Thursday - May 30

Woke up to rain and off we went to a wonderful breakfast at The Red Onion.    This place was in Racine when we boated many years ago.   It closed for awhile and reopened years ago in a new location (we didn't know this).   Omelets were good as ever!

Picked up our Kringle order and off to Lake Geneva.

Here come the Kringles
These guys are great carriers of our packages, chauffeurs, etc.    Both earned some good brownie points the past 2 days!!!  💗

  Had some rain along the way.    Been several years since Linda and I had been here - such a neat town.    Bob parked the car and we gals were on our way.    GREAT shopping (Racine is struggling with their downtown but Lake Geneva is definitely thriving)!!!     We did a bit of damage and met the guys (they had been hanging out at Starbucks).    We had a great lunch at "Oakfire" (pizza/sangria/bloody Mary's). 

The sun came out - was a beautiful rest of the afternoon.   Linda and I hit a few more shops and then to head home.    More heavy rain last night and today.....water water everywhere and so good to see the corn popping up, but major flooding once again.   Just unbelievable.

When we arrived back in Kamp Komfort - lots of water standing everywhere! 

Gosh, these Campbell boys are quite the fishermen....Liam broke a record today (against his brother) with this catch!

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