Monday - May 20

Chilly, cloudy Monday....we were off to town shortly after 7.   I took Mark to McDonalds (our new meeting location on College Avenue), stopped for a Starbucks and then to dentist appointment and consultation on implant I'm getting next week.

Then back to McDonalds to meet the breakfast group.....not sure this new location will work, but better than where we were on Oakland.     Time will tell, but since we nomads are seldom week they are all coming to Busy Corner for breakfast and then to Kamp Komfort (Memorial Day).

Mark and I ran a few errands and stocked up on wine at Binney's.   On home to Flo....Mark went into town for 2:00 dentist appt.

We met the Monday Night Friends and hubbies (13 of us) at Busy Corner for dinner and pie (to go) and then Ruth, Gerry and Gary (Connie is in Texas) were the diehards who braved the cold, windy night and came back to Kamp Komfort and sat in front of a nice fire that Mark built.    We were cold, so finally, came inside Flo and continued our chatter while listening to Beach Boys songs (compliments of Alexa).    Very fun evening!

Ruth enjoying her pie

Gerry, Ruth, Gary

Nice fire on a chilly night

Meanwhile, it's been HOT in North Carolina...
Maeve on the move..

Sweet Luke missing a tooth

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