Saturday - May 18

Today started out nice 'n sunny, windy and warm.....we exercised and left for town around 9:15.   Stopped at Starbucks and then while I got a mani pedi, Mark ran some errands.    And then we were off to Pekin for Liam's doubleheader.    As we were heading west, the skies were getting darker and radar was not pretty.    From graduation to baseball player....but that didn't happen today!

Parked, walked to where Anne was sitting, saw a little action from Game 7 (Liam's team), Liam came up to bat, flied out and then..................the heavens opened up.    Everyone grabbed their stuff and scrambled for shelter under the refreshment stand.   The rain was actually coming down sideways.....crazy.    Didn't take long for the officials to call the game and see what tomorrow brings. was supposed to be warm, sunny and windy (earlier they had mentioned rain and then took out of the forecast....well, that all proved wrong.)

Said our good byes to Liam and Anne as they headed home and we stopped at Busy Corner (did not know there is one in Pekin - no connection to "our" Busy Corner, but nonetheless, good food, but only 3 pie choices!!!)     Rain kept coming down.....glad to get back to Kamp Komfort.

In the meantime, Patrick was with Connor in Champaign.   It was beautiful there and he played 3 games.    Anne drove over and got to see most of the 2nd game and all of last game.    They won 8-4, tied 6-6 and lost 12-8.    Connor had some good hits and after 3 games, he is exhausted!!!      No rain in Champaign!

Mark and I met Jim and Shelly at Lucca Grill for delicious a la Baldini pizza.    Mark and Jim used to work together and it was so fun to catch up and see wedding pics of their son's recent wedding in Florida.     Hope we can get together when we're all visiting Dallas area in July

Jim, Shelly, Pat, Mark


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