Wednesday - May 1


What a big day.......first of all it rained fast and furious overnight (you can really hear it on Flo) and we woke up to 3" AND Flo and Big Red were surrounded by 3-4".   Yikes.....I had a 9:15 appt. with Dr. Lucy (dermatologist) so had to leave by 8:30.    When boots are not available, do the next best thing....plastic garbage bags!!!    Tah dah...

Almost there....

Rained some more and finally stopped and the sun came out around noon!     I stopped at Starbucks and picked up lattes for Donna Rae and myself and off to Westminster Village.    My voice is really hoarse today, so she did most of the talking.     We walked to the Sandwich Shop for lunch and met Carolyn (I was in Exchange Club with her husband Bill who recently passed away).   We 3 had such a nice visit (I talked too much) also saw friends Paula, Lucy and Joe.

Carolyn, Pat, Donna Rae (87 years young)!

Said good bye to these folks and off to get a manicure and enjoy Lisa (my nail tech).......this squeaky voice is making me crazy......

I ran a few errands and then picked up Liam and Connor and we came out to Kamp Komfort.    Still under alot of water, but now able to get in the door.  Mark had a productive day on Flo.

  Anne and Patrick are in Chicago this afternoon so we got to enjoy these guys and of course, took them to Busy Corner.    Good supper + pie and then back to Flo for a bit.

Connor (cherry) and Liam (French Silk)   Grandpa had triple berry

Connor's game and Liam's practice were canceled cause of all the rain, but Connor's team is practicing at the indoor batting cages from  7-7:30.    Took Liam home and arrived just after Anne and Patrick - visited a bit and on home!

Little ones riding again - this time in a bright yellow car!

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