
Beckett Patrick
 Beckett has a big brother, Jack 2.
Some memories of  our North Carolina family on Christmas
Uncle Ryan describing the intricacies of this lego project to Blair

Miss Priss all decked out in her holiday finery
Tomorrow we are moving onto Savannah and meeting Ryan and Brooke!
My cold is still hanging on....

Tuesday - December 27

Woke up to foggy conditions here on Wadmalaw Island.     I slept 12 hours last night - Zyrtec really knocked me out, but not sure I'm making any headway with this cold.    Sorry to hear Brooke is dealing with a nasty one, too.  Spent a big chunk of the day blowing the ole nose, but in between little cat naps, we made some good waves putting away our clothes and stuff.
At noon we took a break and went to Johns Island for lunch at El Mercadito and then grocery shopped.   Mark got the truck and trailer parked and ready for Philip to take off on New Year's Eve.

Hoping to leave tomorrow for Beaufort, SC.

The Blue Angels announced their top air show for 2016 and the award goes to
Cherry Point, North Carolina.    We were there with Brooke's parents, brother and family on
April 30th.

Christmas and the day after - 2016

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas celebration with family and friends.....we sure did, just a bit unusual.    But making new memories is what it's all about and the warm sunshine is oh-so-different than what we're used to from cold, snowy, windy Illinois.
Mark and I went to 9:30 Mass at St. Therese - we had a very special visitor just before the final blessing.  We heard bells ringing and here came Santa into the sanctuary carrying a wrapped package.    He placed it in front of the manger and knelt down as we all sang "Oh Come Let Us Adore Him".....a teary moment for sure.    He then shook hands with Monsignor and the Deacon wishing them a Merry Christmas and then quietly left.
Philip, Annette and Luke went to 11:30 Mass and  then we all dug in with more packing and the guys finished filling the trailer to the max.    Mark, Philip and Ryan bought this trailer together so we can all share in whoever needs to transport their stuff.   
While Luke and Maeve took afternoon naps, we took a break and played some cards.
So happy we could spend Maeve's 1st Christmas with her
Baby's First Christmas
After averaging 11-12 hours of sleep per night,  Miss Maeve has been getting up between 6-6:30 which is ok.....but occasionally, she throws a 3:15 AM wake-up time to eat and play!!!    Glad to hear she slept till 6:45 this morning....Mommy and Daddy need their sleep these very busy days getting the house cleaned out!    What a job and the clothes are such a big issue as to what to keep with them and what to put in storage +++ the change in seasons and sizes for the kiddies!    Their new home won't be finished till late summer/early fall.
Monday morning we were up early and leaving Philip's driveway at 6:35 AM pulling our truck and trailer heading to Rockville, SC where Catrina is.....
Nomads are on the move again...

We were about 10 miles from here today where our mail forwarding service is.

One more pic from our Christmas on the 23rd...."Batman" is hiding?
I've got a cold/cough - ugh!    sure hope no one else gets this crud.    Probably the BIG change in weather from IL to FL although that was a week ago?    Been very sleepy today!    The day started out sunny but north of Jacksonville, traffic became much heavier and it started raining - mainly a light drizzle.
We did a quick stop at a Publix to get soup and a sandwich for supper (+ more Zyrtec) and arrived on Catrina at 6 PM.  It's ugly out with a steady rain, fog and 57.     We'll unpack tomorrow, but for now....glad to be here and hats off to Mark for getting us to Rockville with the truck/trailer safe 'n sound!
We'll either leave tomorrow or Wednesday.     Philip will be flying in New Year's Eve and then driving truck/trailer to NC to stay a few days at Lake James and with the help of Michael and his boys, unload the FL stuff into storage.
Bye bye for now from South Carolina.....

Christmas Eve - 2016

Happy Christmas Eve
Just hangin' out while all the elves are packing up my stuff!
Another beautiful day and so different to experience a warm Florida Christmas - Philip mowed lawn and no cold weather to deal with! like 1 week ago in IL.  
We had such a big day yesterday and today we are all about packing up the Christmas stuff and put away the gifts.   The tree came down and put on trailer along with lots and lots of stuff.    Mark and Philip were loading as fast as we could pack!
Luke is a bit overwhelmed with so many new toys.....
Last night after the final unwrapping...

Miss cute bottoms
My heart was breaking and teary-eyed as I was reading a special tribute the Blue Angels paid to
Jeff Kuss (#6 pilot who died June 2).
Thinking of Jeff's wife, Christina, their children Calvin and Sloane, parents and brother.
Blessings to them this Christmas season.
Ryan is in NC and spending Christmas with Michael and family.    He has been in Pensacola and loaded up a Penske truck with his stuff from storage, stopping at Lake James till Tuesday and then off to DC to store his stuff, fly back to the boat in Savannah and continue on the journey to his new adventure.
Bummer that Liam and Connor both have strep throat!   UGH....    no fun being sick, but especially  for Christmas.
Took a break from the packing and played more euchre...
Florida baby going for a swim 1st time on Christmas Eve

Family affair
until the rain came down fast and furious!
Wishing you all a very
and a happy, fun day with your families and friends!

Friday - December 23

It's Christmas at Luke and Maeve's house.....and we are celebrating today!     The kids were up around 7:30ish and Luke found his Santa gifts - fire truck, toy house, sailboat and lots of treats in his stocking.

Grandma won $52 in lottery tickets!!!!
Annette fixed delicious breakfast sandwiches and we ate around the pool and then....the gift opening began sitting on folding chairs in our jammies around the tree.    We got about 2/3 done and decided to take a break - Maeve was ready for a nap and Luke wanted to play with what he had already opened.    So, we adults fixed mimosas and played euchre outdoors.

It's almost time... 
Maeve says "Yes, let's get this gift opening started now!!!"

Cute Christmas socks

Oh what a big day we've had!!!
Philip was called into work to give an exam for a female pilot, so we waited till later this afternoon to resume the gift opening.

Its been a great day and we are all winding down....more pics tomorrow1    Had a delicious dinner of filets and shrimp.    Played some more cards with the guys winning 3 out of 4.

Nighty night! 
Happy Birthday to my Dad who would've been 99 today!

Thursday - December 22

Today started off in the low 60's and cloudy, but then the sun came out and it warmed up to 79
Philip was off at 8 for a trip to Cuba (his first as Spirit recently added that country to their schedule).
Mark and I took the kiddies to Target - Luke had some shopping to do and we wanted to give Annette some time to more serious packing.    They were both really good and then home to help Luke wrap his little gifts.
I love to go to Target with Grandma
Back home to rest a bit
Favorites of our Florida grandbabies.....Maeve, eating and Luke, on his I-pad

And then it was time for a much-needed nap

My girly girl ruffley dress
This afternoon, Grandpa and Luke went swimming; Annette packed and Grandma tackled the ironing and then we (except Annette) sat around the pool and had a picnic lunch of waffles, egg salad sandwiches and watermelon!   
A good swim feels refreshing this warm afternoon
Our little unique picnic in December!
Love all the cute stages of these early months of Maeve's development.    At 5 months, she's so active, has discovered her toes and feet and kicks constantly, loves toys that crinkle, rolls over, babbles and giggles!
Philip got home at 3:30.....he and Mark started in on disassembling our bed and loading up more furniture in the trailer.   Annette and I packed more stuff and I wrapped 5 lamps in bubble wrap.

Went for a walk in the neighborhood - beautiful starry night    Grandpa stayed home, but rest of us enjoyed nice stroll and oohing and aahing at all the lights.   Delicious beef stew and crusty 9-grain bread for dinner.

So......tomorrow we are going to celebrate Christmas - 2 days early so more stuff can be packed up after that.  

 Visions of sugarplums are dancing in our heads!

Wednesday - December 21

A cloudy day in southeast FL, but warm!    We got some things done around the house, some organizing in the toy room, more packing and a trip to Costco for Philip and Annette nd other errands for Mark.
Philip left around noon for a flight to Jamaica.     Annette had taken this photo a few days ago - so pretty in their living room.   
Now, the furniture is gone (along with lots of it throughout the house) and boxes are here, there and everywhere!    This crew is getting ready for their big move to North Carolina.
 Happy baby first thing in the morning...

Wearing a sundress on December 21st

Then I switched to a Christmas onesie - love my fingers

Hmmmm....trying to figure out some of these new-fangled toys
Grandma said Maeve had grown a lot since Pensacola, but actually it was Thanksgiving since we were all together - 4 weeks ago!   
Love the e-mails coming daily that we have mail in Green Cove Springs, FL (mail forwarding service) and then see Christmas cards/letters/pics from family and friends!
So fun hearing from and catching up with these folks!
Ryan is in Savannah tonight and had David Swarthout with him the past few days - gosh....David, Matt (over the weekend) and cousin, David were all great pals in St. Louis when Ryan lived on his houseboat several years ago.   Now these guys are all pilots!
Love hearing the cute things Luke has to say........Mommy or Grandpa are outside and come in and he says "Oh hi Mom...nice to see you again"!!!  
He's getting so excited about Santa coming and all the presents under the tree!
Annette fixed another yummy dinner - chicken, butternut squash and salad!    After dinner, Annette, the kiddies and I were going for a stroll outdoors to see all the Christmas lights with lots of pretties in the neighborhood.   But we just got started and the sprinkles came, so.....maybe tomorrow night?
Sweet dreams, Maeve

Tuesday - December 20

We arrived at Philip and Annette's around 4 and it was it!     So good to see everyone and Maeve has put on a few lbs since we saw her 5 weeks ago in Pensacola.   

 Happy 5 Months Maeve

Here's our happy Florida baby!

Good day of travel but after 3 days, we are very happy to be here.    Left Marianna around 8 and had a good trip with some drizzle off and on.   

Philip and his friend Jeff were loading up more stuff in the trailer when we got here.   We will be driving that to SC when we pick up Catrina and helping with the kiddies as they continue the packing the next few days.

Annette fixed a delicious dinner - lasagna, salad, French bread and tuxedo cake!!!

Till tomorrow...


Monday - December 19

It was 13 when we left Kuttawa with light snow falling at 8 AM.     We had some snow showers into Tennessee with mostly cloudy skies.
I did computer stuff ((more Christmas e-cards) and read and later drove about 1.5 hrs.

We stopped in Athens, AL for a much-needed car wash for Toad.....oh my, with all the salt, what a sorry site!    We still had salt on the roads in Nashville.

A long time ago, Mark downloaded 410 Christmas songs from CD's onto my phone.    We've been enjoying all these oldies but goodies and several renditions of "Silent Night" "Winter Wonderland", "White Christmas", etc., etc., but at end of day 2 travel, we are only to 130.   More coming tomorrow!
I love hearing such a huge variety all shuffled up!

Tonight we are in Marianna, FL (stayed here 1 month ago on our way to get Daisy at Philip's before homecoming weekend in Pensacola).   We crossed the state line at 4:25 and it was 45 degrees!    Feels good outdoors, but really looking forward to the 82 in Lake Worth tomorrow.    We were tired and just wanted a simple supper, so off to Waffle House - really yummy!   (Anne.....was thinking of you as we scarfed down our waffles)!

Luke and Maeve....we're coming your way!

Saturday-Sunday, December 17-18

It's Sunday evening and we are settled in Kuttawa, KY after traveling in the bitter cold all day.     When we left Dixon this morning, it was -4 and got all the way to 21 degrees.    We drove over 150 miles till we finally ran out of snow.   Fortunately, the roads were clear from Bloomington on....We stopped at our storage unit and packed up our FL/boat stuff, and left the heavy winter coats and boots behind.   Then we were off to the Pepsi Ice Arena to see the Campbell's.    Liam had just finished his game (he scored 2 goals and his team won 5-2).    We said our good-byes and sure hope we'll see them in FL for spring break in late March.
 We shared the driving (I drove about 2 hours) and enjoyed the Christmas tunes.
It was a fun weekend with the Chamberlains!.     We had a leisurely day on Saturday playing games and leaving the hotel late morning for the Holloway Center where our party would be.    Big majority of the family came on Saturday and while we were expecting 91, we were 6 short cause of illness, bad road conditions, etc.
We went to 4:30 at St. Patrick's and then enjoyed a wonderful dinner prepared by several of the sisters.    Soooo much good food and homemade pies and cookies out the ying yang!
Our big gift exchange was afterwards and then back to the hotel for more games/cards and laughs.

It was so fun seeing several of the great grandchildren having fun and all the babies.     Our nephew, John brought Mandy and their 4 kids from Hawaii....great to see them and meet Baby Henry!

Janet (Mark's sister) and I cuddling our twin great nephews who were born in September weighing around 3 lbs. each and now almost 7 lbs.    Sooo teeny tiny.
I've got Keegan and Janet has Payton (named after Walter....big Bears star)
Tonight after getting to our hotel, we bundled up and walked across the street to The Oasis Southwest Grill for dinner.    When we checked in, the hostess asked us "Smoking or Non?    Really?    Haven't been asked that in a very long time, but we're in KY, the land of tobacco, so....
Dinner was good and now back in our room!
Ryan and his friend, Matt are in St. Augustine tonight - they will keep on cruising till Tuesday and then take a break till after Christmas.
When we left Dixon this morning, we have 1500 miles to Philip and Annette's.

Mark has been wearing Christmas socks the month of December for years and years - while he was still working and since.   Here are just a few of his favorites....

Cute gingerbread

 Christmassy stripes

More stripes

Here's Blair  helping Mommy make the rollo treats with pretzels and M and M's.

Little Suzy Homemaker
Can't believe how long her hair has grown!

Hope this last week before Christmas finds you sane, not-to-stressed, warm and
savoring the joys of the season.


Friday - December 16

We had breakfast at the Comfort Inn in Mendota and then drove to the nursing home to visit my cousin, Jim and bring him some treats (special kind of popcorn and nutter butters).....All doors were closed and signs up that several residents have the flu and we must wear a mask OR come back another time to visit.   That is what we decided to do....left Jim's treats at front desk and on we went!
Next stop was to Dave and Judy (Shmoo's) - Annette's parents for a great visit, zucchini bread and hot tea.    Dave has done so much remodeling of their lovely home in the country - wow!!!   Really beautiful and great craftsmanship!     Hoping we'll see them tomorrow night at family Christmas and that so many others can make it to Dixon - close eye on the winter storm warning for this area.
Had lunch at the Ginkgo Tree CafΓ© in downtown Dixon - excellent!    Then spent a nice cozy afternoon in our room as the snow started gently falling.    Sent out a bunch of e-Christmas cards and happy to be out of the elements!
Merry Christmas from our family to yours...

The family started trickling in around 2:30 and we had a fun evening in one of the party rooms with plenty of appetizers, wine and then pizza +++ Sue's huge plate of homemade cookies.

We played games and had a great time -  but checking for weather updates for those traveling tonight and tomorrow....

Thursday - December 15

BUURRRRRRR, baby it's COLD outside and going to get worse before things improve!!!
We spent the morning packing up rest of our stuff and took another big load to storage.   Got rest packed in car for this weekend.    Mark took me to Biaggi's for lunch with Claire and Anita and he checked out of our suite.    Biaggi's was absolutely crazy with gals and guys partying over lunch, exchanging gifts, etc.    Food was delicious as ever and we had a great visit.
Claire dropped me off at Topline for mani/pedi and Mark went for a bone density test.   He picked me up at 3 and we were off to Mendota.    Had a nice visit with my Aunt Marian and then settled into our hotel room.    Bob and Linda are in Glen Ellyn tonight for their granddaughter, Leia's Christmas program.
It's nice and cozy here and feels so good to be out of this brutal weather!

Wednesday - December 14

Fun day with Bob and Linda who came to town and we celebrated our "Dinges Christmas".    We met at Starbucks for some hot coffees/mocha/latte and then the guys went on their merry way with a list of things to get at Meijer.     We girls browsed at Von Maur, Pier 1 and Fresh Market.   
We all met at Baxter's for delicious lunch.    Linda and I went to Uptown Normal and checked out those shops (nice to just browse and not have any heavy shopping to do).     The guys hung out at Coffee Hound and around 3:30 they left for home.
Looking forward to some fun times in FL this winter after they welcome their new granddaughter in mid January.
We came back to Eastland Suites and started in with the packing up of all our stuff, taking down Christmas decorations, etc.    While Mark took a load to storage, I did some laundry.    Good night to be in and finish up the packing and do some more cards......checking out tomorrow!
So, while we are oh-so-cold up here with brutal temps and strong winds, Annette sent this picture today - 87 in south FL.
My little Florida babies - Grandma hopes to be there in one week!

Tuesday - December 13

Los of sunshine today, but still darn cold!    I met Nadine at the Coffee Hound for breakfast and great visit - love these one-on-one visits with special friends.     She and Mike are spending the winter in AZ, so May till we meet again.
I had a few quick stops and then met the BBB (Babies, Books, Bridge) friends (we all played bridge together with the guys a long time ago).    Today 6 of us went to Destihl (missed Ruth) and it was so much fun sitting in a big booth with great food and constant chatter,
I went to visit Donna Rae afterwards - always enjoy our time together and will sure miss her this winter.   This will be her 1st Christmas without Ed.
Home with Mark to work on the cards - finally got the first batch mailed today.
We went to Ann Roop's visitation tonight and waited in line over an hour.    Ann was such a dear, sweet gal and we have known her thru State Farm but also 38 years ago, she and Ron were in partnership with the cabin we shared (4 couples) at Lake Bloomington.    So many fond memories.    Ann was only 69 and had cancer.
We were supposed to have dinner tonight with Barb and Roger, but Roger is sick, so......after the visitation, we went to Panera for some good hot soup and then to the Reconciliation Service at
St. Mary's.   
Good to be "home" and hibernate with a nice fire and back to the cards!

Monday - December 12

These 2 make us so proud and we thank them for marrying Patrick and Brooke and for the 6 grandchildren they've blessed us with!
 Happy 46th, Anne

Happy 46th, Michael

Chilly today, but sun was shining which makes all the difference.     We met the Monday morning group for breakfast.    Mark brought me back to our suite and he was off to get his flu shot, a little shopping and to storage.     We had lunch at our favorite Chinese place - Mandarin Garden and it was excellent as always.

Worked on cards, e-mails and a bunch of other odds and ends this afternoon.   As I cross things off my lists, I keep adding more! to get ahead of the game?

What a nice surprise that our doctor here in Bloomington...
Stephen Pilcher, was named
Illinois Family Practice Physician of the Year!

The boys came over late this afternoon to swim.  While Mark watched them, I did 2 loads of laundry.    Love the .75 per load here at Eastland versus the $2.50 we usually pay for washers and dryers.

Patrick took Anne to Baxter's for her birthday dinner and we took the boys to Avanti's.


Sunday - December 11

Another big fun day!!!    We were up bright and early as Anne and Patrick picked Connor up at 6:20 for his 7:00 hockey game.   Mark, Liam and I got there at 7 to watch Connor get a hat trick (3 goals).    He actually scored 4 goals but they tied 7-7.    Mark and I went to Coffee Hound for a bit before 9:00 Mass at St. Mary's.
Home for a few hours and then off to the Campbell's Christmas Celebration.    Tomorrow is Anne's birthday, so had an early celebration for her, too.   We opened gifts, played euchre (Mark, Anne, Connor and me) and then devoured a wonderful turkey dinner with all the trimmings!    It was such a dreary day outside,but the snow we were expecting didn't happen - just a light dusting.     
It was a really fun day and here are some favorite pics....
Great hosts and hostess!
Connor tuckered out from his early-morning up and at'em

2016 Christmas

Brady at the Panthers/Chargers game today in Charlotte
Carolina beat San Diego 28-16.
Christmas Baby
Have a great week, stay warm and enjoy all the hustle and bustle of the season not forgetting the
"Reason for the Season".