Sunday - Mary 5

Absolutely beautiful spring day - low 70's and lots of sunshine.     We went to the Carlock Family Restaurant for breakfast and then home and I finished up packing and at 10:15, we were off to Champaign for Connor's game.     Unfortunately, the outcome wasn't so good losing 14-4 (Connor was catcher).   Liam's tournament in Crystal Lake was cancelled this weekend cause of wet ball fields.
Connor the Catcher (today)
Connor the Pitcher (yesterday)

The boys rode back with us, we stopped at Subway and took them home. 

Springtime in central IL

Tomorrow I'm off (very early) to Atlanta and then Charleston till Friday with Claire and Kathy.    Can't wait to return to one of my favorite cities and share with Kathy (her 1st time).    Mark has things planned including a trip to Iowa City to visit Drew and help him pack up for his return to NC and also visit his college roommate.

Low we come!

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