Mother's Day - 2019

Hope you Moms had a special day with your loved ones! 

   It was a cloudy and chilly Mother's Day here in Carlock/Bloomington.....Connor's tournament was cancelled!    That was a good thing as it was only 47 when the game would've started....burrr!      So, we were all able to meet at Holy Trinity for 10:00 Mass (beautiful) and then we had lunch at Panera (Anne and I had made no plans as we thought we would be at ball games all day)!     We came on home; they went home and we all hunkered down....started raining at 3:15 but didn't last long!

We went to the Campbell's late afternoon - we played "Pass the Trash" and then had Monical's for dinner...rain started up again at 7:15.

Liam, Grandma, Anne, Connor
Love my new Vera bag with pink flamingos 
Liam with new wheels he bought with confirmation $

It was a great Mother's Day - so blessed to have Michael, Anne, Philip and Ryan + their spouses (Brooke, Annette and Patrick) AND Drew, Davis, Liam, Brady, Connor, Luke, Blair and Maeve!!!  
  Life is GOOD!!!

Our version of Shirley Temple
A real "tiny" house here at Kamp Komfort

Have a great week!

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