Friday - May 3

Another dreary day, but no rain!    We saw just a "few" quick glimpses of sun!    I was very glad that I just happened to have my yearly eye check-up this monring and Dr. Pinter could see what's going on with my eyes!    We were off to town at 8:20 and while I was with Eye Surgical Associates, Mark ran some errands (yesterday, he got a haircut and more errands, so making productive time when we're back in Bloomington)!

The diagnosis is "severe chronic acute conjunctivitis" (not contagious like pink eye - but the allergy kind).   I'm on prednisone eye drops 4x a day + the eye drops I had earlier this week from prompt care 2x a day!    I'm to go back in 2 weeks and make sure they are all good!    Yikes....sure never had anything like this before!

We stopped at Starbucks and then CVS and finally, laundromat.    I did 5 loads and Mark picked up some groceries.    Finally back to Flo around 2:30.    Put laundry away, read and took a little nap.

Nice quiet evening on Flo.....enjoy your weekend and stay warm and dry!.     

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